Easy Ship 2' Wide Twinwall Polycarbonate

Our 6mm and 8mm twinwall polycarbonate offers high impact resistance, excellent heat retention and 80% light transmission. Avoid expensive shipping and crating charges by ordering these Easy Ship 2ft Wide Twinwall Polycarbonate Panels that ship via Standard Ground Service. ThermaGlas Multi-wall
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Our 6mm and 8mm twinwall polycarbonate offers high impact resistance, excellent heat retention and 80% light transmission. Avoid expensive shipping and crating charges by ordering these Easy Ship 2ft Wide Twinwall Polycarbonate Panels that ship via Standard Ground Service.

ThermaGlas Multi-wall Polycarbonate Sheet is designed and engineered specifically for commercial greenhouse use. ThermaGlas products are available in 4-foot or 6-foot widths in clear, or with specially formulated colors and tints. ThermaGlas offers 99.5% UV protection. The multiwall design and light weight of the sheet enables a reduction in the cost of the supporting structure. Shatterproof polycarbonate coupled with integrated UV resistant co-extruded layer yields long service periods backed up by a 10 year limited warranty. The cellular multi-layer structure reduces heating costs in winter while minimizing excessive heat in summer. A special coating on the bottom side eliminates condensation dripping. ThermaGlas blocks ultraviolet rays that burn plants and living tissues, and transmits only beneficial radiation.

  • 6mm or 8mm Thickness for double wall
  • Can be easily cut in any pattern using a circular saw with a fine tooth blade
  • 80% light transmission
  • 10 year limited warranty against UV degradation
  • 6mm Approx. Weight: .3 lbs per sq. ft.
  • 8mm Approx. Weight: .368 lbs per sq. ft.

Additional Information

ThermaGlas Assembly & Storage Guide (PDF)

Multi-wall Polycarbonate Installation Instructions (PDF)

ThermaGlas Technical and Installation Guide (PDF)

ThermaGlas Limited Warranty (PDF)

Reviews (92)
  • 6 mm twin wall polycarbonite
    this is an excellent product at a good price and shipping is fast would recommend and use again
  • Solid panels good price
    These things are always expensive but these panels were still a good price. also you get much cheaper shipping with these panels and the price/sqft is the same as the large panels.I'd considered buying the 4x6 foot versions for ease of use but these 2x4s will allow better ventilation options as well as cheaper shipping.Normally the cut materials come with a higher cost but these did not.
  • Rough edges
    It's obvious that this was hand-cut from a larger sheet. There were some pretty rough edges. I was planning to cut it up into smaller pieces so it wasn't a big deal but if you're expecting clean edges... don't.
  • Poly panels
    Better than orignal.
  • Easy ship 2' twin wall panels
    The panels were easy to work with. I used them for the roof of a home made greenhouse in conjunction with recycled window sashes for the walls. my only complaint is the way the panels were cut my only instructions were in German, I think.
  • 6mm Twinwall PC
    Excellent material, easy to work with but strong and durable, the price is right, and the easy-ship sizes are super convenient to get. I just used it to repair a skylight broken by hail. Hope the PC lasts longer! I've bought it here before, and will surely buy it again.
  • Mad Dog
    Worked great to replace damaged panels on my Northern Tool greenhouse. Required width trim but fit nicely
  • Twinwall Polycarbonate
    product arrived damaged in package no marks on exterior of package fortunately damaged part was in cut off piece after fitting.
  • Bought for Test - Worked Well
    Bought 2-4' and 2-6' 8 mm panels to try on greehouse to replace plastic film that was 4 yrs old. Greenhouse is constructed with 2x4's and I am framing in each panel with 1x2 cedar (test panels really look sharp!). Easy to cut - used fine tooth blades on both power hand saw ( 7 1/4 w/100 teeth) and table saw (10 w/90 teeth). However, fine plastic sawdust does get into the panel openings. As others have noted, need better corner packaging as one corner was damaged in shipping. Also, double check your panels...one of mine was 23 1/2, not 24 as advertised (as with damaged corners, not a problem as I had to trim anyway). Will be ordering 25 additional panels soon.
