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Wetsel Seeds Trusted by Gardeners

No matter what you want to plant, Wetsel Seed™ has the right seeds that produce high germination rates and blue-ribbon crops. Daniel Wetsel and his son Arnold founded the Wetsel Seed Company of Harrisonburg, Virginia in 1911, growing from the region's first seed and plant business into a global leader. Now part of BGF Supply, it remains the most honored and respected name in garden seeds.

Grow More with Wetsel Seed

If there's a seed offered by Wetsel, whether seasonally or year-round, Greenhouse Megastore has it in stock. Their heirloom seeds have been passed down through generations of plants because they have important growing qualities - whether that be exceptional hardiness or a stunningly good flavor. Wetsel also cultivates a large assortment of organic plant seeds for gardeners who believe all-natural is the only way to grow.

These are just a fraction of the hundreds of Wetsel seeds you can purchase. From perennial and annual flowers for decorating landscapes to the booming selection of fruit and vegetable seeds, Wetsel has the beginnings of a great garden. They know each gardener is different, which is why they have so many seed varieties, including crop seeds aimed at patio planting and hydroponics. You can even grow nutrient-packed microgreens with a packet of premium microgreen seeds.

Unbeatable Plant Seed Value

As Wetsel Seed likes to say, "We know seeds," and you'll experience that motto every time you sow them. Greenhouse Megastore is an official Wetsel partner with the lowest guaranteed price and a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction.