Black Form Trays

Item No. CN-TRV
Used in conjunction with Square Form Pots , these economical vacuum-molded pots are designed with performance in mind. Available in a variety of configurations to meet different handling, labeling, and bench space requirements. An effective method of bringing potted plants to market. Pots must be
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  • Used in conjunction with Square Form Pots, these economical vacuum-molded pots are designed with performance in mind.
  • Available in a variety of configurations to meet different handling, labeling, and bench space requirements.
  • An effective method of bringing potted plants to market.

Pots must be ordered separately.

Not designed for use with our Heavy Duty, Extra Heavy Duty or Mega Heavy Duty 1020 Trays.


DescriptionDimensions in Inches (L x W x H)
32-Pocket for 2.5" pots21.19"L x 10.75"W x 2.5"H
18-Pocket for 3.25" pots20"L x 10"W x 1.88"H
18-Pocket for 3.5" pots21.25"L x 10.81"W x 1.93"H
18-Pocket for 3.5" deep pots21.25"L x 10.81"W x 3.5"H
15-Pocket for 4" pots18.75"L x 11.25"W x 1.94"H
15-Pocket for 4.5" pots21.19"L x 12.88"W x 2.13"H
8-Pocket for 5.5" pots21.44"L x 10.94"W x 3.03"H

*Width measured here is Outside Width.

