Plastic Grommets, 50 pack

Item No. SC-9000
These do-it-yourself fasteners are perfect for bulk pieces of Shade fFabric without conventional grommets. The one-piece design makes these grommets simple to install and are designed to easily connect a Shade Net or Shade Cloth to a support cable or rope. The Plastic Grommets have hole size of
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These do-it-yourself fasteners are perfect for bulk pieces of Shade fFabric without conventional grommets. The one-piece design makes these grommets simple to install and are designed to easily connect a Shade Net or Shade Cloth to a support cable or rope. The Plastic Grommets have hole size of approximately 0.5" in diameter. 50 grips per package.

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Reviews (48)
  • Won't fit
    What a waste of money and time. The description should say the maximum size tubing they would fit.
  • Great Grommets
    I almost exclusively use bulk shade cloth. These grommets allow me to precisely place each one where I need them. They close securely and they stay secure without exception so far. Removing them just requires a flathead screwdriver or something flat and sturdy. I was hesitant to buy them at first but I'm a true believer now.
  • Wrong
    Not sure what these are supposed to fit around? They didn't wrap around the 1/4 inch PVC I had intended them for. Also, once they close, good luck trying to re-open them. For me they were the wrong application and useless...
  • Grommet
    Used these to the tie-down shade cloth over my vegetable garden wood frame structure. These guys are easy to snap together.
  • Plastic Grommets
    A first time using this product and find the material tough and the hold fast well designed. It takes a little work to align the pins and I had to use pliers to fully close the grommet over netting. Overall, a very good grommet
  • Pretty easy to use
    These are a great way to secure anti hail netting. Only complaint is some of them were very hard to pinch together. Needed to use a pliers.
  • Plastic Clip groments
    Best system yet for attaching shade cloth to the frame.
  • Light weight, but OK
    Similar to what I've used before. Lots of little posts pierce the plastic or shade cloth, but the two posts that have lock tabs don't grab the material and clamp the grommet very tightly. Time will tell if they pull out of my bubble swim pool cover material I use as a heat blanket on the greenhouse during the winter.
  • Impressed
    Clipped to shade cloth as truck bed cover while hauling trash. The channel holds a cord which I can tighten at will.
  • Plastic grommets
    These grommets work very well in holding the shade material over our pools. Very easy to use.
  • You're kidding me right?
    I can't believe that I actually was using a grommet kit.These work great. What a time saver. I will be buying more for me and spreading the PLASTIC GROMMET GOSPEL to all of my fellow gardeners. I'd like to get a wholesale price.
  • excellent product
    great stuff. love being able to cut it to whatever size I need without it unraveling. Been using it for 15 years, pretty sturdy, though the wind will rip it up after a few years.
  • Excellent!
    Great value. They're durable and reusable. I use them for shade cloth. Tap together with a rubber mallet or gently squeeze with some pliers, and you're done. Excellent!
  • Great deal
    These grommets are ideal. They lock tightly and hold secure.
  • Grommets
    Looked like these would work well with rope, but we decided to screw down the sun shade rather than use the grommets. Gave to our installer as he thinks he can use them.
  • grommet
    best grommet to handle tick fabric, in my case, plastic pool cover
  • happy with this prouct
    these clips made installing the shade cloth a breeze.
  • A very good solution
    This is a very good quality and easy to install solution to securing frost blankets on my raised beds. Use a rubber mallet to firmly seat the two halves and they grip perfectly.
  • Handy!
    Boy, these made it easy to put up my shade cloth - and I can remove them, with a screwdriver's blade to pop them open, in order to roll the shade up again in the winter.
  • Ease of use
    The grommets are easy to use and very easy to assemble.We are using it to hold up a shade cloth over a garden hooked to 3/8 rope and its performing admirably!
  • Mark
    These fasteners are easy to install and strong. I used them to suspend a 33'x32' sun sail and they hold in high wind and hot sun perfectly.
  • Worked in combination with Aluminet
    We used these grommets to help secure some Aluminet to a PVC frame for a shade structure. The grommets are easy to snap together once you get the hang of it. Works well with ball bungees or small rope.
  • Plastic Grommets
    Plastic grommets are perfect for hanging shade cloth. They securely connect through several layers of fabric.
