Dramm Colorful Watering Can

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These high-grade, injection molded plastic watering cans feature a superior design with a lifetime guarantee. Color may vary according to stock availability. 5 liter Our 5 liter watering can features an extra long spout. The rain-like water pattern arches upward and softly falls upon plants. This
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These high-grade, injection molded plastic watering cans feature a superior design with a lifetime guarantee. Color may vary according to stock availability.

5 liter

Our 5 liter watering can features an extra long spout. The rain-like water pattern arches upward and softly falls upon plants. This gentle sprinkle is unequaled for applying fertilizer to foliage. Comes standard with large plastic rose. 1 1/3 gallon capacity.

7 liter

Designed for and used by professional growers for over 100 years. Now manufactured from 1/8 injection molded plastic so they won't rust, leak or corrode. Perfectly balanced for indoor and outdoor use. Comes standard with large plastic rose.1 3/4 gallon capacity.

10 liter

Holds over 2 gallons and is engineered for years of use. This size does not come standard with plastic rose. A detachable angle spout ensures that your plants receive water where you want it. Perfect for Interior Plantscape professionals. 2 1/2 gallon capacity.

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Reviews (50)
  • Easy Peasy...
    Yes, of course, I have a large water can; however, it is too heavy at this point for me to carry easily. This little guy allows me to fill it up and water my herb plants. Sure, I have to repeatedly fill it; nonetheless, none of of it spills all over the place and I do not strain my neck or back. A perfect little one to use all the time.
  • Sturdy and comfortable
    This is the sturdiest watering can I have ever had but my favorite feature is how balanced and comfortable it is to carry and pour
  • Favorite watering can ever
    This is the sturdiest watering can I have ever had but my favorite feature is how balanced it is to carry and pour
  • A Leaky Pot
    Very Bad, as it has a slow leak at the bottom
  • The best,
    Have used one of these for almost 20 years and finally broke it. I ordered two so I could have one in two different places — one for the greenhouse and one in the garden. I think green is the only color they offer. The rosette gives a gentle rain for delicate seedlings. The 5-liter holds enough to do all the starts in the greenhouse, but it gets a bit heavy if you need to lift it above your waist to get pots that are up high. The long spout makes getting into tight spots much easier than with old fashioned watering cans. Highly recommend for serious gardeners.
  • Love Dramm Cans
    I've been meaning to replace the 1.5 L can I had. The balance and rose spout are perfect and it lasted many years. I got 2 so I can balance out the carry this time. They sent green cans and that's ok as there was no choice and tgey work the same. My last one was purple.
  • Great capacity, rose head works perfectly
    We purchased the 2 gallon and 1 gallon models and it has made feeding and watering much easier and is gentle on our seedlings.
  • Perfect for bonsai
    The Dramm 2liter watering container is perfect for bonsai. The microfine rosette with the long neck delivers water just right on bonsai soil. Thank you for carrying them.
  • No spills, well balanced
    Expensive but worth it. I
  • Great watering can
    Love the quality, works wonderful….my favorite
  • Dram colorful watering can
    It’s a good size and weight, but the sprinkling feature at the end of the spout is a two piece attachment. The perforated half falls off repeatedly. I can’t speak to customer service as I have not taken the time to contact them. I’m sure I will lose that part fairly soon. If that was not a problem I’d give it a 5 but for me it was hard to decide to invest in a watering can to begin with so I’m kind of irked.
  • Water dribbles our in stream
    Instead of getting a nice even spray it ends up dribbling into a stream from the bottom and not gentle on seedlings. I purchased the 5 liter. It has the spray rosette. So the top of the rosette sprays nice but the lower part of rosette is a small stream disturbing seedlings. Ok for regular plants.
  • Poor QC
    Leaks at base, clear manufacturing defect where the two injection molded pieces are misaligned. Seems a bit daft to boast about a product being injection molded when it is the very reason the watering can not hold water.
  • Drama 2 Liter
    I have been using this watering can for indoor gardening with wonderful success for the past 35 years. Durability speaks for itself.
  • Sturdy large watering can
    This is a large and very sturdy watering can. Easy to pour from. Love it.
  • My search is over
    For a few years now I have been searching for a watering can that would release water gently - not disturbing soil, seedlings or newly planted seeds. I bought the Bloem Easy-Pour Watering Can and was happy for a very short time-the spouts on both cans I bought broke rather easily. The Dramm, however, is made of much sturdier plastic and the spouts on both the small & large cans produce a gentle rainfall that does not disrupt my delicate plants. Exactly what I need.
  • Great watering can roses!
    I am very pleased with the design and material of the rose. It can be used on my old high quality water cans. This product should last many years.
  • The PERFECT tool
    Love the 1.5 L watering can. Holds a good amount of water, yet is still a manageable weight when full. It is well balanced and the handle is well placed for both carrying and watering. The long spout makes getting to distant plants a breeze and the rose tip creates a gentle flow over delicate plants. Really a terrific tool.
  • Small Watering Can
    I have a larger Dramm watering can that I use regularly and love, but my 2 and 3 year old grandsons like to help water my plants and it was too big and heavy for them. I bought two smaller ones and they love them. They are sturdy, easy to use and the boys love helping me.
  • Replacement Rose Spout & 10 liter watering can
    I purchased a replacement Rose Spout for the 10 litre watering can. I must say those items are built like a tank. They will last a lifetime. Excellent products.This is my go to company for my gardening supplies. They have the best prices and great shipping rates. Yes. I will continue to do business with this company.
