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Increase the value and presentation of your plants with this unique hanging pouch. Al's Flower Pouch has tough UV protection allowing it to withstand the sun for an entire growing season. Pre-cut slits save you the hassle of cutting holes while also ensuring that the flowers will be distributed
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Increase the value and presentation of your plants with this unique hanging pouch. Al's Flower Pouch has tough UV protection allowing it to withstand the sun for an entire growing season. Pre-cut slits save you the hassle of cutting holes while also ensuring that the flowers will be distributed evenly and consistently on every pouch.

Hangers not included.


5 hole pouch - Holes down center of pouch8.5"21.25"
6 hole pouch 8" 15"
10 hole pouch - Holes form two rows of five down the length of the pouch8.5"21.25"
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Reviews (57)
  • Great Product
    I liked them so well the first time I ordered, I ordered 20 more!
  • Very Satisfied
    Flower bags showed up in good condition in a couple of days. Impatients are growing like crazy in them.
  • Hanging Bags
    Very high quality as far as mil thickness of the bag. Great delivery also.
  • Al's Flower Pouch
    Product quality is fair. For me, the idea of the product is good, but it just doesn't work out very well. The upper part of the product gets too wet while the lower half doesn't get enough water.
  • 6 hole planting bag's
    to late in season to plant in them to put out will have to wait till this next spring but will use them then
  • 5 hole planting bag's
    like the others to late in season to plant in them for out side but will use them next spring for sure
  • Pouches
    Just what I was looking for at fair price
  • Magnificent Flower Pouch
    The moment I saw this product, I was sold. It was already planted with impatiens - now you wouldn't even know there is a bag behind them. I have carried it around with no evidence of the plastic giving way. When watered it gets awfully heavy, so I think that speaks volumes. I have hung them from the door knob on an outside door and love seeing them as I pull into the driveway. I've not planted my own yet but I ordered quite a supply. I've got several ideas for next year. Making sure the water is getting all the way down to the bottom, I put a slow drizzle of water and point it at the back of the top opening and wait until I see it dripping from both bottom slits. It seems to be getting water from rain, too; we've had a LOT of rain this spring. I DEFINITELY will recommend this to friends and family (already have).
  • Fantastic
    I planted tidal wave petunias plugs in nineteen bags (5-hole) this spring and hung them on the fence in front of my property. They have filled out, completely covering the bag in its entirety, and are absolutely stunning. I wish I could attach a picture of the end result. I am so pleased.
  • Excellent flower pouches!
    These pouches are just what we needed and I am grateful to have found this retailer. The flower display looks even more lovely for adding these along the fence posts!
  • Easy Peasy
    Love my planting bags, very easy to use and take care of. Ordered extra for next year too.Very durable and the handles are even thicker for hanging.
  • Cheaper than buying them filled...
    Since ALL the store-bought plant bags I've ever seen in my area are already Al's, I figured why not make my own for a fraction of the price. A bit putzy, but definitely worth it!
  • different use for this bag
    I really can't give you a good review as I haven't had a chance to experiment with them yet. I bought them to plant pole beans in not flowers. I haven't had a chance to set this up yet.
  • Al's Flower Pouch
    Great quality and very sturdy. I have used these in the past and they hold up year after have to figure out the best way to fill the pouch and invert your plans, i use two different ways. Fill the pouch then I certainly the plants. Or fill as you go when incentive g the plants, both will work.
  • Fun and Interesting Flower Arrangements
    Have really enjoyed using these flower pouches. It's easy to plug different flowers into the holes and hang on a fence post or the side of the house for a splash of color. This year I used violas, but I'm already planning to stuff next year's hangers with lobelia. Shipping was SUPER FAST! and the price at Green House Mega Store was better than anything I found on Amazon. I would highly recommend this Garden company to all my gardening friends.
  • Great experience great product
    would highly recommends
  • Looks very durable
    I cannot really write a fair review, as I have not used it yet. They look very strong and large enough for adequate dirt to grow 10 to 12 plants. I may poke another hole in the sides just to make sure all the plastic is covered once the plants grow. I plan to use these for my fence and front porch. I think k they will look great overflowing with blooms and colors. We'll see how they make it through summer. As far as I can tell they are going to hold up great.
  • flower pouches
    Great price and fast shipping on product. Finest quality
  • Awesome Product
    I've been using these for years. I plant about 80 each spring and then I replant in the fall. I plant impatiens in the spring and pansies in the fall. I buy plugs from Knox Nursery in FL. They are shipped right to my door. Their are 244 plugs in a tray. They perfect size for planting in the bags. I also use Miracle Grow Moisture Control potting mix in my bags. I've tried others and they don't do as well. I have 3 large trees in my yard that I hang the bags on in a double row. I also line them up against the house down the sidewalk. I also have irrigation run to all the bags. It makes watering so easy. Love these. I wish I could add a picture here. My pansies are so pretty right now. It's February here.
