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Lighting is an important consideration for any growing operation. Whether you're starting seeds, growing indoors, or just looking for some supplemental lighting, Greenhouse Megastore has you covered! With the recent technological advances in grow lights, you can experience better efficiency and growth rates than ever before. Additionally, browse our LED grow lights and grow panels for top efficiency and low heat emission. And with our grow lights for indoor plants, you can see quick improvements in your plants' growth rates.

Choose from the most popular Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium, and Fluorescent ballasts at guaranteed low prices.

Energy Rebates and Leasing

A great choice for a large growing operation! Save up to 40% on Your New Lights - $3.6m in utility funding approved to date.

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Halide to HPS Conversion Bulb
Item No. GL-BUCB-HS Out of Stock
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LED General Purpose Light Fixture
Item No. LT-LED
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Solar System 550 Programmable Spectrum LED Light
Item No. GL-SS-550 In Stock
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Solar System 1100 Programmable LED Light
Item No. GL-SS-1100 In Stock
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Gavita Pro 1000e Double-Ended Light
Item No. GL-GAV In Stock
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Daystar 6" Air Cooled Reflector
Item No. GL-DAY6 In Stock
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Beamflicker Grow Light
Item No. GL-BE
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