Dura-Bench Plastic Benchtop

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Free Shipping See Details The Dura-Bench plastic bench top comes in 24" x 48" interlocking panels to create a custom size bench. This bench top is engineered to replace existing wood, wire, or expanded metal greenhouse bench tops, or start from scratch constructing greenhouse benches using a frame
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The Dura-Bench plastic bench top comes in 24" x 48" interlocking panels to create a custom size bench. This bench top is engineered to replace existing wood, wire, or expanded metal greenhouse bench tops, or start from scratch constructing greenhouse benches using a frame of wood or metal and use the Dura-Bench plastic bench top for the surface.

It is durable, smooth, non-porous and allows trays, flats, and pots to slide across the surface without snagging. The interlocking panels will not rot, crack, splinter, or corrode.

(*Note: This is a bench top only - bench frame and legs not included)

Standard Features

  • Durable plastic will not warp, corrode or rot
  • 2' x 4' panels interlock on 4' sides allowing you to create a 4' wide bench in any length.
  • Weight: 6.32 lbs. (2.87kg)
  • Peak load tested at 630 lbs.
  • Smooth surface allows flats and pots to slide easily across the bench.
  • Non-porous, smooth surface and large openings make the Dura-Bench extremely easy to clean and disinfect and is gentler on both the hands and clothes.


Each 2' x 4' panel weighs a mere 6.32 pounds and is designed with 1.1" x 1.1" square holes.


Dura-Bench panels are quickly and easily installed on metal, wood, or pipe style benches. Panels interlock (side-by-side) without any special tools allowing for less time and labor than expanded metal or wood bench tops.

(*Note: This is a bench top only - bench frame and legs not included)

