Basket Hangers

Durable plastic and wire Basket Hangers can be used with a variety of our Hanging Baskets. Basket Hanger dimensions are for the length of the hanger strands only and will not include the measurement of the hanger hooks. 3 Strand for our 8" or 10" hanging baskets or pots. 4 Strand for our 12"
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Durable plastic and wire Basket Hangers can be used with a variety of our Hanging Baskets. Basket Hanger dimensions are for the length of the hanger strands only and will not include the measurement of the hanger hooks.

3 Strand for our 8" or 10" hanging baskets or pots.

4 Strand for our 12" hanging baskets or pots.

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Reviews (114)
  • Basket hangers
    Luv them
  • Basket Hangers
    These plastic basket hangers are pretty sturdy, last a long time, and are not inclined to failure. They are quick and easy to attach to hanging baskets (sold separately).
  • best hangers
    I've been buying these hangers for over 5 years and they are great hold their color and stay strong the baskets are just as wonderful wouldn't shop anywhere else. Free shipping for over $99 is a gift.
  • great item
    nice replacement
  • They're plant hangers
    They hook onto pots and make them hangable. Not much else to say really. I wish I had gone with much shorter ones, but there is a hole in the top that I just ran the legs through to make them shorter. It looks silly but it's practical.
  • Hangers
    These hangers do not work with the pots shown.
  • Basket Hangers
    I love the 4 prongs wires. Long lasting use and reuse. I hold the whole pot in a stable manner. Live them. I bought so much already to use in my nursery store.
  • work as they should
    what can you say about hangers? they work. nice quality. no complaints here :)
  • Best thing I had found you guys.
    I am just hobby grower. My small greenhouse have no spaces left. Just was looked for an alternative solution for the time being. It was a good things I found these plants’ baskets hangers . With these hangers I was just at have to hanging any plastic pot that I can put those plans hangers. Problems solved ! Thanks you for your generosity and selling yours best products with reasonably price!
  • Speedy shopping
    Very good
  • Wire hanger
    They trust really bad around hanging curve. What happened to the 50 bundle?
  • Wire hangers
    Just what I needed, great price and excellent service. Well made product, have put most to use already. Recommended.
  • Basket Hangers
    The hangers were exactly what I wanted. They were exactly as described and they are working just fine. The package arrived in plenty of time and great condition . I have no complaints about anything.
  • Product was everything I was hoping for.
    Everything from product to delivery was top notch. I highly recommend Greenhouse Mega Store.
  • Good quality and value
    Appreciate the value and quality - would be nice to be able to get a variety pack with some 3 and some 4 wire versions as well as some shorter and some longer wired versions of these hangers - as well as different style 'hooks' at the top.
  • Hard to Find, Great to Have
    Looked for years to find these hanging plant basket hangers. They work very well, and I am thrilled to have them so that even when the original hanger on a plant basket breaks, I can replace it instead of having to repot my plant.
  • Some defective items
    There were 8 plus hangers that were malformed on the ends and could not be used. Would have been better to get what I paid for.Thanks
  • Loved the hangers, just what I needed!
    I needed several metal hangers, could not find them anywhere, but found them on your site. Love them, they were just what I needed...I replaced all my pot hangers with them. I will buy them again.
  • Product Quality
    Disappointed in product. The description & picture made me think I was getting the same product as I had but was sorely disappointed. What I have is green & a lot sturdier.
  • Works great
    We bought these as replacements for the basket strands that we had broken. They work just fine and are affordable too.
  • Very satisfied!!!
    I was very happy I ordered these hangers!!!
  • flower pot hangars
    really like the metal hangers because they can be adjusted to fit wherever you want to use them.
  • Basket hangers somewhat flimsy
    Plant hangers work for most part for hanging plants but three have broken just lifting them up to hang. One broke right where the hanger meets the long plastic spoke. The other two broke down closer to the pot.
  • just what I need
  • hard to find
    hard to find replacements and you have what i needed
  • Very good
    I needed these wire flower pot hangers to fit with my hooks to hang my flower pots. Today the greenhouses use plastic hangers which don't fit into my existing hooks. They work perfectly, thank you!
