Snap Clamps

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Installation made simple! Used to allow quick and easy attachment of tarps, shade cloth fabrics or nettings to almost any type of pipe. The ABS Snap Clamps have higher temperature resistance, better gripping strength and are compatible with many types of pipe, including PVC & EMT (metal conduit).
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Installation made simple!

Used to allow quick and easy attachment of tarps, shade cloth fabrics or nettings to almost any type of pipe. The ABS Snap Clamps have higher temperature resistance, better gripping strength and are compatible with many types of pipe, including PVC & EMT (metal conduit). Some applications include greenhouses, row covers, shelters, bird protection, dog beds, and quilting frames.

These durable PVC clamps are UV stabilized and frost resistant to provide many years of dependable use.


Size/IDFits over Schedule 40 PVC with inside diameterFits over EMT pipe with outside diameter
1/2" (.78" ID)1/2"3/4"
3/4" (.90" ID)3/4"1"
1" (1.20" ID)1"1-1/4"
1-1/4" (1.52" ID)1-1/4"1-5/8"
1-1/2" (1.70" ID)1-1/2"1-7/8"
2" (2.20" ID)2"2-1/4"

P65 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Styrene and/or Vinyl Chloride, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to P65 Warnings.

LTL Freight Type GROUND
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Reviews (197)
  • Makes solid attachment
    These seem to me to have the 'just right' grip strength. They are tight but they are also not too difficult to install. I also like the idea that they can be cut to whatever length I deem best. I left mine a bit longer than I thought was needed, as longer seems a good way to assure adequate attachment force and price seem reasonable enough that being too stingy would be unwise.
  • Spider Tunnel
    We used the clips to hold black plastic and beef netting with holes in it to simulate spider webs. The clamps held very well even through a Florida rain storm. Our spider tunnel was a big hit on Halloween. Thank you for your help
  • extra hand
    These clips really hellped me put my plastic on my hoop/greenhouse. Putting a greenhouse up yourself is a difficult task. The clips helped to hold the plastic in place while I secured it in another place.I am not sure how long they will last but I would be happy with at least one year. If you are covering with insulation and plastic it is too difficult to put them on. I suggest that you try the next size up.
  • snap clamps
    items were the right thing for the job
  • Snap clamps are the perfect solution
    These are outstanding!
  • Works Great
    I was concerned they would not fit with the shade cloth but my fears were unfounded. I'm so glad I found these.
  • Love this product
    We got these to hold our greenhouse plastic down originally. We needed to wrap tarps around a new dog kennel it took just a few minutes and our new puppies were warm and cozy. I love the fact it just snaps on. I hate the fact I sometimes break a finger nail taken them off. They might be cheap but they are very sturdy and strong for the purpose. We really do love these snaps
  • Best kept secret to secure green house film
    This happens to be the best method to secure greenhouse film around and it's much much cheaper than the stupid wiggle wire and metal track that doesn't allow you to pull the plastic film tight. This does. You can pull it very taunt and push the snap clamp on it and it'll hold. I find it best to cut it into 4-6 inch pieces. I visited other countries that had tons of greenhouses and they all use this as standard. A recent trip to the Emerald Cup cannabis event had displays of greenhouses and all now use this method instead of that awful wiggle wire and metal track.
  • Worked great
    I bought these 4 or 5 years ago. I live in the desert and have a decent garden all winter. There are a half dozen times when I need to quickly add a thermal blanket over my 40' long frame (I don't pay much attention to the weather). These make it quick and easy to install and uninstall in a matter of minutes. In summer I keep a 60% shade cloth in place for most of the summer to protect my plants. They have held up well considering most plastic things only last 2 or maybe 3 years in the hot summer sun before falling apart.
  • Washington
    The snap clamps have worked perfectly! We cut them into four inch pieces. They grip tightly and hold even the thinnest fabric securely in the wind. My one recommendation is to speak with a salesperson directly as to the correct size needed. I purchased my first snap clamps according to the chart on the website and they were much too large. I DEFINITELY recommend this product. Just make sure you speak with someone who knows the product first.
  • Snap clips
    Worked perfect
  • Perfect for a Canopy
    These clamps are excellent for my use, holding down a tarp canopy on a boat. Previously I used the larger size, which held up even in a very windy storm. This year I reworked the canopy frame (not a clamp problem), so needed to switch to the 3/4 clamps. These hold very well on 3/4 conduit.
  • PVC Clamps and shade cloth
    I bought 1/2, 3/4, 1 inch clamps for our hoop/greenhouses/shade houses. They worked very well, much better than the ones i made myself. Easier to get on and off. Had one mis delivered item, Customer service was fast and great and replaced the wrong item ASAP.I ordered shade cloth and it has been a good product also. Keep up the good work.Best regards, Leo and Susan
  • Great Product
    I used these in assembling a heavy black plastic .5 netting around a box build of PVC tubing while I zip tied the net to the tubing. They were great. At the end, I used them to line the opening of the finished product which is a live box for fish that we keep at the dock.
  • snaps
    The snaps worked great for clamping the plastic to the 3/4 inch pipe. They arrived fast also.
