1020 Trays, Mega Heavy Duty

This heavy duty thermoformed tray is the strongest 1020 tray we offer at .88" gauge thickness. Tray comes with no center bar or side ribs.  No drainage holes in this tray. 10.94" W x 21.44" L x 2.44" D Thermoformed trays designed for consistent performance in automated filling and handling
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 1020 Trays, Heavy Duty thickness1020 Trays, Extra Heavy Duty thickness1020 Trays, Mega Heavy Duty thickness
 1020 Trays, Heavy Duty1020 Trays, Extra Heavy Duty1020 Trays, Mega Heavy Duty
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Starting Thickness 0.040" gauge0.060" gauge0.088" gauge
Drainage Optionsno holes / with holesno holes / with holesno holes

This heavy duty thermoformed tray is the strongest 1020 tray we offer at .88" gauge thickness. Tray comes with no center bar or side ribs.  No drainage holes in this tray.

  • 10.94" W x 21.44" L x 2.44" D
  • Thermoformed trays designed for consistent performance in automated filling and handling equipment.
  • Don't settle for cheap and flimsy trays. Our 1020 trays are heavy weight and reusable.
  • Used with our inserts to create compact, efficient growing systems for Bedding Plants
  • Starting Thickness: 0.088" gauge (Mega Heavy Duty)
  • Made in the USA Made in the USA - Unlike our competitors "Extra Strength" trays which are imported from China, our Mega Heavy Duty tray is proudly manufactured by American workers in Minnesota


2 Year Warranty

We will replace any broken trays due to manufacturer’s defect up to two years from the date of purchase (does not apply to UV degradation from excessive exposure to the sun).

