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Free Shipping See Details This ultimate 2.5 oz. fabric provides freeze protection 10° or greater than outside conditions. DeWitt's Ultimate is the most durable, effective product available on the market for "all winter" protection of your perennials and other ornamentals. Designed to hold in heat
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This ultimate 2.5 oz. fabric provides freeze protection 10° or greater than outside conditions. DeWitt's Ultimate is the most durable, effective product available on the market for "all winter" protection of your perennials and other ornamentals. Designed to hold in heat and allow irrigation and rain to pass through, this fabric will not cause foliage burn even on sunny days.

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  • 30% Light Transmission

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Reviews (11)
    I purchased this cover in 11/15 to protect my citrus and perennials. We usually get a dozen or so nights of temps down to 28 degrees or so (just enough to kill unprotected plants). I add a couple of floods to the citrus with this attached around the sides. I leave the top open as the rising heat from the floods protects from freeze. I just removed it after several weeks. They have no damage while the unprotected plants froze. It worked great on my tomatoes as well. The large 4 inch clothes pins or metal spring clamps are good for holding it in place. I like the fact that it allows some sunlight and rain through so I was able to keep them covered longer. The material held up very well in the wind unlike a similar lighter weight product purchased at a home improvement store. I also used it as imitation snow around some of our Christmas decorations. It looked great.
  • Exceptional Protection - Ultimate Row Cover
    We just endured one of our rare extra cold snaps for here in central South Carolina. Lows went into the mid-teens, with brisk breezes of 20-25 mph. The next day high reached around 34 for a brief time before heading back to around 20 that night. The following few days have been sunny and reaching into the 40's, but several nights in a row have continued to fall to the low 20's. Using the 6X250 Ultimate Row Cover, we constructed tent style coverings for each double row by placing pvc sections that were somewhat taller than the plants on each end of the rows. We used somewhat shorter pieces spaced at 5 ft intervals along the sides, and used these to secure taught lines of twine across the top and along each side. The fabric was draped over this to form a tent shape, and fastened securely with clothes pins. Even with the claim of protecting up to 10 degrees, I didn't expect the plants fair well after so many hours in the teens followed by repeated drops to the low 20's. This afternoon I peered under the covers with trepidation, expecting to see withered blobs. Instead, I returned to the house beaming. The broccoli, collards, kale, onions, garlic - even the the chard, lettuces, carrots and beats were all in good shape. They were even still getting enough light through the cover to not keep from developing chlorosis. The pansies and snapdragons are blooming away, unharmed. I don't know how much these would help in places with longer very cold nights for weeks on end, but they did a fabulous job here during our 10 hour per day of January sunlight over this 5 day stretch of a local snap. I highly recommend this Ultimate Row Cover for its ease of use, storability performance in breezy conditions, and better than expected protection that it provided my plants.
  • Jump start a garden
    This fabric is awesome! I was able to plant my tomato plants, eggplant and peppers early May in mountains of Northern Ca....and three weeks no frost damage and they are thriving! I use use raised beds. I also use PVC pipe as fabric support. A hint.....expose the plants during the day if temps are reaching into the 70's....beds can get to warm!
  • great buy!
    Works great, easy to cut and keep rolled in the bag for storage. Shipped quickly and described accurately. A great value.
  • Great Frost Protection!
    I used the Row Cover Ultimate fabric to protect my cymbidium orchids and various begonias from southern California coastal frost. I made tents with narrow poles and clipped the row cover fabric over my plants. All of my cymbidiums had flower spikes at least 12 long; none had frost damage! I believe the temperatures were down to 28 degrees for several hours on multiple nights. There may have been some periods of colder weather, as well.I left my frost covers up for over a week, with frost, rain and sun, and my plants looked perfectly fine when I removed them. The fabric dried quickly and easily rolled back up for storage. The row cover fabric was much easier to use than heavy plastic, and I feel it worked much better. I did not worry about leaving the covers up for too long, since the sun was able to go through the fabric to reach the plants, unlike with plastic.
  • 6 X 250 frost cover
    Worked out great, very easy to work with on my raised beds, arrived just in time for our first freeze and saved a lot of my produce and all my fruit.
  • Great
    This was exactly what I was looking for. I ended up sewing four big bags to put over my blueberries and fig. Plus I had so much fabric left over I used it for Christmas decorating. Still have lots left as it goes a long way! Plan to try some this spring when I plant. Too early to tell if it protected the blueberries and fig enough.
  • Excellent Row Cover
    this product is durable and worked perfect.
  • Very good product!
    Really easy to sew on home sewing machine. Good weight fabric will hold up better than standard in heavy winds. Regular weight tore right off the frames... This should do MUCH better!!
  • great product
    After ten years of dragging heavy plants in for the winter, this plant cover has made life easier! We've had two or three hard freezes so far this year and my delicate plants are still green and doing well under this wonderful cover!
  • very nice product
    Excellent row cover for our zone 4 garden.