Thermal Anti-Condensate Greenhouse Film, 6mil

Item No. GF-6AC
Free Shipping See Details Guaranteed lowest delivered price! Covering overhead starts to rise when extras are added - anti-condensate, thermal capabilities, light diffusion or bee compatibility. Light transmission is 87% per layer. The Thermal AC Film is a new generation of horticultural films -
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Guaranteed lowest delivered price!

Covering overhead starts to rise when extras are added - anti-condensate, thermal capabilities, light diffusion or bee compatibility. Light transmission is 87% per layer. The Thermal AC Film is a new generation of horticultural films - combining all of these extras into one package. Superior drip control, energy savings, light diffusion and bee compatibility are all packaged together to provide growers with one film at one cost. However, please note that product should not come into contact with PVC piping as this will degrade the product and void the warranty. If using with pvc, please use our batten tape or white felt in between.

Please note - Many of the Plastic Film sizes offered will be folded for delivery and shipped on rolls of up to 8' in length.

  • 6 Mil
  • UV Stabilized
  • Superior Drip Contol
  • Increased Night Time Temperatures
  • Guaranteed Longer Life -- 4 years
  • Bee compatibility feature allows more of the UV spectrum to pass through the film, making it easier for bees to achieve pollination
  • Energy Absorption in the 7,000nm to 14,000nm Range
  • Light transmission is 87%
  • Light diffusion is 55%
  • Excellent Infrared Retention While Maintaining High Light Transmission in the Visible and PAR Energy Ranges
  • Higher Overnight Temperatures Maintained Compared to Non-IR Films

Why Use Anti-Condensate Films?

Formation of condensation inside a greenhouse is a major issue in a polyethylene greenhouses. Condensation droplets have been shown to reduce light transmission by as much as 50%. In addition to a of light quality, crop damage/spots, washout on seed beds and possible pathogen development may also occur. All of the anti-condensate films contain surface tension modifiers to help limit the formation of condensation droplets.


There are many factors that will influence the longevity of the anti-condensate feature of all polyethylene films. Some factors that affect anti-condensate performance are:

  • a very warm season
  • a very humid/rainy season
  • increased plant transpiration caused by high irrigation rates
  • poor airflow
  • ventilation practices
  • insufficient film slopes


When ordering this film, allow processing time of 10-12 working days before order is shipped.

Additional Information

Poly Film Installation Tips

Poly Film Specifications

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View Warranty (PDF)

Important Note: Depending on the environment, Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) based materials including any type of PVC pipe, PVC wire or PVC tape, etc. may react with greenhouse polymer films and cause wear. In such cases Chlorine generated from the degradation of PVC and the residual chlorine inside PVC may attack and destroy the Hindered Amine Light Stabilizer in the greenhouse polymer film. This may cause the film to prematurely degrade and will void the warranty. If using with pvc, please use our white felt in between.

