WaterPulse Retail Capillary Irrigation Mat

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Product Highlights:
  • Reduces water usage up to 70%
  • Lowers watering labor costs
  • More efficient than hand watering
  • Meets irrigation needs of plants

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WaterPulse Retail Capillary Irrigation Mat takes advantage of the natural capillary action of soil to deliver both water and nutrients uniformly, resulting in healthier, more consistent and more attractive plants. The plant will only draw up as much water as it can use, protecting plants from root rot and other associated problems. This approach minimizes plant loss and improves overall plant quality. It also reduces the labor associated with inefficient hand or overhead watering. Retail water mats lead to healthier plants, more sales and ultimately higher profits for our customers.

Retail capillary mats for garden centers are designed for racks, tables and displays to maintain plants in containers ranging from large single plant containers to propagation trays. By enclosing all four sides of the capillary mats, the benefits of capillary action is possible in a retail setting. Retail capillary mats come in standard sizes and shapes to fit retailer display racks. They can be cut to custom sizes for special retail displays, or other unique growing environments.

The patented Vortex™ Injector System injects water directly into the retail water mats providing uniform watering for all plants. This system can be automated and hooked up to automatic timers allowing for an automatic watering system.

  • 70% water savings compared to hand watering
  • Over-watering and under-watering are eliminated
  • Lowers watering labor costs
  • Reduces markdowns because plants are healthier, look better and live longer because of event watering

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What size vortex irrigation "trunk" size do you need for the 2'x8' capillary mat?
The 2' x 8' WaterPulse Irrigation Mat can be used with the 2' wide Vortex Irrigation trunk.

Can these mats be cleaned and disinfected? How?
The manufacturer states that the WaterPulse Mats can easily be cleaned using dish soap and water. Cleaning the mats and removing any excess debris will help with extending the overall lifespan of the product. The cleaning timeline will depend on the amount of debris buildup on your mats.

Can I use these with seed starting trays?
Yes, the WaterPulse Retail Capillary Irrigation Mat should be able to be used in this application.

Can these mats be used with cacti and succulents with out over watering
The WaterPulse Retail Capillary Irrigation Mat should be able to be used with succulents that have been planted in soil.

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