  • Twinwall polycarbonate
    I ordered the clear 6mm twinwall polycarbonate and received it on time. The only complaint is it was a little damaged, but it was still useful. I made a skylight for a bluebird house to discourage house sparrows from occupying the birdhouse.
  • replacement panels
    I used these poly panels to replace the roof panels in my Harbor Freight . I did have to cut them down 1 on the side and a couple on the ends but their twice as thick, the clips fit properly and I am sure they will last longer
  • Not just for greenhouses!
    I'm sure others have noted that these panels have crossed over into fish rooms in the aquarium hobby. These panels are easily cut with a razor knife to fit aquariums and are much cheaper than buying fitted glass canopies. I've had to glass tops crack and as they do They are replaced with twinwall. When you have several (26) tanks it makes sense.
  • Greenhouse Repair
    This replacement panel fit my greenhouse with minor trimming. It is now the strongest panel. The item was easy to identify and arrived very promptly.
  • Polycarbonate for harbor freight greenhouse
    Helped hubby replace polycarbonate that came with original greenhouse on the roof. Purchased the 6 mm. Fit perfect . Would get one sheet of 4 mm for the sliding roof part. We didn't and had to bend the metal a bit to get it all to fit. This has a warranty for 10 years. So we thought we would give it a try. The original only lasted 4.
  • Rick
    The 2 by 4 easy ship panels are a great option for orders that are too small to justify the shipping and crating charges for large panels. The only problem I had was that when the panels are manufactured the instructions are printed on one side and in about 10 different languages. When they cut the panels, I managed to get 9 sheets, my entire order, of the side without instructions. The only important instruction being which side has the UV protection, and that was vague on the website of the manufacturer.
  • Quality product
    The 8 mm polycarbonate panels worked perfect to replace my damaged greenhouse panels. Easy to trim with a chop saw and install.
  • Great for Aquariums
    I bought this sheet to make a lid for a planted aquarium. I have some powerful LED lights and these panels had a decent pass through rating. After several weeks, there is no bowing at all and the plants are receiving plenty of light. These panels also keep evaporation to a minimum. I have been suggesting this site, and these panels, to fellow hobbyist. Large lids that don't bow or cost a fortune are very rare in this hobby!
  • Green house panels
    These are great replacement panels for the Harbor Freight greenhouses.
  • Not 100%
    Arrived in a timely manner, however the corners of the panels were crimped and crushed. Since the panels needed to be cut down to fit my application, it didn't impact the installation. Perhaps some sort of reinforced corner guards could remedy the situation? The overall quality of the product seems good.
  • twinwall polycarbonate
    The product was better than what I currently have on my 10 x 12 green house, its a little heavier product and did need to be cut to fit but was easy to install. Plan on replacing a few more pieces on the roof it appears to be sturdier.
  • Polycarbonate sheets as clear shelf liners
    I bought the thinwall polycarbonate for an unusual application. I grow orchids outdoors and have many plants on multiple shelf units. I wanted to prevent water from upper shelves from flowing through to the shelves below so as not to transmit potential diseases. Using the polycarbonate as a shelf liner solves the problem while allowing light to works its way through the structure. The sheets were delivered in excellent condition and on time. A high speed fine tooth saw is recommended for cutting, which I do not have. I used a sharp matte knife to make the cuts with a sheet of plywood backing up the polycarbonate. It took a little time and some elbow grease, but did the job.
  • good stuff
    greenhouse glazing is light, durable, easy to ship, reasonable, and arrived well before the holiday.
  • Worked Great
    Based upon reviews from others who have Harbor Freight greenhouses we ordered these slightly thicker panels and they worked perfectly. They were easy to cut and to work with. Came quickly in perfect condition. Ordering more to replace the rest of the roof.
  • Nice Material
    The material is very nice and easy to cut. I'm pleased with the ability to see through the material while having privacy. The only complaint that I have about it is that the outer layers encapulation the air cavity are a bit thin.
