Greenhouse BTU Calculator

Temperature rise is the number of degrees a heater can increase ambient temperature in a space. For example, if the temperature in a space is 20 and and a sustained temperature of 70 degrees is required, a 50 degree temperature rise would be necessary. For maximum heating, use the lowest possible temperature it is likely to reach in your space to calculate necessary temperature rise.

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Select Greenhouse Covering on Greenhouse:

ACRYLIC, CPC (Corrugated Polycarbonate, DBL POLY (Double layer of polyethylene with air space), FIBERGLASS, GLASS (Single Pane), INSUL STEEL (Steel siding with insulation), NONE (Select where greenhouse adjoins heated space), POLYCARB (8 mm Twin-wall polycarbonate), SGL POLY (Single layer of polyethylene film), STEEL (Steel siding).