Injection Molded Nursery Containers

Item No. CN-NCIM
These injection-molded p olyethylene  container feature a strong, durable design with drainage holes for optimum soil drainage. Specifications Item Code Drainage Holes Height (in.) Top Outer Diameter ( in.) Top Inner Diameter (in.) Volume (gal.) 300 Series 6 7 6 1/2 6 0.7 600 Series 6 8 3/8 9 8 1/2
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These injection-molded polyethylene container feature a strong, durable design with drainage holes for optimum soil drainage.


Item CodeDrainage HolesHeight (in.)Top Outer Diameter ( in.)Top Inner Diameter (in.)Volume (gal.)
300 Series6
76 1/260.7
600 Series6
8 3/898 1/21.7
1200 Series6
8 7/810 3/89 3/42.6
2000 Series6
12 1/81110 1/83.6
7 Gallon6
14 1/212 3/4N/A6.24
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Standard Drop Shipment Code DROP SHIP
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Item Tracking Code PARENT
Reviews (74)
  • Great Containers
    This is the 2nd year I've ordered these containers. They are very durable and re-usable. I love them!
  • Poisoned transplants, wash pots
    The 4 inch injection molded pots are strong and seemed a good quality for my tomato transplants. I didn’t think new pots need to be washed. Big mistake!! 2 weeks after up potting my tomatoes they began to struggle and all 60 have died. Must be leftover oil residue or some toxin in the pots. Please warn customers to wash pots.
  • Nursery pots
    Made very well will last for a lot of growing season and the price you can't beat
  • Good Quality
    Nice quality on these pots. Not the usual light weight ones you see around. I only wish I would have purchased more, I will repeat my purchase for sure. Thanks Greenhouse Mega.
  • They appear to be good pots.
    This year I ordered 50 of the 2000 series. I used them up and ordered another 50. They appear to be thick enough to stand up for their intended purpose. As they are made of black polyethylene, which stands up very well to uv sun exposure. I believe they will last for many years. The drain holes are nice and situated in such a way that they can drain properly. And the rim is sturdy enough to be able to lift the pot from its edges while the pot filled with wet soil. There is no excessive sharp flashing along the edges and thickness of the poly appears to be uniform throughout the pot... I had originally ordered the blow-molded "elite nursery containers" in the 2000 series. For me and my application, they were too thin along their bottom edges. So I returned them and ordered these pots. I'm very pleased with these pots.
  • Nice and Sturdy
    Just what I needed! I had to transplant my over abundance of tomatoes and give to friends. They needed a bigger pot so they'd keep for a few more weeks before getting into the ground! These were perfect and they came quickly!
  • 1200 series
    Great pots at a great price. I’ve used 100’s of the smaller pots for years and expect these to follow suit.
  • His Excellecy
  • Quality item
    Quality item. These are sturdy and perfect for the Japanese maple seedlings they will be used for. About half the price of what I was finding at the big box store, and they look more durable as well. Pretty sure I can get several seasons out of them.
    These one gallon pots are made to last. They are excellent for potting up larger plants like tomatoes. This allows me to start my seeds sooner, let the plants mature longer before going into the ground. I have many of these pots and they are easy to clean and use over and over again. I have been using them for 4 or 5 years and will keep using them at least that long in the future.
  • Good Pots
    As a normal consumer grower I wanted pots which I could reuse from one year to the next. These pots are a harder thicker plastic and should allow me to reuse them year after year. The only thing I am unsure of is if they are dropped when full or how the plastic will hold up to UV rays over time. Nothing I can do about either and if I ever need more pots in the future I will rebuy these
  • Will last
    I believe these containers will last or multiple uses thanks
  • 7 Gallon pots
    I always buy the 7 gallon pots to grow pineapple plants in they are awesome pots to use strong and last along time will keep buying them long as they keep offering them
  • perfect plant pots
    you should see how plants love these pots or containers, or root houses. well made with no sharp parts. easy to seperate. good drain holes. thick rim, sides and bottom. sturdy construction. i waited for the bucks from stimulus to get them but so glad after three years. everything i expected. thanks!
  • Injection molded pots
    Great quality product, I will be ordering more as they are needed. 7 gallon pots were press welded together. For 30 minutes I tried an assortment of screw drivers to separate. Perfect tool is a 1" wide 12" long "concrete cold chisel", it popped all 10 apart in 30 seconds without damaging the pots.
  • Stuck pots
    I’m very frustrated because the pots are extremely stuck together and I don’t know how to separate them. Anyone have any ideas? I was so excited to use them too.
