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Finally a line of marking pens that will last! Our Garden Marker Pens are fast drying, waterproof and contain ultraviolet filters for maximum fade resistance. These pens are xylene free which makes them environmentally friendly. Furthermore, they write on wood, plastic, metal, glass, porcelain and
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Finally a line of marking pens that will last! Our Garden Marker Pens are fast drying, waterproof and contain ultraviolet filters for maximum fade resistance. These pens are xylene free which makes them environmentally friendly. Furthermore, they write on wood, plastic, metal, glass, porcelain and many other materials. The 1.2mm pen features a wider tip and a plastic barrel, while the 0.8mm tip pen is smaller and has an aluminum barrel.

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Reviews (69)
  • Great Marker
    Love it. About the same as a sharpie bit the barrel is heavy duty and it’s alcohol based ink
  • garden marker
    This pen is perfect so much so that I just ordered more to give to my family and friends that do gardening. Nothing is more frustrating than using a pen on signs that fades out from sunlight. These are great!!!!
  • Does NOT fade
    These work great, and do not fade all season long. Really made my life easier.
  • Excellent pen, I have done over 1,000 labels
    This pen is by far the best garden pen I have ever used. I have done 1,000 labels and the pen is still going strong.
  • Nice
    works like it should
  • Disappointed
    Pen arrived dried out!!
  • I've used both.
    I have tried both of these pens. Last year I did a test. I used garden labels, wrote on one with the garden marking pen, and one with a sharpie, both are still very visible. The skinny pen offered here with the aluminum barrel I have to give a thumbs down. The tip section twists off, and so the pen was in 2 pieces in my order, so it was dried out and unusable. I just left a message at customer service. The 1.2 mm pen is plastic and seems to be in one piece, it's the one I prefer. I'd rate the .8 mm 0 stars, the 1.2 mm pen 4 stars, since a sharpie is cheaper and just as good for at least a year so far. That's why my overall rating is a 3.
  • 1.2mm Marker
    Great product. Safe for use with all plants and a great quality product.
  • Fine Point Quickly Blunted
    Pen starts at a fine point but very quickly the brush point is blunted and is imprecise. Disappointed.
  • Garden Marker Pen vs Sharpie
    The ink in the marker pen will outshine other markers on plastic by far. It leaves bold shiny black writing on plastic plant markers compared to the dull writing with others. Give the ink time to dry for a few seconds and it just might outlast the plastic marker its written on when left out in the garden. It really does last that long.
    very goods pens we use on our decals for equipment inspections. has to last longer than a year in the elements.
  • Inferior compared to old pens
    Due to my previous experience using these pens, I ordered 5 more marking pens to label vines in our vineyard. Unfortunately, the pens are much skinnier which cause them to bend when one is trying to take the cap off. The cap is so tight that it is very difficult to twist it off and it actually came apart when I tried to twist it off. Then I put it back on loosely to avoid the issue and lost the cap which then caused it to dry out. I am very unhappy with the new design and wrote customer service about it and asked if they had any old pens. They responded no and that was it. Basically the response was too bad. I am sorry to see that they did not care about the poor quality and I will not be ordering them again. At $5 a pen I can't be loosing caps or be spending 2 minutes trying to take a cap off while working outside in the vineyard.
  • New pen inferior to old product
    I ordered these pens 2 years ago and was happy with the pens durability (fade resistant) and easy application to labels for our vineyard plants. I reordered them and noticed that the new pens were smaller with a thinner design. After one day in the vineyard; I lost one cap because the caps are so hard to take off that one has to twist the cap which makes the pen disassemble and bend. So, do I put it on tightly or keep reassembling the pen every time I have to use it or put it on loosely and loose the cap? I sent an email to their contact page and received a response that the old pens are no longer available. No apologies or response to the problem. I am very unhappy with the product and customer service. I will not order these again.
  • Fade proof pens
    I was looking for fade proof pens which would be used to write on an inside window decal the license number of cars. Others purchased at Staples faded within a month. For over a month, the ink of these pens have not faded at all. My customer is happy.
