Portable Electric Heater, 120V

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Free Shipping See Details Our portable electric space heaters provide concentrated heat where it is needed most. These small units come with high temperature plug and cord. Audible alarm sounds to indicate an overheating situation. Tip over switch prevents unit from running unless in upright
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Our portable electric space heaters provide concentrated heat where it is needed most. These small units come with high temperature plug and cord. Audible alarm sounds to indicate an overheating situation. Tip over switch prevents unit from running unless in upright position. Up to 1500 watts heats small spaces.

  • 120v 1300/1500 W
  • 4436/5120 BtuH
  • 12.5 A, Tipover Switch
  • Power Light Indicator
  • Resettable Thermal Switch
  • 3 Prong NEMA 5-15 Plug
  • Thermal Alarm

Performance Specifications

NEMA Plug5-15P

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Reviews (38)
  • Great Heater for small Greenhouse
    My 6X8 greenhouse is being heated with this great heater. I’ve seen no difference in my electric bill consequently I’m a happy customer. I live in the DFW area of Texas.
  • Heats well but thermostatic control is erratic
    I bought this for night time winter heating of a small "sun room" facing south. Like some other reviewers, I found the control setting behaves erratically sometimes, so much so that I plugged it into a timer to make sure it does not start heating in daylight hours when the space is already well-heated by the midday sun! It does the job keeping night temperatures where they should be.
  • Works great except when it doesnt
    When this thing works as intended it’s wonderful 5 stars. Keeps my small greenhouse above my set temp (55 degrees, as read by external thermometer probe) when it’s freezing outside. However, about once every two weeks or so it will just refuse to turn on when the temps drop, or refuse to turn off when it’s hot enough already. When that happens i usually turn it off and on again and it works fine. But I have to check it all the time to make sure it actually turns on at night to keep my tropical plants from dying, or to make sure my greenhouse isn’t 120 degrees in the middle of the day (and wasting electricity) because it’s blasting heat for no reason. So three stars as a compromise.
  • Great heater
    This is my second heater and works great for my little greenhouse. I live in Deep South and I already have really nice tomato transplants that will be ready to sell March 1st.
  • Great Little Greenhouse Heater
    Got this as Christmas present for Moms greenhouse that houses her lemon trees. Quick shipping. Got it just in time for deep freeze after Christmas. Kept it 60 degrees inside while 10 degrees outside. No worries!
  • Great Little Heater
    So far, this little heater is a winner. We have a 9x9x10 pop up greenhouse and this little heater on the 1500W setting keeps it 20' above the outdoor temp when outdoor temp is in the high teens to twenties. When the outdoor temp is going to be in the 30's and above I turn it to the 1300W for energy efficiency.
  • Ok
    Works well but has very few features. It was sold as a portable greenhouse heater but the warning says DO NOT use outdoors and DO NOT use with an extension cord which didn't make much sense.
  • Heater
    I truly thought this would work for my 100 sq. ft. hoop house, however, all my angel trumpets froze. I set the heater for anti-freeze, but that apparently did not work. I'm not sure 220 sq. ft. is replicable of the range this heater will actually cover. I don't think it even came on when the temp dropped.
  • Nice heater
    Bought this heater for 8x12 polycarbonate greenhouse. I like that it has a fan only position for air circulation and mostly have it on anti freeze setting. I had a radiator heater in there before. Awaiting my electric bill, but hoping to use this heater. So far, so good!
  • WIthstood hard freeze
    Heater was used during a hard freeze and kept my citrus trees in my greenhouse above freezing. Highly recommend!
  • Good buy
    Works great. Came in good shape and in good time
  • Electric heater
    I am very pleased with this product as well as the other 3 orders I have done with Greenhouse. I will be using them in the future for my growing needs.
  • Great for small space
    I draped plastic (shower curtain style) across the length of my back porch - around 25ft. The heater is keeping the temp about 20 degrees higher than outside the porch. My climate in N Texas doesn't get super cold but can get to single digits so the heater has not been tested to that extreme. Great little heater thus far.
  • great
    I got it fast and it works great
  • Amazing Little Heater!
    I purchased two of these heaters (one as a backup) at the very beginning of 2015 for my Palram Mythos 6x8 greenhouse. This heater is very rugged and effective. It never once overheated even though I ran it nonstop every night, and sometimes even during the day. It kept the temperature in the greenhouse about 20 degrees warmer than outside and never once went down to freezing. It didn't feel like the tropics at night, but usually stayed around 50 degrees. When the temperature went down to about zero the greenhouse went down to 39 degrees. Not super warm, but warm enough for delicate petunia seedlings and tomato plants to survive! I would recommend this heater because of its amazing durability and quality. (Heater used in Redding, Connecticut).
  • Planthouse Heater
    So far good! No freezing weather yet, so I don't know if the thermostat is working or not. Quality of the Product seems fine. Durability I don't know yet. I am using the heater in a Portable Plant House. I have been satisfied with everything else that I have purchased from the Greenhouse Megastore and probable will be with this heater, also.
  • Good portable heater!
    We put this portable heater in our small Farmhouse greenhouse. It works real good. I just wish it had temperatures on the dial instead of low-high. We had to put a thermostat in the greenhouse and play with the temperature a bit. But, it seems to be doing a good job.
