1020 White Shallow Tray

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These 1020 White Trays work with both inserts and plug flats. Their shallower depth also makes checking water levels in the tray an easier task. Trays are 10.81" W x 21.25" L x 1.29" H.
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These 1020 White Trays work with both inserts and plug flats. Their shallower depth also makes checking water levels in the tray an easier task.

Trays are 10.81" W x 21.25" L x 1.29" H.

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Reviews (32)
  • They do not leak
    Trays are precisely as described! I’m using with bottom heat. 1020 trays fit perfectly and bottom watering is easily facilitated by use of these trays! Overall, great product!
  • thick
    very thick and heavy duty
  • Useful but not strong
    These shallow trays are expensive for the quality, they crack in use. I need to slide them in and out on shelves, and a a few cracked but on top, so still useful. But really expected better heavier plastic for the price!
  • A bit flimsy
    I bought these which were called white shallow heavy duty, and they were not heavy duty like the black trays which I am very pleased with. So unless you are not planning to move them, you might go towards the black ones. It is impossible to move the white shallow trays with 3" pots without the whole thing collapsing. I have been happy with the quality of all else I have purchased here.
  • Trays
    Perfect for my needs! These trays are a great quality and very reasonably priced. I am using them for seadlings and as humidity trays.
  • Good
    perfect for all plug flats
  • Nice trays
    Nice trays ...would be better if they were a bit thicker. One was damaged in shipping but other than that they are decent trays
  • White Plastic trays
    disappointed! This is be a superior tray compared to the standard tray. It is a little better.
  • Love the shallow depth
    I bought 10 of these trays for holding small pots in my greenhouse. They work great. They are shallow enough that the plants cannot be overwatered and sturdy enough that the trays do not collapse when I remove them from shelves and move to work area.
  • White trays
    They are perfect for plug trays. You can water, and any excess gets sucked back up into the tray. It is light, but strong enough to carry in one hand.
  • plant trays
    These trays are wonderful for keeping plant pots off surfaces that could be damaged by moisture. I got them in white and am very pleased with the quality and low profile.
  • Strong tray
    Strong shallow tray. The second time I've bought some. I'm glad they are strong and glad they are shallow. The first batch was used last winter and they are still perfect for this winter.
  • Handy shallow white trays
    Standard size, fits nicely with other trays. Very useful. Holds up relatively well for a very inexpensive tray. Use with smaller, lighter pots. I use them on wire shelves.
  • Very good but
    one came with a corner broken off. otherwise very nice
  • white trays
    Good trays used to hold cow pots for currently planted plants indoors.
  • 1020 white plastic trays
    Deminsions,color and cost make them usable for my need. Which is as a drawercontaining mineral oil used to capture mites and beetles under the screened floor of a 6 frame beehive. The color white is necessary to make it possible to count mites.
  • Shallow white trays
    These trays are everything I needed and expected. The smaller size is ideal for the standard plug tray or for any seed starting method. This is the second batch of 36 I have ordered. They passed the test in our Arboretum greenhouse. The only possible change I'd suggest is that they be made a little sturdier.
  • Perfect for plug trays
    Just what I have been looking for, plug trays fit perfect. It's nice to buy 10 at a time instead of 50 or 100 count cases, thanks Greenhouse Megastore!
  • Good product, good looking.
    Sturdy, but not too heavy. Makes excellent drip pans for any 1020 size rack or seed tray. I use it indoors for my extensive African violet collection, makes the set up look neat and tidy, as well as keeping the water and soil contained.
  • Wintering plants
    The plant trays will be used for wintering my cacti and succulents in aspare bedroom over the winter. They are the correct size for the dresser that they will be set on. They have a sturdy bottom so plants will sit steady.
  • Jen
    These trays are more shallow, and more flexible than the nesting trays we are all used to. But, I double them up and can still carry them with water and pots in them if i am careful.
  • as described
    These trays are the only fit for my square cell trays AFAIK. I'd like them to be slightly stiffer for use as watering trays without doubling.
  • Durable and Efficient
    These are quality plant trays and a nice size as well. I am using them as humidity trays on a cart that I purchased. I have was able to move them with a sufficient layer of pebbles and water with no problem.
  • Nice low profile tray
    I used these for a non obtrusive look for my garden bay window. Small enough to be useful but big enough to catch water and prevent surface damage to the window.
  • seed starting products
    The web site is fabulous with an easy way around the information and great descriptions for the products listed. Products were packaged well and priced fairly. Great opportunity to enhance one's gardening and seed starting processes. A most appreciative customer. Jnetti
  • Raymond's Produce
    These shallow trays work great with the 1020, 72 hole square cells.
  • Owner
    These shallow trays work very good for my 72 seed pack.
  • Nice Trays, Thank You!
    Thank you Greenhousemegastore.com! Only one other place carries these shallow trays and they are in black AND they were a little more expensive. These trays in my opinion are as sturdy as the standard 1020 but are great for my 392-1020 plugs which need a shallow tray with no holes because I am growing carnivorous plants that need to be sitting in water. THANK YOU so much! (I am curious why they are white, but WHO CARES, they will do the job. One criticism I might add is I do wish they were 3/4 even more shallow - then they would be perfect! S'all good tho! Thanks, again! -KAH
  • good product!
    Good product, fair price these work well with the 200 cell plug tray. Will buy more!
  • Shallow Tray
    Great for seed starting cells.
  • Good idea.
    Gives a lower profile so I can get fluorescents closer with covers on. That way I don't miss when they come up and have leggy plants.Construction is similar to the normal 1020 tray lids fit fine. I like the much more reflective white color. Time will tell what that color will become. Grooves on botom not nearly as deep as a normal 1020 tray but adaquate and a bonus as I use soilblocks.Improvements could be safer plastic #5 PP, thicker trays or lower price. Of the last two I'd prefer sturdier trays.Made by T.O. plastics