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Proper greenhouse equipment is absolutely essential to any commercial or hobby growing operation, and Greenhouse Megastore has everything you need to ensure success. Whether you are buying a new building or replacing greenhouse equipment in an old one, we want to make sure you have the best.

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Fogg-It Nozzle
Item No. WA-DR-610
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Dura-Bench Plastic Benchtop
Item No. BN-DB In Stock
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Clips for Dura-Bench Ultra
Item No. BN-DBU-CLIP In Stock
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Dura-Bench Ultra Benchtop
Item No. BN-DBU In Stock
Purchase No
Thermostat Cable, LF
Item No. CT-1009 In Stock
Purchase Yes
AV Plastic Bench Top/Flooring, 18" x 36"
Item No. BN-AVBT Out of Stock
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PVC Irrigation Tee, 16mm
Item No. IR-1028 In Stock
Purchase Yes
PVC Irrigation Elbow, 16mm
Item No. IR-1027 In Stock
Purchase Yes
1/2" Mounting Adapter
Item No. IR-1008 In Stock
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Bench Leg Anchor Kit
Item No. BN-CFT In Stock
DROP SHIP Purchase Yes
Dramm 400PL Plastic Water Breaker
Item No. WA-DR-400PL In Stock
Purchase Yes
Dramm 1000PL Plastic Water Breaker
Item No. WA-DR-1000PL
Purchase Yes PARENT
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Replacement Mat for Large Self Watering Plant Tray
Item No. CN-GAR-070C In Stock
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VBG12 - 12 in. diameter, 115v
Item No. FA-VBG-12 Out of Stock
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Black Plastic Shut-Off Valve
Item No. WA-DR-350 In Stock
Purchase Yes
Replacement Phyto-Mist Baffle
Item No. MI-PMN-BAF In Stock
Purchase Yes
Brass Shut-Off Valve
Item No. WA-DR-300 In Stock
Purchase Yes
Hozon Siphon Mixer
Item No. WA-HOZON In Stock
Purchase Yes
Adapter Bushing for DGT Nozzle
Item No. MI-DGT-AB In Stock
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Dramm 400AL Aluminum Water Breaker
Item No. WA-DR-400AL In Stock
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Portable Electric Heater, 120V
Item No. HT-2000 In Stock
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Tube Hangers, 12 per kit
Item No. FA-PTFH In Stock
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Goof Plug
Item No. IR-1043 In Stock
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Dan Retrofit Adapter
Item No. IR-1009 In Stock
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Benchmaster Collar
Item No. BM-ZCL In Stock
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Dramm 170PL Plastic Water Breaker
Item No. WA-DR-170PL In Stock
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3mm Hole Punch
Item No. IR-1024 In Stock
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Dramm Soaker Hose
Item No. WA-DR-SH In Stock
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Dr. Infrared Greenhouse Heater, 115v
Item No. HT-DR218-115 Low Stock, Order Now
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3/4" Garden Hose to 3/4" NPT Female Connector
Item No. IR-GIL-FEM In Stock
Purchase Yes
Barb x Female Connector, white
Item No. IR-1044 In Stock
Purchase Yes