  • owner
    The first one didn't work. They were very helpful, sent a new one and it works great.
  • Greenhouse heater
    This came free with the purchase of our new EasyGrow greenhouse - a bonus. It seems to work fine.
  • so far so good
    i got this little heater for a 6 ft. by 8ft. greenhouse. and so far so good. seems to work just fine so far. i am not sure at this point HOW accurate the thermostat control is just yet. but i think it will be just fine .we had a cold night and the plants seemed to be just fine. they surely would have died without the additional heat provided from this heater
  • Terrible product
    Bought unit 2.5 months ago. Used at night in greenhouse. Lasted 2.5 months (not on that whole time) and fan broke and something melted off and was rattling in the bottom. We'll see what the megastore does for me.
  • portable space heater
    For a small space heater I am pleased with the output. as for the price I have found the same unit cheaper at the big box store.
  • Super trooper
    We just had an enormous blizzard here in the NorthEast that stopped everything but my little electric heater. In the lowest setting, it has warmed my 20x10 greenhouse to the point that you don't need a jacket to feel warm inside the greenhouse. I'm impressed.
  • Portable electric heater
    Who would have thought that we would be needing a green house and heater in FL. Customer service was excellent,shipped in 2 days before the frost arrived. Practical and very sturdy, kept the temp in green house comfortable. Orchids are surviving so far. Best delivery service for the Christmas.
  • Happy Orchids!
    Small and practical- keeps the temperature at a comfortable level for the plants. I am glad I purchased this product.
  • portable electric heater
    I bought this heater to keep a small enclosed area filled with orchids. I live in Orlando but we get a few frigid nights that drop at freezing. This heater is a work horse and kept my orchids toasty happy. I recommend buying the thermostat with it to keep the desired temp you want. This will also turn the heater on and off saving electric. It will put a dent in your electric bill but so will any other electric heater.
  • A must have
    Great heater, don't have to move plants in and out of the house during winter.
  • good heater for small GH
    I found this heater to be perfect to keep my 144 square foot greenhouse heated. I hooked it up to a timer and it works perfect to come on when temp drops below 40! Good value!
  • Solid Heater
    I purchased this heater for my 20x10 greenhouse. It works very well to heat the space at night. I live in CA and only need it for keeping the temp above 50.
  • HT-2000
  • Heater
    Looking forward to using this heater this coming spring. It will work great for my 6' x 8' greenhouse.
  • Good but not year round
    This is a great little heater but be prepared for a spike in you electric bill. It can heat your green house approximately 10-15 degrees above the outside temp. its reliable and can run for long periods of time
  • A great value
    This heater keeps going and going, even under too much humidity or being run 24 hours a day for days on end. It's inexpensive and a great solution to dire heating needs.
    PURCHASED THIS HEATER FOR OUR 71/2' x81/2' SOLAR GEM GREENHOUSE. ON THE LOWER SETTING (1300 W) with the thermostat knob all the way up, it has kept the inside of the greenhouse at acceptable temperatures for a cool greenhouse.(45-55 degrees) The fan runs continuously which helps circulate the air. We have experienced a low of 15 degrees and this heater did it's job. We have a digital thermometer inside which gives current temp and humidity as well as highest and lowest temp and humidity for the past 24 hours. Would highly recommend this heater.
  • Does the Job
    I bought this heater due to the fact that my wife was overanxious to get our vegetables started this year and we still have freezing temperatures outside. I have a small 6x8 foot greenhouse. When the temperature is below freezing outside the heater does a great job of keeping my greenhouse warmer. I'm very happy with it, although I haven't received my electric bill yet, so maybe I won't be so happy after that. We'll see. :)
  • Can handle really cold weather...
    I have a small, home-made greenhouse made with salvaged windows and an acrylic roof over a lumber frame. I insulated it with bubble wrap and a lot of caulk but I knew it needed a heater if I wanted my citrus trees and other tropical plants that are too big to move into the house to survive. I chose this heater based mainly on price and the fact that it has two wattage levels and a lot of flexibility in temperature settings. I wanted my greenhouse to be warm enough, but not excessively warm, through our northeastern winters. Well, wouldn't you know it has been the coldest winter in over a decade with some of the coldest air in a lot longer than that. But, this heater has proven to be a tough little workhorse for me! During the coldest snap, I had to bump the heater up to the higher wattage setting because during the nights it was getting a little too cool inside the greenhouse on the low setting. But once I did that, everything was fine. I'm amazed at how well this thing works. The icing on the cake is the price. I looked at other heaters that cost twice this price, or more, but had far less flexibility in settings. Some required a separate thermostat, which was an additional expense. I'm glad I took a chance on this one and would definitely recommend it.
  • nice little heater
    i have a 9 x 16 greenhouse in northern ca where it doesn't get too cold...just needed a smallish heater to keep the greenhouse above freezing on those few days a year when its needed in this area...this heater fits what i needed. had a wired thermostat i will use with it, tho it also comes with a simple one. for the price nice product.
  • Great Little Heater
    Bought this heater for our portable greenhouse. Works great, reasonable price, free shipping is a bonus! Highly recommended for small and portable greenhouses.