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Reviews (78)
  • Great Product and Customer Service
    These trays (as well as the pots) work great for our native plant growing program. We had to order through the company for a tax exempt order and our sales person, Ryan, was quick to respond and very helpful. Everything we have gotten from them has been great and the one time there was a damaged order, they sent a replacement and we had it in just a few days! Great company.
    These trays are excellent, ideal for carrying heavy 5 1/2" pots. Allows 8 51/2" square pots to be moved. Price is great. These trays make transporting pots a breeze. Pots seat well. I hope to get more for next season.
  • A necessity for Seed Starting Gardeners
    Trays are sturdy and will provide years of use.
  • Great quality
    The quality of pots, inserts and trays I have purchased have been great for the price. Durable and good value
  • garbage like most of the rest of these type of trays
    cracked almost immediately with any weight in the pots
  • Black form trays for 4.5 inch pots
    Exactly was I was looking for at a good price. Shipped immediately and arrived within 4 days in perfect condition.
  • Indispensable
    Use these with the four inch pots in my wholesale nursery. They hold up well
  • Thin, and don't fit a 1020 tray
    I love the 3.25" square pots I bought. I dislike these CN-TRV 3.25" black-form trays. The trays are super thin (I have to double up and still feel like I need a tray underneath). The trays also don't fit a 1020 tray properly - instead of resting on the lip of the tray so you can easily take them off, they sit INSIDE the tray (below the edge) with very little room to pry them out.
  • 32 cell form tray
    I am not one to usually complain about things, but this tray has lost much quality since the last time I ordered it. It is much thinner now than the previous exact trays I have from this business. Kind of dissapointing.
  • no pots
    Nice trays, really nice if I would have got the pots them. Not much use without pots. Pots on backorder still.
  • Black Form trays
    perfect. just what I was looking for. very happy with this product.
  • Form trays
    Nice and sturdy but difficult to separate
  • Keeps getting worse
    Every time I order these, I notice they get worse. Now they are even thinner than before and I am going to start agreeing with other buyers in saying that you need to double-up or they won't hold your pots with just one tray anymore. Not sure if I will buy them again as all they are good for is holding up the pots. Forget about transporting them.
  • Very nice
    I have bought the 2 1/2 3 times and they are heavy duty and I really like using them
  • Fit into 10x20 trays
    I use these with your super excellent premium 10x20 trays and your 2 1/2” pots. They work and play well together.
  • Study trays
    I was sent the wrong trays. I ordered the ones without holes and received the ones with holes. No biggie I can still used them. They're good sturdy trays.
  • Great Trays
    Great trays and great pricing. Very fast delivery. Thank You
  • Love these trays
    First time trying these -- ordered with their Mega trays and 2.5 cups. Everything fit together perfectly. Makes bottom watering so easy! Buying more now!
  • Black Form Trays That Last
    Have had many of these for over 12 years..I replace a few each year..very cost effective for the small greenhouse operation..
  • Not as good as their other products
    I bought 25 of the 18 count for 3.5 inch deep pots. I'm having a heck of a time getting these apart, I have already broken 3, which is crazy because other products purchased here I can't even cut them apart if I tried. Also, once pots are in you can't lift it without the entire tray bending, you have to have a tray under it. Only problem is it won't fit in the 10x20 trays. These are unusable. It really stinks when you get to know a company and their product quality so you bulk order and end up with a headache. Choose something else...
  • Stuck together
    These trays come packed together so tight you can’t get them apart without breaking them.
  • Trays for 2.5 inch pots (fits 32) being improperly manufactured.
    I ordered 30 of the trays that fit the 2.5" pots (32 per tray) and when I tried separating them I noticed that a lot of the trays were glued together and it was really hard to separate them. It appears that they did not let the plastic cool off properly after perforating the drainage holes and just put them on top of each other and the plastic must have fused to the tray under it. It took me over 1/2 hour to separate them all and I ended up damaging half of them because the sides split when you force them to separate. Not very happy about that.
  • Dont use with their 10x20's
    Love these things, nest perfectly into Super Spouter 10x20 trays but dont nest into this companies 10x20. Going to result in many broken trays very quickly if you try to make it work.
  • 3.25 trays
    I was hesitant about ordering these trays as the dimensions were reported incorrectly. I contacted CS. Mr. Williamson took the time to actually measure one and email me back. My order arrived superfast; delivered today; Sunday. I found the 3-1/4" pot was sturdy; size was excellent for my needs; and the trays dropped inside the 1020 trays for watering. (No greenhouse yet!) I couldn't be happier with this combination to get my garden plants started.
  • Tray too small to hold pots
    I purchased 4" square ports (CN-SQK-40) and trays (CN-TRV-1540) to hold them. Both the pots and trays are fine, but I can not fit the 15 pots on the tray as advertised.
  • Great Product
    The perfect solution when using 2.5 square pots for transplants. Clean and easy to use - cuts transplanting set-up time down by 60 to 75%. Thanks!
  • pots
    You are the best! Thanks for the convenience and the quality!
  • Good Stuff
    Works great with the appropriate pots. These are made with quality in mind and will be and useful tool for my garden for years to come.
  • works great
    Perfect for holding 5oz plastic containers from Walmart. They could be a little sturdier and shipping costs are still high - about a third of my cost.
  • Pots
    Have purchased many of these over the years along with the 2.5 pots which nestle within these sockets. They are and continue to be an integral component of me growing plugs on to installation size. With care, these can and have lasted 2, 3, or 4 years, mabey longer! Ideal for growing, but most appreciated when moving the crops....either across the nursery or out to the installation. One word of caution: Do not leave your investment of these trays out in extreme heat/sun. Our triple digit summer slightly warped some of my stacked trays which were laying stored next to the greenhouse skin's southern exposure. (Capt.Obvious here, and MY bad!!) All other trays filled and on the benches were fine. Even the warped ones worked, however. They looked a little funny but when pressed back into service, they gripped the small pots just fine! I'm ordering same product in other sizes this week.
  • Not like expected
    These trays are very flimsy and can only be carried with a 1020 tray under them. I was hoping to get something that would last for at least two years. Maybe if I am super careful they may.
  • Mary
    Was excited to find these again at such a great price. They perfectly fit both the 3 1/2x5 deep square pots as well as the 3 1/4 square pots. They hold both in place when relocating the trays in the greenhouse.They are very difficult to separate; however, if warmed in the sun, this becomes much easier. They do need a support tray underneath if all 18 holes are filled with pots.
  • Trays
    I cannot use them unless I double them up
  • tray for 5
    Trays for the 3.5 square, 5 deep pots are sturdy and hold the pots nice & snug.
  • Trays for deep pots are a mixed bag
    PRO: keeps the 3.5 deep pots from tipping overPRO: conserves spaceCON: tray lacks strength to support a full load of pots if soil is saturatedCON: lack of extra space between pots can make it difficult to water seedlings in the middle and rear
  • Happy! Happy! Jpy! Joy!
    Absolutely love these trays. Makes moving these little pots so much easier when they are not tipping over and falling out of the flat. Will be buying more.
