1020 Trays - Standard

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This traditional sized thermoformed tray is reliable and sturdy. Design allows community watering of pots, consistent bottom & side positioned drainage holes (or no holes) and easy, two-finger denesting. Both trays come with no center bar or side ribs. Select flats with or without holes. 11" W
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This traditional sized thermoformed tray is reliable and sturdy. Design allows community watering of pots, consistent bottom & side positioned drainage holes (or no holes) and easy, two-finger denesting. Both trays come with no center bar or side ribs. Select flats with or without holes.

  • 11" W x 21.37" L x 2.44" D
  • Thermoformed trays designed for consistent performance in automated filling and handling equipment.
  • Used with our inserts to create compact, efficient growing systems for Bedding Plants
  • 3 oz each
  • Thickness: 0.33 gauge (Standard)

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Reviews (436)
  • Bottom trays
    Arrived on time, good condition, and better quality than expected.Using the trays with drain holes 1 inch above the bottom for bottom watering potted plants.
  • Not pleased
    Durability is really bad. I have to use two trays and sometimes they still crack. Wouldn't buy again.
  • Quality has gone down
    In the past these trays have worked very well for us and have stood up well. The last few boxes we received were not the same quality. They were lighter and the corners cracked and ripped on many trays upon use. About 1/4 of the last box we opened had broken corners right out of the box. We did get them on sale, but still expect them to all be intact upon arrival.
  • Great Product
    This is a very heavy and well made tray that will hopefully last many, many years.
  • 1020 Trays
    I ordered these to have for my plant sale. I received them on time, but over 1/2 the case was damaged. The corners of the trays were torn, causing the water in them to pour out. I'm assuming this happened during shipping. Overall good heavy trays.
  • Quality Product and Service
    Items arrived in rapid time and all in perfect condition, exactly as I was hoping for.
  • Great trays
    I love these trays. They stand up to a lot of use. I realize my next comment will date me, but to quote John Cameron Swayze in the old Timex commercials They take a licking and keep on ticking.
  • love them
    These are perfect, will order more, but will get the ones with the holes
  • Great product
    Great product at a great price. Shipped quickly
  • Good value
    These were what I needed for my fodder growing project. Durable enough that I could drill holes where I needed to so that the water can flow from tray to tray. Similar items on the market were too expensive for my budget.
  • owner
    Trays were no where near heavy weight had to replace with different ones
  • Poor Quality
    Poor quality plastic not usable after being exposed to temperatures in mid 80s
  • good
    I ordered the light weight ones and the heavy ones. While the light ones are adequate, I much prefer the heavy duty ones. Very happy.
  • Product Quality
    Good heavy-weight for trays
  • So far so good!
    Great quality and quite durable, I'm very pleased and like dealing with Greenhouse Mega Store.
  • Great trays
    Perfect trays for small pots, sturdy and made well
  • Satisfied
    These trays are the perfect size for the shelves in my greenhouse. I would have preferred them to be a little higher than they are and a little more sturdy, but overall they do the job they were intended to do. Fast delivery service too.
  • 1020 Heavy Weight Trays
    Very nice trays at a great price. Will last for a few seasons.
  • excellant overall survice, price and value
    great price...good quality...excellent service. two thumbs way up!
  • Digger
    No holes trays I bought 10 of these and three of them leaked. Could be a little thicker.
  • Nice Trays
    These trays work great for holding the pots and are perfect for watering from the bottom up. They are a little thin, so you must support them good when lifitng and carrying.
  • all wet
    I ordered 10 no holes 10 X 20 trays of which 3 leak. Everything else I ordered was fine.
  • 1020 Trays
    I think for just plastic trays at almost a $1 piece they could be cheaper priced for bulk. I purchased 600 and almost 10% were broken when arrived due to not much packaging and being thin and fragile. GreenhouseMegaStore did send me the number that were cracked and I appreciate that. I wish there were 10X10 trays available because I primarily use them to sell transplants in and micro greens (for $.30-50 each). They are good for one season if you need something strong it's worth buying the harder plant trays available. I own 10 of the 2X4ft ones. They are GREAT but there are only a few sizes to choose from. Sometimes you need the cheaper ones but if you only need 10 I suggest paying $10-15 for a few larger long-term water trays.
  • Great product
    I am using the trays now and I can see they are a quality product.
  • great trays
    great trays best i have ever bought
  • great tray/ good price
    solid trays i am using for starting seedlings and as catch basins for larger containers at a wonderful price.
  • Great Pricing
    I teach a course Starting Plants from Seed. Greenhouse Megastore pricing has allowed me to offer this course for $10.00
  • Seed Starting Trays
    These trays are sturdy, quality made and well worth the price. Lower than any of the discount stores even with shipping. I was also impressed with how well packed they were for shipping. Really wasn't sure what to expect. Quality all the way! Thank you
  • Owner
    Organic farmingAll trays arrived in good condition an on time
  • Disappointed
    These trays were advertised as extra sturdy but are very flimsy and several tore on the first use. Very disappointed
  • Durable
    These trays are much more durable than I expected. I am more than satisfied with my purchase. I have purchased similar products before elsewhere. They were super flimsey and they costed much more. I will buy again in the future!
  • Satisfied
    As expected. These are standard 10x20 inch trays and they a little light weight, but as expected and a good value for the price.
  • buyer
    the green house plastic and trays i order were great quality, and just what i order.
  • 1020 trays
    These trays are a bit too flimsy for my purposes. I purchased a larger and much more durable type of trays in the past but did not find them on your site this time.
  • School House Farms
    Very sturdy will last a long time. Great price!
  • Farm Manager
    Products were delivered timely.
  • Juanita's Herb Growers
    very good.
  • 1020 Trays - no holes - Super product
    We love using these trays in our operation. They last a long time, under pretty extreme conditions.
  • Good product -1020 Trays &1020 6cell 12pack insert
    These appear to be a reasonably robust product. The 6 cell units come partly separated which allows for easy redistribution of cells. All in all, a very satisfactory procuct at a good price. I will buy from them again.
  • Great product!
    These trays are perfect for just about any seeding use. Very sturdy and hold up well for all my needs. Will purchase again!!
  • Trays
    No problems noted
  • Good product
    These trays are well made for the price and should serve our needs for several years.
  • 1020 trays
    I like the sturdiness of these trays. The ones I buy locally are flimsy which makes them difficult to carry with plants in them.
  • Trays for Sprouts
    Hubby has a new wintertime hobby .. growing sprouts. These trays are perfect! Our health gets a boost, too.
  • OK
    quality was of prime importance for this purchase, so far so goodgood price, fast shippingquality A-1
  • product great,service excellent
    using 3 trays to grow micro greens will add more trays to grow micro greens
  • Happy :)
    Exactly what I wanted. The catalog description was accurate. I am using the trays to start my seeds inside for early spring planting.
  • 1020 Trays - no holes- 10/pack
    These industry standard 1020 trays are exactly what you expect them to be when they arrive. Having the option of purchasing them with holes or no holes is great!
  • Just what I needed
    These trays are exactly what I needed. They are sturdy enough to hold 4 coir fiber pots to transport to a new house.
  • Great Fodder Trays
    I use these 1020 trays to grow barley fodder in the basement for my cow and chickens. They are quite sturdy and hold up well over the long term. They are also easy to clean.
  • OK
    These tray are average in quality because they will crack and split in the Florida heat. Not especially durable or strong
  • 1020 Trays standard no holes
    The product was as stated, good quality, durable. I used it under my plug trays. It does not fit exactly but it will work.
  • Greenhouse
    Wish could be more sturdy
  • Solid Product. Would buy again.