  • Snap Clanps
    Excellent product and easy to cut. Holds better and looks much better than tape.
  • Careful
    These have a sharp edge that ends up tearing the plastic film they are designed to secure.
  • They work
    I use the clips to cover my raised beds. They fit very tightly and are very difficult to remove if fully installed. I clip just enough to hold the covering (plastic, screening, or row cover), leaving 1/2 raised for easier removal.I easily cut the 48 length with a coping saw into 4 pieces. I would recommend that you give them a try especially for a more permanent use, ie greenhouse, where not removing them after application.
  • clips
    These clips work good IF you are not using the felt protectors (for protection from plastic degrading the pvc). The clips are not large enough to go over the felt. I only used one of the 5 pieces I bought.
  • 3/4 inch clamps
    The clips are so tight I cannot get them around a piece of flannel. I was making a design wall for my quilting projects and I wanted clips to be able to remove the fabric and break down the frame. But I could not even get them around the fabric to begin with, much less be able to remove them if I wanted.
  • Snap clamps
    This product was better than I expected. The clamps fit perfectly and held every thing in place in the wind. I will buy these again and recommend them to my gardening friends.
  • Great for orchids
    I built a 'grow room' out of painter's plastic and PVC pipes for my orchids to keep the humidity and warmth in, but I've always used tape to keep the plastic on the frame. As you can imagine, any time I want to change the shape or size, it is an insane amount of work. I decided to try these..DREAM COME TRUE! They hold REALLY WELL. They even fit over a really thick shower curtain that I use for the door. They are so easy to cut with a fine toothed jewelry saw or rotary cutting wheel, and I'm just kicking myself for having ever used tape.
  • Excellent
    Exactly what I was looking for and worked exactly how I expected.
  • Huge time saver!
    I had originally planned, and started, to use grommets to secure the plastic sheeting to the PVC tubing. Man, what a waste of time and money that was! It took me less time to cut 6 - 4' sticks of these than it took for me to install grommets for one run of PVC. Highly recommend these and they stay in place even in high winds (35 mph so far).
  • snap clips
    Good product quality and I am using them. Thanks good job.
  • Snap clamps
    Clamps work great for securing greenhouse 6ml plastic. Cut to 3-4 inches and make sure you sand off the corners of each piece to prevent tearing of the plastic.
  • PVC Clips
    Great product, fast shipping, great customer service! Will definitely order again when I make my next outdoor projector!!
  • Great clamps
    The 48 lengths were easy to cut with a hacksaw down to 3, perfectly adequate for holding the summer weight fabric to my hoops. So much cheaper than buying ready-cut clamps.
  • Not just for gardening!
    Awesome product that's so versitle. We use the clamps when camping, gardening, in the barn and I've used them when sewing! We love them!!
  • good priduct
    strong grip, held in 30 mile an hour winds
  • Snap clamp
    They are made of a cheaper pvc than schedule 40, so we'll see if they'll last as long as the pipe. Also, when you cut them, make sure to sand the edges, it still rips the plastic, but rips less.
  • pvc clips
    I used this product to attach shade cloth to a pvc frame. I cut the length to 3. Use a hack saw to prevent breaking the clip edge if you use a pvc cutter. Product works great.
  • Snap clamps Great!
    My first experience with these. I cut to 4 on bandsaw and sanded rough edges smooth. I used 3/4clamp over 3/4pvc conduit with felt tape. Very tight fit. No failure so far. I wonder if the 1clamp would work.It would be much easier to install.
  • Great clips
    Cuts well with mitre saw, but melts just slightly. Rough edges clean up easily though. Work well with 6 mil plastic on 1/2 pvc conduit, hold up to strong winds. I cut mine to 3 inches and they work great.
  • Handy, good fit and reasonable price
    Very handy for my self-built hoop coldframe every late winter/spring. I will be buying more.
  • Snap Clamps
    I bought the 4' x 3/4 inch clamps last year to use on my PVC-pipe blueberry frame to hold the bird netting onto the frame. I cut them to 4 each. I didn't know if they would tear the netting when I took down the frame for the winter, but they came off without any problems. They are so much nicer than anything else I've tried, stay put, look good and are easily removed. For the access door of the frame structure, I used bird netting to cover it also and used snap clamps that I leave on for the next season. They work beautifully!
  • Everything I wanted
    Cut them down to 4 inch sections to hold plastic sheeting on greenhouse. Go on easy, hold tight and will come off when I want to take it down. Very happy with these
  • review of snap clamps
    This is exactly what I was needing- these clamp over the PVC tubing that I use to support row-covers. They keep the row-covers in place just perfectly!! I bought two pieces and cut them to the size I need. I just wish I had purchased a few more!
  • Snap Clamps
    Excellent product, great strength, thick material.
  • snap clamps
    just what I needed. works perfectly. Wonderful service
  • great product
    stayed put during the 60 mph gusts!
  • Snap clamps
    Excellent for securing plastic to pvc. I purchase the 48 length and cut them to 4 sediments. Highly recommend
  • Mr Billy T.
    I've been trying for months to keep the plastic on my hoop house. These are the answer! Glad I found them. Reasonably priced.
