Poly Patching Tape

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Poly Patching Tape is a single coated, 6 mil, UV stabilized, clear, polyethylene film with a high tack acrylic adhesive. Heavy-duty tape designed for interior and exterior bonding applications and is great for repairing minor tears in polyethylene greenhouse film. Both tape and adhesive are UV
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Poly Patching Tape is a single coated, 6 mil, UV stabilized, clear, polyethylene film with a high tack acrylic adhesive.

Heavy-duty tape designed for interior and exterior bonding applications and is great for repairing minor tears in polyethylene greenhouse film. Both tape and adhesive are UV protected to help prevent deterioration.

Product Applications

  • Greenhouse Patching and Seaming on Films
  • Splicing, Seaming and Sealing-Coated or Uncoated Surfaces
  • Surface Protection and Temporary Hold Down
  • Sand Blasting Stencil Mask

Features and Benefits

  • UV and Weather Resistant
  • High Adhesion and Cohesion
  • Aggressive Adhesion to Films
  • Conformability to Irregular Surfaces
  • Withstands Extended Exposure to the Elements
  • Available without or with a white poly coated release liner


Nominal Values: The following data are nominal values based on PSTC, ASTM and other industry standard test. The data should not be considered as exact specifications.

Adhesion to Steel (oz/inch of width) ASTM D-333036 oz/inch
Tensile Strength (lbs/inch of width) ASTM D-375911 lbs/inch
Elongation (at break)340%
Thickness (mil) PSTC-336 mil
Temperature Application Range50°F~120°F
Temperature Operating Range-40°F~190°F

Additional Information

Poly Film Installation tips and diagrams (PDF)