  • Sturdy with good capacity
    I'm happy with my purchase it's a nice tool to have
  • Dramm Colorful Watering Can - 2 Liter (.5 gallon)
    Perfect for my needs, long reach to get to my hanging baskets, not too heavy even when full, durable, easy to clean, I'll be buying another soon
  • Dramm Watering can rose
    Fits perfectly and looks great. You at the garden megastore were very helpful.
  • Good Large Watering Can
    This size can is best for watering beds of plants in the ground. It is well balanced and easy to carry. Because of the design of the rose, the water covers a large area.However, if you are watering small to medium sized pots, I recommend the 5-liter Dramm watering cam. The water will go where it is targeted and not all over the foliage & the surrounding area.
  • Useful Watering Container
    I use this device to haul water and apply it where hoses are not available. I have two of the largest ones so that I am balanced when carrying the load. These containers are well made. The handles are comfortable carrying a load for a distance. The rose head supplies a perfectly soft stream which is ideal for seedlings. The nozzle slides on and off easily and stays in place while in use. Mine sit in the sun a lot and never get soft or melt. Whatever size you might be considering, this is a good product. I would highly recommend it.
  • Great Quality
    I got the 1.3 gallon and it is made well. I like the long spout on it. I find I don't bend over as much with it helping my back. It is a lot bigger than you realize so keep that in mind even though it is only a 1.3 gal.
  • Dramm Watering Cans
    We have used these watering cans before and like the quality and balance of their construction. We are Senior Citizens and can carry them filled very easy.
  • Good Can
    I have two different sizes. Both are well balanced and dispense the water gently. Good quality plastic too.
  • Love this watering can!
    This is a great watering can, the best I've had. It waters very gently and doesn't disrupt seeds planted in cell packs during the first water. Just wish I could choose a fun color! :)
  • Dramm watering can plastic IS NOT FOOD GRADE
    These plastic cans are NOT MADE WITH FOOD-GRADE plastic.So if you're growing organic fruits and vegetables, you're taking the chance of harmful chemicals leaching-out into the water, and being fed to you plants.And of course, eventually being fed to you, when you harvest what you've grown.I asked this question, but this company didn't even post that info in this sites 'questions asked' section...when they got the answer for me from Dramm.THAT'S SHOCKING..!
  • good product
    It is very good to water seedlings.
  • great Tool
    We use this Watering Cans since many Years heavy . Solid and well balanced .
  • Perfect for watering roses
    This watering can is perfect for watering roses. It has a long spout that reaches under the bushes. No getting pricked by the thorns.
  • very good watering can
    Very sturdy and handy, happy with the purchase, should last for years.
  • watering can
    LOVE this watering can...the best one I have ever used...!!!!!!!!
  • Great can!
    This is a wonderful large watering can! Just keep in mind, it will fade if left out in the sun, and it just might be chewed on if your dog is so inclined. Take care of it and it will last a long, long time!
  • Large watering can
    It is nice to find a well made can in a larger size.
  • Dram watering can.
    I bought 2, & I just hope they will still be available when I need another. Great size. Made out of sturdy material. But buy buy.
  • Nice seedling watering can
    We bought this just for the seedling that we started indoors. Wanted something very gentle flowing to not disturb the seedlings too much. We picked the smallest one (with the rose head) and it worked quite well for us.
  • Get what you pay for?
    This is the best I could find and it is. Large but not to large, easy pour and fill. My hose end soaker fits in the opening!Very high $$. Both spouts should be included for that price! Really? Oh well, I broke down and got this can that should last a lifetime.
  • Should be included
    It works great. Spreads water very gently over a large area. Sometimes to large an area. Why is this not included considering the high cost of the can?
  • chieu
    Nice watering can. Easy to reach small places. Good for petite size person like me.
  • fantastic watering can
    This has got to have the most gentle, yet full, spray going. It's all because of the round shape of the rose.
  • FurBabiez
    I ordered two more 7L Dramms and I now have four of them. They are wonderful for transporting water around the yard, they are well balanced and easy to carry. The rose puts out a lot of water yet it gentle on the plants.
  • Dramm 5 liter watering can
    I wish I had ordered this watering can long before I did. The gentle flow produced by the large plastic rose is perfect for watering in newly planted seeds. In addition, it provides versatility by allowing easy removal of the rose end for plants that do not the gentle flow. The extra long spot is another plus for hard to reach plants. It's just great!
  • Dramm 10 liter watering can
    This can is perfect for watering hanging baskets because of the angle spout. Also, the large carrying capacity of the can (over 2 gallons) enables me to go longer without having to fill it up again.
  • Dramm 5 liter watering can
    This water can is exactly what I needed. In the past when planting seeds, the water would wash them away. However, this can produces a fine gentle water flow in order not to wash away the seeds. It's also great for foliar feeding.
  • Buy These Watering Cans
    Well worth the money! The gentle shower of the 5L is great for overhead watering and fertilization, and they're sturdiness and balance is much appreciated esp. when I use the 10L. These watering cans are the best I've purchased, and without a doubt will last for many years.
  • best dramm can
    holds lots of water and has a spout that will help you reach thick foliage,sturdy.
  • best for the ordinary gardener
    i just love these particular watering cans,,,!! i bought two of them last yr and they were very expensive... they now do not sell them that's why i found your company and your price is so reasonable that i bought three of them... they are the best warting cans i've every used and i really like how they reach so far and not too difficult to handle.. rainie