    The trays work great. I've been using them with 512-cell plug flats. The plug trays are very shallow and don't reach the bottom of the trays, so the plug flats sag a bit and the side of the flats bulged out. Yet, none of the trays broke, and they all retained their shape when I removed the 512-plug flats.I also used the trays to cary plants into the field to transplant starts. Volunteers dragged trays through the clay for multiple days and none are any worse for the wear.
  • Deryl
    received promptly and was exactly as specified and just what I wanted.
  • Great quality!
    I'm very pleased with this item, trays are great.
  • As expected
    Good price, delivered promptly, good service.
  • 1020 trays
    Recently ordered the 1020 trays twice and both times got dark black rigid trays that are completely different than the set of trays I originally ordered with this company. I really wish quality would stay on point because the trays from my first order are cracking on the edges and have always been very weak. I paid the same amount as in past times and I'm receiving better products but what about the money I spent in the first place?
  • Quality/Affordability
    Quick shipping. Saved a lot of money. Products were exactly as described in online catalog.
  • Must have for Seed Starting
    Tough enough to hold up for several seasons. Enables bottom watering of seedlings.
  • Nursery
    Love these trays used to have to double the old style to be sturdy enough . These are stronger and much better.
  • 1020 trays
    So I've ordered these trays multiple times and have noticed a complete change in the make. Originally when I first ordered, I received trays that were good but not great. I still needed more so a few months later I've gone back to order more and now they are much more rigid, a darker black and all around more sturdy for my transplanting needs. A little upsetting to get something different and better than what I've received in the past. Wish I had these to begin with. Also the trays have very sharp edges on the lip around the outside and I often cut myself carrying and sliding the trays into place so just a word of wisdom.
  • Excellent Product
    Very pleased with the quality of these trays. They are very sturdy and better than I expected. Highly recommend!
  • Great Product!
    Excellent product. Better than I expected. Sturdy! Highly recommend!
  • Good product
    These are very good quality and the price is very good as well. Green things are growing
  • Happy
    Good product, good price, arrived promptly.
  • Super trays
    I use these all the time to sow plants indoors and out and the are tough.
  • Great product, need more!
    The quality of these trays works for holding many sizes of pots and seed starting trays. Wish we had some more!!!
  • Fodder Trays
    We are using our 1020 trays for a fodder system to feed our livestock. They drain well, but the hoods keep the moisture in well enough to allow our wheat fodder grow quickly. The only draw back is that the holes are big enough to allow some wheat seed to fall through. So be careful of this.
  • Good product
    These work great and are sturdy. I've twisted them and banged them up a bit and every one of them has held up well so far. I've transplanted 2 cups of microgreens with them and used them as growing flats
  • 1020 Plastic trays
    Received fast. Customer service was very helpful. The trays are sturdy and exactly what I needed.
  • This is great
    These are hard to find where I live and if you do the are very expensive , I was so glad to locate them. They were just what I wanted.
  • Case flats w/holes
    Nice product. Prompt shipping. Will buy again.
  • wonderful product.
    great quality and i put them right to use.
  • perfect
    great quality, haven't had one break on me yet. Best price I've found so far
  • gardener
    These Trays are just what I was looking for. I love them and am very happy with them. I start my garden in small greenhouses. and then transplant them. I also restart the beets so they continue to grow. so that I can have many beets to can and also the beet greens. Thank you ....
  • I could not be more pleased
    I purchased the trays/ covers and Pots and am very pleased with all of the items.i would highly recommend them and this company to my gardening friends.
  • great trays
    These trays are a reasonable weight, not flimsy. They seem like a great value. I am very happy with them and anticipate several years of use.
  • just what I expected
    Perfect, just what I expected.
  • Arkie
    came quickly
  • Good Quality
    Excellent product. Much better than what you can get locally at a feed and seed or farm supply. The weight of the plastic is sturdier. The price from this vendor is the best I could find.
  • Mirv99
    I was surprised how sturdy these are.
  • mine
    great service and great products
  • inserts and trays
    best quality ever. I order on a regular basis for my garden needs.
  • Great tray
    Great tray for the price. Can be used over and over, just keep out of direct sunlight as it will break the plastic down.
  • Trays
    I love these trays they are sturdier than normal which means I don't have to double up on them. I am extremely happy with them and will order more when I need them.
  • 1020 tray, no hole black
    Good price, Not flimsy, but needs two hands for support, or the tray carrier. Good product.
  • Large trays
    Great buy, firm large trays. These are a thick plastic, holds various size pots. Love this site for all my garden needs!
  • Trays
    Good quality. Holds pots firm. will purchase more, great prices!
  • Great Company!
    First order placed with them and was very satisfied with speed and cost and quality!
  • Excellent choice
    Bought these for plants that needed to be put outside & then brought back in. Sturdy & perfect for my needs.
  • 1020 Trays
    The trays aren't as heavyweight as I expected and hoped for. They only last one season for me.
  • growing trays
    I use them to grow wheat grass for my chickens and they are very hardy.
  • Case of 100 1020 trays
    Good quality. Using for growing micro-greens. Fill half full of coco coir to keep the sprouting seeds damp.
  • Nice!
    Could be a little stronger.
  • Good product, delivered promptly.
    Good product, delivered promptly.
  • Owner
    Working on buying more.
  • Products just as described
    Exactly what I ordered and needed.Quick shipping.
  • Excellent quality will buy again
    They are very solid and durable, I love them and will buy again. A great product for a great price!
  • 1020 Trays w/ Holes
    When I received my trays a few had been damaged in shipping. I called customer service and within about one minute they had already sent a replacement order to their warehouse. How is that for customer service! Very happy with the product and the easy with which I got my replacement trays.
  • Good value
    Good value, company has great customer service
  • Use when you don't want your planys sitting in wat
    Tray with holes is very useful for when I am starting seeds. My plants aren't sitting in water so I don't have gnats.
  • Good
    Works well as intended, but plastic rim and corners tend to split under stress.
  • Very Good Product
    These trays are so much superior to the ones I have purchased at a local DIY store. They are very sturdy and fit my greenhouse needs perfectly.
  • Just what I needed
    I wanted 1020 trays to underwater some #806 deep cell inserts. The trays are decently durable - the quality I was expecting. They've been outside for 3 months now and still don't show any wear and tear. I plan to use the same ones again next time.And, in case you were wondering, they float, even with a sheet of cells full of dirt and plants in them (we had a flash flood - but all were saved).
  • Perfect seedling tray
    Convenient tray for starting vegetable or flower plants.
  • Very flimsy
    I do not like those, unfortunately. The edges get damaged very quickly. If you intend to use them for cells that are deeper than the standard 72/sheet, save your money and look for something more sturdy. The deeper cells (36/sheet, deep) hold more soil and hence, are heavier. After watering it's even worse, and if you need to move them around, these will brake/crack at the top, even if you are super careful. I bought them to go with the 36 cell pack, which I also purchased a set of, and unfortunately, almost half of them are already cracked. Greenhousemegastore should be upfront about this. The cells are good. These trays are pretty much useless if you need to move them around. I don't expect to last more than one season, which is disappointing. I am a repeat buyer and I am pleased with other products I purchased (hundreds of pots, wiggle wire, channels, cell packs), but these are by far the biggest waste of money. I read the Q/A section and made my decision based on this, but Greenhousemegastore totally misrepresented this product, as I start seeds inside and then I needed trays to move them back and forward+hold the water. Once ripped, it tears down and no longer holds the water, making them unusable for my purpose. I wish I could have returned them, but I purchased them ahead of time, just to be sure they won't be out of stuck when I needed them.