  • flower pouches
    Very nice bags for herbs and flowers. I like to offer these to my market customers. It was great having a choice of styles and count on ordering these. Easy to take care of, just can't let them get too dry or you will have to soak them to rewet.
  • Great Product, Great Price
    I had used similar bags in the past that I bought locally but couldn't find them in Colorado this year. When they arrived, they looked exactly like the ones I have purchased locally. They are very durable. Putting the plants in he holes is not easy, but I already knew this. And it takes patience because they are not instantly beautiful. But when they start filling in and the flowers start covering the bags, they are so unique and pretty. I would suggest starting as early as you can in the season so you have longer to enjoy them.
  • Space saver
    These are pretty neat. I wish there was a way to seal the opening around the plant to keep more water in the bag longer. I had a bunch of volunteer tomatoes that I put in the five hole bags and they are doing great. lots of cherry toms coming in.
  • Flower bags
    I love the flower bags and they are really easy to plant you favorite flowers to hang them anywhere you want to add color. I would absolutely recommend these to anyone.
  • Al's Flower Pouch
    I bought 6 of these years ago and use them every year.I take them in for the Winter. They are very durable. The tops are becoming worn out from hanging them on a nail. This is a great buy, I will be giving them away as gifts as I really do not need 50!
  • Al's Flower Pouches
    Easy order process & prompt delivery. Just started planting in them. Ordered the larger size as in the past have used the smaller pouches & we needed the larger size to accommodate our petunias. When in full bloom they are absolutely stunning which could not be achieved without Al's Flower Pouches.Great product...thank you!!
  • Decent
    I didn't think these were plastic when I ordered them. But looking further on the website I see that the material type is not stated anywhere, or at least not in the description.. I'd expect the material to stretch over time but I haven't tried it long enough yet. So, not what I expected but no real complaint.
  • great product
    we purchased to enhance sales in our nursery by making hanging lanai/porch vegetable gardens. this worked perfectly for lettuce, English peas, nasturtiums, and tomatoes!
  • Al's Flower Pouch
    Arrived promptly. Good deal. Makes wonderful stocking stuffer for gardeners in the family. Am looking forward to using them this spring.
  • Great product
    These planter bags are sturdy & easy to plant. Look amazing filled with impatients for shade or petunias for sun. Open up the hole a little bit for larger plants. You can cut the plant ball down to fit too.
  • Pouches
    Had no problem placing the order and it was shipped very quickly after I placed the order.WOW, what a savings over buying thru a garden center close to home. The product is great and I always like hanging these on each side of the garage with impatiens planted in them.
  • flower pouches
    I love these flower pouches. They are just as I thought they would be. It just takes a little careful handling to push the plant through. My plants are all doing well and it looks great!
  • great
    Excellent service! Was delivered before delivery date
  • great
    Excellent service! Was delivered before delivery date
  • Love These
    I used these 12 years ago and am so glad to have found them again. I can't wait to get my order.
  • Wonderful but challenging
    The idea is great, I love new items. I have finished my 1st pouch (I bought 5, 10-hole ones) using store-bought flowers in small flats but found those difficult to insert. I only used 6 slits my first time and think I will add 3 more plants to come out of the top of the bag and not slits. Based on a review, I used Peat Moss and potting soil but will probably use more Peat Moss due to the weight after adding water. I would prefer to make my own slits in the bag as I found the 10-hole bag is too much and I'm not sure about the 5-hole bags when the slits are all in line. My pansy's & viola's are still alive in the bag so time will tell. I love the idea and know it will work once I find the way it works for me!
  • Fantastic!
    These are great quality, fun and wonderful inventions.
  • Great product!
    High quality and easy to use, I will definitely be buying more in years to come.
  • Love these!
    These are made very well and I can't wait to get even more creative with them!
  • great product
    love the product. fast delivery also.
  • Awesome
    Bought 5 bags to make a patriotic flag using blue lobelia and red and white impatiens. It turned out excellent.
  • great price for al's flower pouch
    I looked all over for these and happened upon this site via yahoo search. can you believe Lowes wanted $12.00 for ONE pouch with flowers! I was able to purchase 5 of them here for that price and filled them up with my own flowers. Great savings!
  • Love em!
    Pretty easy to use, takes two or three times to get the hang of getting the soil all the way down to the bottom and not crushing the plants when putting them in the holes.I use Carabiners to hang mine, cant wait til the flowers fill out.Best to use the 2 inch and not the 4 inch potted plants.
  • Flower Pouches-- 10 hole
    Love, Love, Love the 10 hole flower pouch!!! I hang 3 or 4 pouches planted with begonias on each pole of my gazebo. They get huge!!! And beautiful and completely surround each post. Becomes a huge round ball of gorgeous blooms. Thank you for this product.
