Commercial Propagating Mat

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Place your flats directly on this heavy-duty, commercial quality rubber mat and get even bottom heat for starting seeds and cuttings. All mats are 115v. *Note: Requires separate controller. Additional Information Specifications Size Watts Capacity Weight 22" x 22" 100 2 flats 5 lbs. 22" x 60" 200 5
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Place your flats directly on this heavy-duty, commercial quality rubber mat and get even bottom heat for starting seeds and cuttings. All mats are 115v. *Note: Requires separate controller.

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22" x 22"1002 flats5 lbs.
22" x 60"2005 flats13 lbs.

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Reviews (37)
  • very nice sturdy mats
    These are terrific. I have been using without a thermostat and they dont overheat. works great. i will use with a thermostat soon. but just to know they work either way. are very good quality
  • Just buy it
    Have had these mats for 5 years with a temperature regulator running two mats. They show no signs of wear, other than water marks. If only other products held to the same standard as these mats. With this quality, you only have to buy them once.
  • garden slave
    I started with one pad, then a second one and now a third. Coupled with grow lights, it's remarkable how fast germination occurs and how healthy the starts are. I'm a very happy camper.
  • Professional grade!
    Exactly what I wanted. Arrived quickly. You are my new favorite online store.
  • great
    these are the best mat's available and I wouldn't use anything but these.
  • Excellent outside heater
    It is functional and reliable providing gentle heat that accumulates over time ... It is a relief to find this product after having been disappointed by heating cables that stop working very quickly ... I already own two of them using to heat a compost pile. Make sure you choose a reliable thermostat with it.
  • Propgation Heating Mat
    I love this heating mat. I have used them for years at my job, and decided to go with this for my own project. The only weak point is where the wire enters the mat, after years of use, it will break and there is no fix for it. Just a warning to be careful with that particular spot.
  • Great Product
    This is a great heat mat. We currently have two installed on one controller and are planning to purchase another.
  • Heating mat
    Good product for maintaining bottom heat for seed starting. This is the second unit I purchased. The first one is still performing after years of service.
  • Well worth the investment
    I have had these mats for more then 25 years and they are still like new and working fine. Looking forward to another great season of thousands of seedlings.
  • Great mats
    These are the best mats that I have ever used. I got the ones that fit four 1020 trays. I have squash and cucumber plants that are now 6 tall. With the mats I can pace plant production with need to transplant.
  • Commercial Propagation Mat
    Mat is working great. I paired it with the Redi-Heat Thermostat and have had great success with starting seeds. The mat is high quality and seems to heat evenly.
  • Great results
    The propagating mat has given me excellent seed starting results, often in just a couple of days. It fits numerous seed flats and has been very reliable at turning off and on as needed based on the temperature probe. I'm very happy with this product (which needs the temperature control unit also).
  • Great quality
    Good old fashioned made to last durable quality worth every penny
  • So Happy!
    Bought this (with the temp controller) to start my plants and it is the BEST! Able to get 4 trays on this mat. Started seeds two days ago and already have sprouts that are taking off! Buying another mat!
  • Seedling Mat for Growing Orchids
    I have an intermediate temperature greenhouse for which the heater is set to 58 F minimum. This is fine for most of my plants but I have a few that like it warmer in winter. I put those plants on the mat set to 65 F and they are happy as can be. I put the thermocouple probe in one of the pots. It seems to work fine.
  • commercial prop mat
    Quality product. I have used one before.
  • Mr
    Fantastic so far. Had for two months. Very durable. I ordered another one - bigger.
  • Grow it
    I knew if I kept looking I would find a heavy duty choice for a prop. mat. Trust me, this is dominating the alternatives. Bullet proof.
  • Propagating Mat
    Bought to raise flower and vegetable seeds for my garden. Seems to work great. This is my first year with it.
  • Not Happy
    Never used a heat mat before. Read all about others' experiences including adding spacers of some kind between the mat and the seedlings. We purchased the recommended thermostat control and even with it set at the recommended temp. for tomatoes, this mat was way too hot and cooked two trays of over 250 seedlings each. Our second attempt with lower temps and higher spacers resulted in an outer ring of germinated seedlings and still a core area that was too hot and the seedlings failed to germinate. We returned our mat and the thermostat and hope to receive a reimbursement soon. I'm sticking with the top of the freezer for reliable - even germination.
  • rugged
    Well built product. We added two to our greenhouse for getting starts going at our higher altitude. We are driving both with one thermostat.Very rugged, this is our first season with them. We already have seedlings popping up.Documentation is very good, we're using them with plastic cover on the starts till seedlings appeared, per instructions.
  • Outstanding Mat
    Our last snow storm, all the seeds came up. Very impressed with this mat. The company is spot on. shipped on time, all was in great shape.
  • Commercial Propagating Mat
    Works great. My greenhouse is full of new starts ready to plant.
  • We are vey pleased with the matts
    We have three matts lined up on a prop table with overhead misting. The greenhouse is unheated and so during the winter, keeping the temp up to 72 is a challenge. The matts have met our expectations and have performed well for 3 months now.
  • This product is great
    We're using this product in an unheated misthouse in zone 8b. Even in winter, it is able to keep the soil at 72 degrees. It is a huge improvement over the inexpensive mats that only provide a 10-20 degree rise over ambient temperatue.
  • propagating mat
    we have been using these mats for years and they give excellent service they are a little pricey but last for decades
  • purchaser
    love the mat, hate the out gasing, very potent, stinks up the entire greenhouse. I hope it clears up quickly
  • commercial propagating mat
    This mat is perfect. It holds alot of trays, so don't need a bunch of different mats, and my seeds are taking off!
  • The BEST propagation mat...PERIOD!
    As a professional horticulturalist, I've tried just about every heating mat out there, and these are simply the BEST...end of story! Even, uniform heat with no chilly spots, bulletproof construction, and made to last virtually forever with a little care. Like any good heating mat, do NOT roll them up while in storage! Keep them laying flat and out of sunlight. I wipe mine down with rubber-dressing from Griott's Garage once a year to keep the rubber from cracking. Like anything in life, you get what you pay for. So if you're going to invest in heating mats, spend a little more and get these. They're worth EVERY PENNY!
  • Top Quality
    These heat mats are the only ones to buy. Expensive but worth the money.I would never buy a different kind of heat mat.
  • Long lasting
    I am purchasing this for replacing the same item I bought 20 years ago!. The rubber is cracked now but probably because I have stored them rolled up when not in use, but they still work, as does the thermostat. $159 is a lot, but think of it as $6 a year... It's that sturdy! I love this item!
  • Pro=Grow heat mats
    I purchased 2 of these mats from Greenhouse Mega Store. High quality, fully waterproof, durable. I'll never use cheap mats or soil heat cables again. Well worth the money and made in the USA by Pro=Grow
  • Good Functionality but High Price
    This is a sturdy, well constructed mat that should last for years. When coupled with the thermostatic control unit it perfectly meets my needs. However, I would rate the function to cost ratio (value) as low because of the high price.
  • Commercial Propagation Mat
    I has head propagator for a small nursery and we had 8 of these mats. When I wanted to propagate plants as a hobby, I knew this mat was worth every penny, works well and very sturdy. I highly recommend it.
  • great product
    sturdy, well-designed product. somewhat pricey with control unit, but you get what you pay for
  • Excellent mat!
    These mats provide perfectly even heat. Seeds germinate almost instantly. Don't use a bargain priced mat ever again. We're ordering 2 more already! The controller is first rate as well!