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Reviews (63)
  • Mega Heavy Duty 1020 Trays - Excellent
    The mega heavy duty 1020 trays are excellent quality. They are truly made of heavy duty material and will make transport or bottom watering of multiple plants easy.
  • Nice Heavy Trays
    I have been using the flimsier trays and putting 2 together to handle the weight of my plants. And those trays still cracked. That shouldn't be a problem with these heavy duty trays.
  • these are da bomb
    I'm in love. sturdy and longer lasting than cheap trays. I'm only on my third season so I don't know when they start breaking apart. absolutely wonderful for soil blocking.
  • Very strong
    Very strong trays, good for heavy pots without a pot tray. I'm not sure it's worth an extra $15 per 10/pack though. If you are holding a few big pots in a tray, you might need these. Took off one star because I think it's a bit overpriced vs the Extra Heavy Duty Trays.
  • Perfect all around
    I use these growing mushrooms and couldn't ask for a better size and strength.
  • Perfect
    I have used this light weight trays in the past to grow my sunflower lettuce and they always cracked even after I doubled or tripled them up. These new ones are sturdy and hold up perfectly for the job I need it to do.
  • These are the trays I've been searching for.
    It's impossible to eliminate all plastic but single use is the worse. I expect these heavy duty trays to last me many seasons, strong enough to pass on to the next generation - re-use not refuse.
  • Love the Mega Heavy Duty 1020 Trays
    I was really pleased with these heavy duty 1020 trays having struggles for years with the flimsy one. Don’t even need a support tray underneath - Excellent!
  • Awesome trays
    Super sturdy, never have to worry about a flimsy tray twisting or cracking under the pressure of pots that are full of saturated potting mix.
  • Sturdy, Well Made, Will Buy Again
    Bought 10 this season as the standard thin variety found in department stores tend to sprawl out when carrying a heavy load. These mega heavy duty trays give me the stability to move 20 or 30 trays of well sodden dirt from down stairs in the basement to the back porch with ease. Very pleased with the purchase and as mentioned will purchase again!
  • These really are a LOT stronger than a standard heavy duty tray
    These trays are much heavier and much stiffer than traditional heavy duty trays. I can see these lasting many years as opposed to just a year or two with standard trays. I will definitely be buying a few more.
  • Even my mother in law loved them.
    Great product. I trust my 9 YO to carry 72 cell tray out of the house for some sun
  • Nice Sturdy Trays
    I ordered these as part of my switch to reusable seed starting supplies. I was so tired of the thin throwaway ones. They arrived quickly and undamaged. They're much sturdier than the standard trays you would get as part of a kit, and I look forward to having these for years instead of the thin ones that just don't last.
  • 1020 Trays, Mega Heavy Duty
    Excellent product at a very reasonable cost. We grow several thousand plants for community gardens every year. We were looking for sturdy 1020 trays for a long time. Finally, a friend told us about greenhousemegastore.com and Mega Heavy Duty trays. We bought a couple of hundred together and replaced the old flimsy ones. I am sure these will last many years. Thank you for making a good product. Indoor gardening is very enjoyable with these.
  • Great product, replacing all my flimsy trays
    Best trays out there, I was thrilled with these, will be replacing all my flimsy trays with these. Very sturdy, I thought they had shipped the wrong item when I got the box off the porch due to the weight vs what I expected. It's so refreshing to be able to carry a tray of starters or plants around without worrying about it twisting and dumping all over. As an avid gardener, these will last you a lifetime
  • Fantastic Trays
    Love the durability of these trays. They hold up to daily rotation of seedlings, do not bend under the weight of small seedling pots. Worth the expense.
  • heavy trays
    Good product so far... the time will say.
  • The best trays I've ever purchased
    I will never purchase those other, flimsy trays again!
  • 1020 Trays, Mega Heavy Duty
    Buy the best available, one flimsy spilled tray will cost you what you save buying the cheap stuff. These trays will last many years .
  • Trays
    Works as well as we hoped they would
  • Nice and sturdy
    I bought to hold small pots for moving about, they are waaayyy more sturdy than the cheap flimsy junk from the nurserys. I don't have to two hand and hope it doesn't bend/flex. Definitely worth the $3-$4 each for the longevity that I should get out of them.
  • Mega Heavy Duty Trays
    Your Mega Heavy Duty Trays are super strong! You don't have to worry that they are going to end up with holes or cracks where they shouldn't be or that they will sag in the middle when they get a little heavy from watering.
  • Strong and durable
    Works great. Will last for years.
  • Mega Strong
    These are the strongest trays I have found. I don't like wimpy flexible trays, as I often bottom water, then lift when the tray is very heavy. I was sold when I saw the video of the guy standing on the tray and being lifted. These should last a very long time. I only wish they would come in white to keep roots cool.
  • Great trays - very sturdy
    I love these trays and expect they will last for several years. I bought the daisy trays from Greenhouse Megastore at the same time and they do not fit well with these.
  • Mega Awesome
    I didn't test to see if they would hold an adult human. But they sure do hold up to filled trays. No wobbly , cracking, flimsy accidents anymore for me :) I Love these trays.
  • not 'mega'
    These trays are much flimsier than I expected (from price and photos). I cautiously stood on one as in the picture; against my expectations it did not break but the flex is considerable. I have winstrip trays to go into these flats and there's no comparison. Disappointing.
  • 1020 trays, Mega Heavy Duty
    I really like these trays. They allow you to move the tray when full without collapsing in the middle. This is my second purchase of these trays. They are all I use in my hobby greenhouse and are well worth the price.
  • Do not wait. Buy them.