  • Great for a coldframe
    I used the 2'wide panels along with the h profile connectors to build a 4'x4' cold frame. The polycarbonate sheets cut easily with a fine toothed circular saw blade. All of the sheets did arrive with shipping damage to one or more of their corners. But since I was mounting them in a wooden frame I was able to trim off or hide the damage. Definitely need to add some corner protection for shipment. The panels worked well for my intended use and I would order them again.
  • Not just for greenhouses
    I ordered these sheets because I had seen them used on You Tube to make covers for aquariums. I have hard water, and the minerals react chemically with glass covers to form an irremovable stain that reduces the level of transmitted light. I tried covers made of solid sheet plastic (Lucite, Plexiglas, or Lexan), but they sagged and bowed and were absolutely useless, even when I used quarter inch thick material. When my sheets arrived, I immediately made lids for all of my tanks. I do not have a table saw, but the material cut easily on my scroll saw. I started by cutting a piece that fit inside the lip of my tank, with notches at the back for airlines and power cords. Then I cut a four inch wide flap along the front, and glued on some cheap plastic hinges from Amazon, so that I could open it for feeding and maintenance. I have had these covers on my tanks for about a month, now and there is no sign of warping so far. The solid sheet warped in less than a week. I had ordered twice as many sheets than I needed for aquarium covers, so I used the rest to make a spray booth for my air brush. If I were to buy a ready-made spray booth of this size, it usually costs over a hundred dollars. Mine cost me about twenty five dollars. (Not including the cost of the Shop Vac to draw air through the filter.) These sheets are very handy for many uses and I intend to keep a few on hand in my materials shed once I get it built.
  • Review
    I used these for aquarium lids on all my tanks. Works great - easy to cut and the perfect thickness!
  • Nice product
    Used these panels on a Harbor Freight greenhouse. They worked great. They're better quality than the original panels. Easily cut to fit with a box cutter blade.
  • animal protection
    Strongest. Most flexible, unbreakable,fun product I've used for roofing and side of pen also.
  • Excellent Product
    I received the 26 panels via ground shipping. They arrived in 3 separate packages. Quality of panels is excellent. I had to cut each panel to fit my greenhouse. The panels were easy to cut with a fine toothed saw blade on a table saw. My greenhouse is more stable than when brand new since I upgraded to a thicker 6MM on the roof and 8MM on the sides. Very happy so far.
  • polycarbonate panels
    They matched the product description. They were easy to use.(replaced deteriorated greenhouse poly-carbonate panels).As far as the 10 year limited warranty,only time will tell. Lets hope so , since the panels that came with the greenhouse lasted only 2 years. I hope your product lasts longer!!!
  • Not just for Greenhouses!
    For all you aquarium geeks like me... This product is my choice for those of us that have more than 20 tanks. Cost effective, easy to cut (razor knife)and trim. Use peel and stick glass canopy handles. The only thing better would be getting them already cut to size!
  • 2 x 6 pannel
    Totally what I expected! perfect fit for my greenhouse to replace the old factory panels that were damaged from a wind storm. Very happy and will order again as needed.
  • DIY
    This stuff is indestructible I have used it for building a bird inclosure and am working on a much larger project with it now. I am very pleased. Special note this stuff is also very scratch resistant too!
  • Easy ship polycarb
    Pros:Size reduces ship costUsed for skylite in upgraded tent roof canopyEasy to workCons:Thicker easy ship versions available?
  • Big Bend greenhouse
    I found this product easy to work with in renovating the greenhouse at our vacation home in Big Bend. The materials are not cheap, but do seem to be of good quality, and they were shipped out right away.
  • Green house panel
    Great product just what i needed!
  • Satisfied!
    Fits my older greenhouse after cutting easily with tool.
