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Track your plants health and needs, whether in a garden or a greenhouse. Choose from our many light meters, hygrometers, moisture meters, and digital/analog thermometers.

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Thermostat Cable, LF
Item No. CT-1009
Yes Purchase
White-Rodgers Thermostat, 24v
Item No. CT-1006
No Purchase
VC109 Two Stage Thermostat
Item No. CT-VC109
Yes Purchase
Dual Outlet Digital Timer
Item No. GL-1062
Yes Purchase
Greenhouse Light Meter
Item No. GL-1024
Yes Purchase
Variable Speed Control, 10amp
Item No. CT-VFT130144
Yes Purchase
Dual Outlet Manual Timer
Item No. GL-1063
Yes Purchase
Digital Thermostat, 24v
Item No. CT-1007
Yes Purchase
Weather Proof Digital Two Stage Thermostat
Item No. CT-VC241
Yes Purchase
iGrow Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Item No. CT-4010
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Mini Bench Electronic Scale
Item No. MD-PHBS
Yes Purchase
Pre-Wired Humidistat
Item No. HU-CT36
Yes Purchase
Quantum PAR Light Meter
Item No. GL-1025
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iGrow Solar Light Sensor
Item No. CT-4011
Yes Purchase
Water Max Irrigation & Misting Controller
Item No. IR-3019
Yes Purchase
Mini Mist Controller
Item No. IR-3015
Yes Purchase
S Module for iGrow 400/800
Item No. CT-4112
Yes Purchase
iGrow Custom Contactor Panel
Item No. CT-4018
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iGrow Weather Station
Item No. CT-4014
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iGrow 1400 Greenhouse Controller
Item No. CT-4000
Yes Purchase
Microgrow Contactor Cabinet
Item No. CT-3032
Yes Purchase
GrowMate Controller
Item No. CT-3000S
Yes Purchase
GrowMate Plus Controller
Item No. CT-3000
Yes Purchase
Dramm Colorstorm Shut Off Timer
Item No. WA-DRWT
Yes Purchase
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TDS-3 Tester Pen
Item No. MD-TDS3
Yes Purchase
13" Outdoor Dial Thermometer
Item No. MD-TAY-90007
No Purchase
Taylor Min/Max Thermometer
Item No. MD-TAY-5460
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