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Reviews (79)
  • It's not very sturdy.
    I put this up double layered so I could blow air between the layers. I also bought the blower with it. I didn't get to try the blower because the plastic was torn to ribbons within 24 hours by what I'd say was strong but not unusual wind. Certainly not especially strong wind which I do also get. I was pretty sad about it. I think this plastic cost $800 plus a few hundred in labor to install. Should last more than a day. Maybe the thermal/condensation coating makes it weak? I'm not sure. I don't recommend it at all.
  • Horrible shipping
    Ordered 50x100 roll, 3 weeks later the first roll showed up damaged, they shipped another immediately, second roll showed up 2 weeks later and is also damaged, they refunded my money but I am still without a undamaged product! Need to figure out a better shipping container for them. Not just strapped to a pallet.
  • Thermal AC Greenhouse Film,6 mil
    Received when promised. Was a little disappointed to find a fair amount of factory imperfections, such as 6" long creases and a few small what looked like punctures, when it was unrolled. For the amount paid I feel it should have been without blemishes. I am hoping they will not be an issue in the near future.
  • 10 Stars
    I am a repeat customer that loves this product above all other thermal films tried. This one is a winner and so is their Customer Service. We use it over an open domed center house courtyard during the winter months. Plants and fish do extremely well and the film will not let you down in a storm or produce dripping condensation. Great product!
  • Great Quality
    This has lasted well beyond the 4 years stated. Minus a couple accidental punctures which we repaired it has withstood snow, heavy rain, windstorms, hurricanes, etc. I would highly recommend the 6mil thermal covering as money well spent.
  • Didn't quite last 6 months
    Torn to shreds by moderate wind.
  • Excellent Product
    I bought this to replace standard greeenhouse poly that was damaged by a raccoon. Selected this brand for its anti-condensation property. It really works! I still have condensation, but not like i used to. It's a HUGH improvement. No more "rain forest" feel all winter long. I installed a double layer of film with a forced air layer between.
  • Great Product
    I ordered the greenhouse plastic. So far it is beating my expectations. I give it 4 out of 5 because I simply do not know how long it will last at this point. When I use it for a while I will come back and do another review. I hope it continues to beat my expectations.
  • Great
    Great product, easy to work with and durable
  • Green house tarp
    Im pleased with my purchase but I haven't installed it yet. Im sure Ill be please with the outcome of my purchase
  • Best prices/prompt delivery
    I think the title covered it...I have nothing but good things to say about Greenhouse Megastore.
  • AntiCondensate Film
    I would of given you a 5 but one of the rolls had two small holes in it which I had to tape. It was the one with the black markings on it and I did take pictures. I luckily had some good tape to cover the small holes so I didn't bother contacting you. Otherwise, I love it! Thank you. Victoria C.
  • Store Products/Service
    I used your service just an experiment knowing that you're just the same internet store, but i was wrong. You deliver promptly and your product is reliable.
  • Greenhouse Plastic Made Easy
    I just installed my new greenhouse plastic. Looks like a quality product, so far, so good. The Megastore made it easy to find what I wanted, they shipped it quickly and it arrived on schedule. I was surprised how easy it was to install.
  • Clear not as clear as picture shows
    We received our greenhouse film and I had ordered clear based on the picture. After our contractor had it installed, to me it is not as clear as it show in the picture on the website. It is more opaque. It does let in a lot of light. Have not checked with a light meter yet.
  • Good product
    Great for cloche covering. Remember to measure twice, cut once!
  • Heavy Duty Rubber Ring Mats
    I received my mats yesterday (about 1 week) and they look to be very heavy duty and exactly as described. I put one inside my greenhouse and the other outside by a hose.
  • Handles Heavy Snow
    We were in the process of covering our pvc style hoop house with this last week and had a heavy, wet, spring snow just 3 days ago. The plastic held almost a foot of heavy snow on top until the morning I could get outside to remove the snow.
  • just what it said it was
    I ordered plastic to replace our bad greenhouse covering and my order was exactly as I wanted it and it came in very fast, didn't have to wait long for it. It is now covering our greenhouse and even with the winds we get in ND, it is holding up very well. Hoping it will last for several years not like the plastic that came with our greenhouse, it didn't even last 1 season. Will keep your company in mind for any further items I may need and also will recommend you to all my friends who need this type of supplies. Very happy with your company.
  • easy to order from my phone
