50% Black Shade Cloth, Grommeted Panel

Item No. SC-BL50
Can't find what you need? Visit our Custom Shade cloth page to order a custom sized piece. 50% density will block out 50% of light. Constructed of high density polyethylene, the tough lock-stitch design of this knitted material resists rips, tears and fraying while reducing wind speed and heat
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Grommeted Panel (currently viewing)

The edges of these panels are sewn with heavy-duty reinforcing tape. Brass grommets are installed on approx. 2' centers around the perimeter. Often includes a seam where two pieces of shade have been sewn together. Durable, easy to install with ropes, bungees or wire. Most durable solution for smaller areas where shade will be suspended between four points. Grommeted panels are sold in pre-cut sizes or can be ordered in any custom size.

Precut Panel

A raw piece of shade fabric where edges of panel are not reinforced with any tape or grommets. Would not typically have a seam but may have a raw (cut) edge. Can be installed with wiggle wire, shade cloth clips or wooden lath. Precut Panels are sold in pre-cut sizes or can be ordered in any custom size.


Sold in factory widths by the linear foot. Would only rarely have a seam and sides typically include a factory finished (uncut) edge. Most cost effective solution for large quantities of shade fabric.


Can't find what you need?

Visit our Custom Shade cloth page to order a custom sized piece.

50% density will block out 50% of light. Constructed of high density polyethylene, the tough lock-stitch design of this knitted material resists rips, tears and fraying while reducing wind speed and heat build up in structure.

  • Fabricated pieces include black reinforcing tape on all four sides. Reinforcing tape is a seat belt like material that provides extra durability along the edge of the piece and allows installation of grommets.
  • Fabricated sizes include a brass grommet in each corner of the piece and approximately every 2' apart around the entire perimeter. Grommets allow easy installation using rope or zip ties.

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Additional Information

Density Comparison


8 year prorated warranty against UV degradation

Factory Seams

Depending on the size ordered, your shade fabric may contain a factory seam.

Dimensional Guarantee

We guarantee our stock shade pieces will be within +/- 4" of the published dimensions. Accuracy has only very rarely been a problem, but keep in mind these variances.

Recommended Shade Cloth Density

30%Asters, Chrysanthemums, Geraniums, and Snapdragons
40%Bedding Plants*, Gloxinias, Herbs*, Iris, Lilies, Vegetables*
50%Bromeliads, Ficus, Orchids (Dendrobiums, Epidendrums, Vandas)
60%Orchids (Oncidiums, Phalaenopsis)
70%Ferns, Orchids (Cypripediums), Philodendron
* Various

Hanging Instructions

When hanging shade cloth pieces larger than 100 sq. ft., you may need extra center support to prevent the cloth from sagging in the middle. One easy way to do this is by running lightweight cable from corner to opposite corner, forming an X pattern that the cloth can rest on. For pieces larger than 400 sq. ft., you may need cables running end to end every 4' or so.