  • Trays
    Exactly the product I was looking to buy. Shipping and packaging were all that was offered, and I'm usisng my product today. Will order again.
  • Great product
    These trays were perfect for my plants. Price was good and delivery was very fast.
  • Very nice to have
    We purchased trays with no holes to use as flats in our school greenhouse. These are somewhat flexible, and will tear or split if pulled on at a corner with just one hand. Our 3rd-8th graders quickly learned to always handle using BOTH hands. Great deal.
  • 1020 trays 10 pack
    The trays came very quickly and were packed with environmentally sound materials. I was glad to see that they were packed with brownish, possibly not dyed paper. Thank you for your sensible decision about using just paper for packing and no more than necessary. Good job!
  • nice but some were faulty
    The trays are nice & durable. i would have rated it a 5 except I ordered 20 trays and 2 had a hole in one corner approx 1-1/2 in diameter
  • mirco greens trays
    great for my mirco greens
  • Great Trays for seed starting
    These trays are sturdy and hold a variety of seed starting sets...Easy to carry with all the seedlings...espcially when hardening off outside.
  • Nice trays
    These trays are great for sitting pots in. They are sturdy, and hold a lot of run-off when I water my plants.
  • 1020 tray no hole
    Great product nice and heavy duty trays can fit 27 9oz cups in each tray and for the price you can't beat it. I will be ordering many more trays.
  • Nice trays.
    Great for sitting a couple of potted herbs in. Just be sure to lift the heavy pots out before moving the tray, or it will give, crack, and the pots will fall out. Only reasonable. They hold plenty of run-off in case your plants are fast-draining.
  • Quality Product
    These are very good quality trays for the price.
  • Perfect
    The 1020 trays you sell are better quality then other sellers
  • Black Trays Were Great
    I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of this product for the price. I will buy again.
  • Good trays
    Trays are good. We double ours up for extra protection.
  • Perfect for starting seeds!
    Exactly what I expected. I started my seeds in these and intend to transplant 1x before planting out. Great product. I will buy these again. Bottom watering is genius!
  • Good trays
    I buy these trays all the time for bottom watering my plants.
  • smooth
    Great price and product
  • Excellent product
    Excellent quality, I am using these to grow vegetables in my greenhouse for our family use. GREAT price
  • Beginning of my patch
    Retired old stuff, bought several systems from Greenhouse Megastore, have almost 90%+ growing seedlings in five days!
  • Great Product
    Great product. I used these in conjunction with the 1020 w/ holes and deep inserts. They are made of durable plastic that will last more than a few years. Again very happy with this product.
  • Flats for plants
    great product. so far all of them are in good condition and have plants growing in them.
  • Too shallow
    The trays are as advertised, good quality but I wish they were a little deeper.
  • Great Price For The Right Trays
    I run a small microgreens business and I needed a lot of trays to get me started. These trays have held up, are serving me well, and are great quality. And what a fantastic price! When I need another set in the future, this is my source.
  • Good trays for fodder
    I've been using these trays for my fodder system for a couple years. I just poke holes in the drain end and let it run into the next tray.. works great.. had to replenish my supply..
  • Split easily
    I received the order and about a 1/4 of the trays were split at the corner. I don't know if is the weight from shipping or what but rather disappointing.
  • trays
    Very fast delivery, better quality than I expected.
  • Trays
    Just what I wanted!
  • Tracy
    I am thrilled with the trays. Nice and sturdy, way better then the ones I use to buy at Walmart!!!
  • Sturdy
    Oh I like these. Much more substantial than those purchased in kits at the store.
  • Great quality and value
    The trays are strong plastic and were a good price.
  • Trays and square pots
    Getting ready to start tomatoes and peppers and these trays and pots look to be better than what I used for the last few years. I'm sure I will order again!
  • Totally Satisfied
    Product arrived when it was suppose to arrive. Very pleased with product.
  • Seed trays
    Seed trays were a bit heavier than some of the competitors and at a very affordable price
  • 1020 Trays for Fodder
    I use the 1020 trays with holes to grow fodder in. The holes are large enough to drain well but small enough that the wheat seeds do not fall through. I do wish they were a little stronger but so far these are the best quality for price I have found.
  • Trays
    While the size is perfect, it would be nice if the trays were a bit sturdier.
  • 1020 trays
    Your 1020 trays were more sturdy than other distributors. The price was better also.
  • Misfit
    The tray was trimmed too long to use the dome from the factory and we had to trim the edges 1/8 of an inch. Not a big deal but a pain to figure it out and then re-size them.
    I have been purchasing items from Greenhouse Mega Store for years. Great products, great quality and fantastic prices.
  • Good value
    I use these for seed starting. They are a little thin if you need to move them around a lot (I double them for moving). They are good for in the greenhouse or on a windowsill. Great value for your money.
  • These are great
    I use these to carry my seedling trays, also purchased here. They are made to fit and work great. Not unbreakable, but fit for purpose. I also got some of the slotted ones which are great for watering the sprouts. The various dome lids are also working out great for keeping my sprouts safe, warm and humid until they are ready to face the light.
  • Plant trays
    Couldn't believe how quickly my order arrived! In perfect conditon. Thanks!
  • 1020 trays
    good product, light weight for my use, need HD 1020 trays, got any?
  • 1020 trays no holes
    Very durable and long lasting
  • Happy
    I am very happy with the product. And will shop with you more often
  • wheatgrass trays with no holes
    great trays and sturdy for the money
  • Great Product
    These trays are great for working our seedlings in. We use a variety of pot sizes and they work with all of them. The packaging should have been better to avoid breakage but Greenhouse Megastore sent replacements for the broken ones so we're all good!
    It took a couple of weeks to get these open flats but I have them now land using them already. They are quite sturdy and I expect to get several uses out of each one. I recommend this company to anyone doing seed propagation and greenhouse gardening.
  • 1020 trays
    Great product, heavy duty, use over and over.
  • trays
    these trays are excellent and I use them in my greenhouse for seed growth
  • great product
    these trays are sturdier than I expected.I am using these to grow fodder for my chickens. they work great.
  • Great Product
    These trays are exactly what I had hoped they would be. Strong and sturdy. Thank you Greenhouse Megastore for making these affordable!
  • Sturdy!
    Well made. These will hold up for years. Only use them for starting seed for the yard and garden in late winter.
  • 1020 trays and flats
    These trays and flats are perfect for wicking the African violets that I grow. I love them. They make my life easier.
  • industry standard quality
    These are on par with most others I've seen and the best price I've found. they lasted 2 years for me and I wasn't really careful with them. if you take good care of them I could see getting 3 or 4 years of use. I wish they were a little sturdier, but I haven't seen any around that are better, so can't really complain.
  • Trays
    The trays worked exactly as I needed them to for watering seedlings.
  • Great!
    These trays are great for putting loose pots on for proper drainage purposes.
  • 50 cell seed holders
    Good does the job would order again
  • 1020 trays
    Good does the job would order again
  • Mrtomatohead
    These trays worked wonderful for my tomato business. Great prices and fast service
  • U asked
    strong ,works well with incert.
  • Seed Starting
    Excellent Quality. I have been ordering these for several years. Greenhouse Megastore is by far the best price for this item. Additionally, their shipping is extremely quick too!
  • good stuff
    what is their to say best prices fastest shipping
  • Best Trays for the Money
    I love these trays! They're a little more durable than some of the other trays out there; I'm able to carry a tray full of 2 soil blocks with no trouble, which are quite heavy. They work with the flimsy plastic inserts and that's a great combination to use for seeding as well. You can use them for many years (they should probably be disinfected) and there's probably a billion different uses.
