Polypropylene Batten Tape, 2-3/4" X 100 Yards

Item No. GF-9007
Used for attaching poly greenhouse film to wood framing with Bostitch tacker. 2-3/4" X 100 Yard roll. Installation Tips and Diagram for Poly Film Installation
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Used for attaching poly greenhouse film to wood framing with Bostitch tacker. 2-3/4" X 100 Yard roll.


Tips and Diagram for Poly Film Installation

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Reviews (22)
  • Strong stuff for a good price
    Strong, almost like a car seat belt.
  • Batten tape is tearing and shredding in middle of sections over greenhouse
    We've had our greenhouse up for less than a year. We used this batten tape to help hold down the plastic on our greenhouse. We have it spaced about 5 feet between each other and between the greenhouse supports. We do have high winds every once in a while. About one third of the straps have torn or shreaded (9 out of 25) in the middle of the length. Also the breaks aren't all next to each other. They are scattered. I would have thought that they would have had issues where the connected or maybe at the peak of the greenhouse but they are just shredding at some point in the middle. It's bazaar. I'm going to try another style strap hoping it will last longer. I don't think I would buy again. If I did, I would probably double up but I don't know if that would work or not.
  • did its job
    This tape is a must to keep the staples from pulling through your plastic.
  • batton tape
    was very easy to apply. will hold plastic covering on mt greenhouse
  • Greenhouse
    Tape works well plus it made the greenhouse look good
  • very good price and service
    Everything went the way it should.
  • Great product
    Does what is claimed, easy to install and makes the green house look better.
  • Polypropylene batten tape
    This product seems to be a pretty good item for securing your anti-condensate 6 mil greenhouse vinyl. I used it to secure my vinyl to my wood. Took the vinyl pulled tight as possible and then applied batten tape over all of that and used roofing nails with a broad head to secure. I just put it on my greenhouse yesterday and am not excactly sure how long it will last. But it seems to be an extremely important product to use as part of the construction of your greenhouse. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I just applied it yesterday. But for the price and added extra strength it seems to add I would recommend buying this product fr added strength.
  • Baten Tape
    Fast delivery, strong and should work great.Could have used instructions to guide to the best way to use it.
  • Batten Tape
    Quick Delivery, high end quality,,I have not used it yet but is exactly what I was counting on for my greenhouse construction project. I would refer and or recommend this seller to anyone with project needs such as mine.. AAA+++ rating
  • Polypropylene batten tape
    EASY to use. I will order more!!!
  • Great Service
    This product came in very handy for extra protection for plastc over cattle panel frame...
  • Paul
    Helps hold the sheet plastic to the wooden frame with ease. Doesn't unravel when cut. Makes for a VERY PROFESSIONAL LOOKING JOB. Is the best I've ever used. Will use again.
  • Helpful building matl
    This tape has no adhesion, but was helpful when stapling plastic to wood. It also makes the greenhouse look better with sharp straight black lines.
  • nylon strapping
    installed easy and does whats its designed to do
  • Osburn
    The tape is very strong and was ideal for attaching the poly-film to my wooden rafter green house.
  • Polypropylene Batten Tape
    just put it up 5 14 12 easy to use. so far so good.
  • Batten tape
    Realy glad we purchased with greenhouse plastic. Put on ends of hobby/hoop house, and around doors to hold down plastic. Made installation of plastic much easier and holds plastic much better than wood. Looks better also. Flexible and easy installation.
  • Service
    You always provide good service with each order as though its the first, keep up this and keep digging to provide us with better prices in these trying times. The end seller is hurting. Thanks RB!
  • Does the job.
    This tape does not have a sticky side, somethng I was expecting. It does however do the job and looks good doing it.
  • good stuff
    excellent product for attaching plastic to wood frame of greenhouse and for anti-chaffing.
  • Unique and does the job
    The tape works fine and is just the width of a two x four. I can never have enough on hand. Buy at least 3 times what u think that you will need.