  • Garden Markers
    these are super great
  • owner
    works well---received the product in a timely manner
  • garden markers
    Love the way they write thank you so much. When ever I need something for my plants and greenhouse I always go to your web site. Again Thank You; You Guy's and Gals are the best
  • Garden marker
    After using the pen approx. five times to write a name on a plant label, the pen did NOT work right and printing became very faint. NOT impressed
  • Garden Markers
    Over the years I have ordered about 100 pens. We use them to mark our plants for a Master Gardener fundraiser. Just the Best!
  • Garden Marker Pen
    The tips of these pens are far too broad to be used on conventional plastic plant tags. I bought a couple, but soon tossed them when even rather short words like Camellia were too smudged to read.
  • Pen
    For years I've been using a Sharpie to mark plant numbers on my markers. Normally by the time I need to transplant, some of the numbers are so light I can't read them. I used this pen and it works really well. The ink color is the same after many weeks of sun exposure in the greenhouse. Much better than a Sharpie!!
  • Garden Marker Pens
    I used the garden marker pens on T garden stakes. I was concerned about what would happen after a few rain storms but found them to be extraordinary! They look like I just wrote on them and put them in the ground! I highly recommend them!
  • Garden Marking Pen
    Excellent product! I was excited to see that this marker is made in a fine point. Both the Fine point and wide are excellent. Does not fade like permanent markers!
  • highly disappointed
    wrote on wooden markers. ink completely faded within 2 weeks. writing on plastic markers seems to be holding up....we'll see.
  • Great pens!
    These markers are the only ones I use when labeling my plants! They don't fade with watering or in the sunlight!
  • Garden Markers
    By far the BEST Markers on the market for professional growers!
  • Well worth it
    Absolutely love being able to read my plant tags even into the next growing season. Wish I'd thought about spending a couple dollars more years ago!
  • Great pens!
    These pens write well on the labels; don't smear & stay legible even when watering seed trays.
  • Great Markers
    This is a good price on these markers. The UV protection in the ink seems to be top notch, so much so that the ink lasts longer than the plastic tags. Finally a pretty good solution for affordable nursery tags.
  • Marking pens
    Easy to use on wood labels. Point is fine enough to be clear. Just used a few weeks ago, so I don't know how the labels will last in the sun, but I'm hopeful.
  • Garden Markers
    These are the only marks I have found that do not fade over winter. Master Gardeners use them all the time. Price is half of what we can get locally - if we could get that many!
  • consumer
    I love the pen I only wish itcame in a finer point.It is difficult to write on the smaller plastic tags.
  • first rate
    I haven't had this pen very long, so I can't comment on the long term performance, but so far it is the best I've used. It seems to stand up well to UV rays.
  • Pen marker
    Works well good price too
  • Garden Marker Pen
    Does the job but would be better for labeling if it's tip was finer. Also, it dried out quickly even keeping the top on whenever not in use.
  • Markers
    I have purchased these markers for 3 years now. I write several plants tags since I start many plants as a hobby for me and family. They hold up like no other marker I've tried and the writing never comes off. Holds up to rain, sun and snow. Service was excellent and arrived in a very timely fashion.
  • Smooth
    Love the way this marker writes. The tip is sharp and the ink is dark. Easy to write with. Haven't had it through a summer yet so I can't comment on the fade resistance but I am betting it will be good. Wish I had bought 2.
  • Garden Markers
    Master Gardeners love the garden markers. We use them to I D our plants for our annual fundraiser. The price is great too!
  • My Order
    I've only placed one order so don't know if this holds any real help but they did a good job on getting it to me and speedily. No complaints.
  • Good stuff
    I am a gardener. REgular permanent marker fade when exposed to UV rays. These markers hold up much better. I am sure in time they will fade but this is the best I could find.
  • Superb service
    It's not often that you run into a company that knows what good service is and then puts it into practice. I ordered garden pens that were delivered but left outside on my porch in very windy conditions. I called FedEx and was told that the package was delivered but the snow and wind made it impossible to find the package. I called, Greehouse Megastore, and explained the problem and they immediately sent another package. After the snow melted we found the package and I offered to pay but they have generously refused my offer. Now I'm blown away. Thank you, Greenhouse Megastore, I'll be doing more business with you in the future and will recommend your highly.
  • Works as advertised
    Pen works as advertised. I'm using it to write on plant markers and it's working very well. Tip is fine enough for writing, and I've had no smearing. Dirt and water have had no effect on the ink after several months.