  • Snap Clamps 48
    Ordered 2. One came broken about 9 from the end. Not sure how it broke because it is very durable otherwise. I used by cutting in 2 length.
  • Work great for holding to EMT
    We used to manufacture our own clamps out of thin wall EMT to hold Duraskrim pond liner to 1 EMT. We found these and have saved lots of labor. The use of this product is a no-brainer for our purposes.
  • 1-1/4
    This works real well with the project I have
  • Snap Clamps
    I purchased 3/4 snap clamps to use on 3/4 PVC Schedule 40 pipe to hold a 6-mil greenhouse plastic. Unfortunately, they pop off and tear the expensive plastic I bought. Plan to keep trying to make them work since I have 150 of them and hoping for the best.
  • Sanp Clamps
    Exactly a advertised. Works great. Fast delivery.
  • Measure
    I measured and read all of the reviews on measuring correctly and followed the guidelines for sizes. Still ended up with a product that doesn't fit. Why can't a 1 fitting fit on a 1 pvc pipe. Seems like logic is lost here. Now I'm stuck with all these fittings that don't fit. Product seems ok but I'm out $100. So not happy.
  • Clamps
    They did the job worked great!
  • MarkF
    These clips work great to hold the greenhouse covering secure. We recently had 40mph winds and the plastic held securely. I will be buying more for other projects. And you can't beat the price.
  • Snap clamps
    We discovered this product is the best for camping.It works wonders holding our side tarps on. Snap around the tarp poles and away we go! Strong, durable, and highly recommended.
  • Holding Tight
    I cut these four foot lengths into six inch sections to retain the plastic on my PVC greenhouse and they hold it tight! I'm convinced the plastic would fail before clamps ever budged. Works great!
  • Hard to Use
    I struggled today to use these to attach plastic to pvc pipes to create a greenhouse. The fit is so tight, I had a really hard time getting them on. They tore the plastic as they were going on at some spots. Forget trying to get them off to adjust without damaging the material underneath. The idea is great, but they should be a little more flexible.
  • Owner
    I love the snap clamps unfortunately they don't love me. I use 40 PVC a .05 too big for 3/4 small for 1 1/4 there is nothing that will seperate shetting from my snaps
  • Snap clamps
    These things are great. Handy to use for the fit. Tight and strong. We built a frame of pvc and attached a fabric to protect a plastic pond works great.
  • clamps
    work exlant
  • Great stuff
    I used these for the first time to attach poly to a steel tube frame. They are a snap to use. I cut them into one foot sections and got a lot of coverage for my money.
  • Bird netting clamps
    Cut them up into 6 inch strips. Work perfectly to secure Bird netting to pic uprights
  • Highly recommend
    I bought these for my greenhouse, once you cut them down to 1-1/2 rings they snap on and off very easily. File edges when you cut so it doesn't rip your plastic.
  • Highly recommend
    Great product. I needed to cut it down to 1-1/2 lengths to have it snap on and off easily. After I cut the pieces I needed to file the edges so it won't tear the plastic. A 4 ft section goes a long way
  • Greenhouse Clamps For Pool
    I bought these clamps to keep my Intex pool cover in place so it no longer sinks into the pool from wind or rain. Best purchase I could have made! They snap on snugly and come off easily when we want to swim. Fast shipping form Greenhouse Supply too. Thrilled with both product and company.
  • Perfect
    These clips worked perfectly to hold the grow cloth onto my hoop house hoops. Thanks.
  • Bird netting clamps
    Cut them into 6 strips and used them to clamp Bird netting to pic piles... works great
  • Great Product
    Made a shade structure out of PVC pipe for my pool equipment. Sun in AZ is quite intense. These things worked great for holding the shade cloth tight to the frame. Easy to use & affordable.
  • A perfect fit
    These snap clamps fit perfectly over my 1 pvc quilting frame gift for securing the fabric during quilting . My superquilting mother-in-law is very pleased
  • very useful and great price
    I buy the long sticks and cut them myself, which is easy to do with PVC pipe cutters. This makes them very affordable. I have used several sizes of these for row covers and other projects. They work well with schedule 40 PVC. I did find that they tend to tear bird netting as they are being snapped into place. I fixed this problem by cutting small squares of 6 mil plastic and putting that between the clip and the bird netting. Perfect.
  • Perfect for the job
    Product fit the 1 sq aluminum tubing of the awning frame I'm using in my garden to cover plants with a floating row cover. They held the fabric without tearing it and if a little space is left, they are easily removed by lifting one end.
  • Owner
    This stuff works great, just get your sizing right and this product will do the trick.
  • Great
    Arrived promptly and is strong and sturdy for clipping plastic to greenhouse pipe frame.1.25 clips my 1.5 pipe perfectly.
  • great product and price
    I have been using these for two seasons. I use the 1/2 clamps over schedule 40 PVC from Home Depot. I reuse them and have not had any break or pull of in high winds. They fit tightly so they can be a little challenging to remove - use a small flat screw driver to lift one end of the clamp, then twist the screw driver and they come right up, with at most a little scuff to your plastic sheeting. They are very easy to cut with PVC pipe cutters (the shear type, not the rotating type). The price is great - way better than the rip off prices specialty stores charge for precut clamps.