  • 1020 tray with drain holes
    Nice quality. The only reason I did not give a 5 is because I haven't had them long enough to know how they hold up in sunlight.
  • best product for price
    I recently purchased a good hand full of the 1020 trays and traditional inserts and they were both delivered in a good speed and they were good quality even better quality then some of the other trays that were more expensive from other places. very happy!
  • Good product
    The shipping and packaging was good and fast. The trays could be a little stronger but this would probably increase the price point which was the attraction.
  • Gayheart
    Love them! Exactly what I wanted
  • Helping Critters
    We grow organic greens for a rabbit rescue group that find homes for abandoned domestic bunnies. These taller pots take up the same space as a 4 pot but give you twice as much room for roots so I can grow more lettuce. This is the only company that I could find that have these pots.
  • 1020 Trays with NO HOLES
    I use these trays with the jiffy pellets and insert to start vegetable plants in. They hold moisture when using the high dome clear covers. The trays transfers the heat from the heat mat to the jiffy pellets and creates a high humidity atmosphere terrific for growing seedlings.
  • great buy
    Best deal around for a quality product....and shipping time was super quick.....5 stars
  • greentray
    A little thin but exactly what I needed.
  • Small farmer
    I was very pleased with price. and product. I had one tray that had a hole in it, I'm sure it was a factory glitch, other than that they were great!
  • Flat Trays
    Trays are just as good as any other you may find & probably cheaper. But I did not like the fact that when I went back to possibly buy more the price had went up.
  • Just what I needed!
    These trays are great for a wide variety of uses. We are using them to grow wheatgrass and microgreens, and they are working great. You can drill holes in the bottom if you want drainage, and their price simply can't be beat. Shipped to me in about a week. Couldn't ask for better!
  • pleased
    the trays are very good trays and the service is absolutely wonderful I would and will order from them again and do recommend
  • Strong and reusable
    Buy the box store trays was a every year thing . These are twice as heavy and should last years
  • Works Great
    They are trays. Works perfect for what I wanted them for which was holding my seed starting pots. Not the most solid trays but are pretty sturdy for the price.
  • fodder
    I am using the trays to grow fodder. The price is good but I do wish they were heavier duty. They will bend and twist easily. So far none have broken but I do not see them lasting a long time.
  • Great trays
    These trays are a great find. They are light weight but still last a number of years. You can keep plenty on hand with a such a reasonable price.
  • Farm Manager
    Excellent product, plastic could be heavier gauge so it won't crack so easy after couple uses.
  • Great Trays
    I have ordered these trays twice and have been very happy with each order. You will not be sorry with these trays.
  • Great but larger size than I expected
    These trays are great. I just thought they were standard size, and being a suburbanite, I didn't realize that from the description. If I worked with these trays all the time, I would have known. So I am currently just using one of the trays instead of the 3 I ordered, but I am sure I will have use for them later.
  • work great
    Worked great but 2 were damaged in shipping
  • 1020 trays Standard weight with holes
    I am using these trays for growing fodder, so I need to empty them and fill them again once a week. They are flimsier than I was hoping for, and it doesn't look like they will stand up to repeated re-using. They were very inexpensive, and if I'm very careful I can probably get maybe a dozen uses out of them. I need to find a more sturdy tray of the same size, with holes, and that still doesn't cost too much. These trays were still very good for what they cost.
  • Plant trays No holes
    Very substantial; great value and price.
  • BEWARE: Terrible Quality
    I bought a lot of these because I sell plants and use these trays under the pots so I can water indoors without worry. I have lights hanging on open shelves, and it would be dangerous to have water leaking below. The trays were SO thin & flimsy, especially in the corners, that I could see the pink of my finger through it on the other side. Some were so thin to the point of small holes, they were so flimsy. When I got them, the corners were crushed in like an accordion, from just shipping. Useless!
  • trays
    the trays were a nice size, but I could not use them because the holes in them were too big and my fodder seeds fell right threw them.
  • 1'x2' trays and covers
    Pleased with these products. They work well. Delivery was prompt.
  • Collin County Master Gardener
    I run a class for 50 students on Propagation. These trays are some of the best I have found for the money.
  • growing trays
    I use these trays to grow my wheat grass, sunflower sprouts and micro greens. They are excellent for this and last for several years.
  • Best price I could find anywhere
    I bought one of these along with a Perma-Nest 1020 (beige) tray. This tray does not fit perfectly within the Perma-Nest tray, but it is close enough for me. I place this tray on top of the sturdier Perma-Nest tray to catch water and they work very well together.
  • Tray review
    These trays seem to be made of a diferent material than the ones I have always used. I say this because all of mine are always stored in my unheated greenhouse. The new batch was set on one of the benches, under a shaded cover, and they warped out of shape from the heat. I have never had this happen ever before, so my conclusion is that the plastic used is of inferior quality to the one previously used. I am disappointed.
  • Quality lightweight trays
    These are quality trays, better than the Jiffy trays you get with seed kits. So far, I have had no problems. I use them for seed starting and for hardening plants outdoors--flowers and vegetables. Greenhouse Megastore ships fast and delivers what they advertise. I recommend this company and its products to amateur gardeners like myself.
  • Great Find
    These trays are perfect for watering my six packs of plants. Just enough moisture to keep my plants healthy until planting.
  • 1020 Trays
    These trays are wonderful to bottom water my seedling, fits into the shelf of my small small greenhouse. Great price too
  • 1020 trays
    quick delivery, good quality
  • Heavy Duty Home Gardener
    These 1020 Trays are really nice. Heavier duty than those I found in the Big Box Stores. The no-hole design is great for bottom watering seedlings. TIP: if you have older, slightly damaged 1020 trays, place your new ones inside them for protection from wear. These should last me many seasons.
  • As advertised
    I give a 5/5 since they were what I expected. That said, I've always wished these trays were a bit sturdier, since I use them to sit pots in, in an outdoor hydroponic situation.
  • plastic trays
    Just like you get at a nursery. Works well just don't over load.
  • Planting trays-no holes
    Price is great!The trays are good, better than the trays that you get with Jiffy pots. But when you have them loaded with plants they tend to start wobbling if you're carrying; strictly two handed or cart recommended.Highly recommend Greenhouse Megastore's for price, service, and reasonable shipping costs.
  • Good trays
    These trays are much more solid and durable than others I have tried, and the price was good. I expect to get several years' use out of them.
  • Great!
    Fast shipping, great communication, great product! Will buy from again!
  • Great Sturdy Trays
    These trays are the best. Easy to lift even when fully loaded with plants.
  • Perfect product
    These trays were exactly what we needed. Great price & quick shipping.
  • ms.
    great price. awesome quality.
  • 1020 trays
    These are nice and very rigid. They should last several seasons. I wouldn't hesitate recommending them to friends. These are nicer than most out there in the market.
  • home gardener
  • 1020 trays
    Durable and good to start seeds in or put molded individual plant trays in.
  • Only OK
    Not thick enough to move loaded with any confidence. Much thinner than other trays I've used, I'll look for another supplier.
  • Good product
    These trays met my needs at a price I could afford. I grow 50+ flats of seedlings for a not-for-profit plant sale. While I'd prefer a little more sturdiness, these trays give me what I need at an reasonable price.
  • Great quality
    These trays are very nice and heavier than any others I have used.
  • Secretary
    Excellent quality and a great price. Will buy from again.
  • works
    Tray is made of thick plastic and holds the plants.
  • 1020 Trays
    The 1020 trays were not as sturdy as I was hoping but for the price they are great.
  • 1020 Trays
    These trays are much more sturdy than the ones that you can buy at Walmart or Lowes. Could still be a little sturdier yet, but still are good trays.
  • worth the decent price!!
