J&D Single Stage Thermostat

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Our VC115 single stage thermostats can be used for heating or cooling. The rugged NEMA 4X rated weather resistant enclosure is made of corrosion resistant materials for a long life. Temperature range 40° - 100°F. Available hardwired or with optional piggy back cord. Rugged Nema 4X rated weather
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Our VC115 single stage thermostats can be used for heating or cooling. The rugged NEMA 4X rated weather resistant enclosure is made of corrosion resistant materials for a long life. Temperature range 40° - 100°F. Available hardwired or with optional piggy back cord.

  • Rugged Nema 4X rated weather resistant enclosure made of corrosion resistant materials for long life
  • Low mass, high surface area of stainless steel coiled sensor provides rapid response to temperature change
  • Large, visible dial with 40° - 100°F temperature range
  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed and CSA certified
  • Single stage thermostat to control your circulation or exhaust fan, power shutter, heater or heat lamp

VC115 may be wired for either heating or cooling. See wiring diagrams below.

VC115-C is pre-wired for cooling with a 115V 8' cord and piggyback grounded plug, but may be rewired for heating. To rewire for heating, you must switch the red and blue wires See wiring diagram below.

Wiring Instructions

Hardwired: Wiring Diagram PDF File

115V Piggyback Cord: Wiring Diagram PDF File

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Reviews (43)
  • Simple, effective and affordable
    Installed two of these in my greenhouse. One controls my exhaust fan one controls my louvers and circulation. Has saved me so much time and controls the temperature keeping it at a more consistent temperature all year long. Should’ve bought these two years ago.
  • Great Thermostat
    Strong high quality and weatherproof this thermostat will last for years and years! Instruction were clear and concise making this thermostat easy to install. It works for heat or cooling, I use it to control my exhaust fan. I also have a second thermostat to control my Shutter motors. As always dealing with GMS was a pleasure!
  • thermostat
    The only gripe I have with the thermostat is the lack of an on/off switch. Sometimes, you want to make sure no current will flow, no matter what the temperature. I had to add an upstream switch.Would have been nice if this was part of the thermostat design.
  • Plant Crazy
    Works just like it is supposed to. Perfect.
  • Excellent Product!
    Excellent thermostat. Wired two of them in my greenhouse. One for the heater, and another one for the shuttered fan. I have been using them for 2 months now. Both are working as advertised. I am quite pleased! I would buy this product again.
  • thermostat
    I accidentally wrote that this product did not work, but it wasn't this product. This one is fine and I bought another of the same kind for a freeze alarm.
  • Rick
    Prompt delivery, concise instructions, and well built. And now my fans go on and off with thermostat control. What's not to like?
  • This is what I needed
    I bought this J&D to replace a greenhouse thermostat that was 100% unreliable. My new J&D works pretty well. The only problem is that it does tend to become slightly inaccurate in the late afternoon when near-direct sunlight is shining on it and heating the coils slightly. I can solve this problem, but I feel like a sun-shield should have been designed into the thermostat. 4/5
  • I don't know what I am reviewing
    It would be nice if this page told me what I am reviewing. It's either a thermostat or a timer. Both seem to work fine.
  • Durable and easy to install
    The thermostat for our greenhouse fan died, and a quick Google search led us to this product. It was exactly what we needed. Delivery was quick, and my husband was able to install the thermostat easily. Has been working perfectly the past 4 months, and I will look to this site for future greenhouse-related needs.
  • Thermostat calibration
    I've bought two of these(didn't want to be changing the wiring for heating or cooling although easy to do) and they are easy to use and so far durable and reasonably good quality. I've placed thermometers next to them when in use and my only reason for not giving it a 5 star rating is the setting accuracy. There appears to be a 4-6 degree difference between the temperature at the thermostat and the setting at which the thermostat engages the heater or cooler. Easy to adjust for that if you are aware of the differential but nonetheless disconcerting.
  • J&D Single Stage Thermostat - VC115: hardwired - n
    It trips the bracker no mater how I wire it.
  • Woeks Just Great
    Works just like it should. Dependable & easy to use. Recommend you market it with clearer heater type/make compatibility information. Took me a while to find out if this would work for me.
  • great product
    Had the electrician wire it up dual one side for summer for cool and the other for winter for heat. So all I have to do is change plug-ins for heat or cool. Nice
  • thermostat
    Easy to install, now my greenhouse never overheats.
  • Great Thermostat
    Great thermostat and the pigtail plug was perfect for my swamp cooler. Just plug it in, set the temp and forget it, nice.(I did mount it on a 2X 6 board and put a plastic pot over the sensor so the sun doesn't shine right on it).
  • thermostat
    I bought this to replace the baseboard heater that I was using to control my germination area. This listed that it had a 3 degree differential, and my other ranged over 10 degrees. This new one was no improvement, though it does look more durable for moist conditions. Nothing lost for me in temperature range control, but this cost twice as much, so I hope it lasts twice as long as the baseboard thermostat I replaced.
  • Difficult to switch