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Reviews (39)
  • very durable
    we are using this as a greenhouse bench top. It is very durable and we were able to cut it down just a bit to fit our bench support system
  • Benhtop
    Prompt delivery, Weil made and durable product.
  • Very smooth surface to slide seedling trays
    I've been using these Durabench shelves for some years now and they make an excellent surface for my greenhouse. There are no rough protrusions to catch seedling trays. As a result, my trays last much longer and makes it very easy to slide trays to a different position.
  • Couldn't be happier
    I got this to make a potting bench. This top was EXACTLY what I wanted. I made a frame out of 2x4s and screwed it all in. This this is solid. It's been outside in the elements for half a year so far and it's as solid as the day it arrived. I'm a big guy and I'm not remotely concerned on it breaking under my weight if I was using it as flooring. I wouldn't mind buying more but right now all that is offered is five packs and I do not need that many at the moment.
  • As expected
    I'm not using this for it's intended purpose. I'm using it as a shelf system in an enclosed trailer. I haul giant scale RC airplanes. I was disappointed in the flexibility of the shelves. I'm having to add more cross-members to support them.
  • Worked as suspended flooring
    My project was a bit unusual so I thought I would share what I did.We have an in-ground pool with attached spa. We've never used the spa so I set out to convert the spa to a kiddie pool. I put a false floor using this product as flooring and a superstructure of PVC pipe.I used 1-1/4 PVC from the home center and furniture grade PVC fittings. There are many more options when using furniture fittings but the assembly is the same.Basically I built a grid of PVC with pipes about 16 apart. From each connection (32 of them), I put a piece of pipe extending down to the bottom of the spa. Between connections, I cut slivers of 1-1/2 pvc to shim the pipe up to the height of the connectors. I didn't use any PVC glue. You just don't have the time to get it just right before you can't move the connection. I used a dead blow hammer to drive the pipe into the connectors.The Dura Bench worked like a charm. The connection between 2'x4' sections is tight enough that I didn't need fasteners. I just zip-tied the DuraBench to the pipe in about a dozen places.The edges on the DuraBench are not very sharp so they don't bother my 2-1/2 year old grandson.
  • Very impressed
    I ordered these on Wednesday night and they showed up by Friday. They are very durable. I am using them for a floor and also have them attached to 2 x 4's for a table top. I would highly recommend this product.
  • Very satisfied
    Reasonable shipping fee and product is up to par.
  • review of dura bench plastic bench top
    Great product, quick delivery, and best price in the USA. Thanks!
  • james
    They are just as strong as they appear on line
  • Dura bench tops
    Excelllent product. Just what I needed for my hobby greenhouse. Received quickly. Would definitely purchase this again. Easy to work with.
  • Great product
    I built my frame to hold three of the bench topsthey fit perfectly and should last for many years
  • Greenhouse table tops
    These tops are the best for greenhouse tabletops, as they are durable, smooth so trays slide easily around on them, strong so they don't sag. I have also covered my wash station table tops with them, and they work fantastic for that purpose, as well.
  • Bubbling rock
    I bought this on a wing and a prayer that it would work as it is not a conventional use. I wanted to build a bubbling rock waterfall with a weight of 1000 lbs. The grates are rated at 650 lbs. I placed two of them together and it worked perfectly! It has supported the rocks easily without crushing the grates. Wonderful product.
  • used on beagle kennel
    used this on my above ground beagle kennels,no more wire for me.I love it .
  • Jumbo trays
    This is my second order of the Jumbo trays. They arrived in excellent shape. I believe the trays now being produced are of a better quality formulated plastic as they are not as brittle as the previous shipment.
  • Dura Bench
    Work good for puppy pen flooring.
  • Great product!
    Using dura bench top for a dog kennel floor. Works better than I thought it would. Kennel stays clean and dog is happy.
  • Dura-Bench Plastic Benchtop
    Excellent product for a variety of uses.
  • gardener
    These are excellent for greenhouse use.
  • Greenhouse shelf tops
    They were delivered quickly and fit great. They are a good surface for plastic, clay and ceramic pots.
  • AG tescher
    The dura benches are amazing. They are durable, light weight but at the same time withhold a lot of weight.
  • Survived Texas Summer
    Worked well, easy to install, survived a Texas summer in a greenhouse. Support properly and they work great.
  • great benchtop
    This is a great product. I built a wooden frame for it, stood on it and held my weight, so I figured it would hold the weight of my plants nicely, and it did! I love it and recommended.
  • Great Greenhouse Benchtops
    These plastic bench tops worked great in my custom greenhouse. It would have been nice to have a dimensioned drawing that shows where the screw holes are located, so that you can design your wooden benches in advance, but not a big deal at all. They are very sturdy and I had to stand on them in order to install the Solexx panels on the roof.
  • Disappointed
    I had ordered four of these for another table in the past and they were sturdy and terrific. So, we decided to order them for our greenhouse. We currently are using hog wire and it droops in the middles. But when we put these on the top of that, they too drooped, unlike the ones I bought a couple of years ago. So I do not recommend them for anything over 24 wide. We were using 4 of them on a 4' x 8' table.
  • Dura Bench
    New benches made with these benchtops look great. The actual dimensions are fractions of an inch off due to interlocking tabs so plan accordingly. They are plastic and will pop up slightly when in full sun but not a problem. Took less than an hour to install these tops on 20' of bench. Very pleased.
  • Different Quality across orders
    While setting up my greenhouse, I ordered several of these at the beginning of 2011. They were very heavy duty plastic and great for the weight load I required. My current order arrived with the benchtop looking the same, however the plastic was a much weaker quality, bending almost at will. Not as satisfied with the current product.
  • owner
    These bench tops worked perfectly for my wood framed benches.
  • pretty good
    Pretty good product. Put it on when the temps are warm. otherwise they will slightly buckle if screwed down to wooden benches when they warm up. Different expansion coefficients I guess. Gives a smooth surface to put trays on and holds weight well.
  • Bench Tops
    The quality was better than I expected. I am using them in a 6x8 greenhouse. Made frames for them and had hoped to stack them but the mats are not really 2x4, they are a bit bigger so had to rework frames. No biggy,
  • Great Bench Tops
    These bench tops are great to use, instead of a full wood or metal top. They are rugged enough to take a heavy load and last for years, but much lighter to handle than work or metal. I plan to order more as my greenhouse expands.
  • super bench top
    Great service once again.Good looking neat and very durable.Thanks
  • Excellent Permanent Shelving
    These shelves are the last ones we'll ever have. They'll never rot or show wear. Previously our wood supported shelves crumbled and the wire sagged. Problem solved. Also, they're so flexible. As our greenhouse storage changes, we can easily reconfigure the shape and design of the shelves. Great product.
  • So happy I bought these!
    I am thrilled with my new dura-bench plastic benchtops. They are exactly as advertised and made building benches for my new greenhouse a breeze. I was very happy to find that not only were the benchtops pre-drilled for ease of installation but they also took the extra step of countersinking the holes.
  • bench tops
    This product is awesome. Strong and durable. Looks good also
  • Excellent product
    Easiest bench top with good airflow, the material is very sturdy
  • A good choice for planting bench tops.
    I ordered six of these to make three 2' x 8' planting benches. I haven't built the wooden bench frames yet, but these look like they'll make it easy to come up with some long-lasting benches.