    Everything went the way it should. The order was completed quickly and easily on my cell phone. My matls were received in good time at my house. Now I can complete my small Greenhouse.
  • bad shipping
    Upon arrival pallet was destroyed nail heads stickin out holes rubbed in the ends of the 150' roll rub marks all up and down the roll.Need better package. Need repair tape!
  • Looks good
    Just put up the first hoop house. Plastic seems strong. Much better that what you can buy at Home Depot. Only time will tell how it lasts. I use PVC piping as the frame to cover my raised beds. I had to cover them with white duct tape to prevent deterioration . Was a bit of a pain, but only have to do once.
  • ?
    Very pleased with this product. Will definitely order from them again.
  • Wonderful
    We are very pleased with the product and excellent service.
  • Thermal Anti-Condensate Greenhouse Film, 6mil
    I used this film on an old shelterlogic Garage, very easy to work with the film, strong and flexible. this is a new installation, we will see how it stands Maine winter.
  • KateMV
    So far, loving the greenhouse poly that I purchased. Will know better after we've had it for a couple years.
  • Thermal anti condensate greenhouse plastic
    The greenhousr plastic id great. Except for the shipping. The roll of plastic came in a plastic bag style shipping package and during shipping my product got tears in it. Luckily it was only at one end so I was able to salvage the 80 feet I needed for my greenhouse. Better shippimg packaging next time please.
  • Service is Quality
    Great service.
  • Good film, but...
    This is my second time ordering this film, this time I ordered a wider cut. Unfortunately, the film arrived with a HUGE hole ripped in it, going through at least 6 layers of plastic. I haven't unrolled the film yet (don't need to cover til spring) but I suspect I'll need quite a bit of repair tape, which will make it ugly. Fortunately, this will not be in view. I wish the shippers could get their act together, the first time I had a rip too, but much smaller.
  • Quality Plastic for covers
    I bought this same brand years ago to hang from my eaves over some citrus trees to protect them from freezing. I haul it out in December and use it outside until mid-Feb. I checked, and it was 2004 when I bought it. I have used it almost every winter and stored it in a shed during the rest of the year. It has held up well through the years and through some very windy storms. Lets enough light through that I can leave it on continuously through the winter. I am still using it, but I needed more for a new avocado tree so I bought from here. The quality seems just the same, just as good as what I bought in 2004. Be aware that it is frosted in appearance, not translucent clear. It is not for windows, but for letting light through for plants. It works very well and holds up a long time.
  • Good Hoop House cover
    Lasted four and half years in full California sun. Going to replace it this year as it has started to rip under stress. I've been really pleased with this. It was so easy to install. We used the battan material and stapled it to a wood frame base. We're back for more!
  • Greenhouse Film
    Fast delivery. exactly what I ordered, strong and will work great for our new greenhouse.
  • Good plastic sheeting
    This greenhouse plastic is a good heavyweight product and easy to work with. Looks really good on my small cattle panel greenhouse.
  • Stong film, great price
    Have to give this a few years to see how it really performs but I can say it was super easy to install, very durable. NO white creases from pulling on or bending it like with cheaper poly. Stretched well over metal hoops. Perfect size as well for a 16x8 greenhouse with 5 ribs.
  • A World of Difference
    We have hoop houses we built with 16' welded cattle panels. We tried going with clear 6 ml plastic UV protected film from the big box stores. The UV at our altitude of 9000' is horrendous on paint, plastic, and wood. But we thought if the product was coated with UV protection, we should get a couple of year's worth of service. Wrong!Also, this clear from the the stores isn't really clear. It's opaque. It protected our plants from hail, but didn't really hold any heat in or let much light in.We decided to try this product. It was late in the summer, the tomato plants were hanging on, but not growing. We tore the old stuff off (not that there was much left to tear off due to the breakdown of the product and the winds) and put this up. Within a week, the tomato plants not only started growing, but producting little tomatoes!We have a misting system hanging from the ceiling adding moisture to the hoop house. So far no mold, no cracks, no tears. And it's HOT inside. If this lasts more than 2 seasons (and we left it up to see how it fairs in the winter and snows), it will be well worth the extra cost. AND it's CLEAR. Truly clear. Not opaque. We so hope that this is the answer to our UV problems and our short growing season.
  • Performance depends upon application
