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A "fluted" design gives this Hanging Basket a bold, impressive appearance. Features include a bottom with water reservoir and center drain.  Hangers are not included.   Plastic and wire hangers are sold separately. Specifications Description Outside Diameter Inside Diameter Height Capacity Cubic
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A "fluted" design gives this Hanging Basket a bold, impressive appearance. Features include a bottom with water reservoir and center drain. 

Hangers are not included. Plastic and wire hangers are sold separately.


DescriptionOutside DiameterInside DiameterHeightCapacity Cubic Inches
10" Elite Hanging Baskets10"9 1/8"5 7/8"283

Hangers Sold Separately

3 Strand work with our 8" or 10" hanging baskets or pots.

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Reviews (49)
  • Plastic hanging baskets
    This was my 1st purchase from this company. The baskets were good quality, and the shipping was fast
  • Nice baskets
    These are nice baskets. They are a little fragile and have to be handled with care. We had 8 broken ones in one of our boxes. We planted 200 hanging baskets with petunias this year and they are looking great. Ill be buying them again.
  • Worth It
    I bought 100 of these and have had no issues with them. I gave them a 4 star review because 5 of them were broken out of the box. The remaining 95 have had no issues. Look for breaks around the lower seam.
  • Hanging Baskets
    i have ordered these baskets for year and love them my husband likes to make hanging baskets in his spare time and I love rooting and growing plants and flowers so we give away lots of baskets now with the layoff with no unemployment we sell them for 4 and 5 dollars we love these baskets and the free shipping.
  • Good value.
    The white ones are great for indoors, and showcasing.. As someone already mentioned. Conversely, the green pots are pretty dark.. If you are into that sort of thing. My only complaint.. Not being available in earth tones.
  • love these hanging baskets
    the white show cases the plants perfectly. I find these baskets to be sturdy and pretty to look at. perfect size for my petunias and other summer plants I use water crystals to help keep my baskets hydrated
  • great hanging baskets
    I like them so much I doubled my order this year. great price too.
  • Very nice pot for the price
    Lightweight, but seems strong enough to last for several years. The hanger is sturdy as well.
  • Elite Hanging Pots
    What a great product and price. I needed fifty pots that have the water reservoir. Was backordered when I tried to purchase but arrived ten days before expected. I haven't used them yet but quality seems equal to others that sell for much higher price. No buyers remorse at my end!
  • Does the job
    It does the job! They aren't very durable though. The top and bottom 3 get damaged during shipping but the rest, although a little on the weak side for plastic pots, do the job fine. Still a good deal I think if you need that many inexpensive pots.
  • hanging baskets
    Great hanging baskets, fast shipping, thanks
  • right size hanging pots
    I love that these are not too big like the one st my nursery store. Perfect for my epiphyllum and hoya plants
  • Great baskets
    Very durable baskets tried to break couple with good force not a dent highly recomend. Good price.
  • 10
    I grow and sell water lilies commercially. These pots are perfect, wide enough to let the lilies develop nicely. The hangers can be installed to make it easier to lift the plants out of the water, and also hold the name labels above the water for easy identification of the variety.
  • Good Quality and Value
    Excellent quality and value for the home hobbyist. The hangers are easy to attach and are very secure. Fast delivery and courteous customer service are pluses.
  • 10
    Product is great for what I need. I use them for growing water lilies commercially. They don't need deep pots, they need wide pots. I cover the hole with palm fiber so the wet soil doesn't leak out, and the nurseries use hanging hooks to label the plants and lift them out of the water.
  • 10
    I grow water lilies commercially, and the pots are a perfect size to allow the plants to develop to a saleable size. The nurseries use the holes with hangers sticking up above the waterline to show the variety, color, etc. without removing the plant from the water.
  • 10
    I grow and sell water lilies. They need wide and shallow pots so the 10' hanging pots are perfect. Nurseries like them because the plants can get quite large without crawling out of the pot.
  • Functional and economical
    These pots work well for us for hanging foliage plants. Will buy again.
  • Hanging Baskets
    Was very pleased with the items ordered. The baskets were just what I needed and had not been able to locate. The items were received sooner than expected. Thank you for a very easy transaction.
  • awesome
    These pots are awesome. Good size and come with the drainage insert. Order your choice of hanger and youre set to go. Happy that they come in bulk. Im set for awhile!
  • Elite hanging pots
    Priced at big box and garden stores for hanging baskets and these are the best priced and the quality is great.
  • S and S Enterprises
