Rhizopon AA Tablets (20% IBA)

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Rhizopon plant growth regulator/rooting hormone containing 20% IBA in tablet form. For rooting cuttings, improving transplanting, plant growth and root mass. Tablets are water-soluble up to the rate of 10 tablets per liter (33.8 fl oz.) of water. Rhizopon is versatile in its modes of application. Immersion-absorption dips ranging from 3-5 minutes to 4-12 hours are used for bare root stock and cuttings. Quick dips lasting a few seconds may be used for cuttings. May be applied through drip and sprinkler irrigation systems.

Standard Features

  • EPA approved
  • Promote Rooting of Cuttings
  • Improved Plant Growth
  • Improved Transplanting
  • No REI
  • Versatile & Easy to Use
  • Improved Root Mass
  • Increase Uptake of Water & Nutrients
  • Increase Crop & Flower Yield
  • Reduce Drought, Winter Stress
  • Wide Dosage Range

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