White Felt with Adhesive Backing

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This White Felt with Adhesive Backing provides a soft barrier between the greenhouse frame and cladding. Prevents heat from penetrating to poly sheet and degradation as film does not rub against the hoop. 1/8" x 1-1/2" x 48'
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This White Felt with Adhesive Backing provides a soft barrier between the greenhouse frame and cladding. Prevents heat from penetrating to poly sheet and degradation as film does not rub against the hoop.

  • 1/8" x 1-1/2" x 48'
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Reviews (19)
  • Adhesive
    After 5 years, I find the adhesive is wearing out on purlins because of moisture, so I've been clamping them on with white snap ties. Great product.
  • felt strips
    applied easily and we hope they stand up for the purpose
  • failure-breakdown of polyfilm
    Often polyfilm is only guaranteed if not used on pvc pipe. I found this out after the fact. My own experience was the polyfilm (greenhouse plastic) broke down specifically only in direct contact with the pvc pipe on two pvc hoop cold frames. After two years of patching with repair tape, whew! I found this product...yet to see the results but it will have been well worth it if the new plastic over the felt tape holds up better the polyfilm directly on pvc! I thank you, thank you, thank you, in advance!
  • Felt
    Easy install but need the whole season ( or 2) to know for sure it will stop plastic and PVC from having a bad relationship . Lol, and a chemical reaction.
  • Supper strong adhesive.
    Felt tape adhesive bonds well to cold pipe frames. Once set it is very hard to peal off so take your time placing it on the frame. Very good product and helps prevent snags while placing Poly sheeting onto frames. Synthetic felt holds up well to moisture and sun.
  • felt
    works as advertised...would buy again
  • Nice product
    super sticky.The backer is hard to remove without stretching the felt fibers at the initial separation (no starter tab). Use a firm object to burnish the edges once applied for a better seal in cooler weather. Conforms well to most surfaces. Not easy to separate if you accidentally stuck it to its self. Great thickness for my application of protecting my green house plastic from frame friction.
  • felt protectant barrier
    Use this barrier or you will lose your plastic covering on pvc pipe. This happened to me on 3 hoop houses totally 310'. It took 5 years but I lost them all last summer. I am glad to find this product.
  • felt tape
    I built a Poly Carb greenhouse and had the panels fail after two seasons. Everywhere the glazing contacted a nail, a blackened area developed and spread inches than feet from it resulting in useless glazing. I have since covered every surface area that touches the polycarb glazing with felt and after a single season so far no blackened glazing. Diminishes air leaks as well.
  • Insulation
    Sticks extremely well!Felt provides insulationbetween structure and covering. High heatappears to degrade plastic sheet and polycarbonate
  • Use the tape on PVC pipe
    If you have a PVC frame, you must use the tape or something else. Do not allow the greenhouse plastic to be in direct contact with the PVC pipe. I did not use the tape and even though it took five years, the PVC pipe did attack the plastic sheet. Where it is not in contact with the PVC pipe , my plastic still looks like new, even after seven years. I have a youtube video out that documents this called greenhouse plastic Look for yourself. Use the tape!
  • felt tape
    was installed to protect the film from rubbing on the tubing. easy to use, sticks well and stays in place. Time will tell on longevity.
  • Save your money on this one
    Though I haven't used this backing, I gave it a 3 because I didn't want to slam it. I took a workshop with an extension agent that specializes in season extending techniques and in our high altitude and intense, plentiful sun, he has never seen the need for something like the felt, that failure of the plastic does not occur where it meets the PVC hoops.
  • Adhesive Felt
    Excellent product at a great price !!! It was cheaper to buy it here than anywhere else on the web !!!
  • Best price I found
    Must have to protect plastic from breaking down prematurely. Easy to apply, good quality, and great price.
  • Buy the White Felt adhesive
    Completed our 10x20 ft hoophouse using the 6 mil clear greenhouse film and the White Felt adhesive for the tubing. There were a couple of areas that I didn't apply the film to and noticed tell tale signs of rubbing the next day when it got windy. Fortunately I bought enough of the felt to apply to the missed areas. It's too early to tell how well the felt will do at prolonging the life of the plastic but it appears it should help a lot. I highly recommend the felt for the plastic, especially for those living in windy places :o)
  • Looks great
    Quality and appearance of product great. Effectiveness to be determined over time. Will update in year or two. I lined all bows of my greenhouse where poly fabric would come into contact. We have high winds out in the open. Probably not necessary in a shielded location.
  • It's not what you see in add page
    I ordered 2 rolls of this so called felt tape LOL! It's not what you see in there ad it's paper thin and you can see through it Don'tno how this stuff would work at all set me back on my install big time ...
    seems like a good product , dont know about the longevity , but it sure beats painting!