  • Great Product and Price
    This product came as described and is of great quality. These are just what I needed to get the grow season started.
    These are made from POLYSTYRENE, a poisonous plastic. FALSE product description.
  • Good
    Works just like it is supposed to.
  • Did the job
    Did what I expected, almost. Filling deep pots with so much soil made them very heavy. These trays held up with added support. Not sure they'd have done so well as is.
  • Useless for me But others might like them
    Well.. pretty flimsy and very very shallow... would never buy again... my mistake I am sure... they looked deeper to me... wanted to plant seeds in the cells... I actually tossed them in the trash.
  • Great little pots
    These are standard little pots at a great price.
  • Form Pots and Trays were Perfect
    These form pots and trays worked out great for us.
  • Need to be stronger
    I find these trays to be flimsy when the pots are filled. I have found the need to use trays under them for support.
  • Great Product
    Love this high quality, durable product. Great for transporting my plants and reusable.Will definitely order more in the future.
  • Buckeye Jim
    Trays are perfect in design and function. The drain holes in the bottom are a great idea.
  • Black Form Trays
    Good price, appropriate thickness, no extra flash stuck to trays. Will continue buying for 3 1/4 pots.
  • Black Form Trays
    While these trays are not quite as sturdy as the black form pots, they work well enough for me that I would not do without them. My biggest complaint is that they can be difficult to separate in the fifty pack case. This is my second order of these trays.
  • love these
    I love these. For years I used either trays or web trays, they were fine, but if they weren't full pots would fall over, made watering a real pain. These are great, these are all I use anymore. Although one complaint, they tend to compress into one another and can be almost impossible to pull apart. Also, I don't know which is worse, on windy days and they are outside, in regular trays the plants are blown over, in these they stay in place and the plant gets blown around. But, the pros definitely outweigh the minor cons.
  • Sturdy trays
    These trays work perfectly for their intended use. Nice and sturdy when filled with seeding pots.
  • Portable
    Great drainage! Perfect size. Easily portable and great quality. Just what I need to get my small business started.
  • Convenient, but flimsy
    Flimsy, so holding and carrying 32 watered 2.5 square pots is a challenge. I put a 1020 daisy tray under each one and that makes a big difference. I sure wish good quality trays were readily available. I'm going to keep using them, but I'm not impressed.
  • Great trays
    These were perfect. They will do just what I need to keep my smaller pots organized.
  • perfect size
    these trays allow me more space
  • More sturdy
    More durable than what you can buy at some stores. So far they are doing a good job at holding my pots of seedlings. Easy to carry when full of pots.
  • Pretty good
    These trays are good. They fit well into the flat trays and the 2.5 size fit the 2.5 pots well. These trays are elevated 1/4-1/3 inch off the bottom of the flat trays so if you bottom water the first 1/3 or so of water only humidifies the air. But as my plants grow I tend to top-water and this elevation helps to drain excess water so that the roots aren't water logged. Overall a reasonable buy. The tray seems relatively sturdy and seems like it will last a handful or two seasons.
  • Get the trays
    If you get the pots, get the trays. Makes handling and moving them so much easier. Great delivery and great service. I'll be back
  • Reliable
    Very sturdy trays. Not worried about breaking when full. Received in less than a week. Many sizes to choose from. Will definitely order more in the future.
  • Great
    product was excellent; however ;I should have ordered the nest larger size.
  • Black Form Trays
    I teach kids to plant pumpkins & flowers in our small greenhouse.These are great & cost effective as they keep the small pots from tipping over as the children plant their seeds. I can assign a tray for each child so as they become ready, they stop by & get the whole tray with their plants.
  • 4
    These seedling pot holders would work great if they were big enough to fit 4 pots. I would recommend purchasing the 3.5 pots for the 4 holders so there is enough room to fit all the plastic plant holders comfortably.
  • black form trays
    Excellent for holding the small pots in a space saving way. When I sell plants at the market it keeps them spaced for easy fill in when I get home.It allows customers to see each variety arranged in rows.
  • Form Trays
    Trays OK. A little flimsier than I expected but still useable.
  • Perfect
    Perfect seed starters: Right size, right taper, and with the tray, easy to use and care for. Shipping for the tray was a bit much, but I'm happy with them.
  • sturdy but short
    These trays are sturdy, but they're a little on the short side compared to the trays I've gotten from buying flats of plants at a nursery. They fit the black form pots perfectly, though, and will work just fine for my purposes.
  • Convenient trays keep pots on the move
    I purchased the trays that hold 18 3/25 square pots. They are convenient for moving quantaties of filled pots, and have adequate drain holes. Their ability to support 18 pots of damp soil and plants is OK..does the job if you're somewhat careful with handling.
  • Jill
    Great value. Will buy again.
  • Form Pocket Trays - holds (20) 3.25in. Form Pots
    Product as described. recieved on time. good sturdy trays.
  • Holey pot carrier, Batman!
    I overlooked another review that mentioned that these trays have holes in the bottom. I just grow plants for my own garden, so I wasn't familiar with the concept of a carrying tray. I was expecting something that would retain any excess water that I gave my plants. Other than this disappointment caused by my own ignorance, I am pleased with the sturdiness of the trays.If there are similar quality trays without holes in the bottom, I would appreciate it if someone would let me know.
  • Nice Products
    I ordered these trays along with some other things and I am very happy that I use this company over others because I received exactly what I was hoping to receive. The prices are great and so is their shipping which is lightening fast. I am a happy customer and will continue to shop here.
  • My trays are great
    I ordered these trays along with some other things and I am very happy that I use this company over others because I received exactly what I was hoping to receive. The prices are great and so is their shipping which is lightening fast. I am a happy customer and will continue to shop here.
  • Greenhouse wonder
    I was using dollar store baskets to keep my four inch pots in order. The form pocket trays can be purchased as cheaply when bought in bulk and are more professional. They are a nice weight and should be reuseable for some time. I'm pleased.
  • TLC pocket trays, 50/case
    Did not know that they had holes in the trays, but they are very sturdy and pots fit correctly
  • Pots Do not fit these trays
    I never imagined that these trays would not fit the recommended 3.5in square pots. They are so tight that you cannot fit all 18 in there. Very dissapointed...wasted $50. We will have to bring the plants to the market in cheap daisy trays.
  • the best for the home gardener
    I purchased these trays and inserts to start my flowers and vegetable plants. they are priced right and the quality and thickness are perfect to last and be reused for more than a couple of years. I wish I would have purchased these years ago.
  • Exceptionally functional
    These trays are exceptional value and very useful in managing and transporting small pots. Pots fit snugly and securely in trays.
  • Sturdy and economical
    These were very well made and can handle full pot with very little bending. I got the 2.5 pots and these trays hold 32 plants. The shipping was also great.
  • quality product
    containers will last several years. Exactly what I needed