Panterra Pots

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These attractive "clay-look" textured pots are designed to complement the natural beauty of your plants. Can be used as a grower or florist pot or as a decorative cover for finished potted plants. Ideal for potted flowering plants, mixed annuals, foliage, garden mums and poinsettias, or colorful
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These attractive "clay-look" textured pots are designed to complement the natural beauty of your plants. Can be used as a grower or florist pot or as a decorative cover for finished potted plants. Ideal for potted flowering plants, mixed annuals, foliage, garden mums and poinsettias, or colorful flowering arrangements. Features dual drain bottom for optimum drainage and aeration.


DescriptionOutside Diameter (Top) Outside Diameter (Bottom) Inside Diameter Height Capacity Cubic Inches
4" Pots 4 1/2" 2 4/5" 4" 3-3/4" 33
6" Pots 6 5/8" 4 1/2" 6-1/8" 5 1/8" 103
8" Pots 8 7/8" 6" 8-1/8" 6" 221
10" Pots 11 1/8" 7 1/2" 10-1/8" 7 3/4" 360
12" Pots 13 1/4" 8 7/8" 12-1/8" 9 1/2" 774
14" Pots 15 5/8" 10 1/2" 14-1/8" 11 3/8" 1280

Note: Sizes and colors may vary slightly.


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Reviews (70)
  • Good product
    Perfect size and durability for our use. Product was shipped quickly and was packed well for shipping.
  • Sturdy pots
    It's exactly what I wanted--a nice-looking, durable pot at a good price. I used them for gardening workshops, and everyone was pleased with the container garden they took home.
  • Pots Are Subject to Crack & Break
    Appearance of pots and matching saucers is good, but they are quite thin and easily crack and break. Several didn't survive shipping. They were quickly replaced free of charge, but pots of this size need to be more substantial.
  • Very nice pots, will buy it again
    Not too deep but deep enough to plant bulbs and my geraniums. Just love these pots.
  • panterra pots
    the best but i forgot the saucers and had to reorder
  • Great company great customer service, great products
    I really like this products, been ordering a lot. I want to say thank you for making the small pack available. Now I can order 5 pack on big pots instead of 10 pack, that’s great, thank you for making it available. This company stands behind their products, and great customer service, when I have a problem, they fix it. They are nice and friendly and helpful. Always been pleasant experience dealing with them. I recommend this company yo all my home grower friends. Really enjoy the holiday promo code too. Always come and order a bunch. Thank you again!
  • Mr
    Like these for potting up succulents and other small plants as ready to go accents or hostess gifts. Has a decent finish and comes in good colors. While not super duty thick like pottery, they good looking are far from cheesy. Recommend as upscale and affordable.
  • Pan terra 6
    Perfect for our use
  • Pots n Saucers
    These 4 and 6 pots are pretty enough to give plants in as a gift. They look so neat setting on a window sill, too!
  • Satisfied customer
    I purchased flower pots with saucers to re-pot. Satisfied with my purchase, would buy again.
  • Good product for a great price
    Very pleased. By far the best product for a very good price. Planting bulbs to give to widows during the winter and should hold up nicely. Thanks for great service, too.
  • Love them!!
    Just big enough! I potted lemon and pear seeds in these pots and they are growing beautifully! I plan to buy more of these!
  • Arrived with defects
    Some of the 100 pots I ordered were broken when I received them.
  • Great
    Easy quick and good quality
  • attractive and durable
    I have ordered these pots in various sizes before. They work well and look good. I just wish there were saucers for the 4 pots as there are for the larger sizes.
  • 10 inch pots
    Just what I was looking for. Great product and fast delivery.
  • Pots
    Pots arrived quickly and as described.
  • Panterra Pots
    I am moving and want to take my 250 iris with me so ordered 300 of the 10 panterra pots. They are perfect - well made and up to the task (1 cracked along the rim but was my fault), sturdy but not too heavy (can lift when full of dirt and plant) plus very economical - a concern with needing so many. They were shipped right away so I could begin my project almost immediately. I recommend both the company and these pots.
  • Excellent;
    Great product and a small fraction of what I would hae to pay, even at one of the big chain stores that have garden supplies.
  • owner
    great product,even greater service and store to deal with. they were great.will always deal with greenhousemegastore.
  • Owner
    Pot is very brittle and breaks/shatters very easily--poor quality; 75 pots were ordered--45 were broken when delivered and were sent back. Several more were broken while being lifted--after being filled with dirt--edges of pot were very fragile--will NOT order again. Disappointing...
  • perfect for spring bulbs
    I got these for my spring bulbs, and they are the perfect size and shape to go on the outside steps.