  • Works great!
    The clips worked great, I was able to get a nice tight wrap on my 1 inch frame house, cut them to 3 to 4 inches, worked great for me!
  • A big disappointment
    A truly useless product. The clamps are so stiff that 6 mil plastic always get holes and rips when snapping them in place. Very difficult to remove without doing more damage. Why others give this a high rating is puzzling to me.
  • Snap clips
    These worked wonderful and held my 6mil plastic tight against 1/2 PVC. I cut the 48 length into 4 pieces, which seemed to be the best size. If I need more hoops, I will definitely get more of these.
  • Be careful.....
    The snaps are great but unless you're a PVC aficionado, I'd recommend buying these BEFORE you get your PVC pipe to make sure they fit properly. I got the 1/2 and they were much too big for my pipe. I had to cut pieces from a heavy bath towel to keep the snaps from flying off the pipe (which, by the way, worked great, albeit tacky). I purchased the only flexible 1/2 PVC at both the lumber yard and builder's supply store so I'm confused. I'll just chalk this one up to a lesson learned so the next hoop tunnel will be perfect.
  • Good, convenient version
    We needed scores of short clips for a greenhouse project and by buying the 4-foot strips we saved a lot of money. Just a short amount of time on a bandsaw to cut them to the lengths we needed.
  • Holds well
    The clamps work very well but I recommend at least 4 mil or greater plastic to avoid tearing upon removal. You can also place an extra patch of plastic right at the clamp.
  • Solved the problem!
    Didn't know how to attach the plastic liner to the pvc frame. I tried the pvc snap clamps, and it worked like a charm. So easy!
  • Clip
    Product met all my expectations.
  • Clips
    These clips make hoop house building a breeze. No more plastic with ripples. Ez on, Ez off and super tight!
  • Poor Clamp Design
    The clamps have pointed edges and they puncture the plastic covering when the wind blows. Other than that, they're fine. But I have a lot of repair/patching to do.
  • Good Product
    These snap clamps really work well to hold plastic sheeting on pvc. I did use felt tape between the pvc pipe and plastic as recommended
  • Snap Clamps
    I bought a case of 1-1/2 snap clamps to secure plastic greenhouse film to the bows. They function as designed and are doing a great job holding the plastic in place.
  • Snap Clamps - 48
    Had to cut to 1 1/2 feet and put them on the side of the PVC pipe. worked great.
  • Good Strong Clamps
    I have built a hoop green house 10' by 50' and have used these clamps to secure the plastic roof. They work great. I keep a hundred on hand at all times, because I never know when I will build another project and need these clamps.
  • 1
    They work well for fastening plastic to PVC greenhouses.
  • Makes attaching plastic easy
    Seems to work well. We haven't had a big wind yet. May need to order one size larger if using the white felt to protect plastic against chlorine. Wish it came with instructions for cutting to size.
  • Clips as clamps for Crossbars
    These clips are convenient because they are nicely molded to snap on and off easily onto 1/2-inch PVC or galvanized pipes. With 1/2-inch metal conduit the fit is looser and for security they were tied down. Hung horizontally, the metal pipes can span a 10-foot length. PVC hung horizontally needs support every 5-feet or so. The clips have a tight fit. One-inch length clips works well and holds my row covers securely even when windy. These clips come in 4-foot lengths and are cut to a length that suits. I found 1-inch worked well. After cutting, the corners are sharp to the touch and were filed down to round them off to prevent from creating holes prematurely in the row cover fabric when the wind blows. Useful swivel clips were made to attach the horizontal pipes. To do this, 2-inch lengths were drilled in the middle and joined back to back with aluminum rivets. The aluminum rivets used were 3/16-inch diameter x 1/8-inch grip range. Two clips when mounted back to back will swivel on the rivet joint to attach horizontal bars at different angles. I ran out of 3/16 diameter rivets with its wider flange and used 1/8-inch to attach these clips together. Time will tell how well the 1/8-inch versus the 3/16-inch rivets hold up.
  • Snap clamps 4ft. long
    I have used these before on my hoop houses. We cut them to size and snap on conduit over the shade cloth. Very easy to use and durable. Will definitely purchase more of these when I expand the garden.
  • Snap Clamps
    Work very well and were so easy to install we had time left over on our project.
  • good snaps
    i purchased these snaps to secure some greenhouse plastic to pvc pipes comprising a hoop tunnel. the area gets a lot of sun and also a lot of wind. i had tried making my own snaps out of PVC pipe cut to fit but these were too sharp on the edges and shredded the plastic. the snaps i purchased are much better - they are very secure even in high wind and super easy to use. they are cheap and arrived promptly after i ordered them. two drawbacks - one - they are tight at first use and even tho they are smooth a couple still tore the plastic (high end quality plastic). if too much pressure is put on them to kind of stretch them out they broke pretty easily. overall tho i am pleased with these and would purchase again especially since they are so reasonably priced. this is my first season of use so we will see how durable they are in the long run
  • snao clips
    exelent clips, held tight in a 30 mph breeze
  • Snap Clamps
    These little clamps are amazing! I would never build a plastic covered hoop house without using these clamps! Very pleased!
