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These narrow "Cone-tainers" allow for considerable plant growth in a small space. The tall, cone-shaped design and internal vertical anti-spiral ribs let roots grow deep and straight. Each individual cell has a center drainage hole on the bottom and four side-drain holes on the tapered end. SC7
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These narrow "Cone-tainers" allow for considerable plant growth in a small space. The tall, cone-shaped design and internal vertical anti-spiral ribs let roots grow deep and straight. Each individual cell has a center drainage hole on the bottom and four side-drain holes on the tapered end.

SC7 cells have a cell diameter of 1.5", a depth of 5.5", and a volume of 107ml or 6.53 cu. in.

SC10 cells have a cell diameter of 1.5", a depth of 8.25" and a volume of 164 ml or 10 cu. in.

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Reviews (40)
  • Ten inch cone-tainers and flat
    These cone-tainers are perfect for starting hazelnut seedlings, which need a considerable root depth. They are semi-flexible so will not crack or break when being handled.
  • Container trays
    These trays are sturdy and strong. They work great with the conetainers. I placed them in a large clear tote, this allows me to water them without a mess.
  • Pod holder
    Frame holder for pods. Good quality. A great unit with pods to grow seedlings. Reusable.
  • catch tray
    I wish that the cone tray came with a catch tray for underneath the for watering
  • Cones Too short
    wish they were longer like the ones that came with the tray I bought originally
  • Life is easier for Poor old Country Boy Startup
    Planting small tree seedlings in Cone-tainers is easier when using this tray.
  • Life is easier for this Poor Old Country Boy
    Planted small tree seedlings in Cone-tainers - SC10R so I could keep a close watch until a better root ball develops.
  • Excellent Tray
    The tray keeps the containers well organized, and makes it very easy to transport them. Excellent product.
  • Total Satisfaction!!!!
    My first experience and a gratifying one...Easy to handle, saving space and deep roots...Thank you!!
  • Cone-tainers
    Great for starting tree seeds but a little small for acorns.
  • Great for seeds
    Purchased 4 sets with the stands for starting seeds, working great so far. Doing everything expected.
  • Rapid Plant Growth With These
    The best method I have found is to germinate the pepper and tomato seeds in a ziploc bag and then plant them in the ConeTainers. I'm using the 8.25 size & yes the roots grow straight down, fast!. Growth in these tubes is phenomenal, far better than any other method I have tried. I'm potting up from these to the deepots.
  • Great Seed-starting System
    Wish I had these earlier! The root system they promote makes for a very vigorous transplant...even works well for cloning larger cuttings.
  • Great for seedlings from trees to cacti to tomato
    The space saving and the re-usability qualities make this a winning product. When raising cactus, drainage is paramount, and this product delivers.
  • A Good Product
    The white cones were the right size for seedlings or small transplants. Very happy.
  • Cell pack
    So far after 2-3 weeks the cell packs are working wonderfully. 1st time in a long time about 90%-95% of my cuttings have new growth sprouting
  • Good material
    Is what I expected, good price for what you get. Same as what is used in commercial businesses.
  • Cone -tainers
    Good quality and very fast delivery
  • great product
    A neat and handy solution to deep rooted seedling starters.
  • Sturgeon River Campground & Resort
    Nice product.
  • Works Great!
    As advertised, putting the tubes and the tube holder together works nicely. It is clean and easy.
  • What you see is what you get
    Works as advertises. Suggest putting a bit of small gravel in bottom to help keep dirt in the conetainer
  • Great concept for starting seeds
    Have not yet put this thing to use, only just put the potting medium into the cells. It would have been nice to have a waterproof tray to set under the whole contraption for those of us not growing in a greenhouse
  • excellent deal
    Excellent product at a great price and super fast shipping couldn't get any better
  • cone-tainers
    Good value will buy again
  • cone holder
    very well made.
  • Saveing space
    THe trays and cells are reduced the space i use to propagate plants for fish & game depts.I have been using 1 gallon pots.
  • Cone-tainers Tray
    Great functional product. Allows tap-roots to shoot downward and grow better than most cloning trays commonly available. I wish it was made from hemp plastic, though.
  • landscape contractor
    Great product, works exactly as it's should- - trees, shrubs, plants, all do well.
  • landscape contractor
    Thanks greenhouse megastore for carrying this and other specialty items like these, that are so often hard to find, great products, great service, great staff.
  • landscape contractor
    Sturdy tray,easy to move around completely full/wet highly recommended!
  • Perfect pots
    I had trouble with root rot with other pots but with these tube no wet roots anymore. shipping is fast, a great price, I always go to the mega store first.
  • Good Product
    Worked Great
  • ConeTainers are great
    The cones have vertical ribs that prevent roots from circling. 98 of them are very compact in the tray. Seem very sturdy. Can't wait to start propagating raspberries, forsythia, and various native trees and shrubs.
  • deborah hardwick
    am using these for seedlings from my clematis hybridizing hobby and i think getting 98 plants in this space is perfect.
  • buyer
    This stand is very heavy duty and should stand up to use and abuse for many years. It's bigger than a standard 1020 tray, so I'll have to figure out something else to put underneath to catch water runoff when watering.
  • buyer
    I haven't had a chance to use these yet, but they appear to be good quality thick plastic that should be reusable for many years.
  • Perfect
    Was looking for an organized way to plant my Japanese Maple seeds, & the minute I saw these i knew I found exactly what I was looking for. Havent used them yet but have given the Tray and Cones a once over and they look perfect.
  • Cone-tainers
    As soon as I saw your product on line, I knew itwas just what I needed. The seedlings I cultivatedneeded space for an 8-10tap root. Conventional pots were not deep enough.I currently have 180 potted. Your product isgreat. The rack makes for good compact growing area. Thanks for a fineproduct.
  • Excellent
    Cone-tainer arrived in a big box along with the 98 cones as scheduled and announced via email. Product works as intended.