    Product received in fine shape. Main concern is application method. I'm sure the product does well enough with snap clamps or similar, though have built numerous greenhouses using staple methods reinforced with a wood batten strip. While I've used plain 6 mil on all previous projects without much issue other than short lifespan, I've noticed this material tears away from the fastener much more easily and proved difficult getting batten board on before it tried to pulled away. Too early to comment on overall performance, though would personally order a thicker mil on this product if I had to do it over.
  • Strong stuff
    Had gusts up to 50 mph for 24 hours. Held up just fine.
  • Greenhouse Cover
    The greenhouse cover is the perfect cover for my new greenhouse for my tomatoes.
  • president
    It's a good quality. We received within a week. It's a good service
  • Green House film
    I ordered my fil the week before my final construction of my green house, I took the week off to finish it . My film did not arive until I was already back at work.....almost two weeks later. When I did get the film I unwrapped the first piece and it was stamped this side down..I installed it and unwrapped the next piece for my 2 layer system....there were no markings at all ?? Both pieces were suppose to be anti-condensate uv protected ... For this being my first green house I am still wandering if I installed the 2nd piece the right side up....I guess I will know if it fails the fist year. I will probably use another vendor next time.
  • Greenhouse roofing film
    Shipping was prompt, and right out of the box, the quality of the roofing film was superior to anything I had been using before. I hope that this film withstands the southern summer temps as well as it looks. It came dated, which is a good indication that it should last. Thank you, GreenHouseMegaStore for a quality product!
  • Thermal Anti-Condensate Greenhouse Film, 6mil - 12
    Using for covering for raised beds. Really appreciate the sticker saying which side goes down. Came on thick cardboard tube wrapped in plastic. Did get a small puncture during shipping. Would suggest stronger packaging to ensure perfect product delivery. Otherwise, very happy.
  • Good
    my husband orginially bought this product several years ago to use for the film on his greenhouse. It has lasted as promised. The only reason we are replacing it now is because my husband enlarged the greenhouse and needs a new covering. Great product. Worth the money. Does a great job in the greenhouse. Would recommend.
  • Greenhouse Film
    I used this film for the end walls of my seed starting greenhouse. The plastic was heavy and strong and installed very well. I especially liked that it did not have any words printed on it like some of the other greenhouse plastic I have bought in the past had. I plan to use the remainder of it for a quick hoop tunnel early this spring. So far I am very pleased with it, I will need see how long it lasts now.
  • Great for my greenhouse
    Fair price, took about a week to get here. It's been doing a great job keeping the heat inside our greenhouse. However I'm giving this product a 4/5 because it is supposed to be anti-condensate but a lot of condensation does in fact build up. I don't really have anything to compare it to so maybe the condensation could be a lot worse! Overall it was a good deal and perfect to use on a greenhouse
  • great product
    Fast shipping but the cardboard that was used to wrap the plastic was weak and was tore to shreds in the shipping luckily no holes were found in the plastic just a bit soiled... I used it to put over a custom built green house...can't wait till next spring to get my garden growing sooner...meanwhile the dogs are enjoying a place to go without snow.
  • Thermal Greenhouse film 6mm
    It is not as transparent as I would expect. Seems it will block a fair amount of light. Also has the manufacturers' name written on the film further blocking more sun and advertising their product.
  • product as advertised
    shipped to our door as promised, we installed 24 x 42 greenhouse roof. product seems strong and well manufactured.
  • Homeowner
    Appears to very durable and should last a long time.
  • Thermal Anti-Condensate Greenhouse Film, 6mil
    Very strong and durable.
  • Greenhouse film
    We have found the Greenhouse film, Anti-Condensate\Thermal, to be of excellent quality and durability. We also found the price to be an added bonus!
  • 6mm anti-condensation greenhouse film
    I built my greenhouse in April of 2013. I picked this plastic for its strength and anti-condensation properties. After a record winter of snow the plastic has held up wonderful with my wood frame. There has been some amounts of condensation inside the greenhouse and I made sure plastic was placed on my frame correctly. This might be because of ventilation issues. Product was shipped fast and in great condition. Gave review a 4 based on condensation issues.
  • looks nice
    i haven't got to put this to use yet with luck in the month or so, it looks and feels like some pretty tough plastic, shipping was very fast had the product in 3 days
  • Great!
    Wonderful stuff, much better and cheaper then Home Depot plastic.
  • 1st time buyer: Will come back
    I'm 100% a rookie at greenhouse materials. But after I found this website I took the gamble and purchased some clear poly. It arrived fast and is very high quality. It had 14 of snow on top of my greenhouse and withstood the weight. So I'm very pleased with what I bought.
