Window Bug Catcher Trap - Pack of 5

Window Bug Catcher Trap - Pack of 5


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Use the Window Bug Catcher Trap to ensnare flying bugs inside any building! Apply trap at the bottom of any window in residential and commercial settings. Insect pests are naturally attracted to the light and heat, typically approaching the window top and zig-zagging their way to the bottom - where the invisible Window Bug Catcher patiently waits to catch them. They protect plants, humans and pets from being damaged or annoyed by unwanted flying pests.

Our glue board bug traps work best against insects that fly against the window such as flies, gnats, yellow jackets, beetles and moths. They hold up well in humid environments, making them a secure addition to greenhouses. Installation and disposal is safe, clean and easy. No residue is left behind on the glass.

Catch bugs in their tracks to protect your family and your valued plants and seedlings. Small bug catchers can be added to any window and have a Low Price Guarantee from Greenhouse Megastore.

Flying Bug Window Catcher Features:

  • Transparent adhesive trap
  • Add to window bottoms on the inside
  • Non-toxic alternative to snap traps and other bug catching tools
  • Size: 9.25" x 3" (24cm x 7cm)

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Legacy Review
Trappping indisciminitely

A trap of that sort is just an insect killer, putting everything to death what comes along - including bees, moths, whatever. Its much better to just open the window and let things escape alive - then you also don't have a collection of dead bugs stuck on your window! What a bad idea. Other than that, I have been extremely happy with all products and the excellent and fast service at Greenhouse Megastore.