  • they work
    The grommets are great and they still had the cloth attached when the cloth tore off in many places
  • Cynthia
    Hello! I simply love my Shark Bites (Plastic Grommets).I searched a LOT to find such a product. I needed them to attach netting to my pergola-to secure my fish pond from cats, Blue Heron & other critters. They blend with the design of the pergola and look like they are supposed to be there! I believe they are sturdy enough to last for many years. I'm so very glad to have found this product-thank you Green House Mega Store!!God's Blessings,Cynthis
  • Doug
    Altho told by customer service that these will not work with a hem, they will, if you pound hard enuf. I like them, as they are movable, and will not rust or stress the fabric like metal grommets.
  • Grandpa
    Excellent concept - the grommets allowed us to convert bulk sunscreen into great shades. Easy to install and very flexable for fasteners. We appreciate the prompt service and shipment. JRM / Topeka
  • Loved it.
    Fantistic product at a reasonable price.
  • needs a tool
    With just one layer of plastic, the grommet does click closed with the strength of my hands, but with two layers, I needed a solid surface and a rubber mallot to get it closed... some sort of special-purpose plyers would make this pretty difficult task much easier (when not just pounding them closed on a floor).
  • Plastic Grommets for Shade Cloth Install
    Love these grommets - so easy to use. I used plastic ties and stakes and can easily open up the space to cultivate/water and then easily replace the shade cloth - plants are so happy now! and so am I
  • Works great
    I used the grommets on a piece of shade material over my pergola. Before the wind would pull the material off the hooks and the wind would cause the shade material to tear. With some rope through the grommets hooked under the u-hooks, it now stays in place. No more wavy covering. Love it!
  • great solution
    these grommets are brilliant...I used them to attach shade cloth to steel cables on my pergola..I can now have shade and then, slide the shade cloth back if I want more sun. I used with the black 80% shade cloth and the grommets virtually disappear. You don't have to pay thousands to get shade on your porch or pergola when using these inexpensive grommets and the shade cloth.
  • Work great!
    I have ordered these twice now. In addition to using them on shade fabric, I use them on other materials. I have attached them to both bidirectional filament tape and bedsheet fabric. The grommets are very strong, and they pierced the tape and bedsheets just fine when I hammered the sides together.
  • Great product
    These grommets work great!
  • Plastic snap grommets
    These are the best grommets for attaching screening or material. We used them to attach shade screen to a frame. Delivery was prompt.
  • Great product, excellent price
    Used these nonconventionally with a solar pool cover and they worked perfectly!! Purchased from this site because their price was by 2 to 3 times cheaper than other sites with exact same product.
  • Great Grommets
    Easy to snap on- just a screwdriver to pop back off. Fantastic.
  • Great grommets
    They are a great price. Very easy to use and hold well.I cant think of a simpler way to fasten down shade cloth.
  • perfect accessory
    I found the product extremely functional as well as priced right.
  • Cheep Easy and Functional
    Cons: The grommets don't just snap together, they require some alignment. If you don't take the time to align the pins you can bend them, although you can bend them back if you make a mistake. To remove the grommets takes a fair amount of force. Best I can tell they are only made for shade cloth so don't expect them to work on tarps. Pros: They look nice. They seem strong. Quite cheep compared to some other grommets. Didn't damage the shade cloth that I put them on. Assemble quickly.
  • SC-9000
  • orchid house item
    The grommets are a good system, but trying to put the grommet together was quite a challenge. It was very frustrating and hard to snap together, so if you have pliers with you it does help to get it together, but overall they work very well.
  • SC-9000
  • Great idea!
    Living on a farm and being a teacher, this is a product that I have been looking for to use at my home. There are many times when this type of product is needed to make a quick cover. It looks to be easy to use.
  • Ingenious product!
    Used these on the knitted shade cloth -- they are great. I've used the old metal grommets, these are so much better. Don't know how well they last, just put up, but the design is great and so easy to install.
  • Great Two Type Grommet
    You can use this grommet two ways...hole in middle to thread rope - or loop at edge. I used both areas to replace gazebo shade cloth...awesome. Easy to install/attach to shade cloth - you feel they will grip the cloth and not slip off. EXCELLENT.
  • Great Product
    We bought these to use to modify a custom shade cloth and they worked perfectly! Please note that these are made to be used on the border of the fabric (two pieces fold over leaving a tie-down loop, BUT we found that by cutting them apart we could also use them in internal areas not on the edge. We expect to find other good uses for these grommets.
  • Exceptionally Versatile
    I initially purchased these plastic grommets for use with a shade cloth purchase. I found that the grommets locked solidly in place and were easy to install. Even in high winds, I have never had one come apart or tear the material. Since this use of the grommets, I have found that on many different materials when I am looking for a easy means of securing a covering, such as netting over a temporary aviary, these work great...they are not expensive and are very useful in several applications.