GROW!T® 2.5 cu. ft. Organic Coco Coir Planting Mix

GROW!T® 2.5 cu. ft. Organic Coco Coir Planting Mix


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Introducing the GROW!T® Organic Coco Planting Mix – a natural marvel that fosters robust root growth for indoor and outdoor plants. Perfect for hydroponic systems and traditional gardening. Crafted sustainably with eco-friendly coco coir from coconut husks. Experience flourishing greenery and optimal results with ease of use. Embrace organic gardening and nurture your passion for greenery sustainably, one plant at a time.

Ideal for hydroponic systems, the Organic Coco Planting Mix is a great way to encourage root growth for indoor and outdoor flowers, vegetables, herbs, and is easy to carry and store.

Just add water to the compressed block of mix to create an equivalent to 2.5 cubic feet of soil.

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Dan (Boise, US)
GROW!T® 2.5 cu. ft. Organic Coco Coir Planting Mix

Love using this coir for planting medium, so much better than standard soil, doesnt dry out and shed water. holds moisture well, the only thing I use for starting seeds and also works great for worm bedding.

Russ (Brooklyn, US)
BEST BUY - Mulches, aerates, lightens, beautifies

After a TON of research this comes out to $5 a cu ft expanded and ready to apply. GreenHouse MegaStore has if for less $ than any other (Can't remember if there is a free shipping min, but these blocks last forever, so just order more)
I've used them all, hay, leaves, grass clippings, peat moss, bio degradable plastic, biodegradable paper... and this works, looks, feels underfoot, the best AND completely sterile out of box, no mold or seed worries.
I toss a block into a big wheel barrow, bang it, rip it, usually pour on too much water, and have to turn it until it dries - I suggest more self control and apply some water, turn, some more water, turn.
I've got heavy heavy soil, lots of clay, and if I don't keep adding organic matter like this, it cracks as soon as it even thinks about drying up. No cracking with this just as mulch. Doubles time between watering too.
I'm hooked, this is it for me from now on

William Asbury (Normal, US)
Great product & great price

I bought this exact same brick from a local grow store for twice the price last year. Greenhouse megastore is now my go to spot 🌱💚

Mycology Simplified (Fort Worth, US)
Has never let me down!

I have gone through 100’s of these blocks and have probably only had one issue with foreign objects (rocks and a small bird bone) but it’s to be expected. I use cement mixers to amend it and get it to my preferred field capacity. Thanks for another great shipment!

Edward Holland (Andover, US)
surprisingly large amount

Doesn't look like it will be much when it comes. Once you start adding water it really expands. About three wheelbarrow loads..

R.W. (Omak, US)
Love that I can get this coco coir delivered!

This stuff is great, I know others agree, because GHMS can't seem to keep up with the demand. Everytime I order they are waiting on inventory. They ship it out fast once it gets to them. Going to order for a third time time year.

Nick (Morris Plains, US)
Amazing product that I trust

The coco coir worked perfect for mixing my raised beds together. Focuses on a 40% Compost, 30% Coco Coir, 25% Perlite, 5% Vermiculite mix.

Legacy Review

Great peoduct for keeping moisture when amending soil.

Legacy Review
Chunky coir

What i needed to add some larger air spaces and moisture retention to my potting mix

Legacy Review
This stuff is awesome

I love this a days its easy to break apart with your hands...i know you can just soak in water but sometimes you need I need to break it apart.. ITS good though. way better then peat