    Do you despise your current garden trays? If you do, trash them. Get these so much better. Heavy duty. I love them
  • Strong value.
    As advertised these trays are extremely tuff. Great value.
  • Very sturdy trays
    These are nice, sturdy trays for holding heavier plants.
  • Very good potting soil
    This is the perfect soil for starting seeds.
  • Finally decent trays
    I was sick and tired of flimsy 10x20 trays that always crack and bend. I had to use 4 of those stacked to be strong enough to move plants around. These are much stronger and stiffer and now I can use one tray to hold 18 seedling cups and mov3e them around without fear of the tray bending or breaking on me. Very happy with this product, will definitely buy again.
  • Sturdy
    I like them! Thick and sturdy.
  • Worth the Money
    These flats are great and well worth the extra money. So glad I bought them.
  • Best out their
    Holds up better than big box stores. Highly recommend. No problems.
  • Good quality
    Replacement for all the flimsy trays you cant move around with plants in them without cracking or spilling!
  • Great product for the money
    All of there trays are good but the price difference shows in the strength. Would buy again.
  • These are what trays should be
    Finally! Durable and strong trays that actually support a full load of packs and are really 1020 dimensions. I went back and bought more just in case they quit making them.
  • 1020 Heavy Duty Trays
    These 1020 heavy duty trays are excellent. The trays I see in our local garden stores are typically flimsy and get punctured very easy. These heavy duty ones are just that—heavy duty and great quality. I can move my full flats around in the greenhouse without worrying about them collapsing and my seedling containers falling out. I love them!
  • Heavy duty trays
    Very strong Highly recommend these over the standard flimsy trays
  • Mega Heavy Duty 1020 Trays
    A very good product, by far the best I have used. A little costly but in the long run they are worth it and are the only trays I will use for my seed germinating and seedling business.
  • Great Sturdy Product
    Really like them.. Held up very well this growing season, Look forward to years of use..
  • Top rate buy
    This is definitely a must buy product if you want to grow some plants from seed. The sturdiness of they trays make moving your plants around easy, without worrying about it flexing too much. And watering from the bottom is very handy. I'm very pleased with my purchase!!!!
  • Heavier than I expected
    I was pleasantly surprised at the weight of these, but I’m still a little worried that they might get brittle in a couple years. Until then they will work great for me!
  • Best Trays for the money
    I ordered 50 of these slightly on a whim - hoping to find something that would hold up to seed starting for more than a year or two and I’m very glad I did. They are super durable, don’t flex or twist when moving them around, and they’re thick enough that they don’t crack or develop holes in the bottom.
  • Great product
    These trays are very heavy duty. Well worth the money!
  • Sturdiest trays ever
    These are the sturdiest trays I’ve ever owned. Fill and move with confidence!
  • Best Heavy Duty 10x20 Trays I've Found
    I have been using 10x20 Trays for well over 10 years and these are the most sturdy and durable Trays that I've found. I will be using these Trays from now on.
  • APO
    These trays are really heavier than the normal trays - and should hold up well.
  • 1020 trays
    First time I bought these from this company, I will definitely only be purchasing these from you guys from now on. Very strong trays and great quality.
  • Nice and strong
    This is my first order and I am pleased with this product.
  • Mega heavy duty trays
    High quality, fair price. Very satisfied
  • Working great.
    Much better than anything I’ve bought elsewhere. Really tough and rigid to hold seed trays and water weight. Thanks
  • Excellent quality tray
    Needed a heavier duty tray for handling my vegetable plants that I grow under lights. Had been using some very lightweight ones that I had purchased from Box stores. Always needed to have support under those trays when transporting to the garden. These new trays are well made and will easily support my plants. They will last many years.
  • Thickest and sturdiest 1020 No hole tray
    I bought 1020 tray from local homedepot and the hydroponics store. I used these to grow microgreen. It is very sturdy and economical over a long period of time considering that the 1020 bought at the homedepot and the hydroponics store did not last long. Wish it is also available with the whole on the bottom option as well.
  • I was expecting stronger trays.
    I have mega heavy duty trays from another garden site, I was expecting the same strength trays, they are not nearly as strong, and I know these would not hold someone standing in them like the photo shows, even a child would collapse these trays, the other trays I have would hold someone and would probably bend. I am disappointed with this purchase. These will last a couple years, but they are not Mega Heavy Duty.
  • The heaviest 1020 tray i have ever had
    These are heavy duty trays compared to any i have ever lifted. I am very glad i chose these also. I will store them inside out of the sun and they should last me year's not month's
  • So confused.. mine look so cheap
    I read the other great reviews, but mine look and feel so cheep I’m disappointed.
  • Very high quality tray
    These are very quality tray. Very thick and sturdy. Bought several trays from the homedepot which are very flimsy before. My search leads me to the local hydroponics store which were somewhat sturdier than the homedepot, but were still too delicate especially if do bottom watering. But these are beast. I am using this as a tray and also as a dome.
  • Super strong tray
    Last tray you'll ever need.. well worth the price. I load tested it.. it held up to 60lbs with no issues..
  • Mega heavy duty tray is GREAT
    I was SO pleased to find that these were truly a HEAVY duty thick tray! We opened the box and pulled one out and trying separating them when we realized it was ONE tray. Delighted! Worth every penny as they will last YEARS! Took a chance as this was my first order from this site and I am now a lifelong customer. Thank you so much