Anti-Hail Netting

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This resilient and highly UV stabilized netting protects your crops or garden from hail damage, leading to higher yields and healthier plants. Also helps to protect crops from birds while still allowing plenty of sunlight through. The Anti-Hail Netting is the width chosen x the length you
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This resilient and highly UV stabilized netting protects your crops or garden from hail damage, leading to higher yields and healthier plants. Also helps to protect crops from birds while still allowing plenty of sunlight through.

The Anti-Hail Netting is the width chosen x the length you specify.

Additional Features

  • Wind Protection
  • Less Water Needed
  • Less Sunburn
  • Shading Reduces Blister
  • Provides 13-15% Shade
  • Thermal Effect
  • Reduction in Spray Drift

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Reviews (32)
  • Hail netting
    Great quality product, very happy with purchase!
  • Strong, lightweight, EFFECTIVE
    I had just gotten this hail netting up over most of my garden when a massive hail storm hit. The plants under the netting were perfectly intact. Everything outside was smashed to smithereens. Not a single hole in the netting. We had so much hail, I had to use a shovel to clean up. The netting is lightweight and I was able to build a simple support structure out of treated wood and wire to suspend it from. I wouldn't have a garden anymore if I hadn't put up this cloth!
  • Saves my Garden every year
    I also live in Colorado. I moved here from PA and had no idea how much hail we get! The hail cloth has saved my garden beds multiple times and holds up over many seasons. I am ordering more for some expanded beds.
  • The Golden Ticket
    Another Coloradan here. Have this over a 24'x16' plot of chile and squash, held up by 1x4 "rafters" every six feet. Has saved plants from hail many times by now. It also breaks the sun a bit on the hottest of days. Have used my piece since about 2016 and it's holding up great.
  • Life Saver
    This is AMAZING!! It has completely saved my garden from several Colorado hail storms. You won’t regret buying this!!
  • A staple for my garden
    I live in the panhandle of Texas where we get 80 to 100 mile an hour winds every spring and hail the size of dime to ping pong. In the summer 100° is not unusual for long periods of time. This netting worked fabulous. Would highly recommend this. I had the best garden last year I have ever had because of this netting. The weather in the panhandle of Texas is very harsh and this held up famously! And believe me, it has been put to the test!
  • Great product
    Like several other reviewers, I live in CO where we have hail from April to June. This netting has saved my newly planted plants. I have NuVue covers for deer protection so then I jut cover them all with the netting. Not sure how well it would work just lying on the plant, but you could use stakes also. My only complaint is that I purchased a huge amount of this netting and it came folded up. They should consider shipping huge amounts on a roller for ease of cutting and storing.
  • Anti-Hail Netting Outstanding Results
    I live in Colorado and we had tennis ball to base ball size hail recently. There were only a couple of spots where the hail punched through and also a few spots where the hail stretched the netting. All of my vegetables were saved, tomatoes, squash, etc. I have used this netting for many years and currently have it covering 2 pergolas and a clothes line. This product has survived 100 mph winds over a pergola. I would give this produce 10+ stars if I could.
  • My Garden was SAVED from 3-Inch Hail !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is the most WONDERFUL netting!!!!!!! I live in Colorado and summer thunderstorms are well-known along the front range of the Rockies. Too many times, I have come home from work, knowing that a hail storm hit my garden during the day, and I have cried tears of great sadness as I found my beautiful vegetable plants surrounded by piles of their own leaves :( !!!!!!!! So, I was excited to find this anti-hail netting and ordered it in February 2017. I set up my garden canopy and this netting has provided a nice light shade and protection for my garden for over a year, and has now been put to the ultimate test!!!!!!!!!! Two weeks ago (in the wee hours of the morning on June 13, 2018) an unexpected night thunderstorm produced 3-inch hail, the largest in 20 years!!!!!! My car suffered greatly and my poor greenhouse roof was destroyed, but this anti-hail netting SAVED my beloved vegetable garden!!!!!!!!!!!!! My plants were spared the brutality of the storm and suffered NO damage :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) !!!!!!!!! The wondrous netting showed only a couple of very tiny places of wear from the storm!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING PRODUCT!!!!!!!! The best money I have ever spent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I highly recommend this netting to all gardeners where hail is an issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Excellent protection and long lasting
    I have used my anti-hail netting for over 4 years. It remains over my raised beds throughout the Colorado hail season, which is just about all summer. I has lasted without a single hole or snag and appears to be in nearly new condition, other than being dirty, and this is despite our intense Colorado sun. It is draped over the PVC arches built over my raised beds and is clipped to the PVC arches and to the edges of the beds with many nylon spring clamps. WInd, rain, hail, and sun have not damaged the material. Note that the customer who had trouble with it tearing used grommets which can tear out. In another area of the garden, one where there are no raised beds or arches, I built tall supports out of PVC and thus keep a netting awning of sorts going from the fence edge to the supports on the other three sides creating a cover the whole tomato bed. Here, too, it is clipped to the PVC and fends off the hail without blocking too much of the sun. I think that he shade factor (13-15%) is a worthwhile trade off for 100% hail protection 24 x 7.
  • Don't waste your money on this!
    If you live anywhere that has bad hail storms (I'm in Colorado) do NOT waste your money on this. I had a storm yesterday and 30 feet ripped off one entire side of my garden leaving the grommets on the fence, pulled the vertical post to the side holding the door that no longer closes, and has crushed the tomatoes in the Wall o Waters under it. Called customer service and they will NOT warranty this product. Won't ever buy anything at this company again.
  • Anti-hail netting rating