  • customer
    I ordered 50 bags. They came and I launched a new hobby. I have a nice lava rock wall and so my first challenge was how to hang them. Solution: saddle bags! Two bags are connected by a piece of rope. One bag hags on one side of the wall and the other hags from the opposite wall. When I first put them up, they looked a little sad and pathetic. In a few days, the blooms faced the sun and the look improved. Everday that went by, they looked better and better. I'd like to send some photos as I am very proud. I use peat moss to fill the bag. The best plants are the ones that come in a six packs. I stretch the ten openings. Using a narrow tongs I place the root ball through the hole and add more peat moss. In time I learned what worked. I appreciate the ergonomics when tending my babies. No bending over! Thanks Greenhouse Mega Store.
  • customer
    The hanging plant bag was perfect for my impatients. They have already filled in so they look like one large beautiful blooming plant. It is just what I needed so my beagle can't trample the flowers in the back yard because they are now out of her reach. Thank you so much for making these affordable and durable,and thankyopu for quick efficient delivery Peggy
  • Consider the plants
    I have beautiful results using this bag ! Not all plants will flourish , but plants like portulaca (and its varieties) grow well- totally covering the bag- and bloom all summer and into fall even with bag hung against a hot brick wall. It's important to follow instructions--I water daily and feed monthly.
  • First impression, hummm...
    Got these and couldn't wait to begin. Not sure how this will turn out and hoping the flowers start to perk up some. Realized the holes tear very easily which then makes for the flowers to pop out and not really stay in tightly. Not sure if this will pose a problem or not. The very bottom hole is a tough because your flower has a tendency to drop straight down rather than pop out the front which then makes your pouch appear like the bottom flower is droopy. Cool concept but we'll see I may be pleasantly surprised in a couple weeks or sadly disappointed.
  • Not so easy
    While the concept is cute they really are rather difficult to find the balance. Many plants don't make it after being torn apart to fit into the little holes and then don't root in well so they appear limp and I ended up pulling these out and having to start again. Kind of a lot of wasted flowers and waiting time to see what works and what doesn't. An expensive way just to create some color. I think I'll stick with containers.
  • CN-AFP
  • Disappointed
    I didn't get very good results with this, though the idea seems sound. Perhaps the plants I put in were too mature- most didn't survive the transplant too well; those that survived didn't fill in too well. It was difficult to water plants properly-water came out the holes, rather than dispersing throughout the soil. The fault may lie with my technique rather than with the product. Would get better coverage of container if the holes were staggered, rather than under each other. I will try again next year, the low price makes experimenting reasonable. Maybe I'll get the hang of it.
  • CN-AFP
    I have used the pouches for many years and they lasted several seasons. They are easy to fill and look great while growing. I ordered new ones this year because I moved and the old ones were left behind. I cannot imagine anything more beautiful when in full bloom. I tried strawberries and that was not successful, flowers seem to do the best. They are priced reasonable and a great value for the money.
  • great deal
    I've purchased these bags at a local greenhouse and they charge 2.00 per bag. The bags I bought through Greenhouse are the same bag and quailty. Customer service is great it didn't take long to receive them by mail.
  • Nice, but difficult to use
    These bags are really popular in my area, so I was really excited to find them so cheap. The ones that I was able to get completed are turning out quite nicely, but it is extremely difficult to get the plants into the bags without mauling the little guys. I had heard to use a paper to form a cone to place the plants through the hole but that didn't work either. I guess just continued trial and error.
  • Great Service, Great Communication
    I appreciate the prompt and secure information and service for my purchase of the grow bags. I look forward to doing more business with Greenhouse Megastore.
  • The Coolest!
    Last year, I purchased these bags and filled them with pansies, allysum, petunias and a couple of other annuals. I hung them lengthwise on support posts. The posts provided a great way to keep them from blowing in the wind. They fit perfectly and provided the neatest flower arrangement you can imagine for this dead space. I had so many comments on them and people thought the flowers were fake as they looked so good! My location received strong, high altitude (7800 feet) western sun so if I was a little slow to water, the flowers showed it, but, when I was attentive, they looked as great as could be. I ordered more for this summer. I saved my bags from last year and I think they will last one more season at least.
  • Save your back
    These pouches are amazing! I am growing 15 varieties of tomatoes and 10 varieties of strawberries in these handy bags. I can hang these high enough to keep the bunnies and toddlers out of them & stand to harvest the bounty produced saving my back from all that squatting and stooping...and just time spent trying to tie my tomatoes to costly stakes or cages. They also look really cool all hanging up in a staggered row against the side of my garage. This was one of my smartest purchases ever!!
  • Coolest Ever
    With The Greenhouse Megastore and their quality of products and low prices, I have been able to supply myself with what I have needed and wanted. I thank you for these bags. They are easy and fun with the durability of a hard plastic container.