  • easy to use material
    These panels are very tough but lightweight. I recommend pre-drilling holes if you are screwing directly into wood framing, which I did. I used a fine tooth circular saw and they cut great in both directions as needed. The same product brand is for sale at Home Depot in 8' panels at a higher thickness, but both products look good installed next to each other. I am very happy w/ my greenhouse walls.
  • excellent quality, fast shipping
    Superior product compared to others
  • 6mm clear twinwall polycarbonate...
    Good quality, but not quite flat. Over two feet, parallel to the ribs, the sheet is about 1/4 out of flat. Good packaging.
  • Inconsistent Lengths
    Product seems good so far. Shipped fast.One thing to note is that the product sizes are inconsistent. I was shipped panels at two different times and they are different sizes. Neither of which match the size listed.
  • Polycarbonate Twin Wall sheets
    I purchased these to improvise two cold frames. I use the giant deep wall trays also from Mega. You can't fully grow a plant this way but you can get them up ready to plant out. I germinate inside and when I have three true leaves they go outside into the trays. I lay a twin wall panel over each and go round with an elastic strap to stop the tops blowing away. It works like a charm.Keeps the small plants snug and the polycarbonate fends off anything that may drop from the heavens.When you have finished just clean up and store the trays and the panels in your garage or shed ready for next year.
  • Just what we needed to repair our greenhouse!
    We have a Juliana lean-to greenhouse and after several years in the hot Texas sun, some of the panels were brittle and cracking. Also, the front of the greenhouse came with one sliding door and one stationery panel. We wanted to replace those with 2 hinged doors. Our door height needed to be 54 inches, so we made a door frame and with mostly 1x4's but we used 1x6 wood across the top and bottom so that the 48 inch high panel would work. After making the frame for both doors and attaching them with hinges to the greenhouse, we used wood screws to attach the polycarbonate panels on the inside and covered the top edge of the panels with caulk to keep out any rain that might leak in. Then we caulked around the window on the outside with a clear silicone caulk. It looks gorgeous. I wish I could attach a photo of our finished product.I plan to buy this again when I need to replace the right side and the roof panels - which will probably need replacing in a year or two. Two added pluses: Our greenhouse came with 4mm panels, we were able to buy 6mm panels and the price was much better than everywhere else we looked.
  • Polycarbonate panels
    Product was very prompt in being delivered, and was as was listed on their website. They are a little large for my application, but can be cut down very easily with a sharp blade. Thanks
  • 6ml 2x4 easy ship panels
    A little thicker than the stock panels for my greenhouse, but that's a good thing! handles the snow load Better.Fast shiiping too..
  • 2 x 6 greenhouse panels
    good quality,fast delivery,great folks to deal with !!!!!!!!!!
  • best green house material ever
  • Good bang for the buck
    This is a good product. Price is right and easy to install. One thing I didnt like... the long edges have a groove to connect panels side by side to make water tight. Nothing on the short ends. I had to butt them together, caulk, and tape joints. They have pieces you can buy.. but that cost too much $$. If they simply had the ends like the edges it would be the perfect product. Easy to cut. Just use box(exacto) knife. No need for power saw like in the description. Just a sharp razor. Good product... I would buy again and recommend to friends.
  • Greenhouse windows
    Easy to work with, exactly what I needed, with a OK price tag. No complains had my parts in 3 days :-)
  • Panels
    Very good, cuts nicely with saw, product came quickly and in good shape
  • Poly panel for greenhouse
    Received the panel in very good condition at a very fast rate. Very pleased and will keep you in mind next time I need more. Thanks
  • Best way to buy small quantities.
    This is a quality product from a major mfg. of greenhouse panels, in a convenient to order and use size. Thanks to greenhousemegastore for supplying these sizes for the shipping savings.The material is easy to trim to fit with common wood cutting power saws. I used a table saw and got excellent results.
  • Just right for my purpose
    I cut the panel into 5 pieces and used them to daylight my garage. Shipped quickly, arrived in perfect condition, easy to work with and seem to do the job real well...
  • Nice clear panels
    These panels are nice and clear. Joined with an H channel they make a solid piece. Greenhouse is almost complete, hoping for the best this winter.