  • Just what I was looking for
    I ordered Panterra pots in 4 sizes. I raise adenium and have always had them in terra cotta pots. They do get quite heavy so I went on the search for some good, sturdy plastic pots. The Panterra pots fit my need perfectly.
  • Good Product
    Good product for the money. Added plus, they are USA made. Would definitely recommend using these.
  • large pots
    I like these pot because they hold los of soil but are not as heavy as the same size clay pot.
  • Good Value
    These pots are very nice for the price. I use them for flowers and herbs to sell at the farmer's market. The nice thing about the plastic pots is that they don't dry out as quickly as the clay pots. These pots also have nice size drainage holes. The classic shape and terra cotta color is a nice neutral that blends in well with any color palette.
  • Great value
    Nice looking liners for my talavera Mexican style pots.
  • pots nice, but more than a few were broken
    pots were broken, the rims anyway, too late of an order to replace them,
  • Plastic flower pots
    I have just been using the flower pots for the first time. The pots are as was specified in the statement about them. They look better than pots without a rim. The color is also good.
  • Disappointed
    7-10 of the pots were damaged upon arrival which I attributed to the shipping. However, several more of the pots cracked when they tipped over in the back of my car. The quality of the plastic was not up to the standard of pots I have purchased in the past.
  • Excellent pots, when sent intact
    I love these pots. They are attractive, sturdy, good sizes, and well-priced.BUT.. more care should be taken to ensure that they are not cracked before shipping! Could be that box got banged around by UPS, but hard to believe that if broken ones are in the MIDDLE of a nested stack of them.But customer service is excellent, replacements were sent immediately.
  • Love this pot
    These pots are so sturdy and you can't beat the price. I found that the plastic hangers for hanging baskets do clip on and I like how they have matching saucers available.
  • Great price!
    I planted a patio garden this year and needed an extra planter pot. I looked all over the internet and all the pots are so expensive! I found this pot for only $12. It was shipped quickly and for what it is, a plastic pot that is not real thick but works fine and should last at least 2 or 3 seasons, it is a great deal! I would buy from this seller again.
  • Simple but very functional
    They are perfect for what I bought them for and are also good for transporting charcoal from the waterproof shed to gril.
  • Just what I needed
    Very pleased with the quality & size is perfect for my variety of pepper plants. Wanted saucers, but were out of stock.
  • Great pots for my clivia plants!
    I bought these pots for my clivia plants, which have massive and strong roots that break through pots as they make babies and outgrow their pots. I wanted something strong, big enough to handle the plants without needing to repot all the time, and not too heavy, since I move them outside to shade every spring. These pots seem perfect. They're as tall as others I've used, but are wider, plus they don't narrow as much toward the base, so seem more solid. They aren't so big that they'll be impossible for me to carry when filled with dirt and plant, and they're bigger without being taller than pots I used to use. Plus, you can't beat the price!!! They're very attractive, too. My only negative comment is that they came with bits of plastic around the rim that I needed to trim off, as though the machine that slices through to cut the excess plastic after forming the pots was not sharp enough. But a minor detail, wouldn't really affect looks or sturdiness. I made a great choice. And love dealing with this company!
  • Balcony Gardner - Flower Pots
    I recently purchased these flower pots so I can't commit to their longevity. However, they are sturdy, lightweight but substantial, available in a variety of sizes, and very nice looking....perfect for balcony gardening.
  • So Very Pleased!
    I am absolutely satisfied with my purchases from the Greenhouse Megastore! The pots are light weight, sturdy, and very attractive. The price is wonderful. You will be so pleased with these. I am so glad I found them and their customer service is beyond compare!!
  • potted herbs
    These are great pots. Look like there clay counterparts but less likely to break and less heavy. I originally bought them last year cause they have a nifty snap on bottom dish AND AM STILL WAITING FOR THEM TO BE RESTOCKED. The person on the phone had NO clue when they would get a shipment in.
  • great pots
    these pots were perfect for me. they are priced well and i don't need to use excess potting soil! well worth checking them out!
  • Good Quality Product
    very pleased with this product as it is durable, attractive, will blend in with almost any decor, and was fairly priced.
  • Panterra Pot review
    About 5 of these were broken when I opened the box. They are light and stack easily, but seemingly fragile. We will see how the rest hold up!
  • owner
    These are great pots and the only ones I have ever gotten that stand up to the weather year in an year out. A little more expensive but well worth it.
  • love them
    Nice size and good price
  • pots
    I bought some of these pots about 1 year ago their holding up good to the elements , so I bought some more , they don't fade in the sun & none of them are broken , good for the price .