  • great for forts
    We have used these clamps for PVC forts that our grandkids have built. They are tight, and keep fabric in place. Heavy fabric such as thick blankets don't work very well, but we have been very pleased with how easy these clamps work!
  • Snap Clamps
    The snap clamps work great! I would recommend them to any one wanting to hold down hail netting or heavy plastic.
  • plactic holders
    Save your money. not worth the time to order, they aren't durable and break when being installed, did not hold plastic pipe on green house and some where broken when order arrived.
  • Great product
    I use the clamps on poly pipe hoops, for plastic, shade, or cover cloth. These start a tiny bit tight but relax to the use fairly quickly. Great price, work well, unknown durability yet. A good product I'll buy more of.
  • Snap Clamps working great!
    Easy hoop house with snap clamps. They've worked well in the wind. I'm glad we found them.
  • Snap Clamps
    Love these snap clamps. Without them my vision of a pvc greenhouse would have been soooo difficult. I am going to order more soon. The only thing we could see that could be diff is the square edges should be rounded to prevent tears in the plastic. Other than that, great product!!
  • Homeowner
    The best item you could have ever come up with! Forget grommets. Thanks, Joe Falcone
  • Snap Clamps
    A little tight but great for holding netting to PVC
  • Finally found PVC clamps
    Have been looking for these clamps for some time, and was thrilled to locate them at Greenhouse Megastore.Bought a kit many years ago with PVC pipe and these clamps to make a green house in the garden. Was never able to find more of the clamps. Thank you
  • Quality all the
    Works great to hold on my covering...
  • Best Clamp
    We do raised gardens at our home. We have PVC Pipe over the top and sides of the boxes. We then place fine netting over the pipe. The EZ Clamps work awesome to clamp the netting to the pipes! No more rabbits or deer eating our produce!
  • Easy to use at a great price
    Buying the clip material in 48 lengths makes it a snap to custom make PVC clips the size you need. The material cuts very easily with a PVC blade cutter, although cutting it with a saw is a problem due to the sides flexing. I took the time to lightly sand off the sharp corners of each clip so they would not catch or cut the material being clipped to the PVC tubing. The material is very durable and the resulting clips hold very strongly to the tubing. I find that I can get 16 3 clips from each length of the material and that 3 clips are more than strong enough for my raised bed hoop houses.
  • Wonderful
    These clips have made my gardening enjoyable again. So easy now to attach greenhouse plastic or shade cloth.
  • user
    Work very when cut into 6+ lengths. They don't come off by hand. Need screw driver to start the removal.
  • They snap on tight!!!
    These are great for holding plastic sheeting on. Hard to get off, so make sure they are in the right place
  • 1/2 Snap on Clamps
    Once you get these installed they work great. Hard to remove for temporary clamping.
  • Poor Quality
    This is an inferior product compared to the brand sold on Amazon. After one year almost every clamp has cracked and broke while the Amazon ones are still going strong.
  • What I expected
    I made some of these out of regular PVC pipe sch 40. They worked but the wall thickness was so thick it was hard to use. I figured, and was right, that these would be thinner and work better. I had to radius the ends with file so they don't cut into plastic. Liked it and got some more
  • Snap Clamps Review
    Good product but when you try to use them on the specified PVC pipe size they are so tight it is hard to get them on and almost impossible to remove.
  • Great product!
    Excellent clamps! They work great. The size is correct as stated. We got the 1/2 inch pvc type four inches long and the hold the plastic on the pvc great! Fast delivery too!
  • Steve
    Shipped fast, product is as described. Fits snug but can be removed.
  • snap clamps
    Good product. Holds well and keeps plastic from being torn by not using screws.
  • Very needed clips
    Holds greenhouse plastic securely, even in high wind.,have made my work load so much easier. Plan to order more. Holds up through many re moveables.
  • snap clamps
    only gave a 3, due to must have ordered wrong size. used inside diam. and should have used outside diam. otherwise, found other use for them and working ok.
  • Okay
    As described
  • Pond cover
    These snap clips made the construction of our pond cover really great! A solution to attaching the shade fabric to the pvc frame.
  • Second purchase
    This is my second purchase of these clamps for our third hoop house. I use 1 gray sch 40 PVC on a 9' tall hoop house; these clamps stand up well, securely holding film on the frame with 40+ mph winds when placed every 18 or so. They are damaged from UV, so it is best to paint them before attaching. I also recommend putting a bit of ag fabric under each clip to protect the film underneath, and make removal much easier.
  • Good Idea that is made with unsuitable material
    The 1/2 clamps very tight fitting around the pipe and are difficult to removed and install on a 1/2 schedule 40 PVC pipe without breaking a clamp lengthwise.
  • Snap Clamps Work Great
    Worked fine. I bought some of the aluminum to use over these but really no need. The clamps hold 2 layers of 4Mil plastic fine even in the wind. I was pretty generous with the number of clamps I used.