  • Home Owner
    Great product. Easy to work with.
  • Exemplary Greenhouse Megastore
    Quality product just as described.Easily installed into the missing panels of my greenhouse.I left the blue plastic cover on one side of the panel just to cut the sun glare while still being able to see through the panel, but removed the outside blue covering. This covering assured no scuffing or scratch marks to the panel during shipping, thank you for being so thoughtful and caring.I'll order again from greenhousemegastore.com.
  • Good product with good shipping $
    This product is exactly as described and if the size is what you need it's at the best shipping price that I could find.
  • 2 x 4 Lexan Sheet
    Works great for for my little cold frame planter.It's makes carrying and moving the cold frame very easy now.The lexan sheet is a lot lighter than a sheet of glass of the same size and the Lexan sheet still does the job as well as glass but without all the extra weight of using a glass sheet.There is no fear of breakage with the lexan sheet as you have with glass.
  • Great quality
    Better than original. Will be buying more when needed
  • Easy Ship Twinwall Polycarbonate
    I ordered the Easy Ship 2' Wide Twinwall Polycarbonate - 6mm clear, 2' wide x 4' long to replace the hail damaged greenhouse roof. The 2' x 4 size keep the shipping cost down and made working with them they fit in the metal frame perfectly. I give them two Thumbs Up! Thank you.
  • 2 X 4
    The sheets of poly was not cut straight. It was from two to three channels off but it still worked very well. I still liked the product, Thank you
  • Other use for Polycarbonate Panels
    I replaced the 1/4 plexiglass panels in my pool's solar heater with these new panels because the plexiglass was cracking badly in this hot environment and were getting very expensive. These new panels cut easily to size on my table saw using a diamond cutoff blade. I used the 'H' channel between the 4' panels and modified the 'H' channel to create 2' 'U' channels for the top attachment point by sawing off the upper two arms of the 'H'. This left a very rigid 'U' channel with a center square box that I could attach with a single screw in the middle, eliminating expansion/contraction problems with double screws. On the bottom edge, I used unmodified 'U' channel and two mirror brackets. The result is a very sharp looking solar array. It's been in use now for a couple of weeks and gives me the same heat rise that the old plexiglass had given me. So far, there has been NO warping of the new panels that caused the problems with the plexiglass panels and they are considerably less expensive. (Pictures are available if you wish.)
  • Great product, good order.
    The product looks great. Ordering was easy and the shipping box was nice and flat. I only needed 2 pieces. One thing though, I wanted to return it since I also placed another order for a non-clear sheet. GreenHouse megastore would not answer my calls nor return my messages. It's okay since I decided keeping this clear one and the other glazed one is what I needed. But had I officially needed to return the product, it's like they are a ghost-town or something else. But I do suggest buying from them because they have really great products at reasonable prices with quick and easy delivery.
  • Twinwall polycarbonate
    Arrived safely and quickly, good product to replace broken panels in the greenhouse. Two edges very rough cut-required trimming before use.
  • Top Quality!
    The panels are far better quality than the panel's that are currently in our greenhouse. I would highly recommend them!!!
  • replacement panels for greenhouse
    Very satisfied with new panels. They are much stronger than the original ones that came with my greenhouse.
  • greenhouse panels
    exactly what i needed,good price,good quality
  • Quality Product
    I am still in the building process but so far the panels are very easy to use and high quality.
  • Excellent!
    Very clear for excellent light transmission!Bought panels to refurbish a cheapie greenhouse.Really makes my old greenhouse more sturdy now!Excellent customer service & prompt shipping!Going to order more panels for roof now.
  • Great product
    Great product. Fast shipping.
  • Polycarbonate 2 foot easy ship
    Clear polycarbonate 6 ft. and 8 ft. by 2 ft. wide sheets.Easy to work with. A good seal with the H channel. Cuts well with fine tooth plastic 10 blade turned backwards.
