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Free Shipping See Details Our top-quality, 5.5 ounce, medium-weave burlap is the biodegradable economically-sound choice for hundreds of uses including soil erosion control, plant protection, wind screen and tree wraps. Specifications Composition Weight Weave Oil Contents Moisture Regain Jute Carpet
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Our top-quality, 5.5 ounce, medium-weave burlap is the biodegradable economically-sound choice for hundreds of uses including soil erosion control, plant protection, wind screen and tree wraps.


CompositionWeightWeaveOil ContentsMoisture Regain
Jute Carpet Backing Cloth5.5 ounce9 x 86%16%

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Reviews (30)
  • It stinks
    It smells like kerosene, which is why I spent too much time researching the right, natural burlap to buy on the internet. Based on the reviews of this product I thought I would be okay but I was wrong. I am still using it for reseeding purposes and it is doing its job, but now I have a bad feeling that I am leaching petroleum products into my otherwise natural, zero fertilizer lawn. This was purchased in Spring 2020 and I am only now getting around to using it in July 2021. I should have opened it and aired it out for the year it sat dormant, but I think that is also telling about how strong the smell is.
  • Burlap roll
    Very durable and aesthetically pleasing. Easy to work with. Used it with organic covering for garden paths as weed deterrent.
  • Natural Burlap 4'x250'
    The burlap is a bit thinner than I would have liked. But it will still work for what I needed it for.
  • Great for My Fig Tree Cover
    I have a 3 year old fig tree that still needs to be covered each year and this is the perfect wrap for it! Great pricing and arrived just when I needed it!
  • Natural Burlap, 8ft x 250ft
    Used to cover grass seeded area. Was great for holding moisture and aiding in seed germination. Weave was too tight for all grass plants to penetrate. Had to be removed eventually.
  • 5.5 oz 250' burlap
    Product is a advertised.And it worked great for my application.
  • Great for weddings, too!
    This is a great item to use for weddings in the place of expensive tool. We used it create a false ceiling with twinkle lights between the strips and it was enchanting! We are planning two more weddings this year and you can bet we have already ordered another roll. We even doubled the cover and used it on some long tables with some table runners over--amazing product use idea!
  • Burlap
    It's a roll of burlap. Looks and smells like burlap.Great service and fast shipping
  • So Far So Good
    Will be using the burlap in the fall for winter protection. Don't know yet how it will hold up but the shipment was timely and the price seemed very right. Thanks!
  • Wedding venue
    Prompt delivery and it was exactly what I had wanted. It looks wonderful in our barn venue.
  • Natural Burlap
    I love it....I use it for decorating..not for landscape related needs. It is soft and easy to fringe....Its airy weight and color make it a great choice for many projects....curtains, shower curtain, chair covers, skirting, and crafting....and the price is perfect!
  • Worth It
    I purchased this burlap roll for decorating rectangular tables at a rustic wedding. Though I've seen tighter weave in the same weight burlap, this was more than sufficient for my needs and it arrived very quickly. Very pleased with my purchase.
  • Perfect
    I purchased two rolls of this to make outdoor curtains for my patio before my sons birthday party. It came quickly, and is a quality product. It was perfect for my project, and has stood up to severe winds and rain. It was easy to work with and definitely worth the money, which was an extremely reasonable amount for the size of material. Great value, great product!
  • Fantastic Ground Cover
    It was perfect. Rolled out smoothly. I think I want another role.
  • Tina
    I bought the burlap to hang on the walls of a barn where my daughters wedding was taking place. This was the best purchase I have ever made! With the large roll it made covering the walls a breeze! Thanks so much for your awesome product.
  • Burlap for wall design
    I was planning on using some burlap to add texture to some walls (imprint method) and GHM had the perfect item. It was shipped fast, worked great for my purpose. Thank you.
  • Quality burlap
    So far the quality of the burlap seems high. The weave is fairly tight...I'm a little worried the seeds I planted will not come through...but we'll see. My main use is to prevent erosion on a steep hill. I've only experimented so far. Hopefully I can update this review later. It is easy to use and well packaged.
  • first quality!
    I use landscape burlap for erosion control. This burlap is great quality at a great price!
  • Covered Haybails
    Used this burlap to cover haybails for a wedding. It worked great!
  • Natural Burlap
    We bought this to use as an aisle runner for my daughters outdoor wedding. It worked perfectly and it was way less expensive than burlap aisle runners.
  • Don
    I have the burlap down and if nothing else, it is cutting down on the mud. I will have to wait til Spring to see if the grass comes up well. Shipping costs for a product like this are very high.
  • The most unlikely complement
    My neighbor complemented me on the quality burlap on my lemon tree. Go figure!
  • Great quality
    The burlap is an even better quality and consistent weave than expected. The price per foot is a fraction of what it would be buying shorter rolls to equal this amount from the local box store. Very pleased with this product.
  • Good Product
    Easy to use and good coverage. Allows grass to come up under it and water to soak through. Holds most of the silt/dirt from going through to the ground underneath the matting.
  • Great for Winter Plant Protection
    I use burlap to protect my sensitive broadleaf evergreen shrubs from harsh winter winds. Works very well, better than plastic sheet.
  • LOVE the Natural Burlap
    I recently bought the Naural Burlap thru this website and it is even better than I expected. I am making drape covers from the burlap and it is perfect. Great quality and so versatile. I will be ordering more.
  • Very Good Quality Material
    We use this burlap in our business, not landscaping and love the consistant even weave and quality for a loose denier product. Ships fast and safely.
  • Burlap wrap
    Arrived promptly, looks like it will do the job to reduce winter damage on my fruit trees
  • Great burlap
    This burlap is perfect for protecting large planting areas. I put it down on top of my grass seed, and it is light enough that the grass is either growing up through the holes or raising the fabric. I need something on top of my new grass or the rabbits will eat the grass and dig up the roots during the winter and I'll have nothing in the spring. This burlap is the answer to my problem of starting new grass out on the prairie and getting it established with so many rabbits around.
  • Natural Burlap
    Burlap is a good middle quality grade. packaged and shipped securely. I should have ordered a wider section, seems 3Ft is rather short.