Western Pulp Round Pots

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Maximize Growth, Minimize Waste These small and medium containers are great for small fruit, bareroot roses, perennials, field-dug plants, and broadleaf evergreens. Containers are fiber molded, meaning they are made of recycled material, biodegradable, and usually decompose in about a year's
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Maximize Growth, Minimize Waste

These small and medium containers are great for small fruit, bareroot roses, perennials, field-dug plants, and broadleaf evergreens.

Containers are fiber molded, meaning they are made of recycled material, biodegradable, and usually decompose in about a year's time. This significantly minimizes waste production and also allows them to be planted directly into the soil.

Their durable, yet breathable design lets air and moisture through to the soil and plant roots, while the various available sizes are great for a multitude of applications.


Dimensions Liquid Volume
7" x 6 3/4" 2.48 qt.
8 1/4" x 9 1/2" 1.28 gal.
9 1/4" x 8 5/8" 1.62 gal.
11 1/4" x 10" 2.55 gal.
12 1/2" x 8" 2.74 gal.
12 3/8" x 11" 3.4 gal.
13 3/4" x 12 3/4" 5.52 gal.
16 1/8" x 15 7/8" 7.97 gal.
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Reviews (45)
  • Large fiber pots
    These pots are sturdy, great price,and worked great for our pre planting of trees. Will be ordering more in the future.
  • Western pulp round pots
    Great quality, lightweight but sturdy enough to not disintegrate until planting time . I have used these for planting my roses inside a vole deterrent moat of large crushed seashells. Works great and since they will compost in time I don't have to worry about the roots becoming pot bound. Since using this method I haven't lost a single rose to vole damage. I've also used the larger pots for grafted roses. This method works great for any vole susceptible plants including lily bulbs, cone flower and hostas. I use smaller pots for plants that don't transplant well like Fringe Leaf Bleeding Heart or Queen Anne's Lace. Works perfect every time.
  • Excellent quality, sturdy!
    Just what I wanted, and well-represented
  • Western Pulp Round Pots
    These pots are very durable and allow plants to breathe unlike plastic pots. I've used them out in the yard as well as on a lanai. After being outside for a few years and enduring drenching Florida rains, the pots are still intact. Roots will grow right out of the bottom and into the soil and the plants are very happy. You can use a layer of styrofoam peanuts at the bottom for best drainage.We have armadillos here that dig up soil and sometimes plants. Using pulp pots for perennials and annuals in the garden prevents this and makes a very nice pollinator garden.
  • Peat Pots/Packing for shipping
    Love the product and have purchased 2 previous times. However this time there was NO packing material inside to support the pots and the box was caved in and torn. Thankfully the pots were not damaged.
  • Just the thing
    I used these to start dahlias early and will put them into a raised bed frame. Perfect size and prompt shipping.
  • wood pulp pots
    Just what I wanted at the best price I could find!
  • Pots
    Love these large pots. Light, breathable. Hoping they will last several seasons
  • presudent
    great product
  • Granite wear pot
    Perfect size for my solor oven. Great price. I will order from them again for sure
  • Best solution!
    We bought these bio pots for tree plugs to give them an advantage. Its worked out great! We buy the plugs in March, plant each one in their own pot with appropriate soil and then plant in the ground as soon as winter/spring weather allows. It gives them the perfect boost and protection to establish themselves the first 2 years of life. We have 5 acres to reforest and this way establishes the trees faster!
  • Love the Pots
    These affordable pulp pots are very sturdy but nice and light for moving plants around. I'm using them to start a hedge, and will just put them in the ground when the roots are stronger and not so vulnerable to gophers. I would love it if in the future they shipped without plastic wrap, which didn't seem necessary.
  • Great product
    I've been looking for these pots locally but no one carries them. The sizes offered by Green House were much better than I've found on the web; and, the price is fantastic!
  • Great product
    I ordered a few of the large pressed fiber pots. The pots I received were made very well and are of a good quality. The price was very affordable, also.I will be ordering more of these in the future.
  • Western Pulp Round Pots
    These pots are terrific. I'm using a 7 inch pot to grow a columbine I started in a peat pot. The larger pots I've used for transplanting hostas. These pots are great if you lack garden space or need to move plants around to catch shade or sun. They also look nice on a patio filled with ferns or just about anything. Very utilitarian but also attractive.
  • Western Pulp Round Pots
    Outstanding service and product. Arrived earlier than anticipated. I could not find large pots anywhere in the Atlanta area (6 million people? Am I the only one who needed them?).