  • PVC snap on covers
    They are so easy to use and work great
  • snap clamps
    I am using the clamps on some temporary isolation cages covered in agro bond type cloth. I cut the clamps into two inch sections for this using a ratcheting tube cutter. Slip the clip onto a piece of the pipe to the desired length and cut just past it... simple.They whole my screening materials very well. Greenhouse MegaStore shipped as expected. I would recommend this product if you are looking for cheap isolation coverings.I suspect that heavier material would also work well... simply use more or longer clips. Small clips are easiest to pry off however...
  • Plastic pipe clamps
    Perfact I was tired of buying a new caopy for our gazebo every year at a price of 175.00. I use the clamps over a PVC structure and cut out wedges from a plastic tarp as the roof. IT'S PERFECT
  • snap Clamps
    These clamps work great in holding plastic to a frame. We have a lot of wind here and they hold.
  • Helen
    The order came quickly. I am using these clamps for a pvc quilt frame and they work perfectly. Thanks.
  • Snap Clips
    The clips worked perfectly. The wind blows contantly around here and at times the gusts have been more than 50 miles and hour, the plastic never pulled away from the PVC, the clips held it firmly in place.
  • Awesome
    These clamps are excellent. I use them to hold the greenhouse film onto the PVC greenhouse I built and am more than satisfied. I would recommend them to anyone.
  • Terrific
    I enclosed my from the critters with bird netting. these clamps were so much easier than twist ties and can be cut to size. I love them
  • Susan
    I bought these clamps to hold my quilts on the quilting frame. They work great.
  • Love 'em
    Love these things! Using them to hold 40% shade cloth on a PVC pipe structure, and they work great - they've held well with winds that have been 25-40 mph with gusts for better part of the day. I bought 48 lengths and cut them to 6 for added grip (longer clamp = better hold). They cut easily with a plastic pipe cutter (shears) - start with open side toward blade. One caveat - they are sized for schedule 40 PVC (which is specified based on i.d., i.e. 3/4 has a 1.05 o.d.). If you use them with different pipe, you will probably need to pick the size by comparing the o.d. of your pipe to that of sch. 40 PVC.
  • Fabulous!
    These are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Easily cut, holds tight, easy on. If you have tiny or arthritic hands, you might find the off a bit hard, but I get one end up and the rest comes. They are the perfect thing for holding cloth on hoops.
  • Snap Clamps
    I purchased the 1 1/4 snap clamps to hold a leaf net to an archway frame that I constructed over our pool. The clamps are awesome! I do believe the entire frame will blow away before the clamps lose their grips. They have held up in some extremely high winds this winter. After seeing how well they performed, I ordered more clamps to hold tarps to a greenhouse. I highly recommend these snap clamps & Greenhouse Megastore. Shipping was super fast! Thanks
  • mr
    I received my product within a few days. When I reported some damage, they send me a replacement right away. Great Co to order things from. Thank You. H.W.
  • PVC Clamps
    I used these clamps to hold plastic sheeting to a PVC frame as a rain cover for my chicken run. Works great! I cut the 4' piece into 6 sections so I can space them out as needed.
  • good clamp for fair weather
    It fits the pipes well and holds good until strong winds blow through. The clamps pop off easily in windy conditions, (20mph wind) we ended up using screws to hold the clamps to the pipes. Clamps will cut through thermal greenhouse film if you stretch it too tight, so leave a little slack.
  • Snap Clamps
    Just as expected, They work great!!!
  • Works great!!!
    These snap clamps work great. They keep my clear tart stuck on and their very tight. I would not reccomend using this as a door because it will tear the tarp.
  • snap clamps
    I purchased these snap clamps and then cut into smaller pieces. However, the saw I used was not very good for cutting these and I cracked several pieces. This is not the fault of the item itself. I used these over 3.5 mil plastic film on 1/2 emt and they did not hold tightly enough against the very strong winds that we received from the wide edges of Hurricane Sandy. I was constantly relacing them. When I added some deer netting over the top of the plastic for reinforcement, the clamps were much snugger and most held tight. I believe if I had left them in the 4 foot lengths and used that way, I would not have had any issues with gripping the pipe. I will buy this product again when ready to do some more work in the spring.
    I purchased the snap clamps to try on my green house project and they worked great. I wish they had some with a handle on so I could remove them easier when I fold up the plastic to let air in. Other than that they work better than screwing the plastic on.I would highly recommend these clamps.
  • Snap clamps
    Love the product. Easy to use and very effective.
  • Clamps great
    The snap clamps were exactly what I needed to hold the covering on my greenhouse. They fit tight, were smooth, and ridged on the inside for extra holding power.
    Great service, product and price
  • Very Good
    I got a couple of 4 ft sections and cut them into smaller pieces and used them on my pvc geodesic dome greenhouse. They worked well. The only tiny complaint is that they sometimes grab so tight as to cause a leak but this only happened in one spot (of course that could be considered my fault). The main thing is that they made the the cover nice and tight. Kudos.
  • Sanp Clamps
    We had ordered the wrong size Snap Clamp. It was explained that PVC is measured by the inside dimension. Greenhouse accepted our return, gave us a credit and mailed out the correct size. The Snap Clamps were used to hold shade fabric to PVC piping for the shade panel we made. All turned out perfect. Greenhouse is a very efficient and helpful company.
