Be Cool Solutions™ 40% Black Shade Cloth, Bulk

Be Cool Solutions™ 40% Black Shade Cloth, Bulk


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Length - Unit of Measure

Grommeted Panel

The edges of these panels are sewn with heavy-duty reinforcing tape. Brass grommets are installed on approx. 2' centers around the perimeter. Often includes a seam where two pieces of shade have been sewn together. Durable, easy to install with ropes, bungees or wire. Most durable solution for smaller areas where shade will be suspended between four points. Grommeted panels are sold in pre-cut sizes or can be ordered in any custom size.

Precut Panel

A raw piece of shade fabric where edges of panel are not reinforced with any tape or grommets. Would not typically have a seam but may have a raw (cut) edge. Can be installed with wiggle wire, shade cloth clips or wooden lath. Precut Panels are sold in pre-cut sizes or can be ordered in any custom size.

Bulk (currently viewing)

Sold in factory widths by the linear foot. Would only rarely have a seam and sides typically include a factory finished (uncut) edge. Most cost effective solution for large quantities of shade fabric.

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Visit our Custom Shade cloth page to order a custom sized piece.

40% density blocks out 40% of light. Constructed of high density polyethylene, the tough lock-stitch design of this knitted material resists rips, tears and fraying while reducing wind speed and heat build up in structure.

  • Bulk shade cloth has an unfinished edge that does not include reinforcing tape or grommets.
  • Unlike woven shade cloth, the tough, lockstitch construction of our knitted material will prevent unfinished edges from unraveling.
  • Bulk shade cloth can be easily cut with a sharp pair of scissors to any desired size.
  • Bulk pieces can be attached using snap grommets, zip ties or other fastening methods.

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Quantity Discounts

Call a Sales Representative at 1-888-281-9337 to place quantity orders. Purchase orders are accepted from schools and institutions.

  • Orders over 15,000 SF - Less 10% from published prices
  • Orders over 85,000 SF - Less 15% from published prices


8 year prorated warranty against UV degradation

Factory Seams

Depending on the size ordered, your shade fabric may contain a factory seam.

Recommended Shade Cloth Density

Density Plants
30% Asters, Chrysanthemums, Geraniums, and Snapdragons
40% Bedding Plants*, Gloxinias, Herbs*, Iris, Lilies, Vegetables*
50% Bromeliads, Ficus, Orchids (Dendrobiums, Epidendrums, Vandas)
60% Orchids (Oncidiums, Phalaenopsis)
70% Ferns, Orchids (Cypripediums), Philodendron
80% Ginseng
90% Aglaonema
* Various

Hanging Instructions

When hanging shade cloth pieces larger than 100 sq. ft., you may need extra center support to prevent the cloth from sagging in the middle. One easy way to do this is by running lightweight cable from corner to opposite corner, forming an X pattern that the cloth can rest on. For pieces larger than 400 sq. ft., you may need cables running end to end every 4' or so.

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Customer Reviews

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James Hardin
Strong Reliable Cloth

This cloth is much better than the cloth that I bought from Home Depot. This cloth is thicker and stronger than HD's cloth. My only regret is not buying a larger quanity.

Legacy Review
great sturdy shade cloth

I planted late due to moving, and it's scorching hot now, so this shade cloth is up over my sweet potato/root crop bed. It works wonderfully and does well in the wind. Very sturdy and will last a long time.

Legacy Review

One of the shade cloths arrived melted together and torn. Still awaiting a replacement.

Legacy Review
Greenhouse Shad Cloth

Received the Shad Cloth and within an hour of delivery had it on my Greenhouse and cut the temperature by 10 degrees inside. Also notice that I don't have to water plants in the greenhouse as often.

Legacy Review
good summer cover

This shade cloth is lightweight and easy to drape over hoops. It worked well to keep cool- loving crops like lettuce happy during this summer's record- breaking heat wave. It seems like a strong material that will last many years.

Legacy Review
I'm impressed.

The order came much faster than anticipated. The measurements were spot on. And the price was very reasonable. I'll be ordering from them again no doubt.

Legacy Review
Nice shade cloth

I really like this shade cloth. It's well made and is easy to work with.

Legacy Review
shade cloth

i love the shade cloth , it was shipped quickly , easy to work with , and altho i have only had it up a couple of weeks it has withstood some very strong winds (40+ mph) with out a problem

Frederic Ng
Garden Plant Shade

Material is just what I ordered and will work nicely keeping plants from burning up from sunlight.

Legacy Review
A large purchase for a first time buying

We were very impressed with this shade cloth but only rate it a 4 because the wind blew a hole in it on the SECOND DAY. Partly our fault because we used it to cover a 10'X10'X10' enclosure for a peach tree. The frame was metal pipe and it had a rough end, which caused the tear. Works GREAT for shade and birds!