Technical FAQ

Greenhouse Structures

Description of different types of greenhouse structures and their functions.

Do I need a building permit?

Hobby greenhouse construction.

Greenhouse Foundation

Description of different types of greenhouse foundations.

Greenhouse Coverings

What are the different types of greenhouse coverings?

What covering should I use on my greenhouse?

How do I install corrugated polycarbonate covering?

How do I install multi-wall polycarbonate covering?

How do I install polyethylene covering?

How do I install inflator fan?

Greenhouse Cooling Systems 

What type of cooling system do I need for my greenhouse?

How does an evaporative cooling system work?

How do I size my evaporative cooling system?

How do I size my fan and shutter system?

How do I size fans for dehumidification? (under construction)

Greenhouse Heating Systems

Modine Heater Troubleshooting Guide

How do I determine how many BTUH is required?

How do I determine if my current heating system is operating at peak efficiency? - University of Florida

Greenhouse Irrigation Systems

How do I size an irrigation system?

Greenhouse Grow Light Systems

Why should I use supplemental lighting with my greenhouse?

External Links - Information

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Heat Zone Map from American Horticultural Society

H2othouse Inc.  The Web's most comprehensive listing of greenhouse plans

Informative Forum for Hobby Greenhouse enthusiasts

External Links - Commercial Greenhouse Information

Growing Hydroponic Tomatoes - University of Arizona

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Greenhouse Engineering Manuals - NRAES

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