  • wire baskets
    I really like it. very economical and the heightis just how I wanted it.
  • Perfect hangers
    I needed the clip on the basket hangers. There were wire ones on the hanging baskets that broke. I couldn't find replacement ones in a store, and these were perfect. The only available color was brown, would have preferred black, but it works which was the most important!
  • Wire hangers
    Love the wire handers. The plastic ones that come with hanging pots break too easily and the wire ones last a long time. They can be moved from pot to pot as needed.
  • ms
    the wires are very thin and i am not convinced that they will hold up...i had to twist the wire to try to hold up the plant as without doing that they were detaching...i'm not used to the wires having a strength problem...i also bought wire because i felt they last longer....these wires may not have that tensile strength to adequately do the job...sorry to say....
  • Best Dual Wire Hangers
    Love this 4 wire hanger 20' long. It's perfect & serve as dual purpose for 3 holes as extra support for a clay pot on a wire basket. Its sturdy & it's what I expected esp the big hook. Loveee it. Used 45 of 50 & will reorder again. Highly recommend this 1. Much better than what I got from a known nursery. Thanks GM
  • Hangers
    These are perfect! Very sturdy
  • loved them
    Work great, perfect.
  • hangers
    very high quality material, fit perfectly.
  • Hanging Baskets
    The plastic needs to be stronger and thicker. I am still looking for the heavy duty green plastic hanging baskets that I found three years ago.
  • wire hangers
    I love these! I can never find small hanging pots so I purchased these wire hangers and I can make any pot that I have into a hanging pot by drilling holes in the sides. It saves me money and it is so easy!
  • Great price!
    Great price and prompt delivery for replacement hanging basket hangers.
  • Great fun
    I have enjoyed decorating the wire plant hangers for my deck. I have beaded a few and they look great!
  • Hangers
    They work fine, but are a little flimsy. Easy to get twisted.
  • Pot hangers
    I would have preferred the green which matched our pots. They were not available. That is my only complaint
  • just what I need for my hanging plants
    This are hard to find in my local nursery, I'm glad you carry them and affordable. Also I like the fact that I can purchase a smaller amount.
  • baskets n colors
    their baskets n hangers r the best by far for quality n price. i have a small nursery n being a disabled veteran, they r the best that i have found.then too i use some for making my macremae hanging pots
  • wire hangers
    perfect for my need.Excellent service
  • Hanging baskets
    The shipping was fast, the pots are great. Very very pleased, price was best I had found, and I had done a lot of research.
  • Very nice
    better than I thought they would be, especially for the price. We are starting a new business and money is tight, we have ordered again and again from GHMS and have not been disappointe once
  • Basket Hangers
    Good Product, Good Quality, Good Company.
  • Needed Plastic Hangers For My Baskets
    It is so nice to find a company that will sell to someone who does not have a greenhouse business. I needed plastic hangers for my various hanging baskets. I ordered the 3 strand and the 4 strand plastic hangers and they fit my baskets very well. I will tell you Dillen is one of the companies that makes a few of my hanging baskets and they did fit them, they where a little snug and you have to work with the clips a little to get them to snap on but they will go on you just have to work with them some to get them on and you have to work with them some to get them off. The clips are new so they are stiff but they did take the bending to get them on and off without breaking. The hangers are ITML brand. The basket hangers seem to be very well made and I am very pleased with them. I placed my order on Tuesday and received my order on Friday. I was so pleased to find that my order was shipped usp and delivered to me usp with a tracking number. I plan on ordering from this company again. Plus when I called on the phone to ask questions the staff was so friendly and kind.
  • like um
    really good hangars and great service from this company
  • Handy to have a few Spares
    Over time the plastic gets brittle and they break so having a few spares makes for an easy repair and saves a basket.
  • Wire Basket Hangers
    I have so many hanging baskets that are still in good shape but came with plastic hangers that have broken. I love the durability of the wire hangers.
  • Pots
    Great quality
  • Consumer
    These container hangers are of no use. The ends that are to fit under the lips of pots are too small to use with any of my pots, which vary in size. I would have returned the package, but discarded it before trying out the product.
  • Countryside Gardens
    I Love the baskets I ordered the size is perfect and very good Quality. I will order again.