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Reviews (44)
  • Perfect amout of shade
    Will be buying more of these. Hem and grommets are made to last.
  • Great Product
    Have had this shade cloth in use for one month and so far it has preformed as expected. It seems durable and well made. I would buy it again!
  • Shade net
    this product works very well! Shades the area and still lets enough light in to keep the chickens happy
  • Escellent Product
    I use the shade cloth to cover a 8 x 24 foot patio that I keep my plants on. I live in Tucson, AZ. The patio has full sun all day. This cloth has been perfect for my use. My plants get the summer rain and the cloth has held up to heavy winds. I'm currently building a porch. I plan to cover the porch with the same cloth. I would recommend this cloth to anyone.
  • Shade Cloth, 50% Black
    The product is well made. The real heat hasn't started here in Tucson yet, so I can't really say how well it's going to work.
  • Quality as Promised
    I needed a 50% shade cloth for my coldhouse to help with overwintering my hardy, evergreen bonsai trees.Quality is excellent; plenty of grommets and reinforced edges. Also, delivery was very fast. I will be ordering from Greenhouse Megastore in the future. Keep doing things the right way!
  • Excellsnt
    Great product as advertised easy to work with. Good service
  • Hot House Shade Cloth
    Perfect fit, just what my wife wanted.
  • Garden Shade Cloth
    I have a large vegi bed 12 x 16 ft. that gets lot of TX hot sun from Summer through Fall. For my area, I ordered the 50% shade. The shade cloth seems to be of good quality. The fabric has strong hemming. The ordered arrived on time, very nicely packed. I am very pleased with it. Water goes through - and wind will not pick it up. It is important to keep the ends opened (and the sides) so the pollinators can get in and out. When not in use. I will keep it folded up in a trash bag for future use...in a garage. Garden shed is not safe, mice can get it. I hope that is will last, at this point it's too early to say.
  • So far great product
    New to the greenhouse growing and so far this has done it's job. Great and thank you.
  • Great for hydroponics!!
    This 50% shade cloth works great over our hydroponics system. We supported it with wire fencing over a 16'x16' area. The cloth border and grommets are quality construction.
  • perfect
    perfect product. super satisfied .just your mail packaging is not strong enough.
  • Grommet Failure
    During strong winds one of the grommets ripped open and blew away.
  • Good product
    Good Product. Strong with grommets at a reasonable price.
  • Worked perfectly
    The fabric looks great, the tape and grommets are very strong. I couldn't be happier
  • Shade Cloth
    The shade cloth is working as I had hoped, I am pleased with it.
  • Shade cloth
    This was used to shade a hobby greenhouse.
  • My plants are happier
  • excellent product
    this cover had just the right amount of shade and fit perfectly on my greenhouse. highly recommend to all.
  • Horsing it
    We used the 20X24' black shade tarp as a shade for our horses and recently had a severe storm with high winds and the shade tarp came thru the storm undamaged. The holes allow the wind to go right thru! It was also easy to put up and stays in place by crossing some mechanics wire underneath to keep it from sagging.
  • Made in the shade !
    Second shade I have used. I choose the 50% rather than the previous 40% and like it better.
  • 50% Shade
    Reasonable price and quick shipping on the shade cloth ordered. The fabric edges are well secured as are the grommets.
  • Good Stuff
    Came as promised. Shade cloth well manufactured and sewn; grommets well installed; fabric without any flaws. I used 2 20X20 shades to cover 16X36 framed garden. Tied off shades to frame wire set 4ft below top. Works wonderful. Installed just in time - Tucson hits 107 degrees today, 02June.
  • Orchid shelter
    My order was on time, the material is excellent, and now my wife's orchids are in a safe shaded environment.
  • Raring this item
    This shade cloth is just as good as the last ones that I ordered before. I would say that this shade cloth is the best that you can find in the market today with a very low price and fast shipping. Now, pick me as a winner. :)
  • luvflowers
    Very nice product, looks beautiful on our greenhouse, very pleased with workmanship!
  • great
    Very easy to install and very durable. Went through 60 MPH wind w/no problems.
  • David
    The cloth was sewn with puckers under the reinforcement tape that prevented the cloth from lying flat. Poor quality control/
  • Light weight and easy to put up
    The light weight sun screen was easy to put up and has protected my shade loving plants during this hot spell. It seems like a small thing, but the groments were evenly spaced on a sewn hem that facilitated putting it up. Love it!
  • JOHN
    Transported fifteen 10' tall chestnut trees from southern NJ to Northwestern NY state. Fabric protected leaves while traveling interstate at 65 MPH. Minimal wear on fabric and trees looked great. Well worth the money.
  • A great buy
    Great prices and fast shipping.Would highly recommend
  • Pool Cover - Good Deal
    It is whats advertised. I stretched it over my pool very tight with a series of pullys and the eyelets didn't rip. Its so tight you could use it for a trampoline. It working great at keeping the leaves out of the pool and letting the rain go through.
  • Disapointment
    Took a long time to receive, plus when it did arrive, it did not have the edge tape nor grommets to use in installing.
  • Quality product, great price
    Stout fabric, strong and straight banding on the edges, durable grommets, quality made product. Used to cover backyard greenhouse due to extreme heat, tomatoes, squash coming back, even the peppers are enjoyig a break from the sun. Was able to cut back on the time the drip irrigation was running because evaporation of water was reduced. Great product, great price, great service, I will definately order from Greenhouse Megastore again.
  • good value great product
    we highly reccomend this it is very easy to cut and does not unravel we used this in gardens and it works great the best part is you can use small nylon pull ties to make tie down loops so it does not have to be edged for most aplications
  • The Name is Accurate
    The Shade Cloth definitely reduces the intensity of the sun. After attaching the cloth to an awning frame above my sliding glass door, I noticed that the living room was not heating up with the morning sun. I also placed the shade cloth over a kennel and I noticed the difference.
  • Shade Cloth Rocks!
    This shade cloth is awesome. The order came quickly and was exactly to my specifications. Unfortunately I only wanted a small amount so I had to pay an extra charge but it was still cheaper than competitors.
  • Does the job
    Bought this product to place on top of a Pergola structure we have to give a little more shade to some New Guinea Impatien hanging pots. This provides a little more shade for them which allows a longer period between watering and anyone with NGI knows how they look awful if they don't get there water so this product works for our purposes.
  • 50% Shade cloth
    This product is excellent for screening out the sun. We live in North Florida where the sun is intense, the wind minimal. It helped to save the tomatoes from being baked by the sun. It also lowered the temp in the greenhouse by 15-20 degrees. I have used it to shade our back patio during construction. Using the snap grommets, it can easily be secured.
  • SC-BL50
    great product for the hot months in Florida. growing lettuce under the cloth during the hot months of summer.
  • What a difference...
    I recently constructed my first greenhouse and the area selected for construction doesn't get a break from the sun. My first attempts at planting were failures. Might have had something to do with the 130+ degrees inside... I am so glad I purchased this shade cloth. Even during the hottest periods of the day I now hover between 96 and 105 max. Plants are doing well, and its working inside even during the hot times isn't so horrible. The cloth is highly functional, but not very pretty. Next time around I will spring for a colored model closer to the whiteness of the poly sheeting. The black does stick out! I doubt I will need to buy another anytime soon, its looks extremely durable.
  • Much Better than Expected
    Ordered a custom size and received it in less than two weeks! My 8' x 40' taped and grommeted piece was carefully made and is very professional in appearance. We are looking forward to having an enlarged shaded area for orchids. Thanks for the quick service.
  • Great For Craft Shows also!
    I sell soap and toiletries at craft shows and needed something to keep the sun off my product but allow air through so I wouldn't smother in the summer heat. I saw a friend have up shade cloth she had bought at her local greenhouse store. Having no store near me I went online and found Greenhouse Megastore. I got a pre-measured size that fits my EZ Up perfectly, got it taped to look good also and it works fantastically. Will definitely tell others about this site and the value. I paid less with shipping than my friend did and she picked hers up and it wasn't taped.