  • Excellent value
    Used for vegetable plants and they are doing great. They are good looking and sturdy.
  • Durable and Flexible
    Though large, this container is very well made, very durable yet very flexible to easily remove plants for planting.
  • High quality pots
    Nice heavy-duty trade gallon pots. I want the best appearance for the plants I sell. The small extra cost is worth it.
  • Injection Molded Nursery Containers - 2000 series
    Great pots. Rugged, well made and a good value. I use them for growing a variety of vegetables during the winter under grow lights. The deep pots are perfect for growing carrots.
  • Pots
    Very nice larger pots for tomato plants to sale at market.
  • pots
    The pots arrived on time and are of good quality. One of the pots was broken, which was a little disappointing, but overall I was pleased.
  • 3 gallon pots
    These pots are strong and manufactured nicely. I use them to resell plants and feel good my customer is getting a good plant and a good pot. The ones I don't sell, I expect to reuse for many years. Would order again.
  • 1200 Series Review
    The containers are very durable, have good drainage, and I have used them for my amaryllis bulbs which love the space!
  • Great Product!
    I've ordered these pots for years now, and they are always great! They are very durable and are made well. I'd give my full recommendation to anyone considering buying these!
  • Plant pots
    Very sturdy. Won't buckle like most thin pots. Best value I've found. Quick delivery.
  • 300 and 600 plastic pots
    I use these for transplanting plants from my garden to my greenhouse. They work great.
  • Glad I found these
    600 Series; even better than described and priced right. Very pleased. Super fast shipping. Thank you.
  • Quality n Durability
    this is a really good product for the price. Quality and durability is excellent, drains well. I use it for growing spruce seedlings.I just wish there were good discounts for larger quantities.
  • Pots stuck together
    The quality of the product is great. But the problem I have is that I bought 10 of them and I cannot get them unstuck. I've tried everything I can think of but still cannot get them apart. I'm frustrated and now I will have to buy more somewhere else. These are for my wedding in September. I would only buy 1 or 2 of them at a time so this problem doesn't happen to you.
  • Injection Molded Nursery Containers
    Even better than we thought they would be
  • 7 Gallon Containers
    Less than 1/2 local price. Function perfect for indoor or outdoor containers. Plan to get more. U will need piece of 2x4 & hammer to 'unjam' them.
  • Good Product
    Very good product and good price.
  • Just What I Needed
    I needed plastic nursery pots that are durable and about 8 inches in inside diameter. What I received fit the bill perfectly.
  • Pots to grow in
    These deep pots are perfect for repotting one gallon containers or smaller, allowing plenty of root growth area. The uniformity of size is perfect for my greenhouse and at the right price!
  • Good Product
    Good sturdy pots that will last many planting seasons. Great price for the quality.
  • Sturdy 9-inch deep nursery pots
    Sturdy, deep nursery pots ideal for repotting small trees, bamboo and palms.
  • Sturdy pots
    These pots are nice and sturdy. I will be able to re-use them over and over. Good purchase.
  • Great pots
    I have been potting up tomatoes and eggplant in these. Perfect lightweight, sturdy pots for successive potting up before transplanting.
  • Absolutely Love These Pots
    I absolutely LOVE these pots. I've ordered them before so knew what to expect.They are sturdy, durable, will probably last longer than me! LOLI use them to insert shots of color into my little garden in front, growing different annuals in them in back, so I can swap them in and out among low foliage. I love them being black, because you can't even see the pots, so it looks like the flowers just sprung up, perfect. LOLAt the end of the season, I can just dump the soil, and stack them together again in my garage.Ideal for gardeners like me, small garden that I like to keep display-worthy.
  • Great product & Service
    Containers are very sturdy and have thick ring at top that helps in moving them. I would definitely order from you again.
  • Sturdy Pots
    These pots are very sturdy and last longer than the blow molded pots we use to use. I recommend these for anybody who cares about not disturbing their roots while moving plants.
  • Works good
    Durable, well-made , quick shipment. I use to pot bare root tree seedlings. Work great so far...
  • Perfect Pot's
    These are the perfect little pots (300 series). Very sturdy compared to the elite nursery pots, and these nest beautifully in the 6.5 round pot carrying tray. (TRI 06010)
  • Flower pots
    Strong and sturdy pots
  • Great little pots.
    Good and strong.And, the megastore promptly and without hassles replaced the initial oops shipment.
  • Great pots for the price
    Nice sturdy pots that will last for years
  • DG
    great pots, sturdy and just right for what I need now. I only hope you would provide discounts for large orders or offer better price.
