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Growers & Farmers

No matter if you're growing a few herbs on a windowsill or you have acres under production, Greenhouse Megastore has the supplies you need! Bulk discounts apply, and it's quick and easy to setup an account with us. Browse online or give one of our friendly sales agents a call today!

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A greenhouse is a great learning tool for any agriculture program, from elementary through college. Greenhouse Megastore has helped hundreds of schools, universities, and colleges plan and build their greenhouse and curriculum.

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Nurseries & Garden Centers

It's tough to compete these days with the big box stores. Trust us, we know! That's why Greenhouse Megastore has your back! We offer wholesale direct pricing, bulk discounts, easy to setup accounts and credit terms, and the industries best selection of supplies. Browse online or give one of our Sales agent a call today.

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Cannabis & Hemp

Greenhouse Megastore can help expertly plan your first or your next cannabis cultivation facility. Whether it's a light deprivation greenhouse, indoor grow,  versatile roll-up structrure for outdoor growing, or a retrofit into an existing facility,  we have the knowledge to help you harvest record profits

There's something for everyone at Greenhouse Megastore

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From One Small Business to Another, We're There for You

We know how tough it is out there. Small businesses can struggle in the best of times, which, these most definitely are not. As a family-owned small business ourselves, we've made our name supplying and supporting countless small growers and gardeners. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Greenhouse Megastore is not only a leading online retailer for greenhouse structures and supplies, but also garden supplies of all types. We offer plant pots, polycarbonate panels and other plastic sheets, shade cloth, weed barrier, hydroponic supplies, grow lights and much, much more for growers both big and small! Shop from our commercial quality products without being forced to pay commercial prices or order commercial quantities, or, if you are ordering in bulk, ask about our volume discounts. Greenhouse Megastore is perfect for the professional grower and the hobby gardener alike!

From a packet of seeds to a huge greenhouse, we have what you need.

Our selection of commercial greenhouses and hobby greenhouse kits has long been tops in the industry, but we don't stop there! Greenhouse Megastore has anything and everything a greenhouse professional, small grower, or even just a weekend warrior might need to get the job done.

Shop with confidence, knowing that you get decades of combined technical expertise and top-notch customer service, all at the lowest possible prices and $99 Free Shipping. From greenhouses and gardens, to landscaping and patios, there's something for everyone at Greenhouse Megastore!

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Greenhouse Structure and System Overview

Dive in as we give a tour of our 24' x 48' greenhouse. In the video, we give a brief overview of all the major internal systems that make a greenhouse function, as well as some considerations for you if you're considering a greenhouse project.

This is a great way to learn a little bit about greenhouse growing as well as understand what greenhouse equipment is available and why you might want it.

Helpful Advice and Tips

10 Things You Need for Successful Seed Starting

Some of us use the depths of winter to leaf through seed catalogs, longing for the day when the birds begin to chirp and the grass turns green. In the absence of this mental cue, many of us may be caught in a scramble to gather everything we need (or think we need) to get those early starts going.

No sweat. We’ve put together the top 10 things every gardener needs to embark on their seed starting adventure, all wrapped up in a neat little blog post.

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Best Indoor Seed Starting Container Choices to Get Growing This Spring

Spring seed starting season is among the most exciting and eventful times in the life cycle of the gardener. March and April are a great time in much of the US (and other temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere) to begin getting seeds started indoors under lights or in a greenhouse. In just a few short weeks, seeds started now will be ready to transplant into the garden!

Garden 101 Series: Garden Planning Pt. 1

Whether you’re starting your first garden or your fiftieth, and no matter if it’s a couple pots on a sunny windowsill or a permaculture food forest, garden planning is an essential step in making garden success more likely. Planning can involve a number of different things depending on you, your garden, and your experience. From planning space for plants and choosing plant varieties, to adding beds, walkways, irrigation, or other elements, behind every successful garden is a plan.