90% Black Shade Cloth, Grommeted Panel

Item No. SC-BL90
Can't find what you need? Visit our Custom Shade cloth page to order a custom sized piece. 90% density will block out 90% of light. Constructed of high density polyethylene, the tough lock-stitch design of this knitted material resists rips, tears and fraying while reducing wind speed and heat
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Grommeted Panel (currently viewing)

The edges of these panels are sewn with heavy-duty reinforcing tape. Brass grommets are installed on approx. 2' centers around the perimeter. Often includes a seam where two pieces of shade have been sewn together. Durable, easy to install with ropes, bungees or wire. Most durable solution for smaller areas where shade will be suspended between four points. Grommeted panels are sold in pre-cut sizes or can be ordered in any custom size.

Precut Panel

A raw piece of shade fabric where edges of panel are not reinforced with any tape or grommets. Would not typically have a seam but may have a raw (cut) edge. Can be installed with wiggle wire, shade cloth clips or wooden lath. Precut Panels are sold in pre-cut sizes or can be ordered in any custom size.


Sold in factory widths by the linear foot. Would only rarely have a seam and sides typically include a factory finished (uncut) edge. Most cost effective solution for large quantities of shade fabric.


Can't find what you need?

Visit our Custom Shade cloth page to order a custom sized piece.

90% density will block out 90% of light. Constructed of high density polyethylene, the tough lock-stitch design of this knitted material resists rips, tears and fraying while reducing wind speed and heat build up in structure.

  • Fabricated pieces include black reinforcing tape on all four sides. Reinforcing tape is a seat belt like material that provides extra durability along the edge of the piece and allows installation of grommets.
  • Fabricated sizes include a brass grommet in each corner of the piece and approximately every 2' apart around the entire perimeter. Grommets allow easy installation using rope or zip ties.

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Additional Information

Density Comparison


8 year prorated warranty against UV degradation

Factory Seams

Depending on the size ordered, your shade fabric may contain a factory seam.

Dimensional Guarantee

We guarantee our stock shade pieces will be within +/- 4" of the published dimensions. Accuracy has only very rarely been a problem, but keep in mind these variances.

Recommended Shade Cloth Density

30%Asters, Chrysanthemums, Geraniums, and Snapdragons
40%Bedding Plants*, Gloxinias, Herbs*, Iris, Lilies, Vegetables*
50%Bromeliads, Ficus, Orchids (Dendrobiums, Epidendrums, Vandas)
60%Orchids (Oncidiums, Phalaenopsis)
70%Ferns, Orchids (Cypripediums), Philodendron
* Various

Hanging Instructions

When hanging shade cloth pieces larger than 100 sq. ft., you may need extra center support to prevent the cloth from sagging in the middle. One easy way to do this is by running lightweight cable from corner to opposite corner, forming an X pattern that the cloth can rest on. For pieces larger than 400 sq. ft., you may need cables running end to end every 4' or so.