    Good quality good price!!!
  • 1020 Trays
    Great quality. Great Price. Super Fast Shipping!
  • CEO
    Great trays to plant seeds for your seedlings. Excellent value and very sturdy for the price. I wish that I had found Greenhouse Megastore years ago so that I did not have to go through the hassle looking for what I need for my plants. You have a customer for life.Sincerely,Paul Svejda
  • Great value
    These 1020 trays, inserts and domes work perfectly for starting veggie seedlings and are very economical. The domes & trays last several years & I usually get 2-3 seasons' use with the inserts.Quick delivery too.
  • 1020 Trays
    Nice substantial tray appears to be well built. Fast shipping.
  • Sturdy Trays
    These trays are built to last, and the price is perfect, too!
  • small order
    I ordered two items they came in two shipments, was a little confusing and took a little longer than I expected. The items are good quality and I would order more.
  • Worth the price
    Trays are substantial enough to carry a fairly heavy load. Would buy again!
  • Great Tray, Great Price
    Very nice trays for the price. Should last several years with a little care.
  • great trays
    these are heavy duty trays that i use for carnivorous plants that need to be kept hydrated
  • best
    received very quick,the trays are holding up better than others i have bought,i water from the bottom and these trays are thick and heavy enought to handle this. will order again when i need more things
  • Double up.
    Great for holding seed cell trays, if kept in place. If moving I recommend doubling up to make it studier for easy transport.
  • Purchaser
    excellent product and prompt service
  • Trays with holes
    Really thought they would be more durable.
  • 1020 Trays
    Excellent product. Very satisfied with quality.
  • 11 x 22 Trays no holes
    Good quality for price.
  • Very good product
    These trays are nice and sturdy.
  • Great Quality and Best Price
    Greenhouse Megastore has the best price I've seen on these trays anywhere else, and they seem to be more durable than others I've bought in the past. They also arrived quickly.
  • 1020 Trays
    For the money, these trays are fine. I don't expect them to hold up for a long time with average to heavy use. But what can one expect to get for a little over a dollar apiece?
  • Great
    These trays are great and sturdy. Also a great price. I start all my plants indoors with the inserts and these trays are underneath. I water the plants always from the bottom putting just enough water so that I don't have to dump any water out of the tray when finished. Then when the plants are big enough and the season is right I use the trays to take the plants out into the garden. The inserts and trays go hand in hand. I have even brought plants from the stores in 6 and 9 packs and placed them in these trays so that I could easily transport them all at the same time and not get my car seats dirty.
  • Seed starting trays
    Product was what I was looking for. Was sent to me quickly and in very good shape. I'm happy with Greenhouse Megastore service. I do not know how they are with returns because everything that I have ordered was in good shape and what I ordered, but if I did need to return anything I'm sure they would be very easy to deal with and fix anything that was wrong.
  • Quality trays
    Good quality trays, strong enough to hold my seedlings. If you wanted them for anything heavier, such as rocks, they probably would not hold up. For the purpose of starting seedlings they are fantastic though. I would highly recommend buying from Greenhouse Megastore, they shipped everything quickly and I feel they have really good prices.
  • 1020 trays
    1020 trays arrived promptly and were standard in every way!
  • trays w/o holes
    I am pleased with the construction / weight so far. I have been pleased overall with this company's merchandise.
  • 1020 Trays
    Great price, fast shipping. I ordered the trays w/o drainage holes. They seem to be sturdier than the trays I normally purchase at a local home improvement store.
  • Solid & Durable
    Great price, too. We bottom water when starting seeds and trays get moved all the time. Even with 6 cups of water and 72 cell starters, no problems at all.
  • Good basic trays
    These are your standard 1020 trays without holes. They are thicker than the old ones I have been using. Looks like they should work just fine. Great price.
  • Trays are sturdy
    I have bought trays from different places over the years and these are the sturdiest I have seen for the price. They do not have weak spots at the corners which have holes or get holes later. Very happy :)
  • Great!
    Great Price! Great Tray!
  • ?
    just what I wanted . fast delivery. good price
  • 1020 trays and clear domes
    Trays and clear domes showed up on time and were just what I wanted. Both were good quality and should last several seasons.
  • best price
    I buy these every year and mgh has the best price ive found
  • 1020 Trays, no holes
    We use these trays to hold a reservoir of water to get young plants through our hot dry winter days here in SW Florida. I have purchased similar trays from other suppliers for way more money. These trays are a decent weight and seem sturdy. We haven't been using them for more than a couple of months so I can't say yet just how well they hold up over the long haul but at this point I am quite pleased. We also like the fact that we can order quantities less than a full case but still at a fair price. I have ordered these trays twice already and I'm about to place another order, that's how pleased I am.
  • Durable and sturdy trays
    Using these trays in my hothouse for the winter. They easily hold 6- 2 qt pots, and carrying is easy as they are reasonably sturdy. The quality from this site is always good. This is my second purchase, and I will continue to shop with them.
  • Good value
    The same thickness as the ones in stores at three times the price they are a great value. I use them in my home greenhouse for 2 and 4 seed pots and under larger pots that need the extra humidity.
  • Amazing Customer Service
    The Customer service and the delivery was fast. The content of my purchase was impeccable. Will order from here again.
  • Just as expected!
    Excellent quality, will buy from again!
  • Good Value
    These are terrific and the price is great.
  • owner
    no comment
  • Micro Greens catch tray
    Great value, reasonable shipping, THanks!
  • Better Than Expected
    Fast Delivery. Great Price. Better than expected plastic thickness.Very happy with purchase!
  • 10x20 trays
    Trays were more affordable however I cannot see them lasting. One tray dropped from a height of about three feet nearly broke in half. We are new to the business and these trays were all we could afford at this time, but not good quality.
  • buyer
    Just your standard 1020 tray although the plastic seems a bit thinner than trays I've bought elsewhere.
  • 1020 trays
    could be a little stronger
  • Tray
    Just what I needed. And, the price was great! Definitely will be a return customer.
  • Great for growing wheatgrass
    These trays were much better quality than the flimsy trays I bought at a local greenhouse. So far they haven't split, and I'm not particularly careful. My wheatgrass is growing well.
  • Trays
    Good quality trays. No complaints.
  • Great
    Great product. Sturdy and efficient!
  • As Expected
    Bought these to put homemade soil blocks in for seed starting. They are holding quite a bit of weight but well supported on hardware cloth. After handling for a few weeks they are all holding up well and no cracking or splitting. This was the best price I could find.
  • very handy
    I am using this on my salad table to grow microgreens. Works great.
  • Excellent
    This is the exact product I needed. I highly recommend these trays.
  • greenhouse trays
    These are perfect for starting seedlings with jiffy pots.
  • Reasonable Quality for the Price
    I use these trays to sprout fodder for my sheep on my small farm in Texas. They are just the right size and can easily handle 2lbs of seed. The 7 day growth weighs in at about 10 - 12 lbs. This is about the most these trays could be expected to handle. They are a bit flimsy and I do use them every day. However, I am careful in my handling and always mindful of their limited strength, so they seem to be lasting with no breakage so far. I have recommended this tray (and this site) to others who are looking to start working with fodder for their livestock.
  • Great Price
    Great product thicker than others around. Shipping is fast.
  • Solid trays
    Primary use is for holding plants in 3 pots, of course, but I use them for seed starting, transporting tools, storing small items and more. They're sturdy enough for my needs.
  • Super strong trays
    Super strong. Well worth it.
  • Nice quality trays
    Very nice quality, good price. Love ordering from Greenhouse Megastore!
  • pleased
    received fast,very happy with my trays!
