Self Watering Windowsill Plant Tray

Item No. CN-GAR-071
Windowsills can offer ideal light conditions for house plants, so this windowsill sized self watering tray will be of value to all home owners as well as being particularly useful as a holiday watering system. Once filled with water, it will keep potted plants watered for up to 14 days. The unit
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Windowsills can offer ideal light conditions for house plants, so this windowsill sized self watering tray will be of value to all home owners as well as being particularly useful as a holiday watering system. Once filled with water, it will keep potted plants watered for up to 14 days.

The unit features a base reservoir tray which contains a 'stilted' inner support platform which is covered in capillary matting. The base tray provides a reservoir of 3.4 litres (about 3.59 quarts) of water. By ensuring that compost exposed at the bottom of plant pots is in contact with the capillary matting, the plants will water themselves!

The base tray and inner support platform are both manufactured from recycled polystyrene.


Dimensions - 6.69" W x 29.92" L x 1.38" H

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Reviews (11)
  • Great tray
    I have one I've been using for herbs for over a year. It's really too bad the ratings are so low for this product. For what it is, it's been fantastic for me! I will agree that the 14 days of water claim is a stretch. Mine needs a refill about every 3 to 5 days during the summer, but they are thirsty plants in a bright window, and its much easier to check the reservoir and refill that than to water each plant individually and guess how much they need and how long it will be until they need more. You may be able to stretch it past a week on a full tank if you have small, shade-loving plants and a humid home, but I don't use it for vacations, just everyday maintenance, and it's been perfect at that.
  • Awesome product using for my African Violet's
    Awesome product. I am using them to keep my African Violet collection watered. I transplanted them all to 4 inch plastic pots with drainage holes. Now when I check them for watering i simply top off the tray and don't need to bottom water each violet it done for me. It keeps them well watered and there flourishing.
  • Self-watering Trays
    I have been using Garland self-wtering trays of many sizes for seedlings and tomatoes left unattended on my deck over a week in growbags. They are still going strong after 4 years and I just keep buying more each year.Fantastic product. When the capillary matting goes, (maximum life is 2 years) I use polar fleece fabric for long-lasting washable wicking material.
  • Works Great
    Tried with two Begonias indoors and it has worked fine for over 2 weeks. I tried two plants, one with many holes in plastic bottom of pot, and one with raised hole by adding paper towel. The former has worked great, the latter is struggling (raised hole). The pot needs to have holes flush with the wicking material.
  • Just about Perfect
    The window ceil tray if it were only a few inches longer would be a 5 rating. Just exactly what I needed to hold my indoor herb pots.
  • mats not very durable
    I purchased several of these last summer, so have had them for about 7 months. I have not been happy with the mats. When I clean them, several have come apart in pieces. I have not used anything harsh on them; just warm water and a soft cloth. One of the mats has become very thin on the ends, which are down in the water.Apparently, the seller doesn't sell the mats separately. The trays are good and sturdy. I just wish I could get new mats for them.
  • Great Product
    I am very pleased with the quality of these self-watering plant trays. The bottom tray, plant cells, and wicking mat are all of durable, sturdy material. The only improvement I would suggest is that the dome material be of similar durability. Rather, they remind me of other kits I have gotten in the past and will most likely wear out more quickly than the other parts. However, these were the best option I could find, and I would buy them again.
  • african violets love it
    I use this for my African violets. I use wick watering, which means the wick sits on the mat and draws water up into the pot. This means I don't have to worry about whether or not enough area of the bottom of the pot is in contact with the mat. Most of my violets are in a less dense potting soil, which works well for wick watering. One of my violets was in a different type of soil and got too wet. I just moved that off and replaced it with a different one, which seems to love the tray.I have noticed the water evaporates quickly. The violets love the extra humidity, but it means I have to fill the tray more frequently. The most I've gone is 5 days, so I wouldn't agree with their claim that it will water plants for 14 days.Overall, tho, like it and am getting more.
  • On my second
    I purchased one previously and I'm was so pleased I purchased another one. I grow Miniature and Semi-Miniature African Violets and this is perfect for them. It keeps them evenly moist which is their preference and it keeps the humidity up as well so that pleases them. It would work well for any small plants that like to be kept evenly moist and likes high humidity. Excellent!
  • Works Great
    I use this for my Miniature African Violets and it works great. They like humidity so they like the water that evaporates off of the mat. If I were to leave for a few days I'd tent it with clear plastic to cut down on the evaporation, making sure to leave the ends open for some air flow. I will probably be buying another when I decide to add more violets to my collection. Terrific product!
  • Well....
    On the good side, this product was easy to assemble, and reasonably priced. However, whether it's because of extremely cold temperatures outside, or too many plants on the mat, I came back from a 7-day out-of-town trip to find all the plants dried out and stressed, and one of them nearly dead, even though I had filled the tray to capacity the morning I left. I continue to find that the water disappears from the tray at an alarming rate, and I'm not sure that it is reducing the number of times per week that I have to water at all. So, it may be better than just leaving the plants in a pan of water while away, but I'm not sure. Disappointed!