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This economical product screens out excess summer sun but becomes transparent during rainy weather to allow more light into the greenhouse. When Varishade 2 dries it turns white, resuming its shading effect. The wet/dry-clear/shade cycle can be repeated numerous times as weather conditions change
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This economical product screens out excess summer sun but becomes transparent during rainy weather to allow more light into the greenhouse. When Varishade 2 dries it turns white, resuming its shading effect. The wet/dry-clear/shade cycle can be repeated numerous times as weather conditions change while the product can be thinned with water to provide the shading density desired. Apply with roller or brush.


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Reviews (22)
  • Washed of in rain
    Applied it to the outside of a glass greenhouse. It washed off in the first rain, except for vertical glass walls.
  • Worth the money
    100 degrees in the greenhouse when starting, couldn't look up without sunglasses on. Painted half and noticed the difference already. Put it on full strength on the inside. So thankful for this. Last year we used a tarp over the tarp and the winds tore it up.
  • Varishade 2
    Excellent green house shade paint for glass greenhouses. Easy to apply, dropped the temperature in a very warm greenhouse. It saved many orchids.
  • Good stuff!
    Worked well on a small garden window. Tried using brush, sponge but those left a streaky look. A fine spray worked well. Easy to add more shade if desired after the first application. Washes off well with soap but takes a bit of scrubbing.
  • Greenhouse shading
    It's easy to apply, and you can control the degree of shading by how much water is used to mix it.
  • Very helpful
    Super easy to use, very effective when the weather is dry, haven't had rain yet so haven't seen it become transparent, but I'm looking forward to it. Great product!
  • Works great
    I have bought this product for 3 years in a row and used it on my pavilion on my deck. It has translucent panels and it was too hot in the sun. This product makes it much more tolerable and lasts all summer.
  • Works
    The product works but I found that the coverage isn't close to what is stated. You need to dilute less than recommended to get the desired affect.
  • Varishade
    Perfect for skylight windows that heat rooms up too much in summer.
  • Green house verishade
    Works great and is not washed off by the rain
  • Varishade
    Used at most concentrated combo as need a lot of shade in GH till winter. 1 Varishade:1 water. Mixed ok, keep mixing. Painted on well. Is doing the job. GH is at least 10 degrees less than last year during Oct/Nov 2016 with still a lot of sun. Important is that I only used half a bottle to do this space, about 200 sq ft. I still have 1.5 bottles more. PS. I painted externally on heavy fiberglass Greenhouse as had already attached shade cloth inside. Have not yet seen what happens with rain. Thanks.
  • greenhouse paint
    I had a skylight that I used the paint on to keep the sun out because it was heating up the house to much. It was easy to use and worked great.
  • Good Product
    We put on one coat and it does cool down a bit, but would recommend putting on more than one coat as our greenhouse still gets to almost 100 degrees. Does not wash off in rain, but does clear as advertised. Will buy more
  • great
    This stuff is great. Easy to apply and I watched the temp in the greenhouse temp go down about 8 degrees right after I applied this product. We will see in the Fall how easy it is to remove.
  • Varishade
    I purchased a quart first and it did not go as far as I thought it would. Then, bought a gallon. I applied it to the inside of my greenhouse first and then decided to also do the outside. It took multiple coats to cover. However, a significant amount of it washed off during the first rain. I will reapply again and hopefully it will work. Per the manufacturer, sometimes there may be a coating on the glass that prohibits it from sticking. When I built my greenhouse, my windows did have a powder residue on them. I washed every single pane, but maybe some of the reside did not come off. For the windows where the Varishade remains, it's an excellent sun block. I would recommend, but would suggest washing the glass first before application.
  • Varishade II
    This is my first use of Varishade II for my greenhouse. We have had an unusually warm, bright summer, so far. The varishade does seem to help with the intensity of the sun. It doesn't seem to go on smoothly, but I didn't expect it to. I plan to paint the other half of the roof with varishade, too.
  • too thin when mixed as directed
    I have a small greenhouse and had to roll it on. Mixed as directed it was way too watery. I have a gallon left over and will do a 2nd coat and see if that works.
  • shade paint works great
    When the greenhouse was half painted, you could walk inside from the finished side to the unpainted side and feel the temperature difference! Will definitely use this again.
  • Not as advertised
    Mixed product 3 to1. Applied to sunroom glass --looked good for two days then it rained and washed 95 per cent off. emailed greenhouse megastore for any suggestions and never got a reply. With postage only was around $18.00-- not worth any more of my time.
  • Lower Temps In My Greenhouse
    Applied undiluted VariShade2 to the roof of my greenhouse to lower the day temperatures. Worked great. Reduced the temps 20%!
  • Good for atriums
    We use it for top of atrium over back patio where orchids are raised. It works well as it blocks some direct sunlight without darkening area. When wet, lets more sunlight through. Helps cool off the enclosed patio by at least 10 degrees or more, great for FL.
  • Varishade coating
    I ordered two quarts of varishade. The appearance of the liquid in each quart container was visibly different from the other. I mixed one quart and applied it to half of the greenhouse - then I mixed the second quart and applied it to the other half. One of the quarts made a good coating and the second one did not cover that well. Mixing techniques and application were the same for both quarts. They must have been from different batches.