Be Cool Solutions™ 40% White Pearl Shade Cloth, Bulk

Be Cool Solutions™ 40% White Pearl Shade Cloth, Bulk


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Length - Unit of Measure

Grommeted Panel

The edges of these panels are sewn with heavy-duty reinforcing tape. Brass grommets are installed on approximately two-foot centers around the perimeter. They often include a seam where two pieces of shade have been sewn together. The panels are durable and easy to install with ropes, bungees or wire. It's the most durable solution for smaller areas where the shade cloth will be suspended between four points. Grommeted panels are sold in pre-cut sizes or can be ordered in any custom size.

Precut Panel

A raw piece of shade fabric where the edges of the panel are not reinforced with any tape or grommets. It would not typically have a seam but may have a raw (cut) edge. They can be installed with wiggle wire, shade cloth clips or wooden lath. Precut panels are sold in precut sizes or can be ordered in any custom size.

Bulk (currently viewing)

Sold in factory widths by the linear foot. It would only rarely have a seam and the sides typically include a factory-finished (uncut) edge. The most cost-effective solution for large quantities of shade fabric.

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When you want to let plants have some sun but not too much, 40% shade cloth accomplishes this delicate task. As the name says, the knit material blocks 40% of sunlight from getting through. Use 40% shade cloth for plants such as vegetables, herbs, bedding plants and lilies. The white color reflects heat away to help with temperature control and maintains the natural spectral quality of the light that gets through.

Our 40% white shade cloth for greenhouse and garden coverings will give you more control over the growing environment. See below for hanging instructions and other information before ordering. This bulk white shade cloth for plants is sold by the linear foot in widths ranging from 6 to 32 feet. Cut it to the exact size and shape you want, then add grommets, edging and any other installation hardware you need. Greenhouse Megastore has volume discount pricing that makes it affordable to shield plants from summer swelter.

40% White Shade Cloth for Plants Features:

  • Bulk shade cloth has an unfinished edge that does not include reinforcing tape or grommets.
  • Unlike woven shade cloth, the tough lockstitch construction of our knitted material will prevent unfinished edges from unraveling.
  • Bulk shade cloth can be easily cut with a sharp pair of scissors to any desired size.
  • Bulk pieces can be attached using snap grommets, zip ties or other fastening methods.

Additional Information

Quantity Discounts

Call a sales representative at 1-888-281-9337 to place quantity orders. Purchase orders are accepted from schools and institutions.

  • Orders over 15,000 square feet: Less 10% from published prices
  • Orders over 85,000 square feet: Less 15% from published prices


Five-year prorated warranty against UV degradation.

Factory Seams

Depending on the size ordered, your shade fabric may contain a factory seam.

Recommended Shade Cloth Density

Density Plants
30% Asters, Chrysanthemums, Geraniums, Snapdragons
40% Bedding Plants*, Gloxinias, Herbs*, Irises, Lilies, Vegetables*
50% Bromeliads, Ficus, Orchids (Dendrobiums, Epidendrums, Vandas)
60% Orchids (Oncidiums, Phalaenopsis)
70% Ferns, Orchids (Cypripediums), Philodendrons
80% Ginseng
90% Aglaonema

Hanging Instructions

When hanging shade cloth pieces larger than 100 square feet, you may need extra center support to prevent the cloth from sagging in the middle. One easy way to do this is by running lightweight cables from each corner to the opposite corner, forming an X pattern that the cloth can rest on. For pieces larger than 400 square feet, you may need cables running end to end every four feet or so.

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Legacy Review
excellent for growing greens

I bought this to cover raised beds that get too much midday sun and go to seed too quickly. I attach it to PVC pipe bent over the bin in the form of an arch and it works great to limit sun exposure and keep out birds who like to nibble the greens

Legacy Review

Product gets a 5 star rating but shipping gets one so we ended up with three stars. It's a great product, tough, durable and very useful. I bought some before to shade my newly planted seedlings from excessive heat where it works very well and we no longer loose any from overheating with such unstable weather. Also use it on our hoop house. Bought more this year. Delivery was more of a problem. First I got no notification on when the stuff was arriving. It came by freight carrier and the guy could not get his semi truck up our farm driveway so we had to unload on the road. Then the box they used fell apart and we ended up stuffing all the cloth into the back up our pickup to get it back to the farm. Driver was very nice and helpful but it was still a pain for all of us.Letting us know when the delivery was due would have been good cant expect the driver to wander around the farming looking for someone. Such a light parcel did not really need to come freight anyway perhaps they wanted to save money on the terrible box!

Legacy Review
Wonderful product!

I've been after my husband for 10 years to get some cover over our 2nd fl deck. It is a complicated space and he finally figured it out and got it up. The cloth makes an enormous difference to both the house and my shade loving plants. We love it!

Legacy Review
Excellent Products

The shade cloth is perfect. It comes in unfinished lengths so that I can finish edges myself.

Legacy Review
40% white shade cloth

The material was cut to size easily with scissors and fastened to 1/2 inch electric metal tubing with plastic fasteners to make a roof on a hoop house. It's working great so far, only a month or so, but looks like it should last quite awhile.

Legacy Review
Bulk 40% shade cloth

We use the 40% shade cloth in our greenhouse and it cools the greenhouse plus protects the plants from burning. The bulk cloth material is good quality and the pricing is competitive.

Legacy Review

ordered for my 8 x 30 greenhouse. Made a lot of difference and I wish I had used it earlier. I attached it to the overhead trusses. Good stuff.

Legacy Review
good stuff

This has met my needs very well. I was able to cut it to the needed size with no unraveling. It stays clipped to the sides of the raised beds, withstanding winds well. Being able to water thru the cloth saves me time. My veggies are so happy to have the sun protection in our hot climate. This is superior to the remay I had bought, which shredded within a month. I hope it lasts a long time, as it was quite an expense for me. I'd have liked to be able to track the shipment, but it did arrive OK.

Legacy Review
Shade cloth in New Mexico

Works well for blocking the harsh sun in southern New Mexico. Vegetables grow much better with this shade cloth. Seems durable so far - does not rip in high winds.

Legacy Review
Great shade cloth

The bulk screen cloth is a fantastic. Much larger sections than available locally at a great price. The plastic gromits to attach a rope around the edges also work great.