  • Master Gardener
    These pots are fantastic. Heavy rims, wonderful clay like color and an overall strong pot guarantees my reorder. I continually return to the Greenhouse Megastore for my gardening and greenhouse needs because of the quality of their products, ease of ordering and prompt and efficient shipping.
  • Panterra Pots
    Reasonable price & quick delivery
  • Panterra Pots
    Nice,durable.The only bad thing that I can say,is my fault.They are too small for what I had planned to use them for.But I'll find a purpose for them.You cannot beat the price & speed of shipment.They were here in 3 days.Love this place.
  • panterra pots
    very nice pots,have bought from you b/4,thanks again
  • Exactly what I needed!
    These pots look fantastic and are a great quality for the price. I was looking for a set of pots for my wedding that I could order in bulk in various sizes. I ordered the 4,6,8,10 and 12 and they are all fantastic. I plan to spray paint them and tried it out last night and they look beauitful. They have a nice texture and look, very pleased with this product!
  • 14
    Excellent value and very well made. I will order more as soon as I use the current batch. Thank you for your prompt order processing and shipping.
    My panterra pots look good on my two tier pot stands. I bought the big ones, They handle Purple Basil, Rosemary,and three Oreganos. Get the saucers with them. Very strong pot and with saucers and shipping can't get a better deal nowhere.
  • Better than expected!
    Panterra pots are my favourite anyway, but I'm really impressed with the 12-inch ones. They are far deeper than I thought they would be, and I've been able to make wonderful mix-pots using them, which saves on dirt and floorspace.
  • Herb Garden
    Just received 14in Panterra pots with saucers. Planted Purple basil and rosemary so far. Good quality pot, love the saucer design. Can't go wrong with these pots.
  • Panterra Pots
    Great value for the money. 10 is a very good size for a variety of uses. Definitely get the saucers as well.
  • Even better than I was expecting.
    Last time I tried to give potted plants a go, I got fungus gnats. I learned this was from the lack of drainage, so this last time I went hunting for flowerpots, MUST HAVE DRAINAGE AND SAUCERS! was at the forefront of my mind.So many of the pots I saw were ridiculously expensive that I began to worry, and then I found these pots here. Reasonably priced, good bulk options, and I could choose a size that was quite a bit smaller and quite a bit *smarter* than I could get at the local store where I'd picked up the other pots.These are light, but strong, and I have the confidence of knowing that the drainage and saucer will help protect them if I mess up the watering again.
  • Very happy with my purchase!!
    I was unsure of the company, because I had not ordered from them before. Now, I am very thrilled to do business with them. The prices were almost unbeatable and super fast shipping. The pots I ordered are great! I will most definitely be ordering from them again!!!
  • plant pots for the garden
    I bought these to use for next year's garden. Great size, light weight ---better than clay pots!!!
  • CN-PA
  • Good quality pots !
    Very good quality pots, I even paint them in blue and look beautiful with yellow flowers ! Thank you for the fast shipping .
  • CN-PA
  • Good Little Pot
    Just the right size, just the right weight, and more style than expected for the price.
    When I received them in the mail I couldn't believe the quality and lightness. I'm elderly and live in a senior citizen community where the lawns are painted gravel, so flower pots are the only way to have color, smells, and plants. Since they are so light I can move them around when I want to rearrange the front yard.
  • Classy Pot!
    I am very happy with my purchase. This pot is really classy especially with the saucer. I would highly recommend this set and will be ordering more in the future. I am eager to offer these pots filled with plants to my customers!
  • hard to find pots
    We were looking for 6 inch terra-cotta looking pots with saucers and no-one seemed to carry them. We just ordered for the first time from your company, and are thrilled with how nice the pots look, and how the saucers snap on so easily. We are using these pots for a line of different herbs. They will look great on some-one's kitchen counter for cutting their own herbs!
  • Perfect Pot, Perfect Value
    It has been a long search for a garden supplier that ships fast and has such a wide selection of classy, visually appealing pots for my plants. This was only my first order, but only the first of many to come. Best prices, fast shipping, now my only supplier.
  • Super Product, Super Price
    We have purchased planting containers from other sources and have been very dissatisfied with the items. Greenhouse Megastore absolutely has the best product & the best prices plus shipping is super fast. We have no need to search for another gardening supplier!
  • Great value pots
    I ordered my first set of pots and wasn't sure when I ordered them whether I would be happy with them. I'm now ordering my second order of pots, as the first ones have fulfilled my needs well and I am happy with them. These are slightly thinner than pots you might buy elsewhere, but this has not been an issue for me. These are a great value.