  • 1020 trays
    Received shipment (2) promptly. Merchandise was exactly as described. Very Pleased.
  • 1020 Trays
    I bought these, along with the domes and inserts. Put simply these are excellent quality and excellent value for money. Note I have a MINOR (note the capitals) problem in that the trays flex slightly when filled with the inserts and compost. I say minor because they ARE sturdy and I do not think you are likely to be throwing these around as if it were a cat litter tray anyway. They are good and they do the job VERY well.
  • Fantastic
    Hands down the best products, prices, and service every time I order!
  • Iowana Farmer
    Sturdy. Be sure to use 1020 basket underneath if sliding around on rough surface. Small holes can be sanded into the edges. Then what's the point?
  • Great products!
    Trays are sturdy and hold up well for more than one gardening seasoning - always pleased with the fast service too!
  • Quality bargain
    These standard-size trays are thicker-walled and more durable than those sold at local stores. But the ridges on the bottom are not well spaced for Landmark 3 inch pots which tip easily. OK for larger pots.
  • Trays
    Just what I needed for starting my indoor plants
  • Terri
    Great product at a great price. In addition to being lightweight, yet stable, 8 cowpots perfectly fit on each tray.
  • The Best
    Not only is their products the best their shipping and customer service is outstanding!
  • Quality Product
    The trays are perfect for starting my vegetable plants!!
  • Trays and Grow Paks
    Sounds weird but I bought these items to use for ornament storage. I purchased two different sizes two aid in organization and storage. I then store all in plastic bins. Works great.
  • trays
    dont leak
  • So far so good
    I received these trays promptly and used them with a 50 cell flat. Very sturdy and no leaks, which is important since I am using these in my apartment with hardwood floors. The black plastic helps collect passive solar heat to keep the seedlings warm. I hope I am able to reuse them next year, but for now they get a five from me.
  • Perfect For Fodder
    Got these trays to use in our fodder system - they are just a tad bit flimsier than I would like (already cracked one this morning) but considering we have been using them for nearly a month now, and for what we are doing, they are perfect AND a good price!
  • just what i wanted
    nice sturdy trays. arrived within days. just what i wanted. i am veryhappy
  • 1020 trays
    Solid materials with no worry of flex or splitting
  • Flats with no holes
    These are great and the price is also good.
  • What I was looking for
    Exactly what I needed at a good price. The product arrived in a timely fashion. Shipping cost was high but within reason. But shipping always seems high to me for this type of product.
  • 1020 Trays
    These are sturdy trays that will last for multiple growing seasons. Can get with or without drainage holes. Love them!
  • Good basic seed trays
    These are good basic seed trays. No too flimsy but not hard sturdy plastic. I use two trays to hold my seedling pots for better stability when carrying the filled trays.
  • Standard Trays
    I would prefer the Daisy tray nest inside the standard instead of vice versa. I like to water and feed by placing the flat into a bath instead of from above. Trays are stout enough for ferquent moving and handling. I'm pleased with my purchase and will send more business to this vendor.
  • Owner, Dearing Farms
    Ordered planting flats and strips for watermelon seed germination. I promptly received the plastic and in stock Jiffy strips.
  • Good
    Service was very quick, sturdy, no sharp edges like some others.
  • Great Trays
    These are nicest sturdy 1020 trays, and at the best price, even with shipping. Will easily last more than 1 season.
  • Great Price
    Great product and great price.
  • Trays
    Good quality sturdy trays. Great price. Outstanding shipping service!
  • Christy
    Simply Great product, fits well in my green house.
  • Planting Trays
    These trays are just what I expected. They hold up for a while if you are very careful.
  • 1020 Trays
    I had been looking for good quality trays for years and have finally found some at Greenhouse Megastore. The last time I found quality trays was in 1995. Thank you G.M.Tom A.
  • Very sturdy
    This product I recommend to all gardeners who need plant flats the shipping was great and I received the package 3 days after I submitted my order.
  • trays
    I ordered 20 1020 trays. The order arrived right on time, but only half were shipped. I immediately contacted the company, the shortage was confirmed and the other half was shipped immediately. Great service. The product meets my needs. I use a daisy tray for the potted plants for extra support. I still use the heavier green trays which I have had for about 15 years. That is my preference, the 1020 do well if added support is given. This is a good company. Would do business with them again.
  • 1020 Trays w/no Holes
    I've been using these type of trays for many years now. The only complaint I have for them is that they are way too thin on the bottom. I'm always getting tiny little pin holes in the bottoms. Thus they are of no use to me then.
  • Leland
    Fast delivery, Quality product at the right price
  • Jill@Trinity Ranch
    Great sturdy trays, BEST price, Low cost fast shipping right to my Ranch. Excellent
  • Good quality / good price
    This was exactly what I expected. Shipped promptly. Had a couple trays damaged in transit. Called Greenhouse Megastore same day. They immediately sent out replacements. Very good service! Very good product.
  • Sturdy
    Sturdy trays were received perfect & promptly
  • Support trays
    Very strong and thick material adds the needed support and water for the plug tray.
  • ok product
    the size of the product is great, I wish it were of better quality as I can reuse them only 2 times.
  • dissapointed
    1)not as rigid as i expected!with tray full of flowers you will have to put both hands underneath tray to support weight.2)only purpose of tray is to hold water !
  • trays
    very happy with the service and the article I received. Will be glad to order from them again
    great price and quality
  • just what I wanted
    Sturdy trays for the price.
  • Honest company
    8mm poly carb was shipped on time and no damage, crate was very strong.Great products and shipping is fast.Would order from them again?Yes yes yes..
  • 1020 trays revisited
    I wrote the last review stating I had received damaged trays. I felt a follow up review was needed. Greenhouse Megastore is one of those few companies today that actually cares about their customers. I received a phone call this morning regarding my previous review and I have some new trays on the way. Greenhouse Megastores has earned my customer loyalty for life. It's the small thing in life that seem to add up and matter and this company gets it. The customer service rep that called was very helpful and very nice to talk to. Thank you so much Anita.
  • Nice Trays!
    The trays are sturdy and convenient for seed starting. I would definitely order again, but I plan to use these over and over for quite awhile.
  • 1020 standard weight trays.
    THe trays themselves are good. I ordered 10 trays, 10 deep plug flats, and 10 humidity domes. The items were crammed into the shipping box very tightly and the corners of about half the trays broke open, which means they leak. The box was in good shape when it arrives so it appears that the trays were runied during packing. :( Really annoying but hardly worth a phone call.
  • Great Trays
    Way better than anything local, nice and sturdy and even with paying shipping, still cheaper than purchasing locally.
  • Love these trays
    I have used these trays for a few years and just love them. They are sturdy and the right size for all my seedlings. They hold up great when I have to carry plants in and out of the greenhouse. They are well worth the money.
  • trays
    Until I get to use these over the winter, I won't be able to give a true review. As long as they don't leak I'll be very happy.
  • Great product!
    Wonderful trays! They are perfect for my hydroponic tables.
  • Nice Trays
    Sturdy, Strong, Nice Trays; very pleased.
  • Michael
    very happy with theses.I am growing various pepper plants from ssed and these fit inti my schedeule beautifully,anlomg with the liners,i would and do recommend this company to my friends
  • Sturdy, quality flats
    These are sturdy, quality flats compared to other 1020 flats I've tried.
