Touch N' Flow Pro Rain Wand

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Touch N' Flow Pro Rain Wands are designed to eliminate the stretching and stooping associated with hand watering. Available in 16, 24, 30, 36, and 48-inch lengths, these rugged tools allow you to water hard-to-reach areas with ease. Made in the U.S.A. from extruded aluminum tubing, 3/4" forged brass
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Touch N' Flow Pro Rain Wands are designed to eliminate the stretching and stooping associated with hand watering. Available in 16, 24, 30, 36, and 48-inch lengths, these rugged tools allow you to water hard-to-reach areas with ease. Made in the U.S.A. from extruded aluminum tubing, 3/4" forged brass hose couplings and a comfort hand grip.

Water Breakers (Heads) sold separately.


16"4.1 oz
24"5.2 oz
30"5.8 oz
36"6.6 oz
36" (w/ 90 degree bend)6.6 oz
48"8.1 oz
48" (w/ 90 degree bend)8.1 oz
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Reviews (27)
  • Instant on and off valve a possible problem
    Very nice product. Will work nicely for regular watering of large plants in large pots. Very convienent one-handed on and off. But be aware of one significant potential problem. The touch valve is either full on or full off. There is no feathering the valve to allow a trickle of water or a more delicate flow of water. As you slowly depress the handle, it will come to a point where it simply and suddenly turns on full open. This means you cannot water any plant that will be harmed with a full blast of water. My greenhouse has plants/pots of all sizes. I had hoped this wand would allow me to drench some larg pots and delicately trickle water into the pots of small plants. Not possible. After just a few days, I am back to using the old fashioned combination of a normal wand, with a screw-on on/off valve. This allows me to control the amount of water coming out of the wand. Can't control these Touch N' Flows. They are either full on, or full off. So be aware so you can decide if this wand is right for your watering purposes.
  • Valve wears out, not fixable
    The wand works great in the beginning. The handle sits well in the hand and the lever is easy to operate. The water flow is excellent and it does a great job watering plants. Over time though the valve begins to leak and there’s no way to fix it. The valve oring lies is a thin press-sealed alluminum shell which makes it not serviceable. Underneath the molded in place grip, is a cast aluminum housing that is thin with many imperfections and rough surfaces. Even the oring mating surface is rough. Design flaws limit the useful life if this tool to 2-3 years max.
  • Leaks
    When you pull up the handle it engages a small valve on the wand that lets the water flow. That valve leaks badly. It was OK for three seasons of home/deck watering, then got gradually worse. It has to be thrown out now. Made in USA? We can do better than that!
  • Reduces water flow
    Very good quality wand. It would be excellent with the 170 breaker. However, the internal parts of the valve are too small, and it drastically reduces water flow with the 400 breaker. I wish Greenhouse Megastore carried the same wand without the valve. It IS available. I have been using my 400AL breaker attached directly to the hose.
  • Touch N' Flow Pro Rain Wand - 36
    The wand is good. Since I select a wrong bend for my use I am not happy and can't use it as much as I want.
  • wrong description
    size was listed as 24 but it only measured 22. Emails went unanswered.
  • Leaks
    Came with the Dramm water breaker, which is great. But this wand leaks no matter what I do. The rubber O ring doesn't stop leaks, I've tried using other O rings or two O rings and it always leaks where it connects to the hose.
  • orchids
    Very well made. Bestwatering tool I have everowned. would recommend itto anyone.
  • Professional quality
    This is a professional grade quality product such as is used in commercial greenhouses and garden centers. A good value!
  • rain wand
    the rain wand at present performs well as advertised....concerned of long term durability...aluminum tubing is light, but easily bent and the male hose end is also relatively light duty....would like to see a heavier duty model acknowledging there would be a weight increase....thanks
  • steves gargden
    Best ever should have purchased one long time ago. Also bought the Dramm 170AL water breaker and a brass shut off valve.
  • Nice Upgrade
    Used to use the spray nozzles that you can by anywhere for watering plants. This would get all the leaves all wet and I didn't always want that.I've had my wand for about a month and really like it. I have low water pressure on outside faucets and this along with the 170PL head make it so I can still get the rain affect and reach to underneath the foliage in my 3' wide raised garden beds. I also like that it has the shutoff valve incorporated into your grip versus having to use you hand to turn off manually like other models.Sometimes though the hose kinks right by the handle. Maybe because I got the 30 wand.
  • Good product
    This is a solidly built, excellent product. I use it with the spray mist nozzle, which is an exceptional combination. Highly recommended.
  • Exactly what I needed
    This was exactly what I needed to reach into difficult to access places in my garden. Works great!
  • Constantly Needs Replacing
    It's a great wand, however, the wand itself separates from the handle within one season of use. Luckily the wands are cheap and can be easily replaced.
  • Touch N' Flow Pro Rain Wand
    Plastic water flow snapped off after very few uses. No way to repair it or to even use it.
  • Excellent balanced wand with integral valve
    I have both the former wand (without valve) and this new one. While they're both well made and balanced, the new one incorporates a brass, spring-loaded shut off which appears to be well made. It is easy to use and it eliminates a need to buy an additional valve. The only improvement would be a 2 or 3 position lock that would enable the user to set it for a reduced water flow. As built, it's either full on or full off.
  • Shucks!!
    I loved it UNTIL it started to leak and the clamp to hold down the handle broke off within the first two weeks.
  • Wicked Wand
    This is a good wand for watering. It has two flaws--1) the valve leaks a bit, which puts water drops on plants under the handle, and 2) the tube holds water, which dumps out if you fail to tip it up after watering a plant under the gushing tip.
  • twtree
    Very nice wands
  • Waste of money
    When the handle breaks, and it does so quickly, the wand is useless because it does not have a hose thread. Having been a horticulturist for years I've used various incarnation of wands and this one is worthless and poorly made. Besides, it causes your proportioners to malfunction.
  • Watering Wand
    Awesome watering tool! So handy I will never be without several again!
  • 48
    Bought 48 90 degree waterwand to use with siphon (other item bought separately). PERFECT for proper water flow with siphoned fertilizer. Also great w/o siphon for watering. At a low flow, I have hooked it over a very high hanging basket and walked away for a long slow soak....
  • NA
    Perfect for watering hanging pot and basket in the top of the greenhouse.
  • Perfect for hard to reach plants at the back
    Light weight is great for hand watering a 1/2 acre rose garden. Long length allows perfectly aimed watering w/o getting tangled in thorny branches. Highly recommend. Light weight does not tire out my arms.
  • Lightweight and perfect for watering big garden
    I like the light weight of these watering wands. I have a 1/2 acre garden of roses and ornamentals. I water the roses individually so I can keep a close eye on each plant's condition.
  • Not a stretch
    Have you ever found yourself doing something difficult and wondering why there was not a better way? Well after purchasing the 48 inch Handi-Reach Handle I found I no more had to drag a step ladder and risking a fall to get to water the top shelfs in the greenhouse. My life just became easy with the purchase of this item and all at a small price and its well built to boot.