  • Snap Clamps
    These work very well if used for semi-permanent use. Taking them off now and then is OK. They don't hold up well if you are taking them off and putting them on once a day. They also seem to loose some clamping ability in hot conditions like the recent 100 plus degree weather we've had. Overall they are a good product.
  • Sn ap Clips
    excellent! I went for the 4' length and cut them to 4 lengths worked great! easy removal for repositioning or tightenimg plastic.
  • Work well
    We use the clamps on the anti-condensate 6 mil cover film spread over a 3/4 pvc pipe frame.The hold tightly and keep the plastic from moving. They are tight and easier to put on than take off, but this keeps the plastic securely fastened. Excellent solution.
  • Very Good
    Snap clamps worked very well. I purchased a 48 piece and cut it to sizes that I needed. Holds the plastic to the framework with no problems. No problems with the wind on it either. Super satisfied.
  • Fantastic!
    We built a PVC greenhouse with 6mm plastic covering and these snap clamps are doing a fantastic job of keeping the plastic in place. We have to vent the greenhouse during the day when it's sunny, and while they're definitely snug, we are still able to pry these things off without too much trouble. Highly recommended.
  • snap clips
    These work great for the greenhouse/tunnel we constructed, however they can break if not handled carefully. We had about 6 snap in half.
  • Snap Clamps
    I love how easy it was to fasten my shade structure to my hoop house using these clamps. They have held up to the windy days in Northern AZ.
  • PVC fittings & Clamps
    We ordered the PVC fittings and clamps. They made it so easy to assemble a greenhouse cover for our tomatoes. The clamps hold securely but are removable so we will be able to remove the netting in the fall.
  • Snap Clamps - 48
    These work pretty good. While they do rip the plastic in places they do hold it in place. I bought the 4 foot piece, and cut it into 3 inch pieces. I would buy these again if I need more.
  • snap clamps
    probably useful for shade cloths in green/hoop houses but DEFINITELY NOT for attaching the outside plastic, will not hold the plastic on in a wind,
  • Work Well, But...
    Okay. Why a But... in a 5 rating? These do work and work well. But they are very difficult to snap onto the pipe. I had to cut them into two parts to make it doable without too much pain. Good news is they work as well like that. Very fast delivery, as always from GM.
  • Snap Clips
    These are great and so easy to use. The ribbing keeps the film securely in place. Now I need some more.
  • snap clamps
    total waste. wouldn't go on
  • Can't live without these
    I admit, i tried to get my cover on my greenhouse without these clamps...that was a huge mistake. I caved after a couple weeks of trying to make it work, and bought these clamps. They are amazing! I was able to get the cover on super tight and now huge wind and storms don't even phase it. These clamps make all the difference in the world.
  • Great holding power
    I bought the 48 inch pieces and then cut into 6 inch pieces to hold the 6 mil plastic on my PVC hoop house. The night I got everything in place we had a big storm and I'm very pleased to say nothing moved or popped off. They also have held great in the temperature swings we've had this January. Great product!
  • Snap Clamps - Snap Clamps 48
    I am very happy with my purchase. The product was delivered quickly and was a good price. I really like the clamps for use on my pvc hoop houses in the garden. They are a wonderful invention. I'm able to pop them off and reuse next year which saves money. They keep the plastic tight so rain doesn't pool. Would recommend.
  • snap clamps
    The plastic snap clamps were perfect to hold the plastic cover onto the 1/2 PVC pipe to create a hoop house over the raised bed.
  • snap clamp
    I had built a chicken pen with PVC not metal,to keep it from rusting away; Well a eagle likes young chickens too, lost 7 of them,due to no top on pen. Got snap clamps to hold down a tarp on top of chicken pen,givesthem shade and nothing can fly in or out now. I able to correct my problem with this product I wish I had found it sooner; I just cut it to lenght that I needed(1 1/2) and curve the edges(belt sander) to keep it from cutting intothe tarp; easy to change from solid tarp to bird netting as weather permits; wish I had gotten it sooner or a local suppler would carry it.
  • Snap Clamps
    These were very easy to attach to the PVC pipe around the greenhouse film! They also came super quick!
  • Snap Clamps
    I bought these to hold light weight row cover to hoops made of 1/2 galvanized conduit. The description said they work on any kind of pipe. With a single layer of row cover, the clips slide down to the bottom of the hoops. I tried folding the row cover so there were 3 layer son the pipe under the clips. That helped stop the sliding but they pop off on breezy days. Maybe they would hold a plastic cover better. It was a good idea in theory but I'm dissapointed in how they work in practice.
  • excellent product
    Bought the 4' sections and cut to the sizes needed. The smaller they are, the easier they are to remove & replace. Would buy again!
  • Pipe clampbs
    These clamps really work well and fit tight. For extra certainty, I put in a screw with fender washer through clamp and PVC pipe.
  • Plastic clips
    I bought these clips for securing the plastic to my new greenhouse. and boy did they save a lot of time. I just clipped one end pulled the plastic tight and cliped the other end. I purchased the 4' pieces which were easy to trim to fit in smaller locations.
  • I didn't like them
    I placed them on the pvc pipe to hold a tarp down then changed my mind on the placement. They are too hard to get off. I had to pry them off and in the process poked holes in the tarp. I chose to not use them because they are so difficult to get off. Waste of money.