  • Garden markers
    Tried it on glossy painted surface, didn't erase completely with ammonia, or alcohol..better than shake tho' , I guess, haven't tried the uv- proofness/fade resistance yet.
  • Better Than a Sharpie
    These write great on the plant tags we purchased. I'd prefer a finer writing tip, but the marker works perfectly, leaving behind durable, waterproof notations.
  • Testing in Albuquerque
    I am testing this product for durability of the writing. We are at 5,000 ft in altitude or higher and the sun is very hot. Markers typically fade quickly.
  • Nice, fine point
    I was a little worried -- after reading other reviews -- that this marker would have a rounded tip, making it hard to write small, on a plant label. This is completely untrue. The tip is actually pointier than a Sharpie marker. I expect it to last a LONG time, especially if we write lightly. I am happy with this product.
  • Perfect Marker
    Marker performs exactly as advertised: intense sunlight does not cause fading; rain does not cause smudging; can be erased with alcohol for reusing tabs. Perfect product. Have used other markers that did not perform, this one does.
    Not only are the pens fade-proof but the seller is a great on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • So far, so good
    Time will be the test, but they work well so far.
  • Great water-resistant ink, but removable
    This marker is great for plant tags and signs. Dries instantly and is very water resistant. If used on a hard surface, it can be easily removed with rubbing alcohol! A finer tip would be nice, but highly recommended.
  • garden marker pens
    great pens, they work and do what they say they will do. i ordered the 5 pack and only got 4 of them.........
  • Garden Marker Pen
    These pens are the best you can buy! They are the ones Master Gardeners recommend at our Plant Sale.
  • Great Marker
    Works great. Hasn't faded so far. Would like a slightly smaller tip, but that's just a preference - not a flaw.
  • Well satisfied
    Agree with previous comments. A essential. Do wish they would produce a finer point as well...but these are great!
  • Garden Marker
    So far they have not faded. I am very hopeful they will continue to label my plants.
  • love the marking pens
    I only rated them down 1 because i have not been able to check yet whether they will fade. I like that they are not strongly chemical scented when using them in my greenhouse. They write with a nice legible line that is black and easy to read from a distance.
  • hot peppers
    Great markers, last a long time. Would like to see one with a smaller tip for writing on small labels,but overall a good marker.
  • permanent marker
    Not all permanent markers are the same. This is just what I was looking for. I wanted to lable plant flats in the greenhouse and then move the tag, with the plants, to the field and STILL be able see what was written weeks earlier. These are a definite Upgrade in the greenhouse!
  • The garden pen that really workss
    Have been looking for a pen to use to write on plant markers and my recycled window shades that will not fade, stays on, and won't wash they are!!!
  • Garden Marker Pens
    The only pens we have found that last on the labels in our greenhouse. Thanks
  • Worth The Mark
    Wasn't sure what to expect, but these seem to do the trick. I certainly didn't need to purchase 5, but now I have a supply for future use. I haven't had a chance to use one for extended us, but I would expect them to continue to work fine.
  • Best garden marker I've found
    Have looked for years for a garden marker that would be weatherproof, and this one is does the trick! The point is fine enough to write several lines on tags, but wide enough to show up from a distance. Couldn't be more pleased with the purchase. Best price from any garden site. Shipping was very prompt, too!
  • CN-1002
  • CN-1002
    These markers are great! I'm very happy to know that what I write on my plant labels stakes will stay there. In just a few weeks time the permanent marker I had used on my wooden stakes was almost completely faded on some of them. This marker along with the white plant labels will do the trick!
  • The Greatest Marker
    This marker works really really well in the outdoors.
  • Garden pens marks the spot
    This Garden pen did everything I ever wanted it to do, it stays on and doesn't fade, smear or wash off no matter what. Plus 20 pens for only 35.60 is an amazing deal. I definable recommend this product to greenhouse owners around the world
  • Great Markers
    Wonderful markers. I highly recommend them, especially if your plants are outside in all weather conditions. They also last a long time, as I bought 5 and have not yet needed the other four.
  • Never Fail
    This marker just never fails you. We put it through the worst, but it still works like new. The ink stays fast. The tags we put out in the field to mark the rows can be found two years later, readable!