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Reviews (36)
  • Best stuff I've found for back yard shade
    I use these to shade my deck and driveway. Total game changer. Can use these spaces now in summer. I used only 90% black shade cloth. I've tried a bunch of #%#$ from amazon. I didn't find anything reliable. THIS stuff... is what you need.
  • Great product
    Very well made. Quick shipping. Exactly what I needed to cover my fish tanks in my greenhouse! Will definitely purchase again.
  • worth every penny quality product
    i am a return customer and came back due to the excellent quality. these hold up in texas summers so buy with confidence.
  • 90-percent-black-shade-cloth
    reduces temp by 5-10 degrees in my "green house" love it
  • Perfect
    Exactly what we needed, Great Quality❣
  • 90% Shade Cloth
    Bought it to shade chicken coop! Works perfectly!
  • Great Sun Protection
    I am extremely delighted about the product. It fits more than 95% of the entire patio structure, looks great and was a breeze to install due to the grommets on the frame of the fabric. The purchasing process and delivery was flawless and I would definitely purchase from GreenHouse Megastore again in a heartbeat. Thanks for a smooth process and an amazing product. CJ
  • 90% black fabricated shade cloth
    This is the third time I have bought shade cloths from this company and I just love them. I never buy anywhere else. these are the greatest and last a long time.
  • Very Satisfied.
    Good, durable pre-measured and cut shade cloth. Delivered very quickly.
  • Shade cloth
    This has made my west-facing porch usable in the summer heat! Well-made, sturdy, arrived in only 2 days! Love it!
  • Shade cloth works great for back yard
    The shade cloth works great for my back yard. My dog gets a lot of shade over our artificial turf, so now the grass is cooler for him to lay on. My wife thought it wouldn't look good, but now that she sees the shade cloth installed, she loves it too.
  • tarps
    Delivery as promised. Well made, sturdy. Have ordered several times and will order again as needed. Lots of choices and reasonably priced. Used to protect pets and plants in the Florida sun. Thank You
  • Quality has gone down over the last three years.
    The 90% shade we purchased 2/2017 Does not compare to the one we purchased about 10 years ago from this company. The one we purchased in about 2007 is a much better shade and does block 90% of the sun. the one from 2017 does not. Closer to the one we purchased about 2014 it is only 70%.
  • Shorter than stated
    The 90% black shade cloth we purchased is great stuff, but it is shorter in both dimensions than simply a few inches. The 20 x 24 is actually closer to 19 x 23. Construction is good, grommets are strong, and it seems to hold up well in the weather. We've bought eight different sizes and types, but just know that if size is critical make allowances.
  • Shade cloth
    Shade cloth was nice but some of the grommets ripped out first week. Maybe some banding where grommets placed would help. A little disappointed
  • Loving It
    So far I'm loving my new pool cover. It is strong, good quality, it keeps the leaves out of the pool, and it lets rain water pass through it. I wish I would of had it years ago.
  • Amazing shade cloth
    I used it over a homemade pvc carport- it tied down securely, didn't catch on any of the hay we used as ground cover, and reduced the ambient temperature by at least 10 degrees during midday. Awesome product.
  • Happy Buyer
    I have Purchased 3 of the 90* shade Cloths. They are Nice Material & are light weight.They worked out Great.
  • Great Product
    The black shade cloth was of high quality and exactly as ordered. I will ordering more to keep my place cool here in Vegas. I highly recommend this product to anyone in a hot climate.
  • Great Shade Cloth
    I purchased this cloth as a deck shade covering and received it in only a couple of days. The quality of the seams and stitching is TOP NOTCH and I appreciate the workmanship. As it applies to greenhousing, My deck is home to many varieties of plants that range from full to partial sun and they are thriving in the environment created by the shade cloth.The deck is 20x20 and we chose to leave a portion open to the sun but, the covering keeps the deck from heating up and is a pleasant sitting even on hot humid days. Thank you Greenhouse Megastore, the price was right and the cloth is great. My only complaint is the material itself is low grade. I am not sure I believe it is 90% UV blocking but, I put it in the 75-85% range. I knew this when I purchased it because I've used similar material in the past.I would recommend this product and company to anyone seeking this type of product.
  • no shade cloth
    This took over 3 weeks to receive. And this product is not 90 % its more like 40%. Poor quality product. Dont buy from this company.
  • Good Shade Cloth
    I'm using these over my dog pens not a greenhouse. They work great for shade but when I bungeed them down the grommets started to tear the fabric in some spots. I know I'm not using them for the intended use so I can't really complain. Also I ordered (3) 12x20s. They were not in stock. They contacted me and offered me (3) 12x24s for the same price. Great customer service.
  • What happend
    I had to say I could have gotten something better made oversea I tied a rope threw the grommets pulled not more than 8 Lbs. and the crappy product ripped###We stand behind this product 100% as it is usually manufactured to the highest quality. Since this particular piece seems to have been defective we have refunded this customer their money.
  • works good, not square
    Product seams to be good quality, has held up well over the past month of use. Only problem is that it isn't close to square. built a 20x20 frame and one side gradually gets longer up to about a foot over on the corner.
  • 90% shade cloth
    Put this over the deck which was in direct sun most of the day. This works awesome and doesnt collect water on top of it.
  • 90% shade cloth bought for the deck.
    Very fast delivery.Great service. Bought the product for our deck and it works perfect.
  • 90% shade cloth
    delivered promtly - product is great quality - we use it as shade over our pool
  • Sun Shade Cloth
    The cloth came within a couple of days. It is just what was listed as. Quality seems very good. If it lasts as long as advertisied I will be very happy with my purchase. I put it up for shade over my deck. It works real well.
  • Just what I needed.
    The 90% stock shade cloth was just what I was looking for to pu over my home made pergola. We can now enjoy our outdoor area with pleasure and not be bothered by the hot sun.
  • Charles
    Very pleased with your product. I am using it for a boat cover. The solid covers I have had in the past were torn up by high winds, frequently experienced in this area. The shade cloth cover, provides some air to flow through the material helping prevent mildew,keeps leaves and debris from getting in the boat, and keeps the wind from tearing them up. The covers also provide protection from the sunlight. This is my second one purchased. I have one on a smaller boat.
  • Awesome Product
    I raise miniature pigs and because of a toxic berry I had to cut down 9 trees which was shading the pigs. Well living in Florida I was going to have pieces of frying bacon on the ground. I ordered 3 shade cloths the 90% knit and they are great. I could feel the differece even while putting them up. My piglets thank you and the others are jealouse so now I need to order 2 more. Thank you so much for a great product.
  • SC-BL90
  • So far so good.
    We purchased the 90% shade cloth for our pergola over our deck. It is on the east side of our house. We wanted more shade for the morning and early afternoon. We installed a roll-up shade on the east and put the shade cloth on the top. So far, we love it. We are retired and built the pergola and installed the shade cloth ourselves! Great investment, we think! The service department was great to work with when we forgot to include our grommets with the order. They added them and the shipment was here in good shape and very promptly!
  • SC-BL90
  • Better than expected!
    This 90% shade cloth is a great way to beat the oppressive summer heat in our part of the country! It was very easy to install on top of our pergola and provided the perfect finishing touch for this year's landscape project! Highly recommended product!
  • Greatest Shade Cloth
    Two years ago I purchased the 80% shade cloth for my dogs' large pen. I was amazed at how much cooler it was underneath it during the hot July sun. This year I purchased the 90% shade cloth along with the grommets again and again completely satisfied with my purchase. This shade cloth was going over each individual dog pen next to their building and I couldn't believe how much cooler it has made the interior building now. There's a dramatic difference in the temperature below the shade cloth. I can't recommend this shade cloth highly enough!! And very fast service too. Thank you again!