  • Home gardener
    Snap clamps in the long strip allowed me to cut into 3 inch pieces and fasten bird netting to a PVC frame. Works great. Easy to use and remove for access to strawberry and blueberry beds.
  • Very Pleased
    Live in the Mountains with a short growing season. The only way to get tomatoes is with the greenhouse effect. Bought pvc and plastic from Home Depot. This was so simple and works unbelievably well with my raised beds, I can't wait to do the same with my squash. These absolutely work better than I ever could have imagined. Easy fix for anyone that needs to cover veggies during the cool unpredictable spring months.
  • i like them
    they work great, but I think I need to buy the aluminum clamps to go over them because every time the wind blows they pop out.
  • A Must Have for Central Oregon
    These clamps do the trip to protect my tender plants from the late spring frosts. I use with hoops and frost cloth, which they hold securly even in wind and rain.
  • snap clamps
    the only way to attach the film to the pvc. I would only do it this way. the best.
  • Snap Clamps
    Ordered 4 foot strips. Cut into two inch clips.Used to secure one of your 30% shade fabrics to our frame and they worked quite well.
  • keepercritterlady
    These snap clamps are the best, won't use anything else on my coldframe or greenhouse every again. Very reasonably priced also.
  • 4
    I feel okay rating this product a 5 because it works exceedingly well. I would like to mention though that this 1 clamp could be made to not grab 'quite' so tight, as in when being used for a window or door latch. THANX
  • What a good idea.
    Works great, in our windy area.
  • Sir
    Just finished my 2nd hoophouse by myself (age 74). I could not have doneit without the snap clamps.I can't even imagine trying!! They are the best.
  • snap clamps
    these clamps work great...for the price, I cant think of another way to better hold down the poly. Order a few more than you need and a metal clamp for every other one....good growing!
  • Snap Clamps Solved the problem
    As another requirement of raising a winter garden in a zone 5 location, I needed to cover my raised beds with a cover to keep in the heat and let in the light - I ordered the Deluxe Row Cover and it was perfect but I needed someway to keep it about 12 inches above the plants. I put in 1/2 inch metal conduit rails along the side of my beds and then placed the deluxe row cover over it. I tried staples, supports, weighted edges and couldn't find a reliable method to hold the row cover in place properly - so back to Greenhouse Megastore hoping to find something that would do the trick. I stumbled on the 1/2 inch Snap Clamps and they were the perfect solution to my challenge. I simply lay the cover over the rails and put on a snap to hold it precisely in place. Thanks much for always having just what I need to make my greenhouse efforts successful. J. Brock Lenox
  • me
    description failed to inform about the fact of needing to order 1/4 larger clamp than the pipe you are using. everything else was great.
  • great
    I am so glad I found these. They work great
  • Great company, great products.
    This is our second year using snap clamps for our greenhouse,we had to order more because we did not have enough. They work fantastic even in our windy area. I really like this company they have fast service, in fact my products were here one day early, I have been a customer for 2 years and I will continue.
  • snap clamps
    No one, but no one shouldever build a hoophouse without snap clamps. Simple as that!!
  • Snap clams solve problems
    thanks to snap clams my green house problems have been solved! They hold plastic sheeting tightly and have improved my greenhouse tremendously!
  • Snap clamp
    it's too big to grip my 1/2 inch pipe!
  • Solid Purchase
    These clamps make attaching coverings butt simple. In severe climates, especially heat and wind, they will fail without the additional grip clamps, which I cannot more highly recommend. I use 16 snap clamps and 8 grip clamps for a 15'x20' hoophouse and they hold up in the worst of conditions.
  • It wroks!!!!
    I have a make shift green house made using PVC pipes and fittings but could not attach transparent plastic sheets properly to it. These clamps solved that problem for me. As an additional precaution, I used duct tape to make them snug on the pipes.
  • great product for raised beds
    These have made the attachment of shade cloth, thermal cloth and plastic film on the PVC hoops over my raised beds so much easier. I find it more useful and economical to order the 48 lengths and cut them to the size I want.
  • SN-SC
    We used the snap clamps to hold the netting to the frame work over our blueberries. They made the set-up fast and secure.
  • SN-SC
  • snap clamps
    I have purchased over 200 of these clamps. They are awesome. I have built garden box greenhouse covers and these clamps secure both plastic and bird netting all season. They do not come off due to weather, in fact they are slightly difficult to remove once you have placed them. Buy a lot to secure any and all fabric material to PVC pipe.
  • Snap Clamps
    Clamps arrived on time and appear to be of high quality. They are designed well and are easily attached to PVC. Will be an excellent solution for temporary attachment of green house film.
  • They Work Great !
    I just finished making a PVC frame greenhouse and I used the snap clamps. They work great and I don't see how a covering can ever come loose using them. You can use them for other functions besides greenhouses that use PVC pipes such as cold frames, canopys, etc..
  • great product
    Using these clamps on a temporary shelter built on a trailer for mobility using one inch pipe works well. I put them on the top and sides, due to high winds I also wired them on. So I would recommend the grip clamps also.