  • Excellent Products
    I am very pleased with the quality of my purchase and the ease of ordering. Fast delivery and courteous customer service and plusses.
  • Hangars
    Best price I could find without having to order way more then needed. Would do biz with them again.
  • Elite Hanging Pots
    Very pleased with my purchase! I use them for my pothos plants. Very nice! Shipping was quick and pots were packaged securely. Will definitely order from here again!
  • wire hangers for baskets
    These are exactly what I was looking for.
  • Great hangers
    These last longer for me than other plant hangers. The tops are covered for comfort in handling. They are a great value too.
  • Great hangers
    All of my plastic pot hangers were breaking. These hangers are perfect for holding even my heaviest hanging pots.
  • Easy to use plant hangers
    Good price for economical wire hangers. Shipped promptly. Easy to apply since length is marked with wire bend. Just wrap around and twist wire. Quick to attach. Will purchase again.
  • perfect
    just what I needed to repair some hanging baskets I had. much more durable than the old plastic hangers.
  • Strong!
    Because of space problems in the g'house, we had to hang 5 LRG zuc plants in dbl plastic pots. These did the trick; no worry of falling zucchinis!
  • Excellent Quality Hangers
    I'm very happy with your 4-wire hangers. They are well made, sturdy, and sleek looking too.
  • Great Place to Shop!
    I've been buying my greenhouse supplies from Greenhouse Megastore ever since I put up a greenhouse. It's a great way to get the pots and trays I need at a reasonable price. And lots to choose from too.
  • Take practice but work well
    You have to be careful when attaching the wires, or the basket will not hang straight. Once my staff got the hang of that, these worked fine. Will buy again.
  • J & J Cactus and Succulents
    Just what I need. Good quality. Fast service. Thank you!
  • purchase
    Good products, good service and prompt delivery. My favorite source for garden products.
  • Pleasant purchase but....
    Service and shipping are very good. I would be happy to see a wider range of pot hangers. Orchids have babies (kikis) and hangers for small pots are essential. I'd also like to see much longer hangers than the ones I purchased! I would buy more if you had the products!
  • Great product
    Just what I wanted
  • Wire hangers
    The wire hangers were perfect for my orchid pots. I could not find any hangers at all at the local stores Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart etc. My orchids are hanging nicely and growing big. thank you
  • basket hangers
    what I had hoped for-sturdy, long enough, and will hitch to about any basket with folded edge
  • Fast Service
    Great and fast service. Just what I was looking for and couldn't find. Thanks!
  • Mr
    Very pleased
  • Basket Hangers
    I recently purchased hanging planters that came with rope hangers. Fortunately I also ordered these Basket Hangers and good thing because all the rope hangers slipped their knots. Wire is always the best choice. Strong, well made and I'm happy.
  • Good plastic hangers
    I recently ordered several Centabella pots and matching plastic (4 strand) hangers. The hangers are quite strong and are very easily attached to the pots. I'm not a fan of wire hangers, so it was nice to have the option of wire or plastic.
  • metal basket hangers
    These metal hangers are great! Plastic always breaks and these come with a slight wave where you should bend them so that all come out evenly spaced. Great for new or replacements, easy to use, and at a fantastic price. Quick ship too.
  • Not sturdy
    I purchased these 3 wire basket hangers to replace the plastic ones that didn't fit through the eye hooks that I had. The wire seems very thin gauge and flimsy. I am hoping that that if we get a windy day the hanging baskets I have do not break them.
  • pot hangers
    just what I needed at a great price.
  • Cathy
    All items received as ordered and on time. Thank you for your quick service.
  • Basket Hangers
    As advertised and exactly what we needed.
  • great
    Great value & product.
  • Exactly what was needed
    I am a homeowner with a large property and lots of hanging baskets, which I re-use year to year. These hangers allow me to re-use the pots, but with new hangers, I don't have to worry about breakage.
  • hangers
    Good product definitely do the job.
  • Happy return customer
    Awesome product and services. A pleasure to do business with again and again.
  • Strong Wire Hangers
    These wire hangers are nice...very strong and easy to insert in the pots...
  • Jill
    Very sturdy.
