Polyethylene Install

Plastic Film Install, Polyfilm Support, Greenhouse Film Install, Plastic Film Repair, Wiggle Wire

Installing Polyethylene Plastic Film onto your greenhouse structure is made easy with our selection of installation products. Measure, cut, and install your greenhouse film in no time at all with our Spring Lock Top & Base, White Felt, Inflation Fan Kit, and so much more.

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White Felt with Adhesive Backing
Item No. GF-WH8
No Purchase
Inflation Blower, 60 CFM
Item No. FA-IB
Yes Purchase
Polypropylene Batten Tape
Item No. GF-9007
Yes Purchase
Spring-Lock Double Base, 6' long
Item No. GF-SPLB-DB6
Yes Purchase
SolaWrap Connector, 10' long
Yes Purchase
Lite Tite Heavy Duty Peel & Stick Zipper
Item No. GF-ZIP
Yes Purchase
Poly Patching Tape
Item No. GF-PPT
Yes Purchase
From:  $9.50 View details
Poly Inflation Fan Kit
Item No. GF-INFL
Yes Assembly
Spring Lock Bundle
Item No. GF-9004
Yes Assembly
Spring Lock Top
Item No. GF-9002
Yes Purchase
From:  $1.70 View details
Spring Lock Deep Base
Item No. GF-9001D
Yes Purchase
From:  $7.70 View details
Spring Lock Base
Item No. GF-9001B
Yes Purchase
From:  $7.70 View details
Tube Lock Clip, 6' length
Item No. GF-9000-6C
Yes Purchase
Tube Lock Base, 6' length
Item No. GF-9000-6B
Yes Purchase
Arched Aluminum Tube Lock Kit
Item No. CF-ZAT
Yes Purchase
From:  $166.00 View details