  • Perfect Pots!
    These 10 pots are PERFECT for my Plumerias to grow and thrive in. The size allows root room and future growth without the neccesity of potting-up.
  • Durable Affordable Containers
    Outstanding containers at a very affordable price.
  • Excellent Quality
    Very sturdy pots. Just what we were looking for in this size pot. Good price for product.
  • mr
    the perfect design for planting until ready to transplant into final location in my viewpoint.
  • Lance
    These are heavy duty 1 gal pots thai i will reuse for years to come. This was a good buy.
  • Owner
    Great deal
  • Wonderful Product!
    I did a lot of looking for a product like the one I bought. None were the size I needed or the price was too high. I cam upon this site, and this product, and ordered them. They are of great quality, and held up nicely for my needs. They are the size I needed. They are stronger in durability than any nursery locally uses. For the money, these are a great value! I highly recommend these for this product. I will be ordering the same product for next year but different sizes.
  • Molded containers
    Perfect for planting oak acorns to transplant later.
  • injection 2000 conteiners
  • good and strong
    very durable for the cost. The price is double the cheap, same sized planter.
  • Injection Molded Nursery Containers - 2000 series
    Medium heavy, durable pots. Worked well with bareroot stock. I would buy again.
  • Significantly better
    I bought the 600 series. For comparison purposes I bought one from a local nursery and one from Home Depot. The nursery version was pretty good design but almost twice the price. The Home Depot version was less good design and more than twice the price. I like the design of this one far more than the others. 6 drain holes instead of 4 and drain holes located on the bottom instead of the sides in a diagonal indentation. Obviously somebody took the time to think about the product offered for sale. Bravo.
  • Great product
    Really happy with my order. Will recommend other people. Thanks!
  • Light weight product
    Will be used to transplant pinyon pines. Is very lightweight, will have to wait and see how long they will last?
  • Very Well Made
    Very well made, thick and sleek.
  • High quality nursery containers
    The 300 series Injection Molded Nursery Containers are very high quality and should last many years in my window boxes.
  • Great pots, sturdy, well made
    I love these pots! I bought the 7 pots (300 series) last year, and now ordered the larger 600 series pots and am just as pleased. They are very sturdy, well constructed pots for the price and should last for years. I use them for geraniums, which I bring in for the winter and put back out in summer, so wanted something that would last but are also light enough to easily move.Also, can't beat the price, or the shipping speed. I ordered them Monday, received them Friday.I have also bought the Euro pots in the past, which are also nice for the price, but I like these even better because they are a little more rigid and sturdy, sides don't bend in if I move them.
  • Excellent!
    I bought 7-inch nursery pots. Product is well made and shipping was fast(5 days-that includes the weekend, too)!! Highly Recommended!!
  • Excellent value and product
    These containers are the prefect size for my needs. Since they're fairly sturdy, I will be reusing them often.
  • Just right for the task
    These containers are a good size for my needs and not flimsy. I will be reusing them frequently.
  • Light weight
    These were lighter weight than I expected (my fault, not yours) and are difficult to move when full because the plastic edge wants to collapse when you grab it, but all 8n all, good pots.
  • Great!
    I've used these pots to plant my vegetable crops and flowers to get ready for spring planting. They are durable and big enough for the growth I want! Thanks.
  • Excellent Product
    This product is an excellent quality for the price. They are very sturdy, not cheaply made. I actually used them to repot some Silk plants I ordered. They held up and were the right size so I could slip a foil pot cover over them
  • Stonger than I expected!
    I've dealt with this website before, so expected a reasonably good quality pot, but was surprised that these pots were thicker and sturdier than I expected! I see no reason these pots won't last forever!I grow geraniums in pots and create a huge display of them outside my house, hidden behind groundcover so it's not totally obvious they're in pots. Then I bring the geraniums indoors in winter, cutting them back to the ground, and keeping them barely moist in an unheated spare room, bringing them out again the next year. I have geraniums that are 10 years old, with woody stems now, thick and healthy.So I needed pots that were strong enough to be outside, plus hold my geraniums year after year, as they travel in and out of my house. (It's really easy to make more geranium plants. Just stick a cutting in a pot of dirt and it will root.)I highly recommend these pots if it's a size that works for you. They're sturdy, light, and the black does not stand out to distract the eye from all those colorful blooms.
  • Mr
    Great products at a good price and fast shipping. Who could ask for more?
  • Better than I expected!
    Better quality than I expected for the price. I was very pleased with this purchase.