Sun View Cool 4 Year Plastic Film

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Free Shipping See Details Sun View Cool Plastic Film is a four-year film that not only helps to lower daytime heat, but also separates and diffuses the light coming into your greenhouse. Its design makes more diffused and PAR light available to your plants while minimizing short wave infrared
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Sun View Cool Plastic Film is a four-year film that not only helps to lower daytime heat, but also separates and diffuses the light coming into your greenhouse. Its design makes more diffused and PAR light available to your plants while minimizing short wave infrared radiation. This leads to healthier, fuller plants and keeps the risk of plant scorching down. The high yields and strong root systems Sun View Cool helps create make it an ideal tool for growing ornamental plants, nursery stock, and tomatoes.

This 6 mil. thick greenhouse film features 88% luminance and 16% thermicity, minimizing greenhouse heat loss during the night as well as during the colder months of the year.

Please note - Many of the Plastic Film sizes offered will be folded for delivery and shipped on rolls of up to 8' in length.

Additional Features

  • Works especially well with high tunnel applications.
  • Lowers greenhouse temperatures when compared to outside (during summer heat-build season).
  • Produces higher-yielding plants with stronger than normal root systems.
  • Less demand for watering.
  • Inhibits fungus spore development.
  • Inhibits insect propagation.
  • Comfortable working conditions during harvest season.

Additional Information

Sun View Cool Plastic Film Tech Data (PDF)

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Important Note: Depending on the environment, Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) based materials including any type of PVC pipe, PVC wire or PVC tape, etc. may react with greenhouse polymer films and cause wear. In such cases Chlorine generated from the degradation of PVC and the residual chlorine inside PVC may attack and destroy the Hindered Amine Light Stabilizer in the greenhouse polymer film. This may cause the film to prematurely degrade and will void the warranty. If using with pvc, please use our white felt in between.

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Reviews (13)
  • awesome
    awesome, never too late to have a great garden
  • Great product
    The product itself was fine. However, there were a couple of slices into the end of the roll which damaged a bunch of layers into the roll. Customer service was great and was going to replace it and or give credit for damage. I settled on some repair tape instead of trying to send it back. Customer service was awesome. Thank you. The product defuses the sun more than the last poly I installed. The sun in southern New Mexico is harsh on ' plastic' products in 10 years I only had to replace twice. The 4 year life is about right. Thank you greenhouse megastore. Yes I recommend this product. Will perchase again.
  • small greenhouse
    Used this on a 8x10 greenhouse. easy to use. Opaque keeps out direct sun but heats up nicely. Only the first year so I'll see how well it holds up to Oklahoma winter.
  • Solar ice
    As you see it gets very hot in Mesa AZ.This is my third try at trying to protect from too much sun with other products. This one works and it is tough stuff.
  • Plenty of material
    It took about 4 weeks to get but it was a good deal. They cut extra in both directions so I wasn't concerned about not having enough.
  • Great product
    My initial purchase of this product five years ago two greenhouses covered and the product is still elastic and flexible no sign of rotting and animal clawed its way in an i patched it. temps here range from minus15 degrees to 106 degrees. I'm using this roll to cover two more green houses.
  • 6ml solar plastic
    got it on the greenhouse!In the 30s right now here.But I would rate 10 as far as pertection.Good to work with. A lot heavier than I exspected. Good thing.Thanks.
  • Owner
    This our second purchase of this product. We have been using plastic to cover our green house for more than 20 years. This plastic is the best ever! We have been using if for 5-6 summers. we have lots of wind, sun, some hail. It has held up well, very well. We could get one more year out of it but have changed the size of our greenhouse so opting for new. Thank you for a product that works!!
  • winter-ize ur porch
    good film for winterizing the screened in porch. It was a little thicker than really needed but very good for stopping the wind and cold
  • 4 yearly poly film
    I am using the film as a greenhouse covering. It looks like it is just what I want. I am hoping to use the greenhouse year around. I will be experimenting this fall and through the winter. I think it will be much better than plain poly film
  • Quality all the
    GREAT for a green house..I had the same on it last 2 years and grow wonderful plants. It was still in good shape but redone my green house so i bought new..Thanks You
  • Durability Issues?
    Compared to the Thermal film, I doubt this will last for long. It stretched like normal plastic when too much pressure was applied while putting it on my greenhouse. I will not be surprised if hail dents or perforates this plastic. The only reason I got it was I needed something cooler, which it is.
  • Solar Ice Film
    We are very pleased with the solar ice film. Super durable and every type of plant we put in there seems to love it.