Cone-tainers Tray

Item No. CN-SS-SCTR98
The Cone-tainers Tray is 24" L x 12"W x 6.75" H and can hold up to 98 of the SC7 and SC10 cells.
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The Cone-tainers Tray is 24" L x 12"W x 6.75" H and can hold up to 98 of the SC7 and SC10 cells.

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Reviews (9)
  • Best way to start trees ever
    Scr10 cone tainers
  • Not a 'truly' complete system
    I simply cannot fathom why any company went to this length and NOT include some form of propagation dome / covering with enough height to cover tree cuttings! This is such a sad oversight, and although I can make one myself, I am also a business man and would strangle someone offering this product from my business without having thought this through.
  • Cone tray..
    Good product and made good no issues
  • great product
    exactly what needed for seedlings that have a deep taproot.
  • excellent for seedlings
    I started several seeds with the smaller containers. The roots were nice and long. I would suggest getting two trays if you want to grow a variety of plants - I wish I had done that so I could have put some of the more hardy plantings outside for part of the day.
  • If you want to start carrots inside this is AWESOME
    Before this if you wanted to get a decent transplant it took toilet paper to paper towel tubes held messing in boxes with dirt filled all around. This with the tune pots are perfect and reusable. Perfect 1.5" and 98 in a tray. Perfect. Put a shallow tray to catch water underneath and its the best reusable setup period.
  • I got this for Sweet Peas
    I have not used it yet, but the quality is super strong and I can tell that whatever I use it for will have a sturdy base. This isn't flimsy at all.
  • Exactly as advertised
    The tray holds the cones. No fuss about it. Very sturdy with hard plastic that feels like 100% infill. When it's filled with plants it's a bit hard to hold since your fingers curl under the rim and dig into the cones which pop some of them up. Would be nice if they were designed with additional plastic on the edge that makes a little cave just for your hands. I can't really describe it well but you know how Sterilite plastic storage containers are easy to carry? Like that!
  • Cone-trainers make a hit in Georgia
    I purchased both the tray & black plastic cone-trainers to grow butterfly weed for monarch butterflies the long shape is perfect for the long tap root. I absolutely love set up & highly recommend them to anyone who needs professional equipment at a decent price. My order was filled right away & shipped quickly I had the order within 3 days I also found more interesting gardening supplies on the web site