  • so far, so good
    This stuff has just gone on the chicken house green house extension, so can't say how it will hold up, but it arrived in good condition and appears strong and flexible. Didn't have a condensation problem, but wanted the thermal property.
  • Thermal anti-condensate 6 mil Greenhouse Film
    This stuff is great! It's thick, keeps the frost out and everything is growing great!THANKS!!!
  • Thermal, anti-drip greenhouse film
    I was very impressed with the speed with which I received my order! Good job! We have only had the product up a couple weeks so it's hard to say anything more. It seems fine.
  • Greenhouse Plastic
    I received the ordered material in the indicated time and in good condition, wrapped well wit heavy plastic. The product has performed well--only 3 weeks of use and was labeled to indicate which side was inside. It has held up to moderate winds without damage.
  • Satisfied Customer minus the condensate issue
    I have had the plastic film installed on my outdoor hydroponic system for about a month now.It is holding up nicely.Unfortunately condensate does accumulate on the inside surface of the film.Perhaps condensate prevention is only possible when the greenhouse is well ventilated. I'm giving this product 3 stars because I bought the film mainly for the description advertised of anti-condensate film.
  • Not Anti-Condensating
    I bought this specific film for one reason and one reason only, the Anti-Condensating feature. Forget it!! Put it up and the next day I could have taken a shower in side of my new greenhouse. So much for paying extra money for this added benefit!
  • not very anti-condensate
    it is easy to put up but once i put it up i noticed condensation the next morning. Not just a little. this morning 50 outside 68 inside with early morning sun. maybe they sent the wrong stuff.
  • greenhouse plastic
    plastic had baseball size dimples full length of roll, looks bad on greenhouse!
  • Thermal Greenhouse Film
    Received product promptly and just as described. Will definetly be buying from Greenhouse Megastore again. Thanks!
  • 6 mil greenhouse film
    Used to recover our Master Gardener greenhouse. As advertised a strong durable film, packaged well (no tears on delivery). Delivered on time via truck. Shipping for this size is expensive but still beats any local place we've found.
  • owner
    A VERY TOUGH plastic film, the 6 Mil thick is just the right guage to make a professional greenhouse out of. Very easy to see which side of the film goes to the inside/outside of the greenhouse. My version of a great- looking, and working, green house came out to look like a well made professional construction. Holds up well to the high winds we get here all year. I am very satisfied with the product and how my project came outlooking like a professional job.
  • Greenhouse plastic
    Seems like a good product. Hopefully, it will stand the test of time. Easy to order, quick shipping-
  • Good plastic film
    First time building a greenhouse. At first I got clear construction plastic from a hardware store, which turned out to be white and transmit very little light. I ordered this plastic and put it up and it is much better. Plants are happier.
  • So far so good!!
    This is our first time using this film. It's been up for two weeks and so far so good. We have had strong winds and 6 inches of rain.
  • Good Stuff
    So far so good! As soon as we put this plastic up, we felt the warmth from the sun increase under it. Withstood some windy days without damage. No severe weather to test it so far, but at this point we're happy. Seems pretty durable.
  • green house film
    i love this product.
  • Great product 6 years and still going strong
    Installed this film in 2005. Two weeks later, hurricane Katrina came through with Cat 2 winds. No damage at all and it's still going strong today. Anti-drip coating is still working. A great product well worth the extra money.
  • Good so far.
    This is my first greenhouse so I'm no expert, but the greenhouse film feels heavy and did not tear during installation. It is holding heat through the night but only time will tell how long it will last.
  • Excellent Quality
    It has not been on long, but has already withstood snow and wind. Seems to be a good product!
  • Quality Plastic
    This is quality plastic at a great price. ICG also shipped it right away.
  • GF-6AC
  • Thermal coating works, NO ice all winter!
    We used the film to make a simple hooped greenhouse over a 5,000 gal pond. We pulled it over the pond at 5PM on a cold December night. The pond was already iced over except for one spot. The overnight low was 20f. By morning the pond was ice free, without any auxiliary heater. All winter the pond has been ice free even at 0f using just passive heating. The film has withstood large snow loads without tearing or stretching. The only tears were when it was nicked with a shovel, and those didn't run! Other films we've used have let the pond freeze and torn before the end of winter. This is good stuff and worth the price difference.
  • cant wait to put it to use!
    We received our order sooner than we expected! We quickly installed the film and look forward to putting it to use.
  • GF-6AC