    This is not the first thermostat of this design I have purchased. In the past directions for rewiring for heating were enclosed with the product and switching from cooling to heating was simple and instructions did not include removing and discarding unused part of a gasket. This time the wires were extremely difficulty to switch because the white wire was too short to manipulate and the edges of the container sharp. New manufacturer or old manufacturer cutting corners? If this is the new quality then perhaps Greenhouse Megastore should offer to switch wires for free. Also makes me wonder if overall quality of item will be less than previous. Manufacturer should dispose of their own discards.
  • BIG L
    I purchased a J&D Single Stage Thermostat - VC115-C with 8' piggy back 120v cord to keep succulents winter-stored on a closed-in porch from freezing. I need a low turn on temp of 40 degrees and this unit works perfectly. Well constructed and accurate.... a great choice for the application.
  • thermostat
    easy to install and it is very quick to respond to temperature change
  • Just the ticket
    Just what I wanted. Great price and shipping. Received promptly. Super selection. Pleased customer.
  • Good temperature control
    I'm sure the more expensive units will do a better job, but for the price and ease of insulation it is hard to beat. The calibration is off a little but you can make a corrective adjustment and it works fine and it is constant. I've found through out my life that most thermostats are out of calibration. Be sure to mount it shaded from direct sunlight and not where it is in a direct path of cooling or warming air. I am using one for cooling and another for heating. Both are mounted side by side. My opinion is it is well worth price.
  • It didn't last
    I bought 2 last year; one for heat and one to cool. This year I set my thermostat on heater one to 65 but the heater is coming on erratically. I turn it down to 0 and it may come on or may not. Goes off at will. Not sure what to do.
  • Single Stage Thermostat
    This item is essential for my greenhouse where I live at 8500. Mornings can be 15 degrees, and by noon greenhouse temp can be well over 90. I use the Single Stage Thermostat on a circulation fan. Turns on and off at the temp I choose.I own two of these and they are very reliable, no problems to report. One of them is 4 years old and going strong. Well worth the money for peace of mind when I am not at home and need the fans turned off or on.....
  • Thermostat isn't calibrated
    The thermostat does turn the heater on and off, but doesn't keep the temperature near the setting. If I set it to 40F, the temperature in my greenhouse gets down to freezing, but if I set it to 45F, the temperature hovers at around 55F. It is a better solution than keeping the heater running continuously, I guess, but the technology for accurate temperature sensing/control is relatively inexpensive, and this product should really do a better job for the price.
  • J&D
    Second one I've purchased.First was for the exhaust fan and luvers.Second is for heat.
  • Matthew
    Thermostat has worked well so far. It seems to have about a 5-6 degree F variability of when it activates. The amount of room provided in the thermostat for electrical connections is sufficient.
  • J&D Single Stage Thermostat
    works well simple to install
  • Very pleased
    Received very timely and am using it to control a ceramic heater in a portable greenhouse housing my orchid collection. The VC115-C came prewired for cooing and the manufacturer's instructions for switching to heating were confusing. The website was a great help. Thermostat is sturdy, waterproof,accurate and lets me set and forget the temperature. Not available locally and would highly recommend.
  • power cord bad
    The power cord with the thermostat did not work. I had to replace it.
  • Thermostat works!
    I now have three of these things, 2x for the greenhouse (one heating, one cooling) and one in the chicken coop.they assemble and wire well (go to the megastore website for a MUCH better wiring diagram, the one that ships with the unit isn't helpful, and based on heating or cooling needs connect the proper wires.they're water and dust resistant and work very well in a greenhouse (and the chicken coop).so far can't ask for better unit or performance.
  • Estell
    So far, so good. Comes configured for cooling but I needed heating - just swap red and blue.
  • thermostat for heating my greenhouse
    Although I was confused by the thermostats' wiring for cooling, as I needed it for heating. I was able to find the instructions for switching the wiring on your website...which proved very helpful. Thanks for offering this product since I could not find this item locally from my electric supply distributor. Thanks for the efficient delivery.
  • Fine product
    I installed the thermostat in my hobby greenhouse. It worked perfectly. It worked so well that I forgot about it after it was set. It is waterproof and exact in its operation. I like this device. It is perfect for my needs.
  • simple & effective
    Very easy to use and set up. Turns on equipment for me and I would purchase again
  • J&D Single Stage Thermostat
    this thing is great. works as well as the more high dollar one's i've used before.
  • Single Stage Thermostat
    This unit is as simple as they come. I had it mounted and running a fan in about one minute. I've only had it a few weeks but there hasn't been a problem and I doubt there will be due to it's simple design.
  • They don't get any better than this.
    These thermostats are absolutely bulletproof and very accurate. They are obviously a quality item and made to last for many years of trouble-free service.
  • A little challenging to wire
    The directions were pretty challenging to go by. Maybe unless you're a motors and controls guy but a retired facilities person (a general purpose handyman) took a bit of time to figure out using his ohm meter. Glad he was around...
  • Strawberries
    We have three , am ordering three more today. It does the job.
  • Works Great
    I got the J&D single stage thermostat with the cord already attached. This works great. Just plugged my fan into the thermostat and set the temp. No problems.
  • CT-VC15