  • Hangers
    Worked great
  • Hanging babkets
    Great quality and just what I needed for my plants for Mothers Day.
  • Nursery owner
    Exelente product, very durable!Better quality than most other products.
  • Very Pleased
    Good quality and fast service! Will order more as needed.
  • wire basket hangers
    received as described and just what i was looking for. shipped quickly too even though the shipping was kind of high.
  • Great Hangers
    Great hangers, great price. I have been searching for these for a while. They are sturdy, yet easy to cut to the length that I wanted.
  • hobbiest
    The 3 strand white basket hangers were perfect for what I wanted. they fit the 10 inch pots great and secure. my flowers have already concealed the hook and strands beautifully.the price was more than reasonable in fact I plan to up my order for next year. tip, be sure to read the fitments on the sight you will find them helpful.
  • Perfect
    Just exactly what I was looking for - a large capacity at a great cost.
  • planters
    I like the planters, i thought i was getting the white instead of green, my fault for not reading more I guess. But they workWish they were listed all white then green or vise versa
  • Basket hangers
    So nice not only to finally find replacement hangers, but have a choice in length!! Some big box stores didn't even know what I was talking about when I asked if they had hangers for flower baskets. Here I had a great selection. And it's a quality product, too-looks like it will last more than one season. Quick shipping, great selection-thanks, Greenhouse Megastore!!
  • Basket Hangers
    I tried to find replacement basket hangers in the big box stores, but some didn't even know what I was talking about. So wonderful to see them in this online store, with choices of color. they came quickly, packaged very nicely. Would recommend this product and Greenhouse Megastore to anyone. I just have a balcony, so really don't have a lot of ground to work with, but I would have no hesitancy to order from this site again. Thanks!!
  • Wire Basket Hangers
    I searched & searched the web for basket hangers. Greenhouse Megastore had exactly what I wanted & LESS than the price I expected to pay! Their fast shipping allowed me to get started on my craft project in plenty of time for my craft show! Cant wait to shop for more products with Greenhouse Megastore for the upcoming garden season!
  • 4 wire basket hangers
    The wire s I received from The Greenhiuse Megastore are strong and sturdy and easy to use.
  • As advertised
    Nice baskets and hangers, a pity you can't get them in white. ### After much popular demand, we now have white basket hangers.
  • hang in there baby
    used for 2 and 3 gallon hanging strawberry baskets. Needed heavy support for these baskets and these worked well. For sale at a retail nursery. Just make sure to wrap ends well and you won't have any problems. The quality is good. The wires could have been longer, to bring baskets down. Think 14 inches would have been better - but these are fine.
  • Green hanging pots
    This are great little basket to start you strawberries in
  • Great Plant Hangers
    Excellent durable plant hangers to go with the Elite Hanging Pots. Highly recommend.
  • Horticulturist
    commercial grade at a reasonal price
  • markag
    Very good product for the money! Can see buying many more in the future.
  • Thanks!
    Very happy with my overall purchase with Greenhouse! Good quality product at the right price.
  • first order
    the hangers were packed nicely & it was great that they were separate from the pots
  • Thank you for just having this product
    Both my mom and my wife wanted wire hangers. The only thing I could find in our area was the plastic hanger. You not only had the product, but it is amazing in its quality and ease of use.
  • Elegant, Perfect Fit
    I never thought I would call a hanger elegant, but here it is! I am using these with the Centabella Pots and I could not be more pleased with them. They are sturdy, attach easily and very well and complete the elegant look of the hanging pot. To complete the package, the ease of ordering and fast shipping made this a great experience. Well done!
  • Good quality, hard to find
    These hangers are actually a lot better quality than what I expected. Very sturdy product, and easy to use. However, like mentioned before, they are a little tough to find! Also, sold in lots of 25, where baskets are sold in lots of 10?
  • Fine product; lousy advertising
    This product is just fine, total length being over 21 including the hanger. What gets me is that this essential to most growers is buried at the bottom of nowhere. You have to go to the baskets page. Then at the bottom of that page hangers are offered. Any pictures of hangers are only the plastic ones, and only in the drop-down menu is there any mention of wire hangers. I think advertising for this essential is very poor.