  • Gardener
    I have used these 1020 trays for three years now and have found that they're heavier and stronger than some premium trays. Excellent for starting seedlings. Perhaps the lowest price on internet for these trays is from Greenhouse Megastore, plus super fast shipping.Curt
  • 1020 Reviews
    Very pleased with this product
  • Volkmar
    These trays are the best.I use them as sets, a solid one with another one with holes inside of it, and then some spacers in between.This setup prevents overwatering
  • 1020 seedling trays comparison
    If you are like me you want to find an online store where you can purchase these trays at the best possible price, but at the same time you don't want to sacrifice quality and durability to get it. So as a test, I ordered some 1020 trays from multiple different online vendors. I found that you could pay considerably more for similar trays (and humidity covers) from many other vendors, but none were thicker or sturdier than those sold here, unless you purchased the super premium models that list for almost $10 per tray. Even then, nesting 4 Megastore trays together was the equivalent in stiffness to the premium tray, but still at less than half the cost. Comparing the stiffness one on one against other vendors' standard, but more expensive 1020 trays, showed the Megastore trays to be as good and as rigid as any, and in some cases even more so, despite their very reasonable and competitive pricing. Quality control was good also, none in my shipment were defective. As has been mentioned in other reviews, you can nest a 1020 flat inside a web flat (daisy tray), but the squared off corners of the web flats won't allow them to nest inside the standard no-holes flats, they leave a gap below of about an inch and a half if you try. I also found the Megastore shipping charges to be the lowest of any in the group I ordered from, with delivery faster by one to two days, despite the distance shipped being about equal.
  • Herbal Witch
    These work great for seed starting and I can usually get several years use from each--providing I don't pull off and on shelf too much--OR step on them.
  • Purchaser
    Excellent product...sturdy. Fast delivery, just as ordered. Competitive prices.
  • quality trays
    very nice trays. durable
  • Flower Barn
    I liked the trays and they are solid as advertised. But I found one tray right in the middle of the case that was severely broken while all of the other trays were in perfect condition.
  • 1020 trays
    I wish they were a little sturdier.I like to reuse them year after year. Unlikely they will go a second or third year.
  • Manufactures Defect
    Of the ten trays one had holes and did not hold water. The plastic was to thin on one end of the tray.
  • As is
    As description, quality shipping.
  • Great service and quality
    Service was great and quick and product (trays)are very good quality and exactly as described. I will be ordering again.
  • Satisfied
    Reasonably priced, sturdy. I will be able to clean and use these again.
  • great prices
    Great prices including shipping and great product. Recommend any time!
  • 1020 Trays w/no Holes
    This is not the first time I've ordered these trays from Greenhouse Megastore, and probably won't be the last. They serve my needs and I usually find more than one use for them. They arrived one time, too.
  • goodstuff
    very good
  • 90277
    Love them - will keep ordering as my nursery demands!
  • good deal
    good quality, just what I needed. Will be able to get multiple uses with these trays. Thank you.
  • flats
    I am please with the quality of this produce.
  • Greenhouse trays
    The trays are perfect and were shipped promptly. I've had nothing but good experiences with Greenhouse Megastore.
  • 1020 Trays and Daisy Trays
    Both are what I needed and were of the quality I expected.
  • Trays versatile
    These trays are versatile for hydroponic growing. Can be washed and reused. Just need to have the same kind of tray with and without holes. If they are different in design the tray with holes does not fit as well into the ones without as we ship them out with our prduct that way to keep water in the plants but not on the shipping box.
  • 10x20 trays
    These trays are excellent for use with grow pads and hydroponics. Only problem comes when you mix the kinds of trays. We use one without holes and place the one with inside for shipping and if they are not made the same they do ot fit together as well. Overall a very good tray.
  • 1020 Trays
    I have purchased trays from 2 local stores and gotten 3 different types for more money that were lesser quality. In my opinion these are a great value.
  • trays
    They are just like advertised, plastic trays. I use the slotted trays inside non-slotted trays for wheat grass. I use the slotted to hold starter packs. Happy with both. Don't leave the trays in the sun without soil or starter packs however as they will quickly bend and warp.
  • Just What I Wanted
    The trays are exactly as advertised. I wanted trays without holes so that I could set several starts in water to keep the humidity up in the greenhouse. I wish they came in deeper sizes, such as 4 so that I can sew some lettuce across a whole tray.
  • Trays were serviceable
    I was hoping the trays with no holes would be sturdy and not full of holes like ones I bought locally, and I was pleasantly surprised at the high quality.
  • 1020 Trays no holes
    study just a tad thinner them i expected but workable for more then a few uses very satisfied
  • great stuff
    this is a good product... i got it fast and in good shape is works well for holding my plastic cup and stuff that i plant in .... thank you so much
  • 1020 Trays
    Was able to pot and share seedlings with friends and neighbors with the assistance of these trays. Potted seedlings in 16-oz styro-foam cups, which fit 18 to each tray and are easy to manage.
  • Best Product for the Price - Good Value
    Exactly as described - you have seen these in garden centers holding their for-sale plants. I bought them to support the TLC Pro Trays and they are a perfect fit.
  • A hobbiest perspective
    I'm a home gardener and I was debating on getting a hobby pack of these + inserts or going to a big box store and buying another 3-pack of similar product. For about 2x the price (including S&H, which could have been mitigated by a larger order), I got over 3x the quantity and MUCH better quality. I cheap and I managed to get my box-store trays and inserts to last about 3 seasons, but they were really ready to be pitched after the first use. These look like they will last much longer.
  • Super Fast Delivery
    I needed the trays and cell ASAP. I thought it would take at least two weeks, they were here with-in a few days. Product was great. Will use Greenhouse Megastore for every order. Thanks
  • 1020 flats and inserts
    The 1020 flats w/out holes are very durable. and the inserts are perfect for transplanting your new seedlings fom plugs.ThanksProduce Growner from NJ
  • Seedling Tray
    These trays are sturdier that the ones you get in the garden center. The material appears to be thicker and less prone to puncture.
  • Great product!
    I've used other trays but have found these to be higher in quality. They feel thicker than ones I've bought through other vendors. I have a feeling they'll last longer too!
  • Look Ma, no holes
    These trays are sturdy enough, yet lightweight. They don't leak either.
  • master gardener
    Nothing lasts forever, esp gardening trays, flats and domes. I'm so glad Greenhouse Megastore is there to restock with ease and at great savings. thanks a bunch!!
  • 1020 Trays
    Everything I expected.Good Quality,I'll be able to re-use next season. Thanx a lot. JL Sheffy
  • Just what I was looking for!
    This was exactly what I was looking for! I fit 8 of my square germinating pots in it and there's just enough room! Lightweight, inexpensive, can't be beat!
  • 1020 series
    love the product
  • 1020 trays
    Very sturdy, excellent product
  • Gardening Sue
    Very sturdy trays. Perfect size for the inserts as well as the peat pots that I used for transplanting. These are great.
  • Outstanding Trays
    I am so happy I can get these in workable bulk numbers. I have a 10 acre garden and I need more than the 5 I can get on Amazon. The price is amazing and they shipped QUICK. These trays are handy for greenhouse starting. I get the ones without the holes and put them on wire shelving units.
  • Best prices
    Ordered 20 of the 1020 trays w/o holes. they were shipped promptly and as always exactly as ordered. Greenhouse Megastore is the best place to shop for seed starting supplies. their prices-including shipping- always beat every other stores online.
  • What are you waiting for?
    I bought ten of these with no holes to use with my Seedling Propagation Mats. They are a perfect fit and sturdy.
  • 1020 trays
    For my purposes they worked well. The Daisy trays can sit inside and hover about an inch above the bottom of the 1020 tray, so using them for drainage is possible.
  • Gardener
    Just like what you see in the greenhouses. Quality, at half the price. I'm growing sprouts in then, and will start my seeds in them for the garden.
  • Great product
    These trays are a great deal. Exactly what I needed. Shipped fast too.
