Greenhouse Ventilation Package

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Free Shipping See Details Save money by ordering this complete ventilation package. This package consists of our Commercial Shutter Fan, Aluminum Shutter(s), and a J&D Single Stage Thermostat. All items must be hardwired to an existing power source. Package Specifications Select desired package from
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Free ShippingSee Details

Save money by ordering this complete ventilation package. This package consists of our Commercial Shutter Fan, Aluminum Shutter(s), and a J&D Single Stage Thermostat. All items must be hardwired to an existing power source.

Package Specifications

Select desired package from drop down box at the top right of the page. Sizing information below.

PackageFan SpecificationsMotorized Shutter SpecificationsThermostatPackage CFM Rating
(@0.05" SP)
1212 PackageVES12 12" Shutter Fan(1) VRSG20X ShutterCT-VC15 Heat/Cool Stat880
1620 PackageVES161 16" Shutter Fan(1) VRSG24A ShutterCT-VC15 Heat/Cool Stat1,300
1622 PackageVES161 16" Shutter Fan(2) VRSG20X ShuttersCT-VC15 Heat/Cool Stat1,300
2024 PackageVES201 20" Shutter Fan(2) VRSG24A ShuttersCT-VC15 Heat/Cool Stat1,380
2030 Package(2) VES201 20" Shutter Fans(2) VRSG30A ShuttersCT-VC15 Heat/Cool Stat2,760
2430 PackageVES24 24" Shutter Fan(2) VRSG30A ShuttersCT-VC15 Heat/Cool Stat4,310
2436 Package(2) VES24 24" Shutter Fans(2) VRSG36A ShuttersCT-VC15 Heat/Cool Stat8,620
3030 PackageVES30 30" Shutter Fan(2) VRSG30A ShuttersCT-VC15 Heat/Cool Stat6,320
3042 Package(2) VES30 30" Shutter Fans(2) VRSG42A ShuttersCT-VC15 Heat/Cool Stat12,640

Add a Variable Speed Controller!

Additional Information


Commercial Shutter Fan - ES SHUTTER FANPDF File


How-to-Wire for Heating or CoolingPDF File

How Do I Size My Fans and Shutters System?

1. The first thing that you need to determine is the amount of air required. This is stated in CFM (Cubic Feet of Air per Minute).

2. Use the following formula to determine the CFM required for your greenhouse:
CFM = Length x Width x Height
Example: Greenhouse 12' wide x 24' long x 12' high requires 3456 CFM (12 x 24 x 12 = 3456)

3. Reference the above table. Select the appropriate combination of fan(s) to achieve the necessary CFM rating. Be sure to match the total CFM output for your exhaust fan(s) to the CFM ratings for your Inlet Shutters.