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Reviews (55)
  • Great repair tape
    Tape does not deteriorate from the sun like some others.
  • It's a lifesaver
    Ever cut just a liittttle to much off the end of the film you were trying to install on your greenhouse? I did and it left me in a learch. used this tape to put a few inches of film back on and it worked like a charm.
  • Patches up holes quick and easy.
    It's repair tape and it patches up holes. An animal got trapped between some excess plastic and the wall plastic on my high tunnel and tore a few holes in it. I ordered the 2" tape with liner to fix up the damage before winter and it's working well so far. The liner makes life a lot easier and strips can be cut off the roll without them sticking to everything. New / clean plastic can probably be taped together with this but it's probably going to be one of the more frustrating solutions to joining sheets of plastic, more-so if the plastic isn't pulled tight. Old / dirty plastic film complicates it more. I recommend it for patching holes, but only use it to join plastic sheets as a last resort. I would buy this again if I need more.
  • Jeanne
    Best tape ever
  • Repair tape worked
    Last year's repair still holding, even though the torn plastic was dirty and wet. Lasted thru snow,wind, rain. Had a few more places to repair this year and now ordering more.
  • Clear repair tape
    Works great. Greenhouse had 2 pannels with 8 ft long gashes from a windstorm. Repair was fast and holding well to the plastic, even with wind and rain.
  • Tape
    Worked well better than expected thanks
  • So far so good!
    Once we get through winter I could write a better review. So far, so good. Stuff is very, very sticky. Better than any tape I have used in 35 yrs of commercial nursery use. Getting tape to stick to polythene is extremely difficult! Other greenhouse tapes I bought have not worked at all. Gave it 4 of 5 stars only because it needs to get through winter first.
  • Tape
    Stickiest tape I ever used
  • Poly Patching Tape
    Great quality patching tape for repairing tears in poly film on hoophouse greenhouse.
  • Worked Well
    Worked well but hasn't been tested in wet weather yet.
  • Greenhouse cover repair
    Wind storm blew a nearby post onto my poly greenhouse cover causing a 3inch long tear. A 6 inch piece of this tape made for a quick and what appears to be a durable repair. I use a double layer of poly inflated by a small blower so there is pressure on the poly all the time. This tape is sticking well after being on for a month in some Sub zero temperatures.
  • A product that works!
    Had to repair my poly between rain showers and this tape worked fantastically even though my poly was wet. Thank you for a product that works as it advertises.
  • Gardening volunteer
    The product quality and performance met all expectations, exactly as advertised.
  • tape and batton
    The green house tape was easy to use w/the pull away backing. The greenhouse batton was wide enough and could even be folded in half for a narrower band.
  • PolyPatching Tape 4'x48'
    I love it and it is working out great. I am so glad I found it you guy's and gals are the greatest it is just what I needed have tried several tapes in past but would not hold or stick to the cover for any length of time. So when I seen this on your web site I figure will give a try and it worked out great. Thank you so much for caring great products for the need's of people with Greenhouses every time I need something for mine you can bet I will go to your site first and order it. Again thank you so much Joyce Holland of Ga.
  • great
    This tape is strong and does the job well
  • Poly Tape
    Great product at a great price!
  • Poly Patching Tape
    Haven't had to use it yet. I got this as a 'just-in-case' because it's that time of year when we are subject to storms. Just wanted to be prepared.
  • Tape
    works as advertised.
  • Mr
    works great
  • tape
    this is really good tape, and they got it here in a couple days,
  • Didn't last long in our environment
    I have used Gorilla Tape, ordinary Duct Tape, and 3M other types of tape on the seams of my Greenhouse Hoops. Nothing lasts against the UV rays at my altitude of 9000 ft. Even this tape didn't last more than a month on the south side of my Hoop.However, I must admit that I didn't use this tape on the greenhouse film we ordered from this company. So, it may be that it didn't want to stick to the UV coating of the other film we bought from a big box store or it might be the surface was too dirty for it to bond. So, if after the winter is over and I try this tape again on the stuff we bought from this company, and if it sticks (it would have to melt and bond into the fabric), I'll change my rating.One very nice thing about this tape is that it is backed with paper so that there's no tangling and self sticking to make the application harder.
  • Poly tape
    It doesn't stick to the white and black material!
  • 4 in. greenhouse tape
    Fast shipping, thanks.Would rather have the tape without the paper backing.
  • Land owner
    Good stuff, fit over a metal frame I had a custom cover on.
  • Shipping
    Shipping was fast and packing was great. Very happy with product
  • tape
    used this tape to secure the ends and seal everything in. its been working great so far. high winds and rain hasn't affected it. good seal
  • Tape That Sticks
    This tape is GREAT! It stays stuck and is easy to work with.
  • good job
    storm rip green house film and this tape was great to repair it
  • Poly Tape
    Using it on second layer of poly film over my greenhouse. Been a rough wet & windy spring & it has held up so far after several weeks of foul weather.
  • Good stuff
    This poly tape works great on poly green houses. It does not work on woven greenhouse material or tarps.
  • Poly patching tape
    Tape does just what it is supposed to do, in patching small holes. It cannot repair large rips in plastic as water renders the adhesive ineffective and it will not work. I wish that it could stand up to water a little better, and I recommend that, if you use it, apply to both sides of your ripped plastic.
  • poly tape
    excellent product!
  • poly tape
    very sticky, very strong and will last 2 to 3 seasons in sun, snow and heavy wind and rain.
  • Retail nursery
    Very good product. Did the job for me!
  • worked great!
    patched holes in greenhouse covering - did exactly what it is supposed to do -- no leaks!
  • Sandra
    I used the 10 wide tape to patch rips in my greenhouse covering. The tears were so wide, so long that I stitched them together before applying the tape. The tape is very tacky and I expect it to hold well. Durability.....I'll know better after a cold windy winter or two. I would recommend the tape and am going to buy another couple of rolls.
    This tape did not work at all. It did not stick properly and it never worked right. Do not buy!
  • Jody
    This product has been great - it's been on for about 4 weeks so far and holds great!
  • Works great!
    This tape works exactly as we hoped!
  • Jim
    Very impressed with the tape.
  • tape did not work
    i put this tape on a green house top. 8 split along a seam. temp 51 F cleaned and dried area with heat gun. Applied tape useing a backer board to apply preesure. Tape was loose the next morning.
  • repair tape
    found the tape very useful will order more when needed
  • Paul
    I actually used this to seal up overlaps in my covering, and it is working very well.
  • poly patching tape
    Good stuff. Have found other uses for it as well.
  • Owner
    Sticks like crazy! Backing comes off easily when tape is installed. Day old seams are hard to find an edge on, to pick apart-VERY PROFESSIONAL JOB
  • Installer
    Tape had good adhesion and was easy to use. Unfortunately it only lasted 6 months from April to September before it cracked in 1/2 inch squares and failed. I had placed it in stress areas as a preventive reinforcement. This patch also cracked and flaked off. Had all sunny days mostly above 100 deg all summer.
  • Poly Patching Tape
    The patching tape seems to be working well. The real test will be this winter when it gets below 0 here.
  • First attempt
    The tape is nice and sticky so I put it on the tear on my greenhouse but I didn't take time to clean the area around the tear and the tape has begun to peal up after a couple weeks. I think if I clean it, it will work much better.
  • GF-PPT
  • GF-PPT
  • The best patch tape available!
    I have worked professional greenhouses for over 18 years and when i built my home greenhouses for my wife, i knew this was what i wanted on hand for patches. THERE IS NO BETTER PRODUCT! It sticks, holds and is near invisible. it took several shots to get a good picture for you because it blends in so well!
  • GF-PPT
  • Good Product, Good Price
    I was very pleased with the quality and price of this product and all the other products I ordered from this company.