  • Exactly what I was looking for
    Great price, durable, not flimsy, fits with all other 1020 products, overall exactly what I was looking for
  • happy gardener
    Just what I ordered!!
  • 1020 Trays
    I was so happy with the quality of the trays I bought and even more happy with the price. I had been shopping around in the area and I was able to buy 10 trays for the price of 2 from a discount store here!
  • flimsy
    I have purchased the same size trays from other vendors and they were much more rigid. These trays are flimsy. The work fine but they are not as strong as other ones I have used before.
  • Love 1020 trays with holes
    At first we used mosty the tray without holes, but when starting in the greenhouse and sprinkling system we realized we needed drainage. I spent hours poking holes in trays we bought at the hardware store, so we love these!
  • Trays
    The daisy trays don't fit in them, but if I'd read the specs properly I would have known that. THey seem to be sturdy enough that they will last several seasons, so for the price I'd say it's worth it.
  • Good Product-Great Price
    I have been looking around for trays for some time now and have purchased some from another supplier, but the price killed me. These trays are almost identical in quality at 1/2 the cost.
  • All Purpose 1020 Trays
    These are the standard tray size, which holds most flats. Since they have no holes you could flat-seed in these as well. They are on the light weight side, but do fine for my purposes. The shipping time was excellent!
  • 1020 Trays
    The trays are just what we needed to hold our plants under the grow light.
  • Grower
    This was a re-order, though the quality of the product was not the same. The trays were flimsy, thin, and couldn't hold a load of soil. However, Cust. Svc. quickly fixed the problem by shipping a new batch, similar quality to the first batch that I ordered. They handled it very well!
  • Loved these trays
    These trays were sturdy! I was able to carry full trays outdoors without worry about them buckling and dropping all my plantings
  • Always seem to need more than I have on hand
    Economical box of 50 1020 trays means I can immediately replace one when it cracks.
  • 1020 trays
    I would have liked the trays to be just a little heavier construction, but over-all I'm very pleased.
  • Mike B
    I love the hobby pack option for the trays. I'm a home gardener, and the hobby pack is the perfect size for my use. Great product at a great price. Prompt service on my order, too. Greenhouse Megastore will be my supplier from now on!
  • sprouting trays
    I am so happy with the trays and the fast service,thanks..
  • CEO
    They are plastic trays. What else can be said about that?
  • 1020 flats
    These are likely the heaviest standard 1020 flats you can find. And the price can't be beat! Thanks!
  • Nursury owner
    For the price, compared to other trays I have seen and used I thought they would be a little sturdier.
  • Platic flats
    These flats are exactly what I've been looking for. I've been using ones just like them to start my seeds. These flats are availabe in local nurseries and hardware stores but they don't have drainage holes and cost 3$ apiece which is too much. So I was delighted to find them a less than 1/2 the cost and with holes too!
  • Plastic Trays
    WOW! Warp speed delivery of quality products. Delivered to my door within two day's of placing order online! Thank you!
  • perfect
    Perfect for my cuttings and newborns in my greenhouse.
  • High quality item
    Very professional from beginning to end. Product was better than I expected. Good price. Would definitely buy from again. I will recommend to others.
  • great trays, great value!
    These trays are very economical, and serve my purpose perfectly. I fill them with gravel and set my potted orchids in them. They are much less expensive than trays sold by orchid growers for that purpose. Since they are a bit thin, I double them for added strength. I'm very happy with them, because now I can afford to buy enough for all my orchids!
  • Great Value and Product
    This product was at a great value and arrived in excellent condition and is sturdy for our usage. Thanks.
  • Disappointed
    The only reason to have a flat with holes is to water from the bottom but they won't next in the 1020 trays without holes holding the water.
  • Great Value
    This is the best price I found on these, and I was pleased with them.
  • New Customer VERY SATISFIED
    I am thinking about Greenhouse gardening and got on the internet to see what vendors were out there. I scrutinized quite a few and decided that the Greenhouse Megastore had the best pricing and selection of greenhouse supplies. My first order wasn't a large one but I purchased 20 each of the 1020 trays along with 20 clear domes and 20 web flats. The order came in in a very timely manner via FEDEX and was very well packaged. Although I haven't used the trays yet they are of very good quality and I feel they will serve me well for a very long time. I will be placing more orders and am now looking at their Green houses.
  • good quality
    Found product to be as advertised. I double the containers together to make them really stout for moving plants.
  • perfect
    These trays are exactly what I was looking for, great price and they arrived in a very timely manner. Thanks so much!!
  • nice trays
    These trays came quickly and work wonderfully for wheatgrass and other sprouts.
  • great deal and received fast
    I received my shipment fast and with no back orders like other companies I have ordered from. Will reorder soon.
  • CN-FL
  • very useful
    Thin plastic, but very useful for the price. They last longer if you use the daisy trays to help support them. I use a combo of plug flats in the 1020s and hold them in the daisy trays, and it works beautifully!
  • A Must-Have for Growing Early Seedlings
    I bought fifty of the 1020's with no holes. These work well with many different inserts and the domes. The 1020 trays with the domes are perfect for starting my veggies and flowers early. The price value cannot be beat!
  • Nice quality for price
    these 1020 flats were the least expensive I've found anywhere and they are very sturdy.
  • perfect
    This item is Excalibur what I was wanting and it came quickly.
  • Great for using alone.
    I grow animal feed like wheatgrass for our pets. These work perfectly. Fill with medium, sow seed, mist with water, cover with humidity dome and viola! - flats of healthy foder and much less than pet store price for a 4 inch pot of fresh grass.
  • CN-FL
  • good product, good price
    I bought a hobby pack of these last year, and have been using them to grow seeds for my garden in each year. I transport them back and forth between my porch and my kitchen often. Of the ten flats I have had only one leaks. This product behaves as I had expected it to. I use the leaking one on plants that will stay outside. I use the traditional inserts and plugs in these, and everything works well.
  • A Good Deal
    These trays are of good quality, priced fairly, and they were shipped extremely fast. They also arrived in good condition. I would definitely recommend these to anyone who asked.
  • Fantastic buy!
    I bought the flats with holes. I immediately put some to use, and they work great for starting seeds! I can't wait for the next growing season so I can use the rest of them!
  • Great Product.
    These flats are great and(with good care) I should be able to use them many times over. The price is good and I was very, very surprised how fast they were delivered. I've ordered other products from other companies and found myself waiting weeks. These were here in a matter of days and I couldn't be happier.
  • 1020 no-holes flat
    I start my seedlings inside on a lighted growing rack & I am very disappointed in the quality of these flats. The plastic is very thin on bottom & 2 of the flats were leaking right away & within a week all of the flats leaked.
  • Quality Product
    This product was shipped promptly and arrived in excellent condition. It's high quality and a must for seed starting.
  • CN-FL
  • Standard for a Reason
    This is the standard size flat. It is sturdy, makes a good carry flat and seed flat. The Greenhouse Megastore offers them at the best price compared to the many, many other places I have looked.
  • Great product
    These trays are just what I needed, Lightweight but heavy enough construction to do the job, and then some.
  • Excellent value purchase
    excellent value compared with local garden stores !
  • CN-FL
  • 1020 Trays
    Very sturdy and useful for seed propagation at a reasonable price.
  • Very useful product
    Very helpful item to use in a greenhouse. You can use them for a number of jobs.
  • The Standard
    These are a standard piece of equipment for nurseries and greenhouses alike. They're useful for everything from holding rootcubes and dome tops to direct planting runner-type plants for available cuttings. They're not strong enough to carry pots, but they have a lot of flexibility. I bent one in half and taped it together once, as a warm-dark place for a job, and it didn't even crack!