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Reviews (27)
  • Hoop House
    I purchased the commercial ventilation package to automatically ventilate my newly constructed home hoop house. The quality of the components is excellent and easily controlled with the temperature controller. The installation and wiring instructions for both the vents and fan were very clear.
  • Joe Pro Smoe
    The fan and louvers are high quality and work very well. There should be more instructional videos. Wiring the motor was difficult as there is very little room to make your connections.
  • Great Product
    Was very pleased with the product and the company.
  • Great Quality Ventilation Fans and Shutters
    Simple to install for any DIY projects.. As stated Electrical Schematics are a lil technical for someone without Professional Electrical knowledge.. Works great! Plenty of air flow for exhausting hot and humid air fast...
  • Excellent ventilation & Temperature control
    The shipping was expensive but well worth it. They did an excellent job of crating the fan and shutter which arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Easy installation and are working perfectly. My wife is very happy. used the size chart and they provide a good breeze when operating.
  • Great Product
    Once I figured out the wiring, this works just as I expected. For a smaller greenhouse, (8x16) it maintains the temperature well.
  • Mr
    Very good system does exactly what its made for. Seems to be of very good quality. I built extra support for the fan because it seemed heavy to me but it was not needed, once it was installed it was very solid and well balanced. The fan is very quiet and has no vibration at all. I am an industrial electrician so wiring was no problem but can see where it would be tricky for a residential electrician or homeowner HINT ( ON the shutter motor the hot wire connects to line 1 the neutral connects to line 2 ) The instructions for the fan and thermostats were very clear and shouldn't be a problem for anyone with basic understanding of electricity. gave this a 4 because nothing ever gets a 5 but I couldn't have asked for a better exhaust system.
  • Green house cooling fan and intake
    This is overall a good fan and shutters kit the only down side is there are really no wiring instructions so you have to know a little about wiring to get it all up and working.
  • Hobby Vent. Package
    package works flawless and quality parts.
  • Ventilation kit review
    Great system, moves a lot of air through my greenhouse and the thermostat is very accurate. Only problem I'm having is the louvers on the fan don't completely close when the system shuts down, they stay cracked open about a 1/4 inch maybe more, just enough for insects to get through. I built a small frame around it covered with insect screen and chicken wire now it's okay but it would be nice if it closed all the way. Other that the cracked shutters the ventilation kit works great and I already recommended it to two other friends who have purchased, installed and now love it as well.
  • Hobby Ventilation Package
    The Hobby Ventilation Package arrived quickly and I found that the product quality was very good. Everything installed and worked as I expected it would. I would recommend this product to others.
  • John
    I bought this package for my hobby greenhouse and am very satisfied with the result. I mounted the fan over the door and the vent on the other end near the floor. The fan is quiet and has almost no vibration. Everything is hard wired within conduit. The fan and vent each have their own thermostat.
  • Ventilation package
    Four different pieces from four manufacturers with no comprehensive instructions to wire them together. Must pay an electrician, grrr!
  • 16infan 24invent hobby ventalation
    I tried everything before this kit. I even tried to build opening vents. The vents I made would have bent the greenhouse frame. This kit takes all the guess work out and still works in high wind without breaking. There is no other way.
  • Excellent fan package!
    I am impressed with everything that came in this package. The fan is very, very quiet but still pulls a LOT of air through my 10x20 greenhouse. The intake shutter w/motor is nice, but I had to play with the length of the chain a bit before it was working perfectly, but this was expected. The thermostat seems well-built and works fine.
  • Hobby Ventilation System
    This system is working great. I was surprised to see the tig welded aluminum frame on the vent shutters and such a heavy duty little motor for this price. I was concerned about other comments about this being a noisy set up, so I built a separate wood structure from floor to ceiling to support the fan and dissipate vibration. I was surprised by how quiet the fan really is. I purchased the variable speed controller in case I needed it to help with vibration, but it actually makes the motor growl quite a bit at lower speeds causing more noise. I would not recommend the speed controller. I also went one step further and installed a separate thermostat for the intake air shutter set at a lower temperature than the vent fan allowing my solar roof vents to draw cooler air for several hours before the vent fan comes on, which is working very well and is conserving electricity. I am very pleased with this setup.
  • product functions well
    Hi, This product does a nice job cooling our hoop house 25'x20'. We finished installation 3 days ago, so I can't rate its long-term performance, but its a nice system. Installation is not for avg hobbyist, my friend, an electrician, and I took 8 hours to fully install this system and indoor lighting to the greenhouse. We fully enclosed all electric in waterproof conduit.
  • Good products, shutter motor wiring could be bette
    The fan portion of this is rock solid. The motor is heavy duty, the assembly that it is mounted to is well built and was easy to install in my wood greenhouse. The shutters on the outside of the fan open and close without issue. I have a single outlet that is wired to the themostat that was included with the kit.I already have a separate heating thermostat, but wanted another so that the set points could be far apart (40F heating, 70F cooling). The thermostat works about as expected. The wiring diagram for the thermostat is easy to understand (it is embossed in the plastic lid of the thermostat wiring enclosure). There is a cooling wire and a heating wire- so one could conceivably wire this up such that one outlet is for heating and another is for cooling. I doubt this would work with a heater and fan at the same time since one would out heat or out cool the other, and you would waste energy, but still a nice feature since you could use the same thermostat for hot summer conditions and cold winter ones.The only problem that I've had so far is with the intake shutter motor. The instruction sheet that comes with it is very well detailed with mounting instructions and measurements of the hole and spacing of the motor. The major drawback however is that there is not a single bit of information about how to wire it up. The only wiring information that is present is on a sticker on the motor itself. This information leaves something to be desired, and so far I haven't been able to decipher it. Brown, red, black, white, and green wires are present. Unfortunately, I don't know what to do with the brown and red wires, if they are needed at all.
  • Farmer
    Very fast delivery and both the fan and motorized shutter have been working very well so far. My complaint would be the awful directions. If you don't have good experience with electrical and hvac type setup I would not recommend doing this on your own.
  • Perfect for small greenhouses
    Built a 12 x 12 lean-to greenhouse and this unit is perfect. Unit was easy to install and hook up. Called and got some questions answered before I installed and they told me exactly what to do.
  • Great for a 10 x 10
    The package comes totally unwired. This I expected. I mounted short power cords to both the fan and shutter motors and plugged them into outlets wired to the thermostat. The weak link in this system is the shutter motor. As long as it has power, the friction clutch rotates an arm and opens the shutters. It is suppose to release when power is removed. It doesn't always happen. I have to disasemble the arm, apply power to rotate the arm full circle, then reasemble. It will work again for 3 or 4 cycles and then hang. I haven't solved the problem yet. Other than that the materials are of good quality. Easy to install. Quiet. Thermostat very accurate and well made.
  • greenhouse hobbyist
    The fan comes with a plug. The thermostate and the shutter motor come with only lead wires. You will need to plan on spending $20-30 for additional wiring materials and you will need some basic knowledge of wiring to figure out how to put this together. If I were doing it again I would spend more money and get a variable speed fan to avoid shocking the plants on cool days. I would also get a thermostate that has a 3 or 4 degree range to avoid turning everything off and on so frequently. However, for what it does, this system is working.
  • fan exhaust combo kit
    The combo kit looks well made and what I was looking for. I wish the wiring hookup had better instructions.
  • climate control
    Great package. Arrived quicker than expected. Friendly, personable staff. Easy installation in our greenhouse. The only reason for the 4 rating is that I am waiting to see how it holds up to regular use.
  • Hobby Ventilation Package
    I bought the hobby ventilation package with the 20 fan and the 24 shutter. I bought the variable speed fan controller. It is installed in a 14'x42' hoop house.Overall the system works good. I am pleased with the implementation and the layout, but.....the Motor on the motorized shutters do NOT work that well. At certain points either one or the other motors fail to close the shutters. This wouldn't be a big deal in the summer, but in March and below freezing weather, it means I have to check on them every night to make sure they are closed. I emailed customer service but never received a reply.If it wasn't for those shutter motors, I would score it a 4 or 5.
  • 16
    Does a good job in my greenhouse.
  • Hobby Vent Package
    Equipment is well made and works well. Installation requires some creativity as the instructions provided required adaptation for thin panels and the wiring instructions could be more clear.