Spring Lock Base

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This economical fastening system is available with either a PVC or Galvanized Spring Lock Top ( wiggle wire) that fits into a Base Section. Easy way to secure both poly or shade cloth coverings in high wind conditions. This is a Spring Lock Base Section only. You'll also need the Top Section.
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This economical fastening system is available with either a PVC or Galvanized Spring Lock Top (wiggle wire) that fits into a Base Section. Easy way to secure both poly or shade cloth coverings in high wind conditions.

This is a Spring Lock Base Section only. You'll also need the Top Section.

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Click here for tips and diagram on Poly Film Installation.

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Reviews (32)
  • My Greenhouse project
    These items worked well for my project. Have some picturesthat i tried to attach to show how it turned out.
  • Spring Lock Bases & wires
    These spring bases and wires helped tremendously with the securing of the greenhouse cover. It saved my husband's hands from having to staple down the cover and possibly damaging his hands due to the hand stapler. The bases and wires are sturdy and easy to use. I recommend these products to anyone recovering their greenhouse.
  • great product
    ''''i was using different kind of materials before to retain the plastics on my greenhouses . Using the galvanized spring and the channel bars the results are extraordinary .
  • Spring Lock Base Review
    This well designed C channel has rounded corners and over-hang which does not cut into plastic - a great product at a good price!Thank you!Mark
  • Secure shadecloth perfectly
    Such an easy method for securing shadecloth. It works well in windy areas.
  • simple and not much waste
    did not use for a green house. used to cover a screened in porch.work well now don't have to use staples, tape and wood strips. put the frames up use the wire to secure the plastic and leave the frames up and reuse the springs over and over.
  • SO easy and effective
    Installed these in very little time as we retrofitted our greenhouse. I put these along the hip board and the base (so we can easily undo and roll up sides in the summer). Very well made, easy to install and affordable!
  • Works Great
    Very Easy to Install
  • spring base
    makes installing and adjusting the cover way easier than using lathe.
  • Spring lock base
    Excellent design to hold greenhouse plastic in place. It would be helpful to have instructions for making cuts so that the base can be bent on curved hoop frames. I made my cuts every 6, which worked out well.
  • Land owner
    I liked this system a lot, holds the plastic down tight.
  • Worked perfertly
    excellent product
  • Round 1 a success
    A neighbor suggested the wiggle wire and rails after watching my first two attempts at greenhouses fail miserably in our typically high winds 30-40 MPH of spring. He has been using it for years on his greenhouse. After our first medium wind of the season it is still holding the plastic greenhouse covering wonderfully. So much easier to use than screwing boards over the plastic and I am very excited that I can also add another layer of shade cloth come summer without having to remove the plastic.
  • owner
    Love it! Easy, fast! secure
  • wiggle wire
    works slick!
  • gadener
    In the summer I secure bird netting and in the fall I'll install plastic covering. It is easy fast, and effective.
  • Spring Lock Base
    Arrived very quickly. Installation a breeze - 2 self-tapping screws per section and a cordless drill.Loved the six foot length to allow for quick and low cost shipping!
    Spring Lock Base - 6' base section,Spring Lock Top Section - 6' Galvanized Spring WORK GREAT WITH 6MM POLY GOT IT TIGHT. SED 2 PEOPLE TO INSTILL TOOK 20 MIN TO DO 12X 20 HOOP GREEN HOUSE
  • easy to work with
    Easy channels to work with, kind of hard to get the wire started with 3 layers of 6 mil plastic, I had channels from other vendors, these were better.
  • Mike
    Met my expectation
  • simple but effective
    great stuff easy to refit plastic w/out tearing it,(even w/numb hands)
  • Hobbyist
    I had purchased the Spring Lock Base and the Spring Lock Top Section along with the Thermal Anti-Condensate Greenhouse Film. Everything was delivered in a timely fashion and in perfect condition. The Spring Lock base went up very rapidly with Tek Screws and was a lot better than trying to put up the Film with wooden battens and nails or staples. The Anti-Condensate Film was everything that it was advertised to be and more. We put up the film and within a couple of days we had warm humid weather and then freezing nights(November in New England can be strange). The outside was was wet from dew and rain and the inside was dry and cool to the touch. This sure beats going inside and taking a shower from the dripping film. I only put up a small (12' X 16')hoop house but my brother was so impressed that he is planning to put up a house at least twice as long. The products were better than they were advertised and I will be making more purchases from Greenhouse Megastore.
  • spring lock base and wire
    These make it a whole lot easier to attach the plastic than stapling and holds much better and IS QUICK to put on. If you can afford it, this is a must.....no more ugly staples :)
  • Excellent for high tunnels
    These channels work great, I never thought stretching greenhouse plastic over a frame would be so easy. Super strong and the 6' length makes them convenient to work with.
  • wiggle wire
    fast,easy,effective and totally awesome
  • Installion
    Only comment I have is that installation would have gone quicker if extrusion had been predrilled at 6 inch centers to accept 3/16 inch rivets or screws.
  • Works great
    Holds the polyfilm perfectly so far, even under tough winds.
  • So Easy!
    We bought a greenhouse kit for growing early tomatoes. It included the aptly named wiggle wire. Of all the interesting components to this greenhouse kit, I'd have to say this was the neatest invention. So easy to install and it holds a hundred times better than your old fashioned staples which is what we used for our first greenhouse!
  • Excellent System
    Also known in the industry as wiggle wire, it's extremely easy to use. For easy how to videos on its use, just enter Wiggle Wire into a search on YouTube
  • GF-9001B
  • GF-9001B
  • Excellent Product
    I purchased the bases and top spring locks. I love this product and the ease of installation cannot be beat. It surpasses poly locks and extrusions by far. Highly recommended.