    We have had nothing but the best customer service with professional courtesy and efficiency with our order of the elite hanging baskets and wire hangers. both arrived together in a timely manner and follow up service was thoughtful and unexpected. thanks for a great experience. We'll be back!
  • Nice Pots
    These pots are a nice color and very sturdy...perfect for hanging petunias...
  • Nice Pots
    These are very nice pots that have served my purpose very well...two were missing from the order but were sent after a phone call...for some reason, my emails weren't answered - with any problem, make a phone call!
  • Great
    Your service is second to none
  • Good basket, good cost
    I planted Wave Petunias in these hanging baskets and they hold plenty of soil and also hold up well. Remember to order the hangers as they are sold separately, which I learned the hard way, lol. The hangers go on easily and I have not had any break.
  • Hanging pots
    Worked great
  • I could not be happier!!!!!
    I could not be happier with the pots I ordered or the service I received. It has to be one of the best customer services I have ever worked with. On top of all that the prices can not be beat. I spent days shopping on the internet and this was the best price by far. The pots are just what I wanted. Perfect!!!!!!
  • the quality is little poor
    in fact, I don't like these pot, when they are shipped to me. the quality is little poor and ....
  • Hanging basket hangers
    Great quality, just what I needed for my pots.
  • Nursery owner
    I just received these pots a few weeks ago, they are perfect, they are much better quality than plot of other simular pots for nursery growing. They also Are a great price in order to keep my overhead down! A +
  • Very Pleased
    I bought these with the plastic hangers. I am delighted with the quality and quick service. Will order more as needed.
  • How I will use the Elite Hanging Pots
    The Elite Hanging Pots are really quite nice and I'm very pleased with my purchase and shopping experience with Greenhouse Megastore. I am going to use these pots to propagate some stem cuttings of my Nepenthes plant, and hopefully if all goes well, I will have some wonderful plants to share with friends and family. I also purchased the basket hangers for the pots.
  • couldn't be happier
    A high-quality product, fast shipping, great price (and I am a die-hard comparison shopper) -- what's not to love?
  • Hanging pots and hangers
    The hanging pots and hangers were exactly as expected. Quality is good and were easy to put together.
  • what I expected and more
    I am a return customer and will continue to be. The 10 white pots were perfect for my flower and vegetable arrangements. the price got my attention but the quality closed the deal. I selected the 3 strand 15 inch hangers to go with them that fit wonderfully, and as a added bonus there are inserts to contain the potting soil included. the drain holes were pre punched I had nothing to do just clip the hangers and plant. they look beautiful instantly.
  • Mr.
    I purchased the hanging pots and hangers as described in my order. Just wish your catalog would have told me that I only needed the 3 strand hangers. I purchased the 22 hangers for the length but they are 4 strand hangers.
  • Just what I wanted!
    Exactly what I was expecting. These are nice sturdy pots, and I will order them again.
  • Product Quality
  • Perfect Hanging Pots
    These hanging pots are great. They have a water reservoir that doesn't leak like others do and the are made of durable plastic. I am using them for all my hanging plant divisions.
  • markag
    Very good product for the money! Can see buying many more in the future.
  • great product.
    these are my favorite of the hanging basket containers. In a drought prone area, they just help hold moisture better without getting dried out in the heat of the day and dont stay waterlogged when watering daily to make up for the heat in a mass watering arrangement
  • Ok But not the best
    I dont Like to write reviews. But I think its only Fair to note. I bought a case of ten early this spring. I was hopeing to get a couple of seasons use. THATS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN The plastic is thin and the sun has distroyed them. I hope that next year that they will carry a product, I found called a Bloom Master now there is a hanging Basket I bought one at a local nursery Its still going strong...
  • Thanks!
    I am so happy that I was able to find your company. Establishing new vendors is hard when starting a new business. The price was affordable, the product is good quality and the shipping was fast.... Thanks again!
  • Exactly what I was looking for!
    After wasting a lot of time going from one garden center to the next to find green hanging pots which, when filled, would also not be too heavy, I finally gave up and went online. Greenhouse Megastore had exactly what I was looking for. Their website was easy to use, the pots were reasonably priced, they arrived quickly and they work great. My only regret is that I didn't go straight to GM-store in the first place!
  • great pots
    have been looking for white good quality hanging pots, and these fit the bill just right
  • Good Deal
    I found IGC while surfing online. This may be very well the best contact I have found. Pots were shipped quickly in very good packaging for an excellent product. I could not be more pleased.