    This stuff is awesome to work with. A couple things I learned along the way. 1) If you going to use it on a chainlink fence toprail hoop house, go to Johnny's Seeds and buy the plastic snap clams that comes in bags of 10 and each is 4 long. They are easy to install but they're very tight. It take a fair bit of strength to snap them in place. Once there, they are not going any where. 2) greenhouse mega store was far and away the most affordable price at $3.30 a linear foot. A local greenhouse wants $10 a linear foot and I suspect they're still making money off it. 3) greenhouse megastore told me to expect a month to get the product but I got mine in less than a week. It may depend on the time of year, but I can definitely say mid March is definitely a great time to order. It looks awesome .... almost like I knew what I was doing and like it wasn't my first hoop house :-) It turned out very professional looking.
  • Finally, protection for my garden!
    Love this!!!!!
  • hail netting
    I have had two hail storms since i put it over my hoop frames. It worked great no damage to plants. I ordered more for my other gardens. thank you.
  • Received sooner than expected. Product is great!
    I received the netting 3 weeks earlier than expected. It is a tough material and has worked perfectly at hail protection. This netting can be used multiple seasons due to the high quality material and strength of material as well.
  • Great Product
    Netting is tough and very easy to work with. We've had on small hailstorm and it held up fine. Have not had any large hail yet though. But, the product seems sturdy and doesn't rip or tear. Delivery of product was earlier than promised. Highly recommended.
  • Waiting for Hail
    I wanted to wait for hail to write but we haven't had any since I put up the hail cloth! Go figure! But we did have three late spring snow storms that ruined both the rebar and the PVC pipe of the hoop houses. However the hail cloth is still in fine shape. It was a most reasonable price and far exceeded my expectations. I wish I had bought more at the time because I don't need enough to warrant buying $60 worth. I would have put it everywhere including over our fruit trees.
  • Anti hail netting
    This is a great product. Very durable. Easy to cut to the sizes that I needed. It arrived in a timely fashion. I have used it on my garden and am relieved I don't have to worry about hail destroying my garden. It was easy to place and is very durable. I put stakes in the ground (higher ones in the middle so the hail would run off) and draped this cloth over them. I did nail the tops of the stakes to hold the cloth on some places, but not on others and they seem to be holding up just fine. I can water and fertilize through it. Occasionally I raise the sides to remove weeds and pick the produce. It is not a hassle at all especially considering the benefits!
  • Ownwe
    Using the netting to cover my fruit trees and garden. It's everything it was advertised to be, durable, offers some shade and easy to work with. L,
  • Looks burly
    Shipped in less than 2 weeks. Stuff looks burly. We'll see how it performs this year in the Front Range. We've had some monster hail storms last few years.
  • Excellent product for UV and hail protection
    I did not want to post any review until the gardening season is over. I am so impressed with this product and have recommended to all of my gardening friends. Not only did it save my garden from several replants from hail storms in Denver, but all of my plants did better than my neighbors and I think that the UV protection made a big difference. Even with several major cuttings, my tomatoes grew over 7 feet tall and had seemingly unlimited fruit.
  • Wonderful product
    This material works really well. Just a couple of days after putting it up we had a hail storm. This held the potentially damaging stones and let the water through. Plus, it also gives a little bit of needed shade to the very sunny area we have it on. Highly recommended!
  • Ready for hail
    Have the hail netting installed over my garden so if we get the horrible hail storm like the last two years I'm ready. Looks great.
  • This really works!
    I wanted to wait until a hail storm hit before writing a review. Well, we had 15 minutes of large pea sized hail coming down pretty good and it all bounced right off our hail netting saving our garden. I would definitely recommend this product.
  • Hail cloth exceeds expectations
    I have lost vegetables to Front Range hail damage for years. I decided to try the hail cloth and it is absolutely amazing. Yesterday we had a huge hail storm and I watched the hail bounce off and my tomato plants were unharmed. This is a great product.
  • I'm Glad I Have This
    I'm giving this a 4 rating because it hasn't been tested by a hailstorm yet. I ordered too late to protect my garden against early summer hailstorms this year, but I think it's going to provide good protection for the rest of this season and ready to go for next growing season. I was pleased with the faster than expected delivery of the anti-hail netting and with the amount of light it admits to my vegetable garden.
  • shade cloth 10%
    I needed the product to keep the surrounding trees leaf fall off my orchids and still let a lot of light through. It is working perfectly so far.
  • gardener
    This hail cloth is exactly what I was looking for, and I'm surprised that it is so hard to find.
  • hail netting
    Purchased to protect garden from hail. Works great and would definitely purchase again.
  • sagging net
    After one week of having the hail net up, raccoons decided to climb on it. The material is now all stretched out with holes in. I'm afraid I wasted my money.
  • Great stuff for Colorado hail
    I have wanted anti-hail netting for years and finally found it. I keep it over my raised beds at all times since Colorado hail storms are highly localized and unpredictable and can be quite destructive. My beds have sturdy pvc arches over them so I drape the netting over them and just clip the netting in four corners to prevent blowing. Perfect because it does not get saturated and sag, does not shade the plants, and is easy to remove for tending the vegetables.
  • A Great Solution
    After a hail storm that flattened EVERYTHING except the ONE flower bed we had covered with this hail cloth we said NEVER again ! We ordered 5,000 sq. Ft more to cover the rest. The earlier hail broke windows, dented cars, ruined roofs but this hail cloth didn't even show a mark. It is tough, tough, tough. You can cut it with regular scissors but I would suggest a commercial pair. Because of the lag in delivery for white we took the RED. It is stunning and looks like Christo art work. We love it!Oh, did I say how TOUGH it is? You can't rip it with your hands.