  • Biodegradable pots.
    Delivery was on time and product was exactly what I ordered. Delivered in good condition, which left me a happy customer. I use them to make swarm traps for honey bees.
  • Owner
    Wonderful sturdy pot--would order again
  • Excellent pots
    Love these pots! They're great for all kinds of plants - flowers, bulbs, even some vegetables and small fruit trees. I just wish there was one more bigger size. Some can even be reused, if not planted in the ground. Amazing price. Shipping is a little expensive, if you don't get the big packs of pots.
  • Swarms up!!! Nice product!!!!
    I am makeing swarm traps for honey bees out of this product it is working great!!!! I've got 3 swarm in a month:) very HAPPY with the product. Keep up the great work. Thanks!! Jeff
  • Great for my purpose.
    Use these for swarm traps. Think I will use the others to pot up some walnut seedling for sale.
  • excellent pots for baby trees
    Every year I have a crop of oaks that sprout from acorns planted by the squirrels. I've tried nurturing them in place but the clay soil doesn't allow deep water penetration from a hose in our hot Texas summer. Replanting the trees into these pots and planting them in the ground provides a perfect container to keep the roots moist for a week a time.
  • Bee pot
    Bought these for bee swarm traps and they do a good job. Quality product.
  • Just what I needed.
    I am making swamp trap with these pots. I have not caught a swamp yet but they are light and can be put up in a tree easy.
  • BBB107
    Good quality pots. Plan on using them to catch bee swarms.
  • Swarm pots
    I used given to make swarm traps for bees and they work great.
  • Large Peat Containers
    Large enough to root substantial stem cuttings and keep them in container for a year before planting in ground. Very sturdy. I'm very pleased.
  • Great Product
    Super product. Sturdy and well made. Shipped very quickly. Great price, too. I'm using these for honeybee swarm traps.
  • wild oak trails
    excellent product packed well and shipped quickly what else could i say 5 stars all the way
  • great product
    I bought these fiber pots not for use as flower pots but for Honey Bee swarm traps. They far exceeded my expectations and expect them to last for years to come.
  • great product
    I bought these fiber pots for use as Honey Bee swarm traps. They are both durable and light and therefore will last for years. Best part is they are a green products that will work and last.
  • Swarm Trap
    I used these pots to make honeybee swarm traps. They worked well for my purpose. I would like to have seen a bit wider lip around the edge to attach my screws.Just waiting on a swarm to find me.
  • Pulp pots
    I am a beekeeper and bought the 16x15 pots to use as swarm traps. They work perfect. Perfect size. My order arrived timely, the ordering process is easy.
  • Great Price - Great Quality
    Have used these pots for years as the last repotting for tomatoes. They hold up nicely with very large seedlings. Happy to find them available for a good price.
  • Pressed Fiber Pots
    I am a Beekeeper and use these pressed fiber pots to make swarm traps to catch honey bees.They are the right size.I set 18 swarms traps this spring and caught 19 swarms.I call it free bees.
  • Good quality, sturdy pot
    I ordered a case of the 7 Western pulp pots to pre-assemble flowering plants for Memorial Day cemetery in ground plantings. They are very sturdy, well made and not too expensive for the large quantity I have to plant.Unsure about the size I took an educated guess, but next time will order up one size so I can place a larger central flower with the assortment.
  • Swarm Traps
    I am an experienced beekeeper and needed an affordable swarm trap. I bought this product, mounted a piece of old comb, and screwed the pot to the plywood for a backing. I plugged all but 1 hole for an entrance. Bait with lemongrass oil and whala an affordable swarm trap.I have caught 3 swarm so far this season using this method. Just place it in about 30% shade about 6-8 ft high and the bees will start checking it out.Great product, I recommend it to all folks.
  • Swarm Traps
    I am a Beekeeper and trap Honey Bees. These Pressed Fiber Pots make excellent Swarm Traps at a fraction of the cost of a commercial swarm trap.
  • Swarm Traps
    I am a beekeeper and use these pressed fiber pots 12 3/8x 11 to make swarm traps by placing 2 together. Add a touch of Lemon Essence oil for bait and the honey bees will be attracted to it.Very good cost effective trap.
  • Western Pulp pots
    Wish you had more is shallow medium sizes.
  • Swarm Traps
    I am a Bee Keeper in Central Arkansas. I use these pots to make swarm traps. I place two together and stop up all but 1 hole.These pots are very affordable and bait with a few drops of lemon grass oil and the scout bees will move the swarm right in.I have very good luck at catching swarms with these pots and they are very affordable.
  • Benn
    Great product. Exactly as expected. Great price, reasonable and quick shipping.
  • Barbara
    Sturdy & nice enough looking to set out on a patio for a season and then planting into the ground. Great product