  • Great Product and Service
    I ordered the Twinwall Polycarbonate - 6mm clear, 2' wide x 4' longpannels. The order process was quick and easy and I received the product in a few days of ordering. The quality of the product is also great.I will order here in the future for my greenhouse needs.
  • Prompt shipping
    Product as described (nothing very interesting about twinwall poly) but came promptly and well packaged.
  • Polycarboate
    Worked great for my greenhouse. It replaced the same as it was before.
  • All Good
    I ordered a pannel and it arived within a week. No problems at all. Shipping did not cause any damage. This is by far the best priced poly. I am so happy that I found this company.
  • Twin-wall Poly
    Very easy to install and use plus insulates well. A sharp utility knife can save you a lot of time and clean up. I will be ordering more in the near future.
  • greenhouse
    Panels arrived on a Saturday! Used them to replace some panels on a small Harbor Freight greenhouse. GH was designed for 4 mm panels. So to make the 8 mm fit, I gently crushed the top edge of the panels with pliers, put metal tape along the edge, and was able to slip the panels under the roof ridge beam. Worked great!
  • used product
    10 sheets and only three of them had the sheet on them to tell what was the front. Seemed that I received used material that was real disconcerting.
  • Very satisfied
    I ordered the twinwall polycarbonate panels to modify a wall in my back yard greenhouse. Prices at local stores were so high that it gave me pause. I found Greenhouse Megastore by browsing the internet and the cost was exceptionally attractive. I completed my project and found the Megastore panels to be be perfect for the job...durable and quality material. I have bookmarked the Megastore site for future purchasing activity.
  • Vice President
    Very happy - will probably be ordering more in the near future.
  • green house panels
    I ordered panels from Greenhouse Megastore to replace some that the wind blew away from my greenhouse. they were exactly what I needed and very good quality. I will be buying more in the future as mine need replacing
  • real happy
    i orded the 6mm x 2x4 panels for my 5yr.harbor freight 6x8 green house old roof panels was damaged by hail.what a great inprovement to my green house.plan to change the side panels with the 8mm soon. great improvement with a little work
  • Great panels...
    I ordered these panels for replacement of old ones on my 10x12 greenhouse. These are by far better quality than the original ones my greenhouse came with. When I need to buy more or anything else for my greenhouse I won't hesitate to buy from here. The price on these panels is the cheapest I found and the shipping/customer service is great.
  • Would order from them again
    Ship fast and pack very well no problems
  • Twinwall replacement
    I purchased 6mm panels to replace the worn and damaged yellowing 4mm panels on a 6X8 greenhouse I had purchased from Harbor Freight. Trimming and cutting of panels was done on a standard table saw with no chipping. This greenhouse now looks brand new and feels sturdier with the thicker 6mm panels
  • Polycarbonate panels
    The panels are a good product. I wish I had talked to a sales rep before I ordered, as the corrugations go the wrong way for my purpose. I was still able to use them on my coldframes with the cor-rugations going the wrong way.
  • Awesome service!
    I have a little hobby greenhouse. No one locally could replace the twinwall Polycarbonate sides it had. They just didn't carry it. Then I found Greenhouse Megastore online. They had the exact size I needed to replace the walls. No cutting was necessary. The order was placed online easily. They kept in touch with me via email and it was sent to my home expediently. Love the service. I will use them again if another storm comes through and damages my poor little greenhouse. Thank you!
  • Love the Panels
    Have changed my screen porch into a sunroom for wifes plants. It really worked out great for me as the panels were easy to use and had no problems installing them. I have told my neighbors where to get them from as i am very happy with everything.
  • Rick
    The benefit I was interested in was light weight compared to 1/4 plywood. Very good in that respect. A possible downside in construction is flexibility if used for roofing in snow country.
  • Protection Needed
    I have purchased 14 sheets all four corners were dented so badly i had to cut the lower portion of the sheets off. I even spoke to the customer service agent about shipping with protected corners on deaf ears . Unless you can get them somewhere else do so
  • John
    Professional quality